Oh Christmas Tree, We Luv YOU

OMC What a day mommy and me had yesfurday.  Me told you dat we wuz gunna be goin’ to mommy’s doctor fur hers mumffly pointment, wight? (clicks back to last blog post and scans it quickly)  Yes we did.  Well, Ooooops me needs to back up a bit.  Me is so good at gettin’ ahead of meez selff.  Yous know?  Ooops me ca also get off twack purretty easy too. MOL  So anyways, backin’ up a bit, we joined da blogosphere Christmas cawd exchange.  And we wecently, like all da rest of you; got da list. OMC Dat wuz a lot of work. Fank you so much fur all yous hawd work.  And we also put out a shout here a kupple times askin’ fur emails and on facebook too.  So we stawted weceivin’ da most pawsum cawds this past week and mommy decided we needed to work on ours. 

 0de Dezi n Lexi blue christmasball

As usual munny, or da lack of it dictates dat we must send ow cawds fwu email.  But dat’s okay, it’s da fawt dat counts wight?.  Of course it is.  So mommy stawted workin’ on ow email lists to send out ow Christmas cawds and she saw an email dat she had furgotten to open.  She clicked on it, and one of ow pawsumly wunnewful furiends had gifted us an account wiff one of da coolest ecawd sites.  So we fawt we wuld work on a foo cawds and get them sent out.  We got stawted and da nex time mommy looked up it wuz almost 6 in da meownin’. 


Me told you all dat mommy’s not been sleepin’ so good these days, so she wuz almost wide awake.  Me can tell y’all sis Lexi and me awen’t havin’ any twubble in da sleepin’ depawtment so weez not unnewstand mommy at all.  But anyways she wuz twyin’ to get sum of ow cawds addwessed and sent, when she wealized dat all da pawsum work dat had been dun by Miss Tracey and Miss Julie on da lists; didn’t include da names/adwessees on da email list.  So we hav all these emails and not weally know hoo they belong too.  Okay sum of them awe purretty self explanatowy, but not all of them awe, so 4 hours after hers stawted workin’ on ow cawds at 6 am mommy sed she had to quit and get a kupple hours of sleep.  Cuz altho’ mommy might liv a little dangerously ifin she be by hers selff, she wuld never purrpussly put Lexi or me in danger. 

 0dw Dezi red xmas ball

So, we got a foo cawds sent out “this meownin’”.  Ifin yous haven’t gotten a cawd fwum us yet, don’t worry, mommy sed hers wuz gunna work on them sum more this weekend.  Well at this point we finally went to bed.  Mommy slep wight fwu da alarm.  Actually she didn’t sleep fwu it, we wuz just enjoyin’ da cuddle time so much we didn’t wanna get up.  Yep, we hav a good mommy.  So as not to disturb hers sleepin’ angels she went back to sleep.  And da nex time we all woke up wuz an hour later. 


So we got up and wound and wuz eain’ bwekky when da neighbor stawted bangin on da walls.  What in da world kuld she be duin’?  After all hers moved in mumffs ago and banged on da walls and floor a lot back then.  There’s only a small bit of space in these pawtments anyways.  And then  anudder neighbor came walkin’ up da walkway to da door.  All me kuld fink wuz, “Go away.  Can’t yous see we be twyin’ to eat ow bwekky?” MOL  Anyways mommy twied to check ow udder emails and found a bottomless pit of emails.  Hers twied to read and answer a foo of them and then it wuz time to go.  Mommy hoisted me in da stwoller and gwabbed hers purrse, told Lexi we wuld see hers in a bit, and away we went.  LATE as usual.  Me will tell you dat when mommy wuz yunger hers wuz never late to anyfin’.  Quite da contwawy, her wuz early fur everyfin’.  And bein late all da time is weally furrustwatin’ to mommy.  Me too, cuz in da rush hers always furgets da camewa. 

