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Freeze Dried Furiday #ChewyInfluencer

Hey, it’s RaenaBelle. Is anypawdy out there?  Mommy and sis Dezi said today’s somethin’ called black Furiday, and dat a lot of our furiends are gonna be out standin’ in lines today tryin’ to get a bargain. We purray you all stay safe. I’s not sure ‘bout those bargains. Mommy spent a little time yesfurday lookin’ at “ads” and sayin’ everythin’ was way too spensive, and dat only a few items at each store was actually a good deal. Anyways, we’re all right here tryin’ to recover from yesfurdays meal, and I’s ask sis Dezi ifin I’s could tell ya’ ‘bout da Halo Kiblets we got from Chewy this month as Chewy Influencers.


Raena looking over her shoulders.




Disclaimer: We received compensation in exchange for a honest review. Chewy, nor Halo are responsible for the contents or claims of this post unless stated. As always, we only tell the truth and bring products we use or have tried ourselves and think would be of interest to you, our readers and friends.

Chewy Logo



Raena sniffs the Halo Kiblets bag




So, as most of ya’ know, our favorite treats and meals are of da freeze dried variety. So when Halo came out with a line of freeze dried noms, we just had to try them. Da Cage-Free Chicken formula was our choice. They’re also available in Salmon and Turkey, and just Turkey for cats; and Beef and Cage-Free Chicken for dogs. They come in 6 ounce bags and vary in purrice from $14.99 to $17.91. As a lot of you know, sis Dezi and me like teeny tiny bites. Mommy usually has to break up anythin’ freeze dried dat comes in da house. But, da Halo Kiblets/Mix ‘n Mores are already bite size morsels, so no breakin’ needed. And cuz of their size, mild crunchiness and irregular shape, they would make a purrfect option fur those kibble addicted kitties, as they can be served wet or dry. So let’s see what Chewy says are da key benefits. 

Key Benefits

  • Delight and satisfy your cat’s inherent and ancestral love of meat by adding flavorful freeze-dried topper to dry or wet food

  • Made with limited ingredients, with whole chicken as the first ingredient

  • Topping provides highly digestible essential nutrients for optimal health and vitality

  • Whole chicken is pasteurized, crumbled, flash frozen and freeze-dried to lock in the nutritional value of the chicken without any dehydration

  • Formulated without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives for an easy-to-digest topper with wholesome natural flavor

And here’s da ingredients: 

Chicken, chicken liver, whole flaxseed, salt, salmon oil, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), taurine, calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, vitamin e supplement, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, niacin supplement, manganese sulfate, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin a supplement, riboflavin supplement, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin d3 supplement, vitamin b12 supplement, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid




Halo Freeze dried kiblets

See? They kinda look like kibble.


As you can see, altho’ da name says Kiblets/Mix ’n Mores these can clearly be served as a complete meal. And they don’t include any of those questionable ingredients our humans try to avoid. Of course they can also be fed as a treat or added to your pets normal food. Mommy initially gave us a few as a treat, but we purrfur them mixed in with our regular noms. Notice I’s said we purrfur, so ya’ know dat means we like ‘em. They’re a great bite size piece and taste purretty good ifin I’s do say so mines self. There seems to be a bite every now and then dat has a darker color to them and are a bit crunchier than da others. Mommy says it’s purrobably da liver. No purroblem fur us, tho’, we just spit ‘em out. So, fur dat reason, and da one mommy will talk ‘bout in a minute, I’s give ‘em a hearty 3 paws up.

Sissy? Wanna tell everypawdy what you think ‘bout da Halo Kiblets? 

 Dezi watching Raena while they eat

Fanks Raena. You’re doin’ a great job by da way. Da Halo Kiblets are da purrfect size right outta da bag. Like Raena said, we’re not crazy ‘bout freeze dried liver tho’ so there are a few pieces we both spit out. But hey, overall, me likes ‘em just fine. Fur da same reasons as Raena, me gives them 3 paws up.

Fanky fanks sissy. Let’s check in with mommy now.

