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Blest Sunday: Christmas Came Early for Mommy

Meowllo everypawdy and welcome to a pawsum Blest Sunday. As most of ya’ know this is our favorite posty of da week. But we do have some new followers dat might be wonderin’ just what it’s all ‘bout. So we wanted to take a minute and ‘splain. Mommy says it’s good to give thanks each and every day fur da blessings in your life. And she says, no matter what, everypawdy is blest. Blessings come in all forms from da material to da unseen blessing of breath, luv and furiendship to name a few. So ifin you are alive and breathin’, you are blest. We know dat you might be havin’ purroblems or things might not look so good from your view. Trust us, we’re not without our own purroblems and issues. None da less, as long as we have breath in our bodies, things can change. Thus, we, and you are blest.

 Dezi lays on the back of the chair

Raena and me are so very blest to have a furever home with a furever mommy who luvs us more than anythin’ else in da universe. And we are blest to have so many amazin’ and wonderfully luvvin’ furiends. Yep, dat’s all of you. We are blest to live in a Country where we are furee to worship God and speak our minds. We are blest!!! And this week da material blessings came knockin’ on our door too.



On Furiday, da mailman came walkin’ up to our door. He’s new, we usually have a mail lady. Me didn’t recognize this man at all. None da less there he was standin’ at da door with a big ole box in his hands. Mommy brought it in and da box monster, Raena, was all over it. Smellin’ it, whacky pawin’ it and tryin’ to figger out how to get into it. Mommy got da scissors out and told sissy to move out da way, and opened dat there box. You shoulda seen mommy’s eyes. Da contents of said box was fur her. Yep, 2 big ole cans of coffee. Mommy luvs her coffee. And with da weather coolin’ off, she drinks da stuff all day and night.

 Raena sniffing gifted Folgers coffee

       I’s still don’t get what da big deal is sissy, but mommy sure is happy. I wans’t sure at furst cuz of all those tears, but she said they were happy tears. And dat she couldn’t say fank ya’ enuff to da angel what sent her dat delishus coffee. I’s fankful fur da box.

Yeah Raena, you know dat cup o’ joe dat mommy’s always tellin’ ya’ not to swish your tail furs in? Well, dat’s her coffee. And she luvs da stuffs. Says she can’t get goin’ without it. Me agrees with you tho’, da box is great fun. Anyways, come Caturday while we was sittin’ here watchin’ fur da storm to roll in, da Fed ex truck drove up. S’no big deal, there’s 23 other ‘pawrtments here dat they deliver to so we see their truck almost everyday. Da driver stood out there goin’ thru things fur da longest time befur pullin’ out some boxes and shuttin’ up his van. And then he headed right fur our door. One of da boxes was from Chewy. Mommy had found enuff green papers to get us a small bag of da freeze dried food dat she hopes will last till payday. Since Raena started growin’ up, let me tell ya’ dat girl likes da groceries. Anyways, da other box was huge, and said amazon on it. Mommy hadn’t ordered anythin’ else so she figgered da Fed ex man would be takin’ dat one elsewhere. Mommy opened da door and da delivery purrson put both boxes down in our house and left. Yep, da box monster Raena was at it again.

 Gift box

Anyways, mommy looked at da label as bestest she could withour her seein’ glasses and said, “Yep, looks like my name.” And then she got da scissors and cut da box open. When she got a eyefull of what was inside, she stepped back and got her seein’ glasses and checked da label again. “Hmmmm that’s my name and that’s our address” she said. And then da tears started flowin’ as she emptied da box fankin’ God and askin’ His blessings on da angel what sent it. somethin’ mommy does over every box dat comes in da house. Y, There was even a can of chicken in there and me’s birthday’s comin’ up next week on da 1st. There was cleanin’ supplies fur da house messes and our messes and fur human messes; includin’ some kleenexes fur all those tears and snot comin’ from mommys eyes and nose. Some noodles and even a chicken and dressin’ microwave meal dat mommy says we can share fur da holidays. Mommy said Christmas done come early and blest her real good. So a meowsy big Fank you to whoever blest our mommy. We all purreciate it very much.

       We sure do sissy. And fanky fanks fur da boxes too. Now, what’s a birthday? I think I’s gonna like those ifin we get chicken. And what’s these holidays and Christmas? 

Oh Raena, you’re such a…a…baby. Me will ‘splain it all in due time. Right now we just want to tell everypawdy to ‘member to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur da blessings in their lives. Fank you all fur bein’ a pawrt of our lives and fur each of you, we purray God’s richest blessings on you and yours.

 Raena laying inside the small perch and looking out

       And we’re joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. I’s’ll race ya’ to da big box sissy.

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue

Mommy A: Black

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

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