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Caturday Art

Well furiends meez wus sum kinda ‘cited yesfuwday as meez blog is featuwed in Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade Blog Hop. Go by and check out all da wunnewful blogs.  Meez be so honowed.  Timmy and meez wus just talkin’ yesfuwday ’bout how just a foo showt munffs ago hims and a foo of meez and sis Lexi’s  facebook furiends wus da only ones visitin’ meez blog and commentin’.  And now meez met so many new furiends and meez havvin’ so much fun duin’ it.                        

Meez wus featuwed in da Blog Hop!!

Meez wus featuwed in da Blog Hop!!

Now as meez told yous yesfuwday meez way behind and twyin’ tu get caught up, so meez fuw suwe joinin’ Athenas Catuwday Awt blog hop tuday.   Yous shuld go by and check out hers foto and den visit all da uddew bloggys tu.  Der’s sum vewy cweativ and talented kittys and hoomans out der.  Meez and mommy awe point and clickews, but sum of da kittys go all out and get all technical ’bout it.  Deys suwe du hav sum pawsum fotos, but meez hopes yous enjoy these.  

 Til da nex time…….Hav a Pawsum weekend!!!

OMC Wees go on fuwevew. MOL

OMC Wees go on fuwevew. MOL

0D & L pf animatorX5


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥                

 ♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦

Purrrrr…..It’s Furiday

It’s finally Furiday!!!!  Couwse ifin yous a kitty like meez den dat dusn’t mean much, cuz as faw as meez concewned evew day is Furiday.  MOL  But da hoomans get all ‘cited ’bout Furidays.  Meez not suwe why tho’.  Lots of those same hoomans hav tu wowk on da weekends these days.  But yous know what??  When deys get 2 days in a row off deys get all ‘cited and say dis is meez Furiday, even ifin is  a Munday.  But anyways meez gettin’ off twack.  Dis has been a vewy busy and eventful week fuw us so meez glad dat tuday is Furiday cuz dat means 2 days of no business.  😀  Just Lexi and mommy and meez time. 


Da week stawted out wiff a holiday and mommy decidin’ tu take us all tu town.  Since wees wus gone all day wees got behind on all meez visitin’.   Well da nex day wus mommys Meowday and wees spent a lot of it off line and tugeddew.  Now meez even fuwddew behind on meez visitin’, but meez wuldn’t hav shanged it ifin meez kulda.  Wednesday gets hewe and….nope no catchin’ up fuw meez.  Mommys nuwse comes by  eawly and stays late.   And afuw yous wowwy, shes not dat kinda nuwse.  Well meez guesses shes is, but not fuw mommy.  See mommys posed tu hav sumone tu help hers wound da house.  Yous knows like wiff da cleanin’ and ewwands and stuff.  But twubble is nopawdy wound hewe wants tu wowk.  Meez finnks deys all tu busy playin’ ‘putew games and chattin’ and textin’.   But just in case deys able tu find sumpawdy mommy has tu be qualified and wecewtified  evew 6 munffs.  Da nuwse comes out and asks mommy stupid questions and den has hers sign hers name sayin’ shes needs help.  

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Well da nuwse finally left and den der wus da twittew fiasco.  And yes dat’s what wees callin’ it, cuz der wus fuw suwe nuffin successful ’bout dat adventuwe.  MOL   And sumwhewe in all dis da Cat Scouts site dats been havvin’ sum purrawlems went back up at da old (sewvew)(?), only meez lost evewfin’ and can’t get anywhewe but da camfiwe.   But dat’s bein’ wowked on so fuw now meez not wowwyin’ ’bout it tu much.  And den Fursday.  Meez gunna get caught up fuw suwe.  But NO,  facebook has uddew plans yet again.  Deys gone and switched up da way evewfiin’ looks and whewe evewfin’s at.  So is meez glad tuday is Furiday???   Yous betcha.


