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Blest Sunday

A Happy and Blest Sunday to you all. As you know mommy likes fur us to list ow blessings each week so dat no matter what  be goin’ on wound us weez member to giv fanks and  acknowledge dat we awe twuly blest. Well this week we hav been so blest weez not weally know where to stawt. As yous all know weez been weally goin’ fwu da fire here lately wiff ow pawtment situation. Or shuld we say flood. But of course dat’s not all we wuz facin’. But fwu it all mommy twied, notice me sed twied; to wemain calm and good natured. It didn’t always happen and sumtimes mommy didn’t fink hers wuz gunna make it. But evewytime one of those fawts came up in hers head, she wuld hear ow furiends and framly tellin’ hers to hang in there, and dat yous all wuz supportin’ us. So ow first huge blessing this week is you, all of you. You all made this twial a little mowe bearable and a lot easier. Fank yous all fur yous luv and support and furiendship.

HUG FOR YOU-Lexi Dezi - 2HEoW-15x - normal

And weez so fankful dat all ow furniture got put in da wight rooms finally and all da boxes moved to where mommy can unpack them. And dat weez got da purropurr toiet, even tho it skeered me almost outta meez fur. And weez got a taller fwidge on order and suppose to be delivered on or by October 8ff. And dat da vice purresident of da management company discovered dat mommy isn’t da purrsun da manager had lied to hims ‘bout and led hims to believ.

0dw Dezi selfie profile

But dat’s not even where it stopped. As most of you know mommys chair wuz a hand me down dat wuz purrawly older than sis Lexi. And it wuz not in gweat shape when it wuz given to us, but mommy wuz fwilled to hav it. But hers put it fwu da paces once she got it, so we wuzn’t like shocked when it bwoke. Okay maybe a little shocked when da wood came pokin up outta da cloth. Meez not fink mommy had evew seen anyfin’ like dat afur. And of course bein’ hers only sittin’ chair dat meant hers wuz sittin’ on da floor. First it wuz da cold wet floor and then finally after evewyfin’ wuz weplaced it is da dwy floor.   And yet again, mommy be gwateful to hav a floor to sit on. Altho’ a chair wulda been pawsum. And knowin’ dat, Savannah and and her mommy, Miss Linda, put up a fundraiser fur us.

 Blessed Sunday, Lexi - 2HEoW-15Y - normal

Miss Linda asked ifin anyfin’ else got destwoyed or ifin there wuz anyfin’ weez weally needed. Well mommy has a hospital bed wiff da foam mattwess dat weez all sleep on, dat had gotten wet cuz of all da moisture in ow pawtment. And sis Lexi’s not no spwing chick anymowe, howevew hers is still a big help to mommy. But as she gets older hers has mowe and mowe twubble gettin’ up on fings, Lexi dat is. MOL Yeah me kulda been talkin’ ‘bout mommy too. Anyways, mommy told Miss Linda ‘bout ow small cheap long ago bwoken steps fur Lexi and Miss Linda sed dat weez  must get sum steps fur Lexi so hers can continue to work. Ah come on, yous know meez gunna use ‘em too.  Anyways dat bwings us to todays blessings. 

dw Lexi Selfie 2

Many  of yous hav visited da fundraiser and left gween papers and words of luv and encouwagement. So weez wanna list all of yous hoo hav donated gween papers to help us out. Sum of ow dear furiends/framly fwum facebook had also put sum gween papers in mommys PayPal account diwectly to help us out too. Weez awe so purreciativ of all of yous dat there awe no words stwong nuff to expwess ow gwatitude.

 Dezi sez Thank You - 2HEoW-1b0 - normal


Miss Judy and C.A.T.S.,


Cat Scout Cat,

Foxy and unkle Edward,


Miss Mary Stevens,

Marty the Manx and Miss Kelly Jo and furmily,

Christy Paws,

Panda Bear,


Miss Claire,

Miss Lisa,

Angel Merkel,

Mrs, S. J. Farr and Hannah and Lucy,

Miss Ellen and 15 and Meowing,

Mario da Cat and mom Miss Mary,

Timmy Tomcat and dad Mr. Pete and family,

Tiger Lily and mommy awnty Sue,

The Kitties Blue and mom Miss Janet (Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Guilietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo),

Abby Grace,

Brian Frum,

awnty Ava and Taco and Belle,

awnty Jill and Eric the Arrogant,

Kat Renee Kittle and the Katie Katz,

Nala’s mommy. 

