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Sweetness and Fun

Well as purrawmissed todays posty is gunna be filled wiff sweetness. Me suwe hopes yous enjoy it. Yous all member a while back da Cat Scouts had a sock hop and me wuz so excited cuz me wuz gunna be goin’ on meez first date wiff fellow cat scout Andy.  Him’s a handsum mancat to be suwe, and me wuz just a little nervous.  But yous know what?  Hims wuz da purrfect genltemancat. And me had a blast.  Weez hav seen each udder since then at cat scouts and udder functions. Hims even joined me and Lexi fur dinner down in da bayou when da TCC went on a twip.  Mommy sez she kuldn’t hav asked fur a better mancat fur me to be datin’. And meez just cwazy ‘bout him.  So of course yous know dat duwin’ da last foo mumffs meez hasn’t been wound a lot cuz well, mommy had weally purrtant fings to do to take cawe of us and ow home. 

0dw Dezi on porch in stroller

 Weez gettin’ weady to go to da motel.

See ya’ soon…Hopefully. 

But yous wusn’t da only ones dat noticed meez absence.  Meez sweet Andy missed me too.  Let me tell yous how womantic hims is.  There we wuz goin’ to da motel and not knowin’ ifin weez wuld be able to get good innewnet service, and da weekend afur. mommy had lots of fings to do so me didn’t get to spend much time at Cat Scouts wiff Andy.  So me wuz a little sad, but hoped he wuld wait fur me. And then me heard…..meez sweet Andy took hims guitar and went to da campfire and sang this song fur me. 

Oh Where, oh where is sweet Dezi, 

Oh Where, oh where can she be? 

With her fur so floofy and her eyes so blue, 

I miss you a lot, come back soon.

wlEmoticon-redheart.pngwlEmoticon-redheart.pngandy guitar

Is dat not just da sweetest fing yous evew heard?  And just lookit da foto of hims, isn’t he just handsum?  Me wuz so touched dat mommy purrawmissed me kuld meet up and go out and spend sum time wiff hims da nex day.  And then even tho’ weez not hav evewyfin’ stwaightened out and put away here, mommy let me go to da Cat Scout cawnival wiff hims this past weekend.  And hims won me a kupple stuffed animals.  Hims played da stwongman game and won. Of course, me nevew had any doubts.  And lissen up, hims so fawtful and sweet he picked out a stuffed kitty fur me dat looked like sis Lexi.   Me will fur suwe be spendin’ lots mowe time wiff handsum Andy just as soon as mommy gets da house put back tugedder. And dat better be soon.  Meez luv life is on da line here. 

AD ferris wheel2

Me also has a favor to ask all of yous.   Andy’s sisfur Shelly isn’t feelin’ so good and hims mommy gets weally worried when any of them get sick, so ifin yous kuld purray fur Shelly and hims mommy me wuld suwely purreciate it.  Now wusn’t dat a sweet posty?  And altho’ meez suwe meez gunna miss sumpawdy, but Speedy da cheeky rabbit and Flynn boff need yous purrayers too.

Now fur a bit of a funny.  A foo days ago me posted ‘bout meez first expewience wiff da new toilet.  And well let’s just say me wusn’t vewy bwave. But a foo days hav passed and mommys cleaned da pawdee boxes a gazillion billion quite a foo times since then, and so meez not runnin’ fur da purrverbial hills anymowe.  So we fawt yous might enjoy this little video.  

ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease click here.

Me also wants to say a meowsy big fank yous to evewypawdy dat be donatin’ in da fundraiser dat Savannah and Ms. Linda stawted fur us. And altho’ we awe postin’ updates daily, weez will make a final special fank yous posty at da end or when all funds hav been raised. Ifin yous wuld like to check it out, yous can do so here.  Today me wuld like to fank meez sweet furiends Nylablue and hers mommy Miss Sherri-Ellen. Dat wuz so sweet of yous to wanna help us out. Weez weally purreciate it vewy much.  And me wuld also like to say a meowsy big fank yous to da Cat Scouts World Headquarters and Den Master Miss Karen fur sendin’ us 2 cases of da Fancy Feast gravy luvvers noms. Weez weally purreciate all yous do fur all of us scouts and meez furmily.  Meez so honowed to be pawt of such a fabulous gwoup of kitties.   

