35 Pounds of Aluminum

Well it’s wednesday and ifin fings go da way they’re posed to, weez will be goin’ home to ow old/new pawtment tumowwo. And let me tell yous it’s fur suwe gunna be new. Weez gettin’ ceilin’ fans, new towel baws, a new fwidge, a new oven and wange top, and hoo knows what els. Mommy’s spies can’t make out evewyfin. But just yesfurday they had mommy so mad she wuz spittin’ fire. Yous all know da twuck ow stuff wus bein’ stowed in, wight? Well they didn’t bother to lock ow fings in there. Awe yous kiddin’?

Email aftew email sed it wuld be locked up and all ow fings wuld be secuwe, and yet here it is, NOT!!! And guess where ow fwidge wuz? On da fwunt porch. After twyin’ to call peeps all day long and havin’ no luck, mommy sent an email and wusn’t vewy nice, and finally hit ‘em where it hurt (fur them anyways)…in da pocket book. Mommy told them as long as ow fings wemained unsecured, they wuz finacially wesponsible fur evewyfin’. Took an hour, but evewyfin’ wuz locked up tight and da fwidge wuz back in da pawtment. Weez will sleep a bit better tunight. Whew. 

dw Dezi smellin under sink

So, me hopes yous all enjoyed seein’ ow fotos of da motel room. And Lexi’s video. Me wuz busy eatin’ and kuldn’t cawe less ‘bout what wuz goin’ on outside. See da neighbors be faw mowe innewestin’. Weez can hear their conversations, and evewytime they turn on da water or flush da toilet. So me spends a lot of time under da sink lookin’ fur da mini peeps makin’ all dat noise. And then last night sumpawdy wiff a bowser moved in. It wuz one of those little yappy ones, cuz weez heard it yappin’ like cwazy. 

Me fawt yous might like to see all me long bootyful furs
Me fawt yous might like to see all me long bootyful furs

So Lexi havin’ discovewed on da first night weez wuz here dat when hers wuz in da baff room, dat hers meows awe louder than nowmal and echo, went to da baffroom to chat wiff da little bowser. So Lexi be Meowin’ and it be bouncin’ off da walls and da little bowser be woof, woof, woofin’ and OMC wuz hims noisy. Guess hims peeps didn’t purreciate all da chattin’ cuz hims got weal quiet weal fast. Course dat made mommy happy cuz da first fing hers sed wuz, “Well I guess there’s no sleepin’ tonight either.”

Yep yous seein' wight. Meez leavin' da pawdee box after usin' it. MOL
Yep yous seein’ wight. Meez leavin’ da pawdee box after usin’ it. MOL

OMC me furgot to tell yous bout da adventuwe weez had. Yous know meez mommy saves hers coke cans and sells ‘em fur a foo extwa dollaws, so it wuz a purretty tight wide oveew here da udder night cuz weez had to shawe da caw wiff all those cans. Well now dat weez be in da town where mommy sells ‘em at, weez took them to sell. Mommy had 35 pounds of coke cans but all hers made wuz $12.00. But mommy sez dat be $12.00 hers didn’t hav. So now hers has a little munny to put towards hers a sittin’ chair fur when we get home. Well guess meez’ll wrap it up fur tuday.

Till da nex time………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


About Deziz World

My name is Deztinee. I am a Ragdoll. I was born 11/1/2009. I am a service cat along with my sisfur RaenaBelle, also a Ragdoll, for our disabled human mommy. My sisfur Raena was born 4/21/2016. In March of 2016, mommy and I had to say goodbye to my mentor Alexandra (Lexi), a black tabby born 4/29/1999. This blog is about our daily life from the kitty's point of view. We were both rescued from bad situations and our mommy raised us and trained us to be service cats. I want this blog to be interactive and get to know all of you, so comment and visit often. I will also offer advice, training tips and education when possible. Copyright © 2014 - 2020 {Audra High via Deztinee High and RaenaBelle High} All Rights Reserved All personal content (story's, poetry, etc., videos and music) are the property of the human behind Deziz World, and may not be used, copied or otherwise re-published without prior written permission/consent from the author (A. High-the human behind Deziz World). We have an amazon.com wish list and a PayPal account if you would like to help/donate to us.

