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Saying Goodbye

Well it’s New Years Eve.  Da end of 2014 and da beginnin’ of 2015.  Do you hav any regwets?  Anyfin’ fwum da past year you wuld like to change?  Of course you do, we all hav moments in ow lives dat we regwet.  We didn’t handle sumfin’ da way we shuld hav, or sumfin’ bad happened and we wuld like to know in advance.  So many fings.  We hav lost a lot of furiends this past year, and so many awe sick wight now and need purrayers.  We wuld change all dat ifin we kuld.  But there is no genie in a bottle or time machine dat kuld help us turn back da clock.  Well ‘cept maybe da government twice a year.  But dat’s only fur an hour.  So we must sumtimes say goodbye.  To furiends and framily and even time.  

DeziHappy New Year 2015_Animated - 2HEoW-1dD - normal

We hav lots of good memowies fwum da past year as well.  Meetin’ all of you.  You make ow lives wicher and fuller.  Yes, there awe times we gwieve and hav to deal wiff sadness,  but we awe not alone.  You know da same fings wuld be happenin’ ifin you wuzn’t here.  But bein’ pawt of this wunnewful extended furmily means dat yous not alone eever.  You don’t hav to face loss or sorrow all by yous selff.  So as we say goodbye to 2014 and we all take a moment to wemember those weez lost,  keep in mind dat memowies awe furever.  Luv never dies but instead grows by leaps and bounds when shared wiff udders.  And God willin’ weez’ll all be here fur each udder tomowwo and da day after till it be ow time to spwead ow wings and fly beyond, leaving you behind.  Until then, may Luv abound.  

Lexi Celebration frame - 2HEoW-1dE - normal

As we say goodbye to 2014 ow furvent purrayer wuld be dat we hav sumhow made da lives of those we touched better and dat we hav shown you as much luv as we hav weceived and bwought sum light into yous lives.  And dat 2015 only be better.  Member, Don’t dwink and dwive!!!  Happy New Year to you all.  Say goodbye to 2014 and Meowllo to da New Year.      

Dezi i love you - 2HEoW-1dr - normal

Till da nex time………………………Be Blest!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

WooHoo A Chewy Review

Meowllo everypawdy.  We awe anudder day closer to a new year.  We left off yesfurday walkin’ down memowy lane, wiff us stawtin’ to blog.  In da beginnin’ we didn’t hav very many peeps comment.  Lots of ow Facebook furiends followed us as well as furiends fwum dat udder cat site we told you ’bout, but nun of them commented much.  As fur us, member we told you dat mommy not be very smawt when it came to puters?  Well, we followed Timmy’s blog and sum udders, but had no idea how to comment.  MOL  We wuld type a comment and sumtimes weally long ones, and then hit publish and it wuld ask fur ow i.d.. We had no idea what dat wuz.  And then one day it wuz like da light bulb went off.  We literally did a happy kitty dance da day we figgered it out.  We wuz so excited, cuz dat meant we kuld comment on more of da blogs we had begun to follow.  And in turn you all got to know us and know we wuz here.  And lots of you came by and most of you stayed and continue to come by today.  And fur dat…Fank you. We can’t tell you how much it means to us to see yous every day.  Since beginnin’ this cwazy social media ride weez been innewviewed by Pet Radio, da Feline Funny Farmers and Basil da Bionic Cat.  Weez been featured on Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade Blog hop.  And mommy did an innewview as well.  We hav joined blog hops and clubs and held events all ow own.  And weez been blest wiff awards and more furiends than we can count.  And we awe so purroud and gwatefull to be a pawt of sumfin’ so wunnewful as da pet blogosphere.  We hav peeps furiends, kitty furiends, doggy furiends, rabbit furiends, piggy furiends and so many more.  And weez just 2 little ole Service kitties fwum da sticks of Oklahoma.  Wow awe we ever BLEST!!!  And now weez be one of‘s newest pet weview bloggers.  And guess what?  Today we hav ow first weal weview fur ya’.    

Boy wuz we surpwised when we wuz given da oppurrtunity to twy those Wellness Divine Duos.  We had been wantin’ to giv those a twy so when they got here, we kuldn’t wait till dinner time.  We had da pleasure of weceivin’  Talapia Pate and Diced Ahi Tuna.  As you know mommy dusn’t giv us much fish so this wuz weally gunna be a tweat.  There awe 5 udder flavors to choose fwum.  Beef pate wiff  chicken liver, Chicken pate wiff diced turkey, Chicken and diced duck, Tuna pate and diced salmon and Chicken pate and diced salmon.  Gotta tell ya’ ifin weez hav da chance we wuld luv to twy them all.  So anyways, dinner finally came and mommy pulled back da foil topper and poured it into ow plates.  It looked delightfully yummy.   And it smelled good too.  Not too fishy, like sum of those cheap canned noms,  Mommy fixed sis Lexi’s plate and then went to bwing me mine.  Back to da dinin’ room to get sum fotos.  And sis Lexi waz so enfwalled by da meal she wuldn’t even look up long nuff fur mommy to ketch a foto.  And then back to me, and me had alweady almost cleaned meez plate.  So we fur sure give these a Divine duo of 8 paws up.  