 Dezi and Raena eating

Thank you darlin’. I really like the fact that both you girls will eat the Halo Kiblets, even if you spit out a few pieces. I’m a picky eater too, so why would I be surprised that ya’ll are?. I’m happy with the ingredient list. I do think they’re a bit pricey, but this seems to be a theme with most freeze dried foods and Chewy definitely has the best price on the internet. Because of the size of each piece, each bag is a full 6 ounces and there’s very little waste. Anyone who has ever bought a bag of freeze dried food knows that there is often quite a few broken or crumbled and powdered pieces that amount to waste. Especially when your kitties are “biters” and not lickers or lappers. So all in all, I give them a thumb up.

 Chewy blog hop badge

Pet Parade Blog Hop Badge

Fanky fank you mommy. Hey mommy, did you check out Chewy to see ifin they’re havin’ one of those Black Furiday sales? You know, Christmas be comin’ up soon, and sis Dezi says Christmas sometimes involves extra treats and maybe even some toys. And you said you were gonna be gettin’ sis Dezi a litter hide away to keep me from “playin’” with her while she tries to make depawsits. Maybe those might be on sale, ya’ reckon?. You know, Chewy carries just ‘bout everythin’ you could need fur da furry and non furry anipals in your life. They have pawsum customer service peeps, and speedy shipping. Dat shipping is furee fur all orders $49.00 and up and a flat rate shipping fur all other orders. They also offer an auto ship program so you’ll never run out of your best furiends noms or other supplies. And ya’ know what else? You even save a little off each purroduct when you sign up. Don’t worry, you can always skip, cancel or delay at any time. You know you wanna check it out. Fur other Chewy reviews click here.

 Raena laying in a chewy box

We’re gonna wrap it up fur now. I’s have a fridge to stand in front of. We’re joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Parade. And we really want to thank you all fur sharin’ sweet Hopes’ story and fundraiser. We’re gonna be a bit busy this weekend. Da neighbors furmily is emptyin’ her ‘pawrtment and dat has sis Dezi and me a little freaked out, so mommy plans to spend a lot of time with us. They’re really noisy, bangin’ on walls and screamin’ at each other in da ‘pawrtment and outside. We’re a really calm and mostly quiet household so this behavior is kinda upsetting to us. Even da ambulance ain’t this noisy. So we’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. 



Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!



Raena: Navy Blue

Dezi: Vibrant Blue

Mommy A: Black



Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Deztinee 

Blessings and Hope: Tis the Season

Meowllo everypawdy, me hopes you are doing well. Furst me wants to say, a meowsy big Fank you to everypawdy who wished me a Happy Gotchaday. Even tho’ it stormed all day long yesfurday, and we couldn’t get on da catputer fur very long, it was a pawsum day. 7 years ago, mommy and sis Lexi were grievin’ da loss of Ransom when she got a call ‘bout a litter of Ragdoll kitties dat had been rescued. Of course mommy couldn’t resist kitties in need and came to see us. Da minute mes little eyes saw her and mes nose got a whiff of her sweet spirit, me knew she was gonna be mes furever mommy. There was no way she could say no, when me dragged mes worm ridden half dead body into her lap and looked into her eyes and purred. She looked back at me with tear filled eyes and said, “You’re my destiny.” Since dat day, we’ve not been apawrt. And mommy even named me Deztinee (she luvs to be different). Me is fankful fur awnty Vonda and her wonderful kitties fur sendin’ me some treats to share with sis Raena. Me is sooooooooooo blest.

 Dezi eats her freeze dried chicken breast treats for her birthday

 Yes, me shared with Raena. Me’s favorite freeze dried chicken breasts.


