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How Old is She? And What’s a Barley Cat?

Meow eberpawdy Lexi here.  First led me tell yooz how tu reed minez rite-in’.  Werdz are speld like thay sowndz. (All words are spelled like they sound)  Sumtimez it helpz tu reed it owt lowd.   Dezi habz ternd ober da blog tu me tuday soz I’z kuld make one of owr ejukayshunal pozteez.  Altho’ sinz diz be berry impurrtant, da gutz of da postee will be ritten in hooman.  Soz az youz awl noze I’z ternd 15 yearz old in April of dis year.  I’z still aktib and mozt pee-pull wuld nebber gezz I’z dat old.  Weez ben azdid lawtz of timez how I’z stay so aktib and yung.  And minez fur iz soz shinee and I’z soz helvee.  Well fur da anzerz weez habz tu goze bak and start frum da beginnin’ of minez purrawlemz ten yearz ago.  


About ten years ago I was still young.  Only five years old and very active.  But that winter mommy noticed that I had begun to limp a bit and have a little trouble jumpin’ on the bed.  I also started losin’ my teeth for no apparent reason.  I had been born with chronic gingivitis and mommy had tried everything but nothing seemed to help.  My VET said as long as it doesn’t bother me not to worry, but to make sure my food was soft so I would continue to eat.  This wasn’t a problem as I already ate canned food.  The VET said I probably had the beginnings of arthritis, but it was nothing to worry about either, at least not till it got worse and all year round.  So we went on this way and another year passed.  By this time my limp was much more pronounced and I had really dry, flaky itchy skin.  Again, off to the vet we went.  I was given some allergy pills for my skin and mommy was told it might be time to think about some medicine for my arthritis, Cosequin to be exact.  It’s not a cheap medicine today, but back then it was really exspensive.  And bein’ on a fixed income mommy just couldn’t afford it.  So we went on a hunt to find something that would work just as well but cost much less.  And if mommy could find something more natural, all the better.    


We tried joint treats and chews and powders and none of them did anything.  Some of them made me throw up and some I just wouldn’t eat.  Most of them claimed to have this Cosequin in them.  In the meantime the allergy pills given to me for my skin condition also proved useless.  One day mommy remembered a product she had heard of long ago called Barley Cat.  But mommy couldn’t remeber what it was for or what it did, but she went on the search to find it.  Mommy looked it up and began to read the testimonials.  One after another made claims about the benefits to their arthritic cats and dogs (Barley Dog)  There were claims with regards to skin conditions and diabetes and hot spots and allergies and dryness and itchy-ness and as a food attractant.  And the list goes on and on.  It seemed whatever the problem was this one jar fixed or at least helped them all.  And better yet….it was all natural.  So mommy figured worse case scenario it doesn’t work, but at least it wouldn’t hurt me and there would be no nasty side effects.  The only thing left to do was place an order.  Mommy searched around to find the cheapest price and then placed the order.  

Green Foods Barley Cat
Green Foods Barley Cat

A few days later we had this little bottle in our house and we were ready to give it a try.   It was the middle of winter so my arthritis was in full swing and my skin condition had gotten so bad my black fur was covered in white flakes.  First meal mommy mixed the Barley Cat into my food and served it to me.  I smelled it and took a small bite and…yummy. This is good stuff.  I finished off my plate of noms and mommy waited for the throw up that had come after lots of the other joint treats I ate.  None. No throw up at all.  The next dose mommy just sprinkled it on my food instead of mixing it in and I ate it even better.  After about a week mommy noticed I wasn’t scratching as much and my skin wasn’t flaking anymore.  My fur was starting to look shinier and healthier.  My eyes seemed brighter and my limp?  My limp was GONE!!!  I was running and jumping and even playing with toys again.  I hadn’t played in years.   Those 6 foot jumps I made as a kitten and young cat came easy to me yet again.  The zoomies I had enjoyed so much as a youngster I was enjoying again.  The longer we used the Barley Cat the better I looked and felt.  On my next visit to the vet when my examination was over he looked at mommy and said, “She looks great. She’s as healthy as a 2 year old what are you doin?”   Mommy explained the Barley Cat and that according to testimonials it was good for what ailed you, and now she understood why.  She bought it for my arthritis, but it seemed to help with all my problems.             (We’ve posted this video before, but it really belongs with this subject.)


My fur is soft and shiny. No flakes in sight. Minez eyez glow like a pikshur of healf.
My fur is soft and shiny. No flakes in sight. Minez eyez glow like a pikshur of healf.

When Deztinee came to live with us and she was weaned and eating kitten food, she wasn’t eating very much.  Mommy of course worried about her.  Her fur coat was a typical Ragdoll coat, but it just wasn’t very shiny or healthy looking.  So mommy started sprinklin’ Barley Cat on her food too.  She loved it.   And in no time she was eating more and her coat was shinier and healthier too.              

A 3 oz. jar given as directed (1 teaspoon per day) lasts 1 cat 3 months.  There is also a formula for dogs and 1 for humans.  It can be sprinkled on food, mixed in with food.   It can be mixed in water and made into a gravy or paste.   We’ve recommended it to a lot of people over the years for a number of ailments and all who have tried it have been satisfied with the results.    There aren’t a ton of testimonials on the Green Foods website anymore, but they do have information regarding their studies and clinicals as well as order information.  Barley Cat/Dog/Human can also be purchased from amazon.com as well as many other sites and stores.  The best part is that it’s affordable, it’s all natural and 100% safe.   There are no harmful side effects and most cats love the taste so there”s no fighting to get them to “take their medicine”.  It’s good for them, and can aid in digestion, promote healthy skin and coat, increase activity levels for aging cats, aid in the absorption of nutrients and minerals, calm and soothe arthritic joints and bones, and so much more.  Giving it a try won’t hurt anything and there wouldn’t be any drug interactions with current medications.  As with anything “natural” it will take a few days to get into the system and start to work.  So if you’re dealing with itchy, flaky skin, allergies, eating disorders, arthritis, diabetes, poor energy levels, aging cats, or other ailment, give it a try.  And if you do, please let us know what your results are.                    

Till da nex time……………………………….Be Blest!!!!!



Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez ♥♥♥              




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