 0dw DeziLexi Ann card cubed

Well we went to see Doc as planned, and him was lookin’ purretty rough.  Let me tell you, dat soon to be ex-wife of hims is as bad as hims first.  So after we left there we went stwaight to da fawmacy. But they sed they hadn’t gotten da only scwip dat Doc wuz posed to be emailin’ over wusn’t there.  So mommy’s like, “Well I can’t afford to come back over here, can you call him and find out what the problem is?”  So they tell mommy she can call, but they can’t. Purrlease, just more of peeps not wantin’ to do their jobs.  So mommy calls and Doc had sent it to anudder fawmacy.  We finally got it all stwaightened out and got mommy’s medicin and we wuz off.   It wuz later than we spected since we had da extwa purrawlems so da bank wuz closed and me kuldn’t go and visit.  Dat’s okay, mommy has a diffewent kind of doctor pointment on Munday so me can go then.


So ow nex stop wuz da dollar store to see ifin they had a dirt cheap Christmas twee dat mommy kuld buy fur us.   We go in and stawt lookin’ wound and OMC da store had fur sure been picked over.  We finally found da twees, and there wusn’t much there. A silver tinsel twee, a gween 10 foot twee and a 4 footer wiff no lights or base.  So mommy twacked down one of da nice workers and asked ifin those wuz da only twees they had. While da lady wuz in da back lookin’ fur sum more twees, purrefurably gween, mommy found a foo twees on da very top shelff.  So we went to da back to tell hers and she bwought up all da same twees dat wuz there. They wuz in a foo diffewent colors, but a little to lawge fur us and OMC they musta been back there furever.  There wuz cobwebs and dead spiders everywhere.  So mommy pointed out da one hers had found and asked ifin they had it in a box in da back.  Well da answer wuz a wesoundin’ no, but they decided they wuld sell us da display at a discounted purrice.  So yes, we got a twee. Mommy sez this weekend is gunna be da deaff of hers cuz she’s gunna be duin’ a ton of stuff this weekend includin’ puttin’ up ow new twee.  

 Have a Perfect Saturday, Dezi - 2HEoW-13U - normal

So we headed up to da fwunt of da store to check out and a bag of toosie rolls caught mommys eyes. (yep she luvs da tootsie rolls).  Mommy kuldn’t stand it so she picked ‘em up and told da cashier she needed to get a purrice  on them.  OMC Yous will never guess what da purrize wuz.  1 shiny penny.  Dat’s wight, 1 cent.  Da manager sed da snack baw size is bein’ discontinued, dat’s why.   Mommy’s eyes got big as saucers and she told da lady to put ‘em in da bag.  A foo tweats later and we wuz headed back home.  But mommy wuz even more exhausted now than she wuz earlier.  So we haven’t gotten any visitin’ dun or readin’ of yous comments, but we purromise to get dat dun and soon. 


So, till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi

About Deziz World

My name is Deztinee. I am a Ragdoll. I was born 11/1/2009. I am a service cat along with my sisfur RaenaBelle, also a Ragdoll, for our disabled human mommy. My sisfur Raena was born 4/21/2016. In March of 2016, mommy and I had to say goodbye to my mentor Alexandra (Lexi), a black tabby born 4/29/1999. This blog is about our daily life from the kitty's point of view. We were both rescued from bad situations and our mommy raised us and trained us to be service cats. I want this blog to be interactive and get to know all of you, so comment and visit often. I will also offer advice, training tips and education when possible. Copyright © 2014 - 2020 {Audra High via Deztinee High and RaenaBelle High} All Rights Reserved All personal content (story's, poetry, etc., videos and music) are the property of the human behind Deziz World, and may not be used, copied or otherwise re-published without prior written permission/consent from the author (A. High-the human behind Deziz World). We have an amazon.com wish list and a PayPal account if you would like to help/donate to us.