And guess what else happened yesfurday? Since it was stormin’ and so dark outside, we didn’t even see da UPS man walk up da walk to our ‘pawrtment. So when we heard da knock on da door, we were all quite surprised. Mommy brought da bestest smelling box in da house and then started bawlin’ like a baby. She was cryin’ so hard, she couldn’t even read da gift message under da pull tab. Once she furinally got da box open, we saw da biggest turkey tom lurkey dat was respawnsible fur dat pawsum smell emanating from said box. Dat’s right, A delishus smoked turkey tom lurkey was layin’ right there in dat box. Mommy furinally stopped cryin’ long enuff to see da message under dat pull tab. Fank you soooooooooooooo much Snoops, Kommando Kitty and awnty Cathy. We will now be havin’ a turkey tom lurkey feast fur Fanksgiving tomorrow and a turkey tom lurkey feast fur Christmas fanks to da other pawsum turkey we received last week. We never ‘spected to be so blest and can’t truly express out gratitude. Everypawdy in our house will have full bellies this holiday season. And fur dat, da human language just doesn’t have da words to express how truly grateful we are. Luvving furiends, a luvving home and full bellies, we are so blest.

 Raena sniffing the turkey sent by Snoops, Kommando Kitty and Cathy



We weren’t always so blest tho’. And in da midst of our blessings, we’re thinkin’ ‘bout those who are less furtunate than us; and sendin’ our purrayers. We don’t always know who those peeps and anipals might be, but we can purray God sends someone across their path to help them. And speakin’ of those anipals we wanna tell ya’ a little story today.

 Raena sniffing the turkey sent by Snoops, Kommando Mitty and Cathy

 Can I’s have a bite right now mommy?





       Are you gonna tell everypawdy ‘bout Hope sissy?  



Yep Raena, me is. When we got our catputer we signed up fur Facebook. Dat was da thing to do back then. And then we discovered kitty pages. OMC  There’s a whole world of kitties out there on da innernet. Among those kitties was an adorable little black kitty named Blind Pepe, who had a brofur named Roo. We read Pepe’s story, and fell in luv. Pepe wasn’t born blind, and not bein’ able to see, wasn’t da only purroblem he had. See, some very mean pursson or peeps had tortured Pepe and then left him to die. His brofur Roo had been born with “defective” front arms. Of course these two handsum mancats weren’t actual littermates, but they became brofurs cuz of da amazin’ woman who took them in and nursed them to health and gave them a luvving furever home. We just couldn’t understand how peeps could be so…so…so horrific. Fank catness fur awnty Nora, who stepped in and did everythin’ she could fur these boys. But Pepe and Roo aren’t da only kitties awnty Nora has taken in and saved. She has over 40 kitties, most with major health issues, and a lot who be little black panfurs. Like Tootsie, not a black kitty, but one who has Feline Leukemia and FIV and needs to have some teeth pulled. We all know what woulda happened to her in a shelter.

 Blind Pepe smiling for the camera

 Blind Pepe. foto courtesy of Blind Pepe



       And Hope sissy? What ‘bout Hope?

 Roo standing on table

 Roo. foto courtesy of Blind Pepe and Roo



Me’s getting’ to her Raena.

So, anyways, when a young girl and older woman appeared on awnty Nora’s door step last week with da broken, tortured body of a kitten they found but saying they couldn’t afford to help her; awnty Nora once again came to da rescue. Da poor baby had been kicked in da face. Unlike me, when me looked into mommys eyes and she looked into mines, poor Hope couldn’t. Dat’s right, her eyes were a mess, one no doubt beyond saving. After a trip to da VET, Hope was determined to be ‘bout 9 weeks old. What kind of purrson does this to a helpless kitty??? Why would someone do this??? Our heats just broke looking at sweet little Hope, clinging to life and relying on da kindness of a species who had tortured her and no doubt left her fur dead. This sweet little Tortie Hope, couldn’t know it right then, but like me, she had just hit da jackpot.

 Hope, after her eye is cleaned at the vet

 Hope after being cleaned up at the VET. 





Awnty Nora wouldn’t abandon her, and would do whatever it takes to make her better. Hope will know luv and kindness. She’ll know a full belly and soft place to sleep. She’ll never have to fear being hurt, tortured or abused ever again!!! But as many of you know, one sick kitty can drain a bank account quickly. Even knowing this, awnty Nora wouldn’t, couldn’t say no. But with many kitties who have special needs, awnty Nora could really use some help payin’ da VET bills fur Hope. Hope is havin’ surgery to remove her eye on December da 9th at da Pond Creek Vet. We know it’s da holidays. We know money is tight. We know there are lots of kitties in need. But we’re askin’ just da same. We know awnty Nora and we know Hope is now safe and luvved.



