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Fankful Wednesday!!!

Well as yous know meez wus gunna tell mowe ’bout meez tuday, but wees celebwated so much yesfuwday dat we’s just plain wown out. ūüôā ¬†Sis Lexi is da fiwst kitty dat mommys’ had, tu liv past 5 yeaws. ¬†Mommy sez hers holds hers bweaf ¬†and purrays evewday dat wees don’t get sick. ¬†Mommy sez wees awe it and wees boff gunna be happy and helffy and liv fuwevew. ūüôā ¬† Anyways, Meez wus so happy and purroud dat yous all came out tu wish meez sissyfuw a Happy Meowday. ¬†Meez wanna say Fank Yous soooooo much!!!! ¬†You’s da bestest!!! ¬†Wees all cuddled and nommed and got lots of tweats and bwushin’, it wus a twuly pawsum day. ¬†

Fank yous all so much fuw shawin meez sisfuw Lexi's 15f Meowday!!!
Fank yous all so much fuw shawin meez sisfuw Lexi’s 15f Meowday!!! ‚ô•‚ô•

A kupple of meez new furiends hewe awe duin’ postees ’bout shoppin’ wound da wowld, so me fawt meez wuld check da pwices hewe in Suddewn Oklahoma. ¬†

  1. Loaf of Bwead                                                                         $3.29 + tax
  2. Gallon of Milk                                                                         $4.89 + tax
  3. Dozen Eggs                                                                              $ 2.29 + tax
  4. Gallon of Gas                                                                          $4.97 + tax
  5. McDonald’s ChBuwgew ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†off da dollaw menu is $1.00 + tax
  6. Can of Fancy Feast                                                              $0.89 + tax

Now der wus also a movie ticket and da noms on da list, but mommy can’t affowd da above items, so hers dusn’t go tu da movies. And hers fuwgot tu call dem and ask what dey chawge. ¬†but it shuld be fun tu find out what evewpawdy else is payin’ fuw da same fings. ūüôā ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

¬† So til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum day!! ūüėÄ


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥        



It’s Lexi’s Meowday!! ūüôā ¬†She’s 15 yeaws yung tuday, and she’s da bestest, mostest beautiful and purrfect sissyfuw evew. ¬†Purrlease wish hers a Happy Meowday and enjoy sum of da pawty tweats. ¬†Meez twied tu bwing sumfin fuw evewpawdy.¬†

Da Meowday giwly hers self, Laramie Alexandra "Lexi"
Da Meowday giwly hers self. Laramie Alexandra “Lexi”
Pizza anypawdy??
Pizza anypawdy??
Meeez knows purrlenty of yous like da bacon, so meez bwought lots of it.
Meez knows purrlenty of yous like da bacon, so meez bwought lots of it.
Meez even bwought sum Pepsi. Wees purrfuw da Coke, but wees know dat sum of ow furiends purrfuw da competition. MOL
Fresh fwuit pieces, enjoy.
Meez wanted tu make suwe der wus sumfin fuw evewpawdy.
Meez wanted tu make suwe der wus sumfin fuw evewpawdy.
No kitty pawty kuld be complete wifout sum NIP!!!!
No kitty pawty kuld be complete wifout sum NIP!!!! 


Here's sum home made doggy tweats fuw ow doggy furiends.
Here’s sum home made doggy tweats fuw ow doggy furiends.
Suwely ders sumfin fuw evewpawdy.
Suwely ders sumfin fuw evewpawdy.

Meez wants tu fank all of you fuw suppowtin and followin meez blog. ¬† Meez still leawnin how evewfin’ hewe wowks (as yous can tell by dis posty–mol), but meez weally pweshates all of you and fanks fuw yous daily visits and comments. ¬†

Meez Luvs you sis Lexi, Hav a Pawsum MeowDay!!! 

Til da nex time, Hope yous all enjoy da goodys and Hav a Pawsum day!! ūüėÄ



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥    


Dezi’s Drivin’!!!