Fank yous so vewy much Cat Scouts Headquarters.
Fank yous so vewy much Cat Scouts Headquarters.



Till da nex time………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


I Couldn’t Live Without….

Well me wants to fank evewypawdy dat has twied to splain da new toilet to me. Mommy sez me can weport dat meez not jumpin’ outta meez fur anymowe and meez not running lickety split fwum da room. Meez not hangin’ ovew da edge watchin’ meez business get sucked down it yet, but mommy assures me afur long it will be old news. And me wants to say dat we wusn’t complainin’ ‘bout it in da first place, we wuz just postin a funny ‘bout sumfin’ new. Anyways, we hav lots of fings to cover and we don’t wanna ovewload yous wiff all da news at once.  Me wants to tell yous ‘bout an award me wuz nominated fur.

Meez'll just lay in this box while mommy unpacks anudder.
Meez’ll just lay in this box while mommy unpacks anudder.

Now meez blog wuz awarded  da One Lovely Blog Award by meez sweet furiends and fellow cat scout Shoko and hers sisfur Kali, and then also by Miss Ellen and da gang ovew at 15 and Meowing, where Sophie and Sammy awe celebwatin’ their Meowdays today, so pop on ovew and join da pawty.  Fank yous, dat wuz so vewy sweet of yous all. Me has to link back to them, which me just did, and then me needs to tell 7 fings ‘bout meselff. Well let’s see, what is it yous not know yet? Hmmmmm (tilts head to one side and leans head on paw thinking) Well…..Oh (perks up)

1. Meez luvs good fur ya’ noms and tweats. Me dusn’t like “junk” tweats at all.

2. Meez favowit tweeats awe fweeze dwied Chicken. 

3. Me luvs all toys. Me dusn’t weally hav a favowit. Mommy sez dat most kitties, at least da ones hers has had in hers house hav always had a purreference. Eevew nip toys, balls and twacks, feather wands, etc.. But not me, me luvs ‘em all.  Hey sissy why don’t yous take a foo.

I'z gunna lay here while mommy unpacks a little.
I’z gunna lay here while mommy unpacks a little.

Lexi: Fanks Dezi.

4. I’z sleep on da bed wiff mommy and Dezi at nite, and sumtimez durin’ da night I’z will klime up on da “pillow hill” dat mommy mayd fur me at da hed of da bed. Aldoe rite now minez “pillow hill” duzn’t eggz-izt soz I’z sleep on mommyz pillow rite abuv herz hed. 

5.  Even doe mommy sez I’z will eet anyfin’ dat duzn’t eet me, I’z reely am pikee. 

6. Ibin mommy feedz me chiken in da meowninz I’z fro it rite up. But I’z kin eet chiken any udder time a day.  Hey Dezi, why don’t weez let mommy tayk da lazt wun?   

Dezi: Okay Lexi, dat’s a good idea. Mommy tell evewypawdy sumfin’ they don’t know ‘bout yous.

mommy: Okay Girls, thank you. Why don’t we combine my answer with the other part of todays post. (Dezi and Lexi nod yes)

7. I love donuts. They are one of my very favorites going all the way back to childhood.  

Dezi: Fanks mommy. Now meez posed to nominate 7 udder blogs. OMC there awe so many luvly blogs and so many of yous hav alweady been nominated. So meez gunna take a little liberties here and nominate a kupple and then tell you all dat ifin yous not hav this award, purrlease take it.  Meez nominees awe

15meowing lovely blog award

Manna and Cinco fwum Playfull Kitty.

 Christy Paws 

Katie Katz     

Mario the Cat 

And anypawdy els dat dusn’t hav it. Yous all hav pawsum blogs and deserve this award.