0dw Chewy review box 1 12-2014 0dw Dezi Wellness chewy review 12-14

So now da mommy pawt.  Duz it make mommy happy or what?   It be gwain furee and uses quality ingwedients.  And as me sed afur, da stink factor be at a minimum so mommy dusn’t hav to hold hers bweff when she opens ’em up.  Here’s da ingwedients fur ow pack.  Chicken Broth, Water Sufficient for Processing, Chicken, Potato Starch, Tilapia, Ahi Tuna, Carrots, Chicken Liver, Egg, Natural Flavor, Broccoli, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Tricalcium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Sodium Carbonate, Vitamins [Vitamin E Supplement, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Niacin, Vitamin A Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement], Minerals [Iron Amino Acid Chelate, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Iodine, Selenium], Taurine, Choline Chloride.  So YES, it get’s mommy’s fumms up too.  They come in a case of 24) 2.8 oz cups.  They hav da pate and nice sized chunks of meat wiff gwavy and a foo veggies fur good measure.  So there it is, ow first weview.  We didn’t get any gween papers, but we did get a whole case of these wunnewful noms fur this weview.  It didn’t in any way alter ow opinion.  You know we tell it like it is, good bad or udderwise.  You can get yous own by clickin’  You might wanna stay a bit and look awound, they hav lots of udder goodies too.   

So tomowwo be New Years Eve, and there’s gunna be lots of celebwatin’ goin’ on.  Purrlease member to be safe.  Fur yous peeps, don’t dwink and dwive.  There awe all kinds of dwivin’ services available to you on this night or you can select your own designated dwiver.  And member, NO alcohol fur yous furries.  It’s bad fur us and not funny or entertainin’ at all.  We wuld radder spend da night wiff you cuddled up togedder and snoozin’ da New Year in.  Meez gunna be hangin’ in da pawsum Chewy box we got wiff ow goodies.  

0dw Dezi Chewy Box

Till da nex time………………………Be Blest!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi 

Three Days…

Three days…what duz dat mean you say?  It means there’s only 3 days left of da year 2014.  Over da last foo days while we waited fur da catputer to purrform all of it’s updates and installs, which by da way it’s urgin’ us to westawt as we type fur yet more updates.  Anyways, while we sittin’ wound waitin’ on it da last foo days we got to finkin’ dat this year is almost over.  And fur all da bad weez hav gone fwu this year, there’s also been a ton of good.  So we fawt we wuld spend da west of this year in weview while we countdown da hours to da new.  So dat means me will turn you over to sis Lexi fur a bit.  Sissy, it be yous turn now.  

Dezi 2015Happy New Year - 2HEoW-1dp - normal

Lexi:  Faynkz Dezi.  Well lez seez. It awl gawdid stardid in October ob 2013.  Weez had jiz gawdid a pooter and mommy took a Facebook klass fur seenyerz,  and in dat klass she had too kree-ayt an akownt.  Beein’ a little skeerd, woman alone and awl she sided too put da kownt in owr naymz, Alexandra-Deztinee High.  Din while skrowlin fru da nuze feed one day she saw an adbertizemunt fur a Cat site dat klaymd it wuz Facebook fur catz.  Well now dat wuz jiz purrfek mommy fawt.  Soz weez wendid too chek it owt and nex fing youz noze weez had an akownt.  Da ownlee akownt weez eber kreeaydid on purrpuzz wuz dat firzt facebook one. Eberfin’ elz habz bin a hapee akzidint.  Well dat site wuzn’t whut it klaymd too beez, but weez did mayk lawtz ob pawsum furiendz der.  And wun day dey wuz awl azkin us what ow facebook page wuz so dey kuld follow us der too.  Weez didn’t noze anyfin’ ‘bowt facebook payjiz bak din.  So weez pawed da link ob wun ob owr nu furiendz and whut weez saw wuz nubbin’ like owr facebook payj.  But up top bi da daytz it sed, “create a facebook page”, so nawt no-win whut we wuz dooin’ weez pawed dat link and Alexandra and Furiends wuz bowrn.  Eber sinz da ADA chaynjd der debinishun ob a Service Animal mommy had wandid a way to tell minez storee, and now she fawt she had it.  We began to tell minez stowree, and mayk furiendz.  Weez neber saw da peepz dat kaym bi az fanz or meelee fawlowerz, weez saw dem az da furiendz deyz wuz.  And now weez habz a grayt bond iwff manee ob ’em.  Weez eeben met wun diz pazt year.  It wuz soz pawsum.  Durin’ da time tween us startin’ and Christmas we had mayd lawtz ob furiendz and sum ob dem sendid us Christmas gibtz.  Weez wuz soz serprized bi da jenerawzitee ob owr wunderfull furiendz.  Mommy had katarak serjeree and weez eeben had sum kar purrawlemz.  And owr nu furiendz wuz rite der wiff us da hole time.    

Lexi 2015Happy New Year - 2HEoW-1dq - normal

Anywayz, soz weez had ow facebook payj and we wuz still hayngin’ on da udder site too when wunday in February wun ob owr furiendz Timmy Tomcat azt ibin anypawdee wuld like too beez gezt riterz on himz bloggy, Blues Lounge.  Weez fawt dat mite beez lawtz ob fun soz we pawed a kawmint and sendid himz a emayl.  And he sent us heer to kree-ayt an akownt.  Sinz I’z had a facebook payj mommy told Dezi she kuld rite on timmyz blog, and so she set owt too kreeayt Dezi an akownt.  And afur she nu it, DezizWorld wuz bowrn.

Dezi:  And dat’s where me comes in again.    

Lexi:  Yep Dezi datz where youz kumm in agin.    

Dezi:  Me wuz so excited, but soon learned we hadn’t cweated an account so me kuld write on Timmys blog, but me had a blog of meez own. OMC, How cool wuz dat.  And by this time we wuz learnin’ dat facebook wusn’t weally da place to tell ow story, vut da blog just might be.  So we got stawted on ow very first posty.  It’s been so much fun.  And…well weez’ll save dat till da nex time.

 So, till then………………………….Be Blest!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

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