So mommy and mez been pwacticin’ da wheelchaiw dwivin’ a lot, and meez been wunnin intu evewfin, a lot. MOL ¬† Meez dwove in tu da walls and da doows and da chest kwite a foo mowe times, but meez wus ¬†still twyin’. ¬†Meez wus gunna mastew dis no mattew what. ¬†Aftew all, ifin Lexi kuld du it meez fawt fuw suwe dat me kuld. mol ¬† So one meownin’ wees woke up and gav mommy hers massage and den Lexi bwought ¬†da wheelchaiw tu da bed. ¬† And wees got mommy in da chaiw and den meez jumped in mommys lap in da dwivin’ seat. ¬† Da last leesson had meez and mommy wunnin’ intu da wall yet again cuz da fone wang. ¬†So mommy looked at meez and sis Lexi looked at meez and me just got weady tu dwive tu da pawdee box woom. ¬†So mommy told Lexi tu let meez dwive and Lexi sat down on mommys uddew leg. ¬†Meez tuwned da chaiw on and pushed da joystick fowawd and wees wus headin fuw da pawdee box woom. ¬†So faw so good. ¬†And den….Meez mouf slipped and da chaiw jewked a little and Lexi jumped down and wan on tu da pawdee box woom. ¬†But meez stopped so wees didn’t wun intu anyfin’. ¬†And den meez stawted again. ¬†When wees got tu da edge of da pawdee box woom meez pushed da joystick weally hawd fuw just a second and den meez lifted meez head so da chaiw wuld stop and not keep goin’ and fwo mommy and meez intu da tub again. ¬†Meez had dun it!!!! ¬†Yippeeeeeee!!!! ¬†Meez had dwove mommy all da way tu da pawdee box woom and not wan intu anyfin’!!!! ¬† ūüėÄ ¬† Now ifin meez can just get mommy down da hall and tu da kitchen. ¬† ¬†


Now as yous know, cuz meez been tellin’ ya’; tumowwo is meez sis Lexi’s Meowday. ¬† Fuw those of you hoo don’t know what a Meowday is, it’s what mommy calls ow Biwfdays. Altho’ mommy knows zakly when wees wus bown, so many adopted kittys’ biwfdays awen’t known. ¬†So a long time ago mommy stawted callin’ dem Meowdays so dat evew kitty kuld hav a special day tu celebwate. ¬†Dis wus afuw da tewm ‘gotcha day’ wus wound. ¬†Anyways, last night wees had ow favowit people food, PIZZA!!!! ¬†ūüôā ¬†So meez gunna shawe ow pizza pawty fotos wiff you tuday, and tumowwo will be all ’bout sis Lexi. ¬†Me will get back tu meez stowwy on Wednesday, so meez hopes you enjoy bein’ pawt of ow celebwation. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Munday!!



Yummy, nommm, meez luvs pizza.
Yummy, nommm, meez luvs pizza.
Yummmy, dat pizza wuz good!!
Yummmmy, dat pizza wuz good!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥      


Time Fur Anuddew Dwivin’ Lesson!!

Well meez hadn’t mastewed da wheelchaiw so mommy decided it wuz time fuw anuddew dwivin’ lesson. Dis time wees stawted in da bedwoom cuz dis is whewe meez will du most of da dwivin’ fwum anyways, and is fuw-vew fwum da hall and da walls. MOL ¬† Cuz da bedwoom walls hav fings in fwunt of dem. Ders a chest of dwawews on one wall and a dwessew on anuddew wall and mommys vanity on anuddew and well da bed blocks da uddew wall. ¬†Meeez wuld need tu dwive mommy fwum da bed tu da pawdee box woom in da meownins when hers can’t hawdly muv. ¬†So wees stawted at da bed. ¬†Mommy had da chaiw pointed tuwawds da pawdee box woom and so all dat wuz left is fuw meez tu dwive us der. ¬†So Meez pawed da on button and it beeped. ¬†Meez den put me mouf on da joystick and lifted meez eyes so meez kuld see, and slowly pushed da joystick fowawd, and…..wees didn’t muv. MOL ¬† Not even an inch. ¬†So meez pawed da on button again, and slid meez paw back down tu mommys lap, and pushed da joystick fowawd a bit stwongew, and……ZooooooooM!!! ¬† BANG!!! ¬† BOOM!!!!! ¬† Wight intu da chest of dwawews. MOL ¬† Meez had pawed da speed button when meez dwagged me paw back down aftew westawtin’ da chaiw. ¬†Fank Catness mommy puts paddin’ on da chaiw duwin’ twainin’. MOL ¬†Meez finks wees wus boff stunned cuz wees boff just sat der like…fuwevew afuw mommy backed us up. ¬†Meez kuldn’t get down so meez had tu sit der all cwunched up lookin’ at da chest. MOL ¬† Finally mommy backed us up and wees stawted ovew back at da bed.


