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Shoppin’ Round da World Wednesday!

Meowllo again.  2 postys in one day aftew bein’ silent fur so long.   Well yous all knows meez luvs da shoppin’ wound da world day cuz it’s so innewestin’ to find out da purrices udders awe payin’.  Wiff all dat’s been goin’ on, mommy hasn’t been shoppin’ at all this munff and bawely members last munff.  Dat’s what happens when yous get old me guesses.   So anyways, weez checked da local newspaper ads and came up wiff these purrices.  

(Don’t furget to paw on da fotos to read da captions)




Water:  3.66 fur 24) .05 litres (weez not buy water as mommy invested <$43.00> in a 15 year water puwifier dat wequires no filter changes and has tested out purer than most of da bottled water on da mawket)

Bath Soap:  $4.79 fur da 8 oz. bottle (weez don’t use baws) dis be da  cheapest genewic which wuz da Homeland bwand.  Altho’ mommy’s doctor sez hers needs to buy a moistuwizin’ non stwippin’ hair and body cleanser.   

Deodorant:  $25.00 fur .05 oz (mommy has to use a purrscwiption deodowant, and hers cwinges evewy time hers has to buy it as it’s not covewed by insuwance, and there wuz nun on sale or listed in da ads)

Laundry Soap:  $4.50 fur 48 loads (mommy buys da cheapest genewic hers can find when is time to buy this. This be da Sun bwand on sale this week)

Random item:  Pure Shea Butter:  $25.00 – $30.00 fur 3 pounds  (mommy has to buy this as well fur medical purrpusses, and it’s not covewed by insuwance eevew. Altho’ 3 pounds will last 3 munffs and has so many uses fur her and us; dat mommy dusn’t cwinge quite as bad when hers has to buy this.)

Now yous know why mommy dusn’t buy hers selff gwoceries. MOL Hers has to spend a small fortune on ovew da counter medicines, and these 2 items awe just da beginnin’.  Anyways this be ow purrices fur Augusts Shoppin’ wound da world postys.  Meez so glad Bacon and Fozziemum fawt this up.  Maybe mommy can do sum actual shoppin’ nex munff and not hav to wely on da ads.  Well meez won’t keep yous wiff long stories or lots of words since this be meez second posty today.  

Weez wuld like to know what yous fink of ow new emoticons. Awe they cute, distwactin’, etc. and do yous hate da advertisement dat comes included wiff them?  Weez twyin’ to find diffewent yet subtle ways to fun up meez blog, so weez might be twyin’ out sum new fings and wuld weally purreciate yous feedback.  Fanks and ifin yous not joined up yet, yous might fink ’bout shoppin’ wound da world wiff us nex munff.  

So, Til da nex time………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


It’s a Scary Funny, Laugh

Well here it is Wednesday and weez just now gettin’ anudder blog posty out.  Wiff all dat’s been goin’ on lately me guesses me shuld giv mommy a bweak and be glad hers helps me get a posty out a foo times a week huh?.  After all, how many peeps and kittys out there can say they’ve had their house flooded 3 times in one munff?  Huh?  How many?  Betcha not many.  So here we awe wiff still wet cawpet and stuff and boxes and furniture evewywhere but where it’s posed to be.  At least da owner of da movin’ and storin’ company came yesfurday so hims kuld giv da management company a cost to pack and store ow fings while they paint and lay da floors.  Dat’s sumfin’ isn’t it?  Mommy’s ‘bout to go cwazy and maybe even a little postal.   Da management company’s posed to put us up in a motel while they do all this work.

Dezi on piano bench

Anyways we told you we had a funny to tell yous.  Now we know sum of yous might not find it so funny, but member weez twyin’ to find fings to laff at so weez not cwyin’ constantly.  And mind yous nopawdy wuz in any actual danger at any time.  Well ‘cept maybe mommy.  But hers is purretty clever hers selff and she sez she wusn’t in danger eevew.  So here goes.  Mommy has a case manager dat comes to “visit” once a munff.  And so mommy got to lookin’ at hers bwoke chair and fawt she might be able to rig it so it wuld work fur hers to sit in stead of da floor. (or makin’ da case manager sit on da wet floor)  Dat’s meez mommy fur yous, always finkin’ ‘bout what sumpawdy might fink of hers.  So mommy played wound a bit and finally got da chair sittin’ up off da floor.  Hers sat down and heard da rotted wood cweak, but fawt ifin hers wuz gentle it wuld hold.  So case manager got here and meez rolled wound da wet fllor showin’ off and mommy sat evew so gently in hers chair and da case manager sat on mommys piano bench.  She’s one of those petite little girlys.  Well they filled out all da papers and mommy answered all da questions and case manager left.