Meez fwillled.   Cuz dat means nuffin can innewwupt meez and mommy and Lexi fwum ow time tugeddew and gettin’ caught up.  Wees mite even let mommy hav a whole cup of coffee afuw wees stawt buggin’ hers.  MOL   So dis weekend wees gunna get sum wowk dun on meez blog hewe and ow visitin’ up tu date and meez even gunna twy tu figgew out what meez did wong on twittew cuz pawently meez didn’t follow da furiends meez fawt meez did.  So meez gotta figgew out what meez did du tu dem. MOL  Sowwy furiends.  Meez wiill get it all wowked out sumday.  MOL  

Meez luvs yous mommy.
Meez luvs yous mommy. ♥


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥                    

♦ Dezi ♦


Learnin’ Curve

Well furiends meez suwe hope yous all enjoyed Shoppin’ wound da wowld.  Meez suwe did.  Meez wus supwised how close lots of da purrices wus dis time.  And wiff dat outta da way, meez wants tu fank all of yous fuw bein’ so nice and meez pweshates evewpawdy dat wished meez mommy a happy Meowday.  Mommy got a foo mowe cawds aftew wees had made meez posty Tuesday so meez gunna put dem all tugeddew dis weekend and post dem on meez sidebaw so dat yous can see dem all.  


And meez wants tu fank meez good furiend and fellow Cat Scout Timmy.  Go by and say hello.  It wus cuz of Timmy and hims furmily dat meez started a blog in da fiwst place.  Deys wus gunna hav a blog fuw guest witews so wees kuld all stay in contact cuz da site wees wus on wus havvin’ a bunch of purrawlems.  Finkin’ dis wuld be fun and be sumfin’ fuw meez tu du like sis Lexi dus on facebook, meez told mommy meez wanted tu sign up.  And den…oops.  Da nex fing mommy knew meez had a blog and Deziz World wus bown. MOL   Yous hav welkumed meez wiff such luv and furiendship dat makes meez feel all wawm and fuzzy inside.  But of couwse as yous all know, meez still leawnin’.


 Well meez kep gettin’ told meez needed a twittew account and dat meez needed tu tweet meez postys.  So meez has a twittew account.  Mommy took a nice purretty foto of meez tu post and der yous go. Meez wus all set, wight??  Well like most of yous meez got an email da uddew day fwum da Blogpaws community ’bout a chat and giv away.  Finkin’ dis mite be a good oppurrtunity fuw meez tu leawn mowe ”bout twittew and blogpaws in genewal meez headed on ovew.  Well fiwst fing meez found out wus dat meez wus an houw behind.  Deys wus alweady goin’ stwong.  So meez twied tu wead a bit tu see what wus hapunin’ and what deys wus talkin’ ’bout and 4 seconds latew der wus a baw at da top dat sed 26 new tweets.  WHAT?????!!!!!  So meez pawed da baw and fings popped up evewhewe.  Meez finally sed hello, and suddenly mowe boxes stawted poppin’ up all ovew da place.  Meez kuldn’t wead dem all.  And da baw at da top sez 17 new tweets.  Meez got a new followew and meez wus twyin’ tu figgew out how tu follow hims and hims box disappeawed and a new box popped up.  Da new box followed meez and now ders 60 new tweets in da baw at da top.  Meez finally sed hello (meez finks) tu sumpawdys box (not suwe hoo)  and anuddew box popped up and sed don’t fuwget tu use hashtags and “?” (don’t membew) and blogpaws chat.  So meez twyin’ tu wespond and tell dem okay (like meez knew what meez wus okayin’), and when meez pawed #Blogpaws chat meeez kuldn’t paw da tweet button anymowe.  Meez finally leawned tu paw, paw, paw weally fast aftew usin’ dat pound sign so dat da message wuld go fwu.  Meez guesses dat at sum point meez wus hittin’ da tweet button.  


