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Workin’ Through the Difficulties pt. 2

Well first me wants to pawlogize fur not makin’ it to all of yous blogs. Da neighbor let us borrow hers innewnet connection to do sum visitin’ and commentin’ yesfurday, and hers sed weez kuld use it to send out this posty. Fankfully da net wepairman will be here sumtime today to get us back up and runnin’. Altho’ mommy’s not a happy camper. They make what they call open pointments. Dat means they kuld come anytime tween 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.. Now’s one of those times dat mommy be happy hers found da Windows Live Writer so we can get da posty weady to publish even wiffout da innewnet. So anyways, we stawted yesfurday tellin’ ya’ how we worked duwin’ da last foo mumffs wiffout da use of the wheelchair. Purrlease member, weez not tellin’ this stowwy fur pity or fur anypawdy to feel sowwy fur mommy, but to show how we adjust. And obviously weez not hav fotos of any of this so weez just addin’ sum cute sleepy fotos fur yous to look at. And yes, life is much better when fings awe nowmal and weez hav da use of da wheelchair like now, but weez still work and life still goes on wiffout it. So, let’s get back to ow stowwy now.

Me left off wiff mommy leanin’ on da vanity to bwush hers teef and sis Lexi sittin’ close by. Well me didn’t wanna be left out so me jumped up on da udder side of da vanity next to mommy too. Wiff a mouff full of bubbles mommy looked down at me and Lexi and smiled. What? Me knows a smile when me sees it. Mommy smiled. After all da business wuz dun in da pawdee box room it wuz time to head to da kitchen and fix us bwekky and mommy sum coffee. Dat’s what we do evewy meownin’. So Lexi jumped down to da toilet and sat there, and mommy stawted feelin’ hers way back down til she wuz sittin’ on da floor again. Sis Lexi jumped down and so did me. Sissy went on in fwunt of mommy and mommy stawted pullin’ hers selff along da floor and down da hall. Sissy moved a kupple toys outta da way and went on into da dinin’ room. When mommy and me followin’ close behind got there, sissy wuz alweady sittin’ in da wheelchair dat wemained pawked by da table where it had chawged da day of da flood. Mommy pulled hers selff ovew to da chair and then used it to pull hers selff up. Hers still kuldn’t use da chair cuz fings had been moved wound while twyin’ to clean up da water and there wuz no space fur da chair to move. And this is da way it stayed fur most of da past kupple mumffs.

 0dw Lexi sleeping

Once up, mommy maneuvered over to da cabinet and sissy stood close by her. So me followed hers lead and stood on da udder side of mommy.  Our bwekky plates awe washed aftew each meal and set on da countertop, so they wuz weady, and mommy pulled open a drawer wiff one hand and kep hers balance against da cabinet wiff da udder. Mommy fixed ow plates and then put sissy’s on da table and then got my plate and put it on hers head, and then down to da floor she went again. She pulled hers self to da livin’ room where me eats, and put meez plate down on meez mat. In da livin’ room yous ask? Well since me came to liv here wiff mommy me has always wanted to eat wight acwoss fwum mommy so me kuld watch hers while me ate at da same time. Me still duz dat today. Anyways, aftew hers set me plate down she pulled hers selff up into a sittin’ position and turned on da puter to check sum emails. Member, at this time da sittin’ chair had bwoke so hers wuz sittin’ on da floor. Ifin hers had had a chair she wulda pulled hers selff up and sat in it. And then hers sits and waits fur hers legs to kick in. Once they do/did she wuld go and make hers a cup of coffee and twy to welax and read and reply to emails and da blog or facebook. So, this wuz how we managed ow meownins duwin’ all da mess of da last foo mumffs.

We awe glad to be back in a dwy home where we can use da wheelchair again. Wiff da use of da wheelchair it means dat mommy dusn’t hav to fall off da bed and crawl wound on da floor. It means dat hers can hav a cup of coffee wight aftew givin’ Lexi and me ow bwekky. And it means dat hers not hav to carry meez plate on her head. MOL And it also means dat hers legs stawt functionin’ quicker. Once mommy stawts dwinkin’ hers coffee hers adwenaline stawts pumpin’ as duz da blood flow, and dat’s what “thaws” hers out quicker. And we awe all so fankful dat mommy has a sittin’ chair to “thaw out” in now.

 000dw Dezi sleeping

Weez hope yous enjoyed or at least found innewestin’ how weez worked and purrformed ow duties while fings wuz stwained wound ow house. Pawt of ow twainin’ is learnin’ to adapt to change and diffewent situations. Mommy sez we awe purrfect and dat she luvs us vewy much. Because of ow twainin and abilities mommy can continue to liv independently. Altho’ wiff da exception of da meownins and mommys syncope (passing out) hers can liv a purrfectly nowmal life. Once hers body comes back to life in da meownins she duz purretty good on her own. Suwe she loses her balance and can’t feel her extwemeties a lot and tolewates an enormous amount of pain, but she looks like most of you. And feels vewy blest to hav each new day.

Weez also wanna wemind evewypawdy ‘bout da fundwaiser. Altho’ weez got mommy’s chair weez still need stairs fur sis Lexi and a new dwy mattress fur da bed. Ifin yous wuld like to check it out, yous can do so here. We also wanna Fank yous all fur donatin’ and shawin’. weez purreciate you all mowe than you will evew know.

