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Blest Sunday Pounce

Our favowit posty of da week, it’s Blest Sunday. Da day when we talk ‘bout our blessins and fank you all fur bein’ a pawrt of our lives. And we wanna fank awnty Carolyn and unkle Mike fur donatin’ to sis Lexi’s care fundraiser. Da link be on our sidebar ifin yous wuld like to donate. She had a little tummy upset this meownin’ and fwu up hers bwekky, but mommy quickly fixed her up a butter spoon wiff sum slippery elm bawrk and settled it wight down. She’s eatin’ well and playin’ and da UTI seems to be gone so we awe extwemely blest.


And we have been so blest to have worked wiff PetSafe this mumff to offer you all sum pawsum give aways. Furst there was da Pagoda Fountain and then da FroliCat Flik. What kuld be better yous ask? How ‘bout we run da mumff out wiff one more PetSafe give away? Sound good to you? We just luv their purroducts and toys and kuldn’t be more happy to purrsent you wiff da FroliCat Pounce. Similar to da FLik, da pounce has a bwight yellow mousey dat goes wound and wound, furward and backwards and pauses and hides unner little tunnels. It’s unpurrdictable and will keep you and yous kitty guessin’ what it’s next move is. Da Pounce has 4 speed settings and automatically turns off after 10 minutes. It wequires 3 AA btteries dat not be included. But hey, almost everypawdy has those hangin’ wound wight?. Mommy sez she finks da world wevolves wound AA batteries. Least most of da fings in our house do. MOL You know you want it, wight?


You shuld check out all da pawsum purroducts PetSafe carries. They carry fings even we didn’t know ‘bout. And as we sed afur, we luv da PetSafe company and have quite a few of their purroducts in our house, even afur this wunnewful oppurtunity happened. They also carry lots of goodies fur doggies. And meez here to tell ya’ they be well made and hold up weally good. Me can sure put a toy to da test, and our Flik and Pounce awe still workin’ purrfectly. So how do yous enter to win yous own FroliCat Pounce yous ask?


It’s weal easy. Da give away be open to all U.S. residents.

1.) Just leave us a comment and 2.) share this posty on twitter, facebook, or whatever udder social media you might belong too. Purrlease include da link of yous share in yous comment. Ifin yous not be on any social media sites purrlease let us know. Weez not want anypawdy left out cuz of a rule. But, ifin yous awe in social media, it’s only fair to share. (me made a rhyme. Smile) Da give away ends on Furiday 7/31/15 at 11:59 p.m. CST. So come on,, enter fur yous chance to win.


And till da next time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Disclaimer: We weceived da PetSafe FroliCat Pounce in exchange fur our honest weview. PetSafe is not wespawnsible fur da opinions expurressed here and meez opinions can’t be bought. As always we only bwing you purroducts we use or have twied and fink wuld be of innewest to you.


Scouts Are On the Way

It’s Caturday and we have visitors on da way. Member me told you dat da Cat Scouts wecently stawrted a new gwoup called da flat scouts. It’s where scouts make flats of themselves and then twavel to visit udder scouts. Yous purrawlly alweady been seein’ a few posts cuz sum of da scouts have alweady been to visit a few udders. But their finally stawrtin’ to come our way. Now we have always told you dat we publish only da twuff here on meez bloggy wiff da ‘ception of virtual happenin’s. Fur da most pawrt that’s not gunna change cuz we believe da twuff is da only way to go.

 dw Dezi Skyscraper

Now dat bein’ sed, we wanna take a few liberties wiff stowries when our cat scout furiends visit and base sum of it in twuff but embellish a bit to make it more fun. These stowries will only be posted on da weekends unless we tell you udderwise. And we will always include a disclaimer ‘bout da validity of da stowries (what’s fact and what’s fiction). Weez gunna twy our hand at a little cweative writin’ here on da bloggy where we have such pawsum cwitics We can’t wait fur da furst scout to awwive. Mums da word on who it is, yous just gunna have to wait and see. Now ifin yous been finkin’ ‘bout joinin’ Cat Scouts, now’s da time. Just click da name and stawrt havin’ fun.

 dw Lexi Skyscraper

As we always twy to do on Caturdays, weez joinin’ Athena and Marie fur da Caturday Art Blog Hop. Paw da name to see lots more pawsum artsy postys.


Till da next time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


It’s A Kong Furiday

It’s Furiday!!! Da weekend’s finally here. Do yous have big plans? Mommy’s gunna be lookin’ fur those fotos she lost and weez gunna be chillin’ unnew da a/c. And member, today be da last day to enter our PetSafe FroliCat Flik give away. Ifin you haven’t dun so yet, click here now. Gotta close it cuz weez got anudder furbulous give away next week. Now as you all know we be pawrt of da bloggin’ team fur And you know how much we luv Chewy.




They’re a gweat company and carry a lot of purroducts. They’ve got gweat purrices and offer auto ship fur yous favowit purroducts. You know, so yous not run outta our noms or tweats. Ya’ don’t want dat to happen. And don’t worry ifin yous order sumfin’ and yous furry furmily member changes their mind and dusn’t like it. Chewy has a gweat return pawlicy. You know how finicky sis Lexi’s been lately. Well mommy ordered hers noms and she wefused to eat ‘em. So mommy just called up chewy’s customer service and voila, new noms shipped out and they told us to donate da noms sissy wuldn’t eat. There was sure sum happy tummys at da wescue. And you know what? it was like 4 a.m. when mommy called. And da purrson on da udder end was just as nice and furiendly as ifin it was 4 in da afternoon. Cuz chewy’s customer service be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So on to our furbulous purroduct.


Weez had da oppurrtunity to twy out a gweat Kong Active Mat. Now da name Kong be well known in da doggy world fur their pawsum hawrd to destwoy toys. And well we be purretty hawrd on our toys too, so mommy was weally ‘cited fur us to twy this mat out. It has just ‘bout everyfin’. On one side it’s soft and plush and on da udder it has a rugged sisal mat gweat fur scwatchin’. But dat ain’t all. It’s cwinkly. Yep, it goes cwinkle cwinkle when yous touch it. And da more yous play wiff it, da more it cwinkles. And it’s got these gweat tassels on every corner. You know those be gweat fur haulin’ it wound da house. Y’all saw how much me likes to haul fings wound in meez last video. MOL And Kong purroducts be available purretty much Everywhere. Sounds purretty good huh? Yous can get yous own Kong Active mat at fur less than $10.00. And yous can add sum catnip to it to make it even better fur yous kitty. This pawsum mat be gweat fur playin, sleepin’ and scwatchin’. And cuz it’s made by Kong, it’s purretty indestwuctable. So go on over and check out all da pawsum purroducts at Chewy, specially this pawsum Kong active mat. And as wiff every weekend, weez joinin Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade Blog Hop.


Till da next time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi



Disclaimer: We weceived this pawsum mat in weturn fur our unbiased review. Chewy nor Kong be wespawnsible fur da opinions expwessed here. As always we only bwing you purroducts we use or have twied and fink might be of innewest to you our furiends and readers.

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