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My Purrfect Day With Mommy

Hay y’all Lexi heer agin. Hoep youz awl dooin’ grayt. I’z gunna git too tell youz awl bowt minez day wiv mommy abter weez levt da VETs. Az I’z toldid youz da udder day mommy had sided too leev sis Dezi hoem and jiz mayk it a day fur da too ov us. I’z awlwayz lubz when I’z git too spend time alown wiv mommy. Mommy had purrawmizt lawtz ov fun, and I’z awlwayz up fur fun. Soz weez finelee gawdid owtta dat pawful playz and lowdid back up in da kar. Mommy had too tawk a bit on da sell fone afur we had owr adbentshur. Finelee she hung up da fone and we wuz awff.

 0dw Lexi in stroller c-u

Owr firzt stawp wuz da wallee werld. Okay nawt zaklee minez idee ov a good time, but sumtimez hoomanz habz dibrunt ideez bowt fun din us kitteez. And youz will neber bulleeb whut happind nex. Seez mommy keepz deez “piddull padz in da bawttum ov da strowler cuz Dezi habz a tendinsee too piddull awl ober mommy when she habz too goze too da VET. I’z kin tell ya’ itz purrawllee cuz of awl dat skwishin’ himz duz too da bladder. Anywayz I’z gittin’ awv trak. Day sez it happinz when youz git owelder. Well mommy gawdid da strowler owtta da kar and in awl da foeldin’ and unfoeldin’ she haddunt reelized dat da bawttum had kumm unsnapt and wuz daynglin’ untill piddull padz stardid flyin’ rownd da parkin’ lawt. Youz shulda seed it. Now dat wuz fun.

 0dw Lexi in stroller2

Peepz wuz poyntin and laffin’ and da wind wuz blowin’ mommyz hare eber which way. And mommy wuz tryin’ too gavver up da piddull padz and refazzun da bawttum awl at da saym time. Finelee diz kootsee little girly kaymed oweber and azdid ibin mommy needid sum help. She had a handfull ov owr piddull padz. She toldid me how gawjuz I’z wuz and toeldid mommy she uzed too habz a kitty but herz pawrintz woodn’t ledid herz keep it. Mommy azdid ibin shez fownd it a good hoem, and she sed, “yes, my parents.” Hmmmmm feenkin’ herz elebayter duzn’t goze awl da way too da tawp. Anywayz, weez gawdid, well mommy gawdid us awl toogedder and intoo da store weez wendid. Weez had gawdid a kuppull givt kardz too wallee werld fur Christmas soz mommy had planz ov gittin’ me sum treetz and herz sum mowr ov dat kawvee cuz it wuz on sayl and herz duzn’t wanna run owt.

 0dw Lexi in stroller3

There wuz lawtz ov peepz smilin’ at me and fawl-lowin us wownd da stower. Mommy awlwayz lookz fur any awppurrtunitee too edjukayt peepz ‘bowt Service Cats and anipalz in jinnerull soz herz wuz lizzenin fur aneepawdee dat mite say doze majikull werdz…”Why’s a cat in the store in a stroller?”  But nopawdee eber did. She musta awlredee edjukaydid eberpawdee dat wuz der. MOL And din jiz az weez hed-did fur da chekowt a kootsee little gerlee sed, “Mommy look it’s Smowkee,” and she poyndid toowerdz me. Herz mommy sed, “No, but it is a beautiful cat.” Well dat wuz nuff fur mommy too stawp and gibz a little lezzun. Lezzun oweber and weez finelee hed-did owtta dat lowd playz. Din weez wendid too da Mikee Deez too git sum baykun. Now datz minez idee ov da fun. And I’z eeben saybed sum fur Dezi.  Din weez hed-did hoem.

Ibin youz kant seez da video, click here.

And OMC When weez gaawdid hoem der wuz a box waytin’ fur me. I’z stardid beezin’ pikee bowt what I’z wood eet and soz minez and Deziz pawsum Facebook awnty Jennifer and grand awnty Peggy sendid me a kupple kayziz ob nomz. Faynk youz soz much. Az youz saw in minez lazt poeztee I’z lubbed ‘em and am eetin’ good too, speshullee now dat mommyz figgered owt when too gibz me minez medzin soz it duzn’t interfeer wiv minez nomz. Anywayz dat wuz minez purrfek day wiv mommy. Dezi wandid me too pawlow-jize cuz weez gawdid behind in owr biztin’ agin. Mommyz nu kayz manujer kaymd oweber and soz weez didn’t git too habz pooter time, but weez’ll git kawt up soon nubb. I’z wanna sayz a meowzee big Faynk ya’ too da Kitty Cat Chronicles fur minez badge. I’z lubz it, and relee purreshayt awl da purrs and purrayers youz awl bin sendin’ minez way. Jiz keep ’em kummin’ ibin ya’ don’t mind.


We lost da foto of us in bed wiff mommy when da puter cwashed. But we needed a bed foto, so here ya' go. MOL
It is meez bloggy after all. Did yous fink me wuldn’t wanna foto here sumwhere? MOL

Az Dezi sez, Till da nex time………..Be Blest!!!


Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez  

Lexi and Dezi

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