Well by now da baw acwoss da top had so many new tweets, and evewpawdy wus sayin’ bye and goodnite.  OMC da houw wus ovew and meez didn’t even know what had hapund.  Meez twied aftew it wus all ovew tu wead evewfin but it wus all jibbewish.  Pawtly due tu all da # and @ and dis name and dat name.  Der wus sum wunnewful people or kittys or doggys meez not suwe dat wus twyin’ tu wally suppowt fuw da newby (meez).  And uddews wespondin’ by tellin’ meez tu hang in der and tu just jump intu a convewsation.  Hmmph  Convewsation??   Meez didn’t say nuffin and nopawdy wus talkin’ tu meez so meez still dusn’t know what convewsation dey wus talkin’  ’bout.  Meez knows dat ‘putews and chats awe da way fings awe dun these days, but meez finks like mommy dus, a convewsation is sumfin dat people/kittys hav when deys speak tu each uddew.  A fluwwy of boxes and postys and #’s and @’s dusn’t make a convewsation, dus it??  All meez knows fuw suwe is dat meez dusn’t know anyfin’  ’bout twittew.  Meez mommy eyes awe tu old and meez paws awe tu fluffy tu keep up der. MOL  Ifin any of yous wus der da uddew nite and meez didn’t say hey, sowwy and “hey”.  And ifin any of yous followed meez and meez didn’t follow back, sowwy and let meez know so meez can wectify dat.  OMC  Whewe’s da leawnin’ cuwve fuw twittew??  MOL    

Meez finks dis is so cool. Meez looks like 'lectwicity. MOL
Meez finks dis is so cool. Meez looks like ‘lectwicity. MOL


Til da nex time……Hav a Pawsum day!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥              

♦ Dezi ♦

Shoppin’ Round da World……

Well furiends hewe wees awe goin’ on anuudew shoppin’ twip.   As meez told yous yesfuwday wees went tu wally wowld and had tu wait out da stowm.  But dat wus okay cuz wees needed tu gaddew ow purrices fuw tudays posty.   Anypawdy hoo wanted kuld join in.  So meez can’t wait tu see what da purrices awe fuw evewpawdy els.   Now dis wus owiginally just a fun little game wiff Bacon and Fozziemum, but so many people wanted tu play along, deys set up a date fuw it and posted da list of items fuw compawin’.  Meez suwe hopes yous enjoy dis as meez finks is gweat fun tu find out what uddews awe payin’ fuw da same fings as us.  Wees liv in a vewy small wuwal town in Suddewn Oklahoma.  Wees a vewy poow community in a vewy poow state.  Dat bein’ sed, last time wound wees had sum of da highest purrices.  So let’s see what hapuns dis time. Hewes ow purrice compawisons:


  • Cost of  1 munff intewnet:  Ows just went up, is now $51.00. 

  • Pint of Blue Bell Ice cweam: (wees kuldn’t find Ben and Jerry’s), $3.89.    

  • 12 Pack cans of Coke:  $4.69 (altho’ wees did catch a sale dis week and got dem fuw $2.99-Huge savin’s).    Da only 6 packs wus in da bottles and deys wus $4.79. (deys wawely on sale and mommy wuldn’t buy dem at dat pwice.)      

  • Can of Folgers Coffee: $8.76.          

  •  Snickers Candy Baw: $1.29.        

  • Grooming:  Well meez not need outside gwoomin’ but meez did hav mommy call wound and ask what da chawge wuld be fuw puttin’ on meez Soft Paws. Meez VET is da only one hoo knew what meez wus talkin’ ’bout, and hims sed meez wuld hav tu bwing meez own Soft Paws and glue and  hims wuld chawge $30.00.


Now wees didn’t buy all dis.  Dat’s da fun of dis .  All yous hav tu du is look fuw da purrices and den post dem.  Maybe nex time yous will want tu get in on da fun.   So ifin der’s sumfin yous wunnewin da purrice of uddew places, purrlease leav in da comments and wees will combine and compawe and den compile a new list fuw da nex Shippin’ wound da wowld twip posty.            

Mommy's been playin' wiff meez fotos again. Whatdya' fink??
Mommy’s been playin’ wiff meez fotos again. Whatdya’ fink??

Til da nex time…….Hav a Pawsum Day!!! 


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥              

♦ Dezi ♦



Special Days!!!