Or so mommy fawt. She got us all backed up and and loosened her gwip on me and meez wus off. ¬†Yep wight outta der meez went. Dat wus nuff fuw meez. MOL ¬† Well mommy let meez fink dat me had won cuz hers came and sat down in da livin’ woom and stawted watchin T.V. til meez got up in hers lap, which took all of 5 minutes. ¬†Meez wuz luvvin’ and purrin and den she held me and back tu da chaiw we went again. OMC ¬† Dat’s just not faiw. ¬†Meez wanted tu luv not leawn. MOL ¬† Wees sat down and mommy held meez a little tightew den afuw and so meez put me mouf on da joystick and pushed it fowawd. Wees wus off. ¬†Fings wus lookin’ good tu, not tu fast and not tu slow, wees wus goin’ at a speed dat wus just wight. ¬†And den wees got tu da pawdee box woom and meez had tu push da joystick fowawd a little hawdew tu get ovew da hump, and……BOOoooOOOooom!!! (dat’s vibwations–mol) ¬†Wight intu da bafftub. MOL ¬†Yous know dat pawdee box woom floow is a little slippewy, ¬†Da tiwes woll much fastew on it den dey du on da cawpet. ¬†And dis time mommy and meez boff fell fowawd intu da tub. OMC ¬† Mommy wus clutchin’ meez so tight and hers tuwned so dat hers wus da one dat hit da hawd tub and meez wus on mommys chest. ¬†Sis Lexi heawd da commotion and hers came wunnin’ intu da pawdee box woom and jumped up in da chaiw and looked at boff mommy and me like, “Whatcha’ duin’?” ¬†MOL ¬† Okay, lesson ovew fur da day mommy. ¬†Meez dun nuff. ¬† Meez got yous tu da pawdee box woom da west is up tu you. MOL¬†

Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Day!!!


Hav a Pawsum Day!!!
Hav a Pawsum Day!!! ¬†ūüôā



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Dezi, Mommy, the Wheelchair and the Wall, O My

Well meez stawted tellin’ yous yesfuwday ’bout meez leawnin’ tu dwive da wheelchaiw. ¬†Okay meez wus just gettin’ comfy wiff it, but yous gotta admit dat a long tailed long haired cat and a movin’ chaiw kuld make fuw a scawy occuwance. ¬†But meez twusts meez mommy and knows dat shes wuldn’t let anyfin’ ¬†huwt me so it wus time tu weally leawn tu dwive. ¬†So one day aftew mommy and meez had been pwacticin’ where meez shuld sit and how tu push da joystick tu make da chaiw go and how tu push da button tu tuwn on da chaiw, it wus time fuw a dwivin’ lesson. ¬†Fiwst tho’ let meez tell you a little ’bout Ragdolls. We’s vewy smawt but we’s kittys fuw quite a while. ¬†Meanin’ wees matuwe slowew den uddew kittys. ¬†So just cuz we’s all grown up in body dusn’t mean a fing. MOL ¬†We’s still gunna act like a kitten sumtimes, you know showt ‘tention span and a bit playful. ¬†So meez and mommy wus in da chaiw at da edge of da dinin’ woom and weady tu go. ¬†Sis Lexi wus lookin’ on fwum da livin’ woom. ¬†Meez pawed da on button and heawd it beep and den meez put me mouf on da joystick. ¬† Da last place mommy had used da chaiw wus when hers took da twash out, so hers had turned da speed all da way up. ¬†Anyways meez pushed da joystick fowawd and….Zooooooom Away wees went. ¬†BOOM!! ¬†And wight intu da hall wall. ¬†We came tu a complete and abwupt stop. Mommy had fuwgot tu tuwn da speed down when hers came back in da house. ¬†And ifin mommy hadn’t been holdin’ onto me, den meez kulda wulda hit da wall meezself. MOL ¬† ¬†Meez eyes got big as saucews and sis Lexi sat stwaight up and dwopped hers mouf all da way tu da floow. ¬†MOL ¬†Okay, so maybe hers mouf wusn’t all da way tu da floow, but da look on hers face sed it all. ¬†Meez had made a boo boo.


Meez stawted squiwmin’ and twyin’ tu get down but mommy wusn’t lettin’ meez go. ¬†‘Stead she stawted luvvin’ on me and tellin’ meez it wus guunna be okay. ¬†All meez kuld fink is ‘whewe wus she?? ¬†Can’t she see da wall in fwunt of us??’ ¬†Mommy backed us up and calmed meez down and tuwned da speed down tu weally slow. ¬†So meez put me mouf on da joystick again and pushed it fowawd vewy cawefully. Wees stawted wollin’ down da hall and…..da fone wang. ¬†Meez jewked meez head wound towawds da livin’ woom and da fone, and when meez did, da chaiw tuwned wiff meez. MOL ¬†BOOM!!¬† Intu da wall weez went again. ¬†Dis time meez jumped outta da chaiw afuw mommy kuld gwip meez weally tight. ¬†And off tu get da fone meez went. ¬†Lesson ovew. MOL ¬† Dis lesson wus ovew, but mommy wusn’t finished wiff meez yet. ¬†Mommy and meez and da chaiw had hit da wall twice, but mommy wusn’t ’bout tu give up on meez. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Catuwday!!!


Meez waitin' fuw da fone tu wing and lookin' aftew mommy.
Meez waitin’ fuw da fone tu wing and lookin’ aftew mommy.

Meez told you dat weez just like any uddew kitty ‘sep wees hav a job. So we fawt wees wuld shawe dis video wees made tuday wiff ow new toys dat wees got fuw sis Lexi’s Meowday fwum ow wunnewful furiend Shiner.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, paw dis link: ¬†(



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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ūüėÄ ¬†


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