Weez hav furiends and framly  fwum anudder cat site dat went by da wayside and now weez all congwegate on Facebook and a foo furiends and framly fwum Facebook  and fellow Cat Scouts dat hav donated diwectly to us on ow PayPal account.  You can check out da fundraiser here. We hav and will continue to post fank yous updates until da funds be waised or da end date comes. At which time we will make one last “special fank you” posty in which we will combine evewypawdy fwum all da diffewent sites. Weez don’t want to leave anypawdy out. Yous gifts no matter da amount mean da world to us. We know dat times be hawd fur evewypawdy and dat yous awe givin’ out of luv, and yous luv is da most purrecious gift yous kuld evew giv to us. Weez cherish yous all and purreciate you mowe than yous will evew know. So Fank yous again, so vewy much.  We twied to link to all of yous bloggys, but we kep gettin’ dat box warnin’and then it wuld ewase da links we had. Hmmpht.

hugs and kisses, Dezi - 2HEoW-157 - normal

And till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi


What Is That?

Happy Caturday to yous all. Well weez told yous yesfurday dat weez had a funny not so much story to tell yous ‘bout da new toilet weez got, so weez decided to tell yous ‘bout it today. Weally it wuz mommy and sis Lexi dat fink it be so funny, me wuzn’t laffin’. But me will tell you all ‘bout it anyways. Well by now you all know dat da vice purresident of da management company came down wiff sum men to put ow stuffs in da wight places so dat mommy kuld stawt unpackin’, and they also planned to put in a real toilet and not dat kiddy fing dat wuz put in here after all da work wuz dun. Well while they installed sed toilet, mommy wuz in da closet unpackin’ hers hangin’ clothes and Lexi and me wuz under da table in da kitchen. Yous know they wuz sum vewy big men, so weez wanted to stay outta their way fur suwe. Dat bein’ sed we don’t know what all goes into puttin’ in a toilet or makin’ suwe it works. But da man dat did da job wuz a plumber so weez figgered hims knew what hims wuz duin’, and left hims to it.

ifin yous can’t see it, paw here. 

After they got it installed they called fur mommy to come and look at it and make suwe it wuz gunna work fur her. Well there wuz mommy lookin’ at da toilet and 4 big ole men lookin’ at her. So of course hers not, yous know, sit down or nuffin’, and hers didn’t need to go. Ifin yous know what me means. Da men left and mommy finished unpackin’ da hangin’ clothes dat wuz put in da closet, and went up fwunt to sit down and take a little bweak. By then it wuz dinner time fur Lexi and me and ommy did need to use da new toilet. So to da pawdee box room weez all went. Mommy cleaned da toilet (well 4 sweaty men had been pawin’ all over dat there seat) and sat down. When mommy got up and reached wound to flush it, she musta pawed fur hours. Just kiddin’ hers only pawed twice afur turnin’ to look at it and see dat da mechanism (like meez big word?) was diffewent than da last one.

Fank yous Alice Marie and Pacific Cat toys.

Fank yous Alice Marie and Pacific Cat toys.

Well Lexi wuz layin’ on da vanity and me wuz sittin’ in da floor as always wight aside da toilet. So mommy pushed da new toilets mechanism and, and, well…………OMC!!! Meez nevew heard or seen anyfin’ like dat afur. It wuz so loud and forceful it just ‘bout skeered da furs wight off me. Me jumped stwaight up in da air and stawted runnin’ afur me evew touched down. Now these new floors be a little slick, so when meez touched down meez legs went all sowead eagle and me wuz still justa movin’. Me didn’t get faw afur it wuz ovew, and me bein’ curious of course slinked back into da pawdee box room. Mommy wuz cleanin’ out Lexi and meez pawdee boxes, and didn’t see me slink back in. Me wuz squatted ‘bout as low to da gwound as me kuld get wiffout crawlin’ on meez belly. Mommy dwopped me and Lexi’s deposits into da new toilet, and , and…………………………well me did it again. It skeered me again, and again meez jumped stwaight up in da air and stawted runnin’ afur me evew hit da gwound. Meez gotta tell ya’ dat new toilet may be wight up mommys alley, but it’s gunna take me sum gettin’ used to. Mommy sed she’s vewy sorry there be no fotos or videos of meez escapade, but hers wuz goin’ back there to take cawe of business and nevew fawt ‘bout takin’ da camewa. And even hers didn’t know da toilet wuz gunna do dat or dat me wuld be skeered.

