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Mommy’s No Ballerina

OMC What a day weez hav had. Me guesses me shuld stawt wiff last night. Dat’s when it all began. Well as you all know sis Lexi and me sleep in da bed wiff mommy evewy night, and mommy actually carries us to bed. It’s purrawly ow most favowit time of day. Mommy turns off da puter and teevee and tells us it’s time fur night night and then picks us up and carries us to da pawdee box room. Weez all do sum business and usually sis Lexi heads fur da bed first. Hers duz hers pacin’ and twyin’ to jump up on da bed fing and then mommy picks hers up and helps her onto da bed. Hers just can’t jump dat high anymowe. Come on hers be 15 years old. Dat’s why weez askin’ fur help raisin’ gween papers to get hers a set of stairs. (da only fing weez askin’ fur dat didn’t get wuined in da floods cuz weez not hav any to begin wiff) At sum point she’s gotta stawt havin’ sum kinda purrawlems, wight? Anyways mommy helps hers up to da bed and then comes back to da pawdee box room and picks me up and carries me to bed.

0dw Dezi layin on floor wistfully

Once weez all in da bed weez say ow purrayers and fank God fur all da blessings Hims has bestowed on us and then fank Hims fur ow furiends and asks Him to keep a hand on you all and bless you and meet yous needs. Then mommy lays down and Lexi and me stawt in purrin’ and massagin’ mommy to sleep. So last night stawted out da same as any udder night. Mommy turned off da teevee and puter and told us it wuz time to go night night, and then picked me up. Evewy once in a while Lexi will walk to da back by hers selff, and last night wuz one of those nights. So Lexi headed for the pawdee box room and mommy picked me up. Then she turned out da lights and we headed toward da back of da house.

0dw Lexi on bed

Mommy had been goin’ fwu hers magazines and catalogs earlier in da day, and also puttin’ ow catit twack toys back togedder. (weez just luv ow catit twacks) Sum of yous hav been followin’ us long enuff to know meez mommy’s no ballewina, and hers has sum serious nerve damage dat makes hers not always be able to feel hers extwemeties (arms, legs, hands and feet). So anyways, hers picked me up and pulled da little switch on ow new fan/light fixture and turned to walk down da hall. And just then hers lost hers balance. OMC It wuz so skeery. Mommy had put hers foot on one of those slick magazines and it stawted movin’ under da weight of da two of us. Well mommy held me tight and stawted weachin’ out wiff hers furee hand. It all happened so fast and afur weez knew it, mommy and me wuz down. Me wuz close to mommy’’s heart but so skeered meez tinkled a little, and mommy banged hers head. She also got scwatched up a bit.(not meez claws) But hers got up and nevew once let me go. Sis Lexi had weturned and stawted lickin’ mommy’s booboos and then we all went to da back; and eventually went to sleep.

0dw Dezi n Lexi bed praying

When mommy woke up today she realized how much damage she did. Hers legs and feet wuz all swelled up and hurtin’, and she had bruises up one side and down da udder. Da hand she used to bwace ow impact is weally sore and typin’is vewy hawd fur hers. So weez will be takin’ it easy and makin’ weally short comments till hers hand gets all better. There wuz nuffin’ weez kulda dun to stop it, but weez suwe did wish weez kulda. Weez gave mommy extwa massages last night and will again tonight. Cuz as me sed, Mommy’s no ballewina. MOL

 0dw Dezi on tree

And again, weez wuld like to fank yous all fur yous support in da fundraiser. Weez weally purreciat yous all mowe than you will evew know. Weez seem to hav hit a stalemate and nopawdy be givin’ anyfin’. Weez do hope weez reach da goal but eevew way weez be totaly blessed. Yous can check out da fundraiser or shawe it by pawin/clickin’ here. Fank yous fur all yous hav dun and do. Weez fink yous all awe da bestest.

A little update, da fwidge still isn’t here and so mommy’s been a lttle busy twyin’ to find out what be goin’ on. Weez hope it gets here soon so weez can move on and giv yous all da gwand tour.

So til da nex time………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

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