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  1. Yow Dezi yer Mum put it well. WE used to have a Managur what wuud speek firm butt poe-litely to Mum n dey wuud come to an agreemint. Den da seckond Managur waz a compleet ^$@@((&^**! nastey purrson. He yelled at Mum butt she yelled rite back n he leerned to speek nice iffin he wanted Mum to lissen to him. Now we haz a woman Managur n she iz like sum sort of Overlord yellin n orderin peepz about! She maked da ferst 2 Managurz look guud bye comparisun! Mum no longer callz her nor speekz to her n she haz stopped talkin to Cuss-toadeean dailee. Iffin he speekz to Mum she iz poe-lite butt she not all chatty anymore. Mum haz leerned to use da side door onlee n not go thru da front door nor go upstairz. She keepz to herself n me 2 Auntiz’ here.It iz just bettur dat way…
    We iz purrayin fer all of ya dere..
    Lub Nylablue n Mum x0x0x0x0

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  2. Me Mum reedz fingz a bit screwey sumtimez…she iz purtty funny 😉
    WE nose what yer Mum haz bin thru where ya all live. Da managemint here stinkz too. Da ya nose dey not reeturn anybodyz’ phone callz nor haz dey let us nose iffin da sidin will be dun befur Winter. N da poor stump of what waz da pine tree iz still here n eberyone just walkz by n shakez dere headz in disbeeleaf still. Da stump reemoval persun waz apposta bee here 6 weekz ago to take it out butt bet managemint cancelled dat n dere are 4 other stumpz what need to bee outted.
    At leest it iz quiet in da buildin n we iz not beein hair-rassed by anybody 😉
    Guud luck wif yer place; pawz are crossed!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

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    • Yep mommy sez these pawtments dat da elderly and disabled move into awe always staffed wiff bullies and they nevew wanna spend any munny. It’s a shame and a cwime to pick on these peeps, but there’s foo places to go to get help.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  3. Oh Meow My I bet you and Mom and Lexi will be so glad to be home again. I know we had to be in Dads office last year when the paint was being done and were soooo glad when it was over
    Purrs for you all from all of us
    Timmy Dad and Family

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    • Oh wow at least weez wusn’t locked up here. Weez wuz locked in da pawdee box room last year all day while they replaced da cawpet, weez wuz glad weez didn’t hav to be here this time. Weez suwe hope ow pawtment is good to go. Weez will update on Caturday.

      Luv ya’



  4. Yow Dezi me iz gonna take Mum to get her eyez checked! She thott ya rote 35 poundz of coke! Guud greef! slapz paw to forehead
    Me read it to Mum again n she looked reel sheepish like; baaaaaaaah,,,,, 😉
    We iz glad yer Mum can make a few xtra green papurrz cause we nose she needz a new chair.
    We waz appaulled to reed dat da container was NOT locked wif yer beelonginz’ in it! What iz wrong wif da peeple in charge?? ( Ya doez not have to answer; iz a rhett-0rackle questshun Mum sayz).
    We iz hopin ya enjoyz da rest of yer stay…soon ya will bee home again.
    ~~~head rubz~~~ Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

    Liked by 1 person

    • MOL 35 pounds of coke. Dat might make mommy happy MOL but meez ot fink hers kuld cawwy it. 🙂 And of course she wuldn’t be sellin’ it fur suwe. She wuld be guzzlin’ it. MOL

      Yep yous mommy gets it wiff these peeps. By this time weez fink most evewypawdy be gettin’ it. Not purretty and not smawt. Weez hope fings will be good, but weez will post an update on Caturday.

      Luv ya’



  5. We often can hardly believe our eyes when we read about your apartment adventures ! We’re looking forward to seeing you back in your old/new apartment with all the new equipment ! Purrs

    Liked by 1 person

    • MOL Yous wight it duz sound a bit like a false tale. Ifin weez didn’t liv it evewyday weez not suwe weez wuld believ it eevew. ‘Cept weez usually hav fotos or pwooff of sum kind. It’s so cwazy. Weez hopin’ fur da bestest too.

      Luv ya’



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