Till da nex time………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

Workin’ Through Difficulties

Meowllo evewypawdy. Meez gunna stawt by tellin’ ya’ dat as weez sit here writin’ this posty, ow innewnet service be down. They can’t send anypawdy out till Furiday sumtime to fix it, so weez not suwe how much visitin’ weez gunna get dun tween now and then. Weez asked da new neighbor ifin weez can piggy back off hers signal to get this posted, and hers has agweed. Weez also wanna tell ya’ dat weez got a unwelcome guest in da gawden wight now. Da neighbor had a snake on hers porch earlier yesfurday hoo escaped into da bushes in hers gawden. So weez be a little nervous wight now cuz she didn’t know what kind it wuz (she wuz to skeered), but weez hav rattlers here so weez hopin’ dat not be what it is. 

This ain't da snake outside, cuz nopawdy took a foto of it afur it slinked off under da bushes in da neighbors gawden.
This ain’t da snake outside, cuz nopawdy took a foto of it afur it slinked off under da bushes in da neighbors gawden.

Anyways, weez decided to tell y’all ‘bout how we did ow job duwin’ da past foo mumffs of confusion and mess. As yous all know kitties not like change. But as you also know we not be typical kitties, and change be sumfin’ we handle purretty well. But how do we deal wiff not havin’ da use of da wheelchair fur mommy. Cuz as y’all also know mommy needs da wheelchair in da meownins when hers can’t move. Ifin yous wunnewin’ why weez kuldn’t use da wheelchair, let me splain. It be dangerous to use a wheelchair in wet conditions. Once da cawpet was “dwy”, it wasn’t tacked back down so it got caught up in da wheels and wuldn’t go. So da wheelchair was of no use to us duwin’ da last foo mumffs. Now afur me tells ya’ da stowwy me wants to purreface it by sayin’ weez not tellin’ ya fur sympaffy or pity. Weez tellin’ ya’ fur educational purrpusses only. It’s just da continued stowwy of da life of Service cats.

0dw Dezi n Lexi chair

Let’s begin. Da first meownin’ after da flood nun of us had weally fawt much ‘bout it so of course when we woke up weez did as usual and stawted massagin’ mommys awms and legs. As we did dat da wealization dat da chair wusn’t a pawsibility hit mommy. So when Lexi turned to jump off da bed (to wetwieve da chair), mommy stopped her. Mommy told Lexi and me dat we kuldn’t use da chair. Well as faw as meez concerned, mommy has always used a wheelchair cuz it wuz here afur me. But sis Lexi members a time afur da wheelchair, and so she unnewstood. Sissy meowed at me and pushed me back ovew to mommys awms. See weez nowmally just massage ‘em a little till hers can kinda move hers hands, and by da time wee get to da pawdee box room she be “fawed” out enuff to pull hers selff wound and bwush her teef. But cuz we kuldn’t use da chair, hers needed to be able to use hers whole awms and hands afur gettin’ outta da bed. So we massaged and massaged and massaged sum mowe. Till mommy kuld move hers whole awms and hands. And oh what luvvin’ we got. Wiff boff mommys awms and hands workin’ she petted us and luvved on us till we wuz boff slobbewin’.

 000dw Dezi close up face

Well anyways at this point we wuld nowmally be pushin’ mommy to da chair. But there wuz no chair, so what to do now? Sis Lexi joined me and meowed fur me to push and mommy grabbed da bedside rail and pulled. Sis Lexi and me pushed mommy fwum behind and she pulled fwum da fwunt. Closer and closer to da edge of da bed. She didn’t hav faw to go, aftew all we hav a twin sized hospital bed. We kep pushin’ and mommy kep pullin’ til she finally rolled over the edge and onto the floor. BOOM! Now altho’ mommy’s not fat or nuffin’ dat’s a long ways down and mommy is healffy (in size). Well me ran to da edge of da bed and looked over at mommy layin’ on da floor, and me wuz so worried me jumped down and stawted kissin’ hers cheek. Mommy told me she luvved me and then stawted pullin’ hers selff to da pawdee box room. Sis Lexi and me followed close behind.

000dw Lexi loves

When mommy got to da pawdee box room she put her hands on da hooman pawdee box and stawted to pull. Sis Lexi stood behind hers and leaned up against mommys hineybo. So me went ovew and leaned against sis Lexi. And then me stawted cleanin’ sis Lexi’s ears. Pawently not what me wuz posed to do, cuz she let out a big ole hiss. Me hasn’t heard one of those diwected at me in a long time. Yous know dat wuz da hiss weez use fur da neighbor mr. W, or da manager. But there she wuz hissin’ at me. so me backed up a little and stood there watchin’ her and mommy. Mommy wuz still pullin’ and finally got up high enuff dat hers moved one of hers hands to da vanity. And pulled even hawder. Sis Lexi stood evew vigilant watchin’ mommy. Finally mommy got up and leaned against da vanity and opened da pawdee box lid. Me not hav to tell yous what happened nex, and then mommy pulled hers self ovew to da vanity to bwush hers teef. Sis Lexi jumped up on da hooman pawdee box and then da vanity and leaned up against mommy hoo wuz leanin’ on da vanity. Weez will finish this up on meez nex posty.

000dw Dezi TG

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi 

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