  Mommy wus enjoyin’ not havin’ to sit on da wet floor so much hers continued to gently sit in da rotted and broken chair.  Meez had gone to da back to take a little nap after showin’ off, and woke up fwum a “bad” dweam and found meselff alone.  Natuwally meez ran full speed ahead wound da maze dat is our house and leapt right up in mommys lap.  Of course mommy heard me comin’ so hers had put hers awms out to catch me.  this be sumfin’ me duz a lot so mommy’s gotten weally good at catchin’ me.  Well me knows me has told yous all offen dat me be a vewy big girl.  And well…….dat 30 extwa pounds at high speed dat wuz me wuz a little too much fur mommys bwoken rotted chair.  Cus no sooner than mommy had caugght me and leaned forward to make suwe ifin anyfin’ happened me wuld be okay, da chair went……CRASH!!!   And meez not talkin’ ‘bout no little cwash.  Dat chair plopped wight stwaight down and da rotted wood bwoke and came wight up fwu da rotted matewial on da awm of da chair.  Meez takes off runnin’ down da hall afur weez even hit da floor, and mommy stawted wavin’ hers awms da way she duz, and hollewin’, “Danger, Danger, Dezi, Lexi!! Stay Back!!”  Stay back?  Yeah like we wuz goin’ anywhere near dat in da first place.  It sounded like a sonic boom or sumfin’.  (no fotos, as yous might magine mommy wuz mowe concerned wiff our safety and her own)

But meez not fink mommy’s gunna be able to purrop dat fing up again.  Oh well, me sez good widdence to bad rubbish.  Da chair got so wet it smells anyways.  Yous wuld fink she wuld twy to haul it off.  Well anyways, mommy wuz flailin’ hers awms evewywhere and yellin’ and Lexi and me wuz boff standin’ in da bedroom door lookin’ down da hall.  When mommy wealized we wusn’t comin’ anywhere near da chair, hers face told da whole story.  You kuld tell she wanted to cwy, but instead, hers just busted out laffin’.    Yep, da rollin’ in da floor giv yous selff a belly ache kinda laffin’.  Dat’s meez mommy.  She sez ifin yous can’t laff at yous selff then evewypawdy els is gunna be laffin’ at yous.  And also dat life be too short to take evewyfin’ so serious. 

Mommy’s gotten purretty used to da floor this past week as we can’t get da wheel chair wound da house cuz of all da boxes and misplaced furniture.  But dat’s a whole nudder stowwy fur anudder time.

  Me did get to go on da cat scout quest, and only missed pawts of a foo fings.  But me wuz able to catch up purretty quick when we got back there.  Let me tell yous sumfin’.  Dat Den Master be sneaky clever and made this quest kinda hawd.  But meez so purroud to be a pawt of such a wunnewful gwoup of cats and their hoomans.  Altho’ we awe a competitive bunch a cats/hoomans we all member da weason we awe there is to hav fun.  Me wuz da flag bearer, assistant scwibe and ssistant cheer leader.   Meez gotta tell yous, dat Spitty and Austin came up wiff sum gweat cheers.   Since me nor mommy has evew been an official cheer leader, weez did sum basic Go Warriors Go kinds cheers. 

_ww group shot w flag

Wally’s Warriors weady fur action.


OMC meez almost furgot.  Stop by da Tabby Cat Club tuday as we awe goin’ on a riverboat twip down da bayou.  Andy flew down to escowt Lexi and me to our costume dwess up dinner. As usual hims wuz vewy handsum and sis Lexi looked downwight gawjus.


0dw Andy-Dezi-Lexi DR


Disclaimer:  Meez wuld like to tell yous dat sum of ow facebook furiends hav put munny on our paypal so mommy can buy a new chair. Weez don’t yet hav enuff, but Lord willin’ we will get there.  And we wuldn’t wanna bwing in a new chair on da wet floor to get ruined anyhow.  We told this stowwy cuz we fawt it wuz funny not cuz we wuz meanin’ to make anypawdy feel sowwy fur us or feel like they shuld get us anyfin’.

Til da nex time………..Just laff and Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses    


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