Well meez furiend Bacon has a little mumffly posty called Show and Tell. It’s ‘bout long lost favowits fwum yous past. This will be da first time weez been able to join in, and it’s bout dat childhood favowit food. Lexi sed hers can’t member what hers favowit kittenhood nom wuz. Course what’d’ya spect fwum sumkitty as old as she is?. But me suwe members meez favowit. Yous know how me told yous dat me had tapeworm when me came to live wiff mommy and how me wuz too young to tweat wiff da medicine?  Well of course mommy had to giv me sumfin’ to get rid of those nasty fings but kuldn’t take a chance of hurtin’ me eevew. So hers used one of those natuwal home remedies. Hers bought pumpkin seeds and put them fwu da Ninja til they wuz like a fine powder, and then she mixed in a little garlic powder and wuld add distilled water to make a paste. OMC Fur medicine dat stuff wuz yummy. She had to giv it to me 4 times a day, but me wulda gladly ate it all day. Meez gotta tell ya’ me kuldn’t get enuff. Mommy sez it takes longer to get better on those old home remefies, but at leasst they’re safe and fur da most pawt evewy kitty likes ‘em. Lexi didn’t hav da worms, but hers liked it too. Now meez gunna let mommy tell yous ‘bout hers favowit donut. Take it away mommy.

 mommy: Thank you sweety. Yes my favorite childhood food was donuts. Every morning on the way to school my mother would take us to this little donut shop in an old gas station called Southern Maid. They made the best donuts in the world. (I hadn’t had donuts anywhere else at the time, but now that I have, I still think they have the best donuts ever) My favorite donut is the pine cone. It’s got just the right amount of cinnamon mixed in it, and they’re huge. A large yeast bread dough that has been manipulated to have all of these little bites on the  top. And then glazed with a sweet powdered sugar, milk and vanilla glaze. Oh my. They are best hot of course, but are even good a few days later. I’ve gotta find my fryer, oil and baking supplies. MOL 

 0pine cone donut 0pine cone donut 2

Dezi: Fanks mommy fur tellin’ all of us ‘bout yous childhood favowit nom. Hope yous check out all da udder blogs purrticipatin’ today, and enjoy. 

Weez also wanna update yous all ‘bout da fundraiser. Ifin yous not checked it out yet, yous can do so here. It is going well and each day we get closer to the goal. Weez can alweady see mommy sittin’ in hers new chair and feel us sleepin’ on a dwy mattwess and Lexi bein’ able to get up on da bed by hers selff.  Anyways weez got sum new donations and wuld like to say a meowsy big Fank Yous to:

Miss Lorna, 

Miss Pauline and Casey,

Miss Betsy Spangles Cats,

unkle Mitch and Cleo a former shelter kitty, and

Ms Caren Gittleman 

Thanks D&L - 2HEoW-1cr - normal

Weez also want to say again, dat weez unnewstand dat times be hawd and gween papers be hawd to come by fur evewypawdy. So purrlease don’t pawlogize fur anyfin’ or any amount. Weez be gwatefull dat yous all hav given anyfin’. Weez awe so honowed to be yous furiends and we luv yous all so vewy much. And YES, yes, yes, weez will be postin so many fotos dat yous all gunna be sick of ‘em. MOL Weez awe gettin’ so excited. Mommy has nevew had a bwand new chair of hers vewy own, much less one dat weally helps her, so she is beside hers selff happy. And of course ifin mommy’s happy then weez be happy. Dat bein’ sed, weez wuz wunnewin’ what yous all might like to see fotos of fwum ow old/new pawtment. Now mommy hasn’t got all da boxes unpacked yet, but weez do hav lots mowe room fur gettin’ wound. Member weez got a ceilin fan, new light fixtures, a new oven/range, da new toilet of course, and da new fwidge isn’t here yet, but da veep sed when hims purrsonally ordered it dat it wuld be here on or ‘bout da 8ff.  And of course we got da new floors.  Meez nex blog posty is gunna be sweet, just yous wait and see.

Til da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Fankful Funday Monday

Well weez had planned a diffewent posty today, but sumtimes plans fall fwu. Nevew fear, me always has purrlenty to say. Just ask mommy. Me be weally talkativ specially lately. And me is so helpful too. Again, just ask mommy. Yous know mommy be takin’ it slow and easy wiff da unpackin’, and me is helpin’ hers wight along. So many boxes, only one of me. Mommy sed last night dat wiff da exception of ow dishes, evewyfin’ els wuz packed up, so weally it’s like weez just moved in here fur da first time. And hers wuz 11 years yunger and healffier back then. Lexi sed it took a mumff fur mommy to get ‘em all set up back then so weez figgerin’ weez will be settled in by meez 5ff Meowday. In case yous wuz wunnewin’ it’s comin’ up fast. Me wuz born on November da 1st. Anyways, meez duin’ much better wiff da toilet. Me only jumps a little and stares at it, but at least meez not wunnin anymowe.  So yous all just gunna hav to magine it cuz mommy’s not gunna be gettin’ any video of meez wepeatin’ da first time. Weez got sum goodys in da mail dat weez can’t wait to tell yous ‘bout, but weez gunna hav to cuz mommy sez it will be much better wiff a good video. Like mommy can take a good video. Me weally needs me sum of those fumms.