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  1. It is Happy Chanukkah Dezi & Lexi; you were right!
    I will forego the tree & table display for this year. I will put Menorah out over the weekend & lite the candles & say prayers nitely.
    Nylablue & Mingflower gave me the BEST Chanukkah gift EVER! My sweet Siddhartha!
    Much love Sherri-Ellen & Dharth ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dezi you are such a good girl…I have heard many horror stories..& my cat 3 cats back Pyewacket felled the 7 foot artificial tree on her 3rd attempt…boy was hubby (at that time) angry…
    We figured out how to tie it down & she countiued to climb up it & perch in the branches…
    I am not sure what I shall do…as I am Jewish it is not imperative I put a tree up. Plus it will just be me & Siddhartha if all goes well…
    Love you & Lexi & Mom ❤ ❤ ❤
    Sherri-Ellen & Angel Nylablue x0x0

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fanks, weez do luv lookin’ at da twee and da lights. Luv, Luv, Luv da lights. Y’all will hav a pawsum Christmas wiff or wiffout a twee. Actually we gues yous will hav a good Hanukkah (or Happy/Merry, whatever it’s posed to be. Sowwy fur ow ignowance).

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  3. It is lovely that people give you treats Dezi when you are out with Mom. Also I think it is wonderful your Mom gets some bargains too…like the Tootsie Rolls 😉
    It shows there ARE some good people left in the world…
    I have 2 small tabletop trees but not putting them up….little furry is a bit too young & I figure he will trash things… 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fank yous Miss Sherri Ellen, meez glad peeps giv me tweats too. And weez so glad weez got a twee. But yous might be supwised at how Darth duz wiff da twees. We fink a lot of those stories wiff kitties wreakin’ havoc on da twees is cuz they wusn’t exposed when they wuz kits. Me wuz a holy terror when me came to liv wiff mommy, and even tho me wuz only a baby mommy put up da twee da same as always and after meez initial inspection, me didn’t bodder it not one bit.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  4. You always have adventures when yo go out with your mom Dezi! I am glad she got her medication & the tree & the treats! It is good when things come together right???
    I have gone into stores but I have no desire to buy anything.I managed to finish Xmas cards to be written. I am done & have no energy for anymore holiday stuff….
    I am glad things are coming togehter for all of you tho’.
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep Miss sherri Ellen mommy and me always hav adventures. MOL Weez so glad we wuz able to get da twee too. And they always giv me extwa tweats at da dollaw store. Even more than da bank. MOL Weez fink weez sent out all ow cawds too. Least we hope so. fings might change fur you when yous hav a furry underfoot.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  5. What a bolus day! An extra discount on the tree and almost free tootsie rolls 🙂 WooHoo!!!! So glad you all took the time to stop 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You really HAVE been busy, Dezi, Lexi and Mommy. We hope you get a little time to rest soon.

    Hooray for your tree! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaaw Fanks, so duz mommy. Me kuld keep going’ furever. MOL But mommy and sis Lexi keep sayin’ sumfin’ ’bout not bein’ as yung as thay used to be. MOL

      Luv ya;

      Dezi and Lexi


  7. Ya know, I read this post first and thought I’d commented, but am so confused now! It’s the old peeps, she is losing it for sure!! I had a lot of catching up to do MOL AND because the she is a bit gaga now, she also had a lot of trouble with the CB Christmas card list. To be honest, I have no idea whether she followed my instructions correctly or not! By the time she had messed up printing labels and getting email addresses in the wrong place, my furs were covered in sticky gunk and someone I don’t know in Guatemala has received my Christmas greetings!! 😉 Smoochies and whisker tickles, Austin xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    • MOL MOL MOL Oh Austin dat is soooo funny. Yes, weez had a little twubble too and we fink sum peeps got 2 and even 3 cawds fwum us. MOL Oh Well it’s da seasn fur luv and sheer and furgivness, wight?

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  8. What a Pawsome post- love all the Christmas cards!

    I stopped by to let you know I have nominated you fur the Peace and Harmony award! You are such lovely and sweet service KATS, I think you deserve some special recognition (and a few tunas) fur all you do fur your human! CONCATULATIONS!

    Check it out!😺🐟🐭

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hello Dezi. I hope your human will sleep better soon, so she will feel her best again. Have a relaxing weekend.

    Oh, and I changed the text colors on my blog. Let me know if you can read them now.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. You all had a very busy day. It will be exciting for you to have a new Christmas tree.

    Liked by 1 person

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