Well furiends meez is way behind in meez visitin’.  But meez will get by yous blog soon, me purrawmisses.    As meez told yous yesfuwday, tuday is meez mommys Meowday/Birthday.  And ifin yous wead meez blog any, den yous know wees don’t hav much in da way of munny.  So in da past mommy has always twied tu sav ’nuff munny tu go tu da golden awches and get a buwgew fuw all of us tu shawe.  Da stowe is ’bout 45 miles away, so hers has tu hav ’nuff gas tu get der and home tu.  Is kinda a twadition dat got stawted a long time ago cuz of sumfin’ mommy and Shad did.  Maybe ifin yous awe innewested meez will tell da stowwy sumtime.  Anyways, wees don’t always get tu du it, but dis yeaw, mommy got a Walmawt gift cawd (also in da same town 45 miles away) and hers hadn’t gone tu da big town yet dis munff so hers hadn’t used da gas.  


Happy Meowday Mommy!!! Weees Luv yous verrrrrry much.

Happy Meowday Mommy!!! Weees Luv yous verrrrrry much.

So yesfuwday when wees wus visitin’ mommy just ‘cided wees wuld go tu town.  Da weddew wus faiwly nice and not tu hot (wees need fweon in da caw so dat da a/c will get cool)  so wees piled intu da stwollew and hopped intu da caw and wees wus off.   While wees wus at da Walmawt it stawted tu stowm, so wees just waited it out.  Wees didn’t get in any huwwy tu get home as wees wus all tugeddew.  Not suwe da stwollew is meant fuw boff of us tu occupy it at da same time, but wees did. MOL   Anyyways, mommy bawt a couple fings and den wetuwned dem fuw gween papew munny, and wees wus off again.  

Mommy bawt a buwgew and had dem add sum bacon so wees kuld twy it out and sum fwies.  And Oh My Catness, dat bacon wus soooooo yummy.  Der wus 3 pieces, one fuw each of us.  Meez gotta tell yous tho’ meez kulda ate lots mowe den one.  Yous kittys dat get it all da time….yous be sum lucky kittys fuw suwe.     Anyways wees had a meowsy good time just hangin out tugeddew.  And tuday wees gunna giv mommy lots and lots of extwa luv and purrs. Happy Meowday mommy, wees luv yous vewy much!!!!!    Wees made a cawd fuw mommy, and sum of meez wunnewful furiends also sent mommy cawds.  Hope yous enjoy seein’ ’em.      


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Meez also weceived anuddew awawd. Dis awawd be fwum meez furiend Shrimp ovew at da Hairball Express.  Fank yous so much Shrimp fuw nominatin’ meez fuw da “Wonderful Team Member Readership” awawd.  Now meez posed tu nominate 15 of meez furiends.  Dis be da pawt meez not likes cuz meez dusn’t like choosin’ ‘tween meez furiends.  So ifin yous wuld like dis awawd, purrlease take it, and hewe’s meez  nominees:

award from Shrimp hairball express 

1. Nickel fwum 5PurrCents,  

2. Travis fwum Lone Star Cats,  

3.  Flynn fwum Eric and Flynn’s Adventures,  

4.  Nylablue fwum Nylablue &SherriEllen’s Purrfect Pad,  5.  Winter fwum Winter Blue Angel  

6.  Shoko and Kali fwum The Canadian Cats,  

7.  Cats at the Bar,  

8.  Roxy and Tigerlino fwum Purrfect Kitties,  

9.  Cinco and Manna fwum Playful Kitty,  

10.  Brian fwum Brian’s Home,  

11.  Marty fwum Manx MNews,  

12. Fozziemum  fwum Fozzie.M,  

13.  All of The Florida Furkids  fwum Friends Furever,  

14.  Wally, Ernie and Zoey: The Island cats, 

15.  Zorro fwum The Swiss Cats              

Meez knows dat meez missed a lot of yous, and so,  YOU’s nominated.    


Til da nex time…Hav a pawsum Day!!!!  

And don’t fuwget, tumowwo is “shoppin’ wound da wowld.”   Don’t fuwget tu post yous pwices and link back tu Bacons’ blog.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥  

 ♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦



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