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Boom Boom The Red White and Blue!!! Where Were We?

Well meez suwe yous all wanna know how wees did duwin’ da fiwe works, wight?  Ow town decided tu celebwate on Caturday da 5ff stead of Furiday da 4ff.  Altho’ sum of ow neighbows set off sum of da bang pop kinds on Furiday, even tho’ it’s against da law.  And they continued til ’bout 4 in da meownin’.  Sum people just hav no wespect fuw uddews.  Anyways, come Caturday night da city had their big celebwation.  It all stawted ’bout 8:30 p.m..   And wees heard them alwight.  Mommy had closed da door and da blinds, but they were big and noisy.  So da fiwst one goes off and meez dwops intu little scoot acwoss da floor mode but sis Lexi just ignowed it.  Me looked at mommy and Lexi and mommy and then it wus ovew.  Or so meez fawt.  Then da second boom, and it wus loudew than da fiwst had been.  But still sis Lexi didn’t move and mommy sed, “It’s okay honey, it’s just the town makin’ noises. You’re safe, mommy won’t let nothin’ get you.”  So meez stood up stwaight and walked ovew tu mommy and got me sum luvin’.  And da booms just kept on comin’.  But me………….meez just laid down and took a nap wiff Lexi.  Mommy wus soooo purroud of me.  😀  Tu tell da twuff wees not suwe ifin me wus bwave cuz meez just gettin’ older or ifin it wus cuz of sum fewemones.  Wees had gotten one of those plug ins wiff fewemones in it that mommy plugged intu da wall earlier that day.  But whaevew it wus, mommy’s still purroud.                    

Meez aglow just like da fiwe works. MOL
Meez aglow just like da fiwe works. MOL
I'z awl aglow tu. MOL
I’z awl aglow tu. MOL

In uddew news,  guess hoo caught da red dot??   Yous finkin’ tu yous selff now that yous didn’t know wees new anyfin’ ’bout da red dot, wight?   Well yous wuld be pawtly wight.  wees don’t play da red dot game here in ow house, but wees hav heard ’bout it.  Mommy wead that it be dangewous and kuld blind us ifin wees wus tu stawe at it so that’s why wees don’t play da red dot game here.  Meez da kind that wuld figgew out a way tu stawe wight intu da light.  MOL  So when mommy went fuw hers laser suwgewy tuday tu hav a hole lasewed fwu da membwane in hers eye, da doctow sed, “Look straight ahead at the red laser beam.”   So mommy tells hims all ’bout how hers wead dat it’s bad fuw us kittys.  Like hims cawes, wight?  But yous know what?  Hims splained da diffewence ‘tween da lasews and then told mommy tu look stwaight ahead.  And den……there wus lasews goin’ off evew where.  When hims finished, all mommy kuld see wus red dots all ovew da place. MOL  Hers wus lookin’ up and down and side tu side and then hers finally got all da dots lined up and hers blinked and………..Caught It!!! Suddenly da lights wus gone.  Altho’ mommy still kuldn’t see vewy well, cuz hers pupil wus as big as hers iwis.  MOL  Hers been blinkin’ and puttin’ dwops in like cwazy and still hers not seein’ so good.  But when hers eyes stwaighten out again it’s posed tu be bettew than evew.  Wees will see.  MOL  Cuz that’s what they sed when hers had da catawact suwgewy and now hers has tu wear twifocals tu see da putew or da t.v..  MOL   Anypawdy else out there hav twifocals??    

Oh well, da up side is that Booms and bangs meez stayed put. 😀  

Til da nex time……………………..Be Blest!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥      


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