Meez helpin' mommy.

Meez helpin’ mommy.

Well da first fing meez wants to tell ya’ is dat weez had a cawnival at Cat Scouts this padt weekend. And since mommy be takin’ it slow and easy, her let me go to sum of da cawnival. It wuz so much fun. See since weez not weally had much space fur playin’ since this all began and mommy kep most of ow toys up so they wuldn’t get wet and ruin, then hers spent quite a lot of time wiff Lexi and me this weekend. What fun weez had. Anyways as me wuz sayin’ ‘bout da cawnival, meez Andy won me a kupple of stuffed toys. And me got painted up to look like a clown too. Cat Scout Nibbler hosted this fun event and did da face paintin’, and hers did a pawsum job. Mommy fawt me looked so cute. And Andy played da stwongman game and won. Course me never had any doubts. We even had a new cat join us this weekend. Sammy fwum ovew at 15 and meowin’, got in on da fun. Weez got lots mowe adventures comin’ up, so ifin yous haven’t joined up yet, whatcha be waitin’ fur?  

 Dezi da clown


Oh by da way, do yous all know what today is? It’s National Coffee day. Well ifin yous know anyfin’ ‘bout us yous know dat mommy luvs hers coffee, and weez won’t let hers sit and actually dwink a whole cup. Well, it takes too long. And we fink hers might be enjoyin’ it too much. But weez did purrawmiss dat weez wuz gunna let mommy dwink at least one whole cup tomowwo wiff out bothewin’ hers. Yous will all be purroud of us and mommy will be a happy coffee camper. 🙂  Weez not gunna keep yous long today, so weez will just say, hope all yous coffee dwinkers hav a gweat cup of coffee. There awe lots of places where yous can get a fwee cup today. They awe mostly in da bigger cities, but yous might find one in yous town, yous nevew know. 

Thank You-LEXI1 - 2HEoW-15E - normal


Weez hav been so humbled and honored by yous givin’ in da fundraiser da Savannah and Miss Linda put up fur us. Yous know sumfin’ big be goin’ on ovew at Savvy’s place so we weally purreciate them takin’ da time to help us. Yous can check out da fundraiser here. And weez wuld like to fank a foo mowe donors. Weez weally purreciate yous all, and as weez stated yesfurday, weez will continue to update as new donations come in, and weez will combine all da gifts and donors fwum all ovew da web when da funds be weached or da date ends. We wuld also like to fank evewypawdy fur shawin’ da link and fur yous furiendship, luv and purrayers. Weez know not evewypawdy can afford to giv gween papers, but yous can all support us wiff yous luv and purrayers. Dat bein’ sed, Fannk yous so vewy much,

Spot the Seizure Cat, 


Moosey, Gracie and Zoe 

Cat Scout Charles and fursibs, and

Chessie Mia & Aggie Buldak; hoo gave us their tweat munny fur us to buy sum new toys. Yous be so vewy sweet. Weez all had leaky eyes when mommy read dat to us.

Weez know times be hawd and munny be tight fur evewypawdy. Da fact dat yous pawed da link and cawed enuff to help us makes us feel so special. We can nevew twuly expwess ow gwatitude cuz the words just don’t exist to descwibe ow feelins.  Again, fank yous all fur evewyfin’. And weez wanna say to those of yous hoo be like us and ot hav any gween papers to spawe, purrlease don’t feel bad or like yous not helped us. Yous luv and purrayers and furiendship means da world to us. Weez just simple little countwy girl kitties and ow mommy knows how to purreciate all da gifts given to us. And weez know dat luv be da gweatest gift yous kuld evew giv us. Weez not be those kitties dat only luv peeps dat giv to us. We twuly luv yous all.   

dw Lexi tree lookin' back

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

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