Wow Dezi. diz beez a grayt toy. Fankz Alice Marie.

Wow Dezi. diz beez a grayt toy. Fankz Alice Marie.

Well weez hope yous all hav a pawsum weekend and get sum west. Weez wanna continue to fank Savannah and Miss Linda fur organizin’ a fundraiser fur us and Miss Janet fwum da Kitties Blue fur purrmotin’ it. And a meowsy big fanks fur all those donatin’ to it. Weez will be makin’ Our fank yous on Blest Sundays. Yous can check it out by pawin’/clickin’ here. In da meantime meez will be twyin’ to figger out just what dat new toilet is. Me also won a little I spy game da udder day ovew at Alice Marie’s place and me got a cute little made wiff luv bumble bee. So me decied to shawe sum fotos and a video fur yous to enjoy.

Till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

Yep, That’s the Floor

Meowllo evewypawdy and yes yous read dat wight. Weez can now see da floor. An meez gotta tell ya’, it be lookin’ fine.  But no, weez not hav any fotos yet as ommy’s not unpacked evewyfin’ and hers wuz a weally tiwed mommy after all da peeps left. Da veep showed up purretty close to da time hims sed hims wuld be here and bwought wiff hims 3 big men. They made showt work of all da movin’ fings wound, and hims learned dat mommy not be da meany dat da manager’s been tellin’ hims shes wuz.  Hims had ordewed a toilet to weplace da kiddy toilet they put in here, but it didn’t come in. So while they went to lunch they also stopped and bought a tall toilet.  Hims had bwought a plumber wiff hims and sd he didn’t want ow “maintenance man” puttin da toilet in; hims wanted it dun wight.  Well it wuz and now mommy isn’t fallin’ to da floor to avail hers selff.  Weez do hav a not so weally funny story to tell yous ’bout da new toilet, but weez will save it fur a time when mommy be awake as hers types.  Da only fing left is da fwigewator and hims sed they told hims it wuld be here by da 8ff.  Hims sed anypawdy kuld bwing da fwidge to mommy so da “maintenance man” will bwing it down when it awwives.  It will be bigger and taller so mommy dusn’t hav to crawl wound da floor to reach da bottom shelf.  

Anyways, they got evewyfin’ put where it belongs, or so weez fink.  Weez discuvewed as weez open mowe and mowe boxes, they just frew stuff in and da last fing to go in is da room they sed it shuld go in.  So weez can only hope they got them half wight.  Yous know mommy has a music box collection dat hers keeps in da hutch, and of course they all be delicate and bweakable.  So afur weez left fur da motel weez left a table full of bubble wap so they kuld purrtect mommys bweakables, and stead of usin’ da bubble wap, they packed it!!!  Yep, weez unpacked a box of just bubble wap.  Yep mommy shook hers head too.  Anyways, weez just wanted to check in and let yous know dat fings went well and mommy be unpackin’ as fast as hers can so weez can get back here and get all caught up again.   Fank yous all fur yous luv and support fwu all this.    

0dw Dezi and mr. Nip Britches

And weez wanna fank Savannah and hers mom, Miss Linda and Miss Janet and Mau and da kitties blue fur stawtin’ a fundraiser to help us out wiff da fings dat got wuined in da floods.  Yous  can check it out here.  Weez will be postin’ ow fank yous each Blest Sunday.  But of course weez will say fank yous all fur evewyfin’.  Meez gunna go roll wound on da new floor sum mowe.  

So till da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

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