Unfurtunately, luv doesn’t pay da bills and they’re gonna need ‘bout $2,000.00. So ifin you can spare anything, even just a dollar, purrlease help Hope. You can donate directly to da VET by calling (580)532-4900 and giving under da name: Jack or Nora Haugh. You can donate free (no fees if you click to give to friends or family) by giving directly to awnty Nora’s paypal at: dat’s ellenorahaugh(at)yahoo(dot)com, or by clicking here fur da GoFundMe fundraiser. Remember, no gift is too small. And purrlease, purray and share. As you all know, we don’t do things like this very offen, but we just can’t let Hope down. Tis da season after all. And as you all know, we don’t have money ourselves. But we have been so blest, dat me shared me’s Gotchaday gift with Hope. It’s da least we could do considerin’ da blessings we have received.


       Oh sissy, I’s sure is purrayin’ dat Hope gets da help she needs. I’s know awnty Nora’s gonna make sure she’s a happy kitty and has a great life from here on out.


 Raena sniffing Thanksgiving turkey

Me too Raena, me too. We’re gonna wrap it up now, and get ready fur Fanksgivin’. We have so much to be fankful fur. Tune in Blest sunday to see how our feast went. We’re purrayin’ fur safe travels and many blessings fur all of our furiends. And fur all those less furtunate than us, come on by, we’ll share. Kidding aside, we purray fur those peeps and anipals every day just as we purray fur our furiends. See ya’ after T-Day.

Till da next time……………………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Dezi: Vibrant Blue

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle           

Service Cats: Round and Round We Go, Where We’ll Stop…

Dezi and Raena in a fall themed frame with a pumpkin and orange, yellow and green leabes
Welcome one and all, it’s Service Cat Monday. We know you’re all wondering ifin we got any questions or are we gonna tell another training story. Well, we didn’t get any questions, so we will be tellin’ another story ‘bout mes wheelchair training. Now a lot of you got a little giggle or laff from our last posty. Dat’s okay. Have yourself a big ole belly laff on us. It’s actually on me, but me doesn’t mind. Mommy says trainin’ is serious business, but:

  • Ifin ya’ can’t have a little fun with it, then kitty will quickly get bored and lose interest.

  • You never know exactly what kitty’s gonna do when trying to train them to do something totally foreign to them.

  • Most kitties are afraid of moving chairs initially, so whatever their initial reaction, you can be assured it’s gonna be funny.

  • And lastly, ifin ya’ can’t laff at yourself, then…well, so go on and have a laff on me.

As with all our educational postys da following will be written in human English. No kitty is ever harmed during wheelchair training. Ifin you’ve missed any of da posts in this series, you can ketch up by clicking on da links at da bottom of this posty.

Young Dezi standing on whaeelchair arm with Lexi laying beside her

You can see the footrest folded up at the bottom front right of this photo

Let’s first take another look at the wheelchair itself. There is a foot rest between the front wheels that sticks out further than anything else on the chair except the actual wheels. So when the chair hits anything, it’s actually the wheels, foot rest and mommys large ski sized feet that are in danger of getting banged up. This foot rest is made of metal, thus the main reason mommy attaches “bumper pads” foam pieces. Me wasn’t the first kitty mommy trained to drive the wheelchair, so she had already learned us kitties can’t drive using our paws. The joystick controller is pretty touchy and doesn’t take much pressure to move. When pushed forward, the chair goes forward, back, the chair goes back and left or right, to the left or right respectively. Anyways, like me said, mommy learned real quick that kitties can’t drive with their paws. So that led to our current method of mouth on joystick.



So, if you read last weeks post, you know mes first session was not very successful. But remember, training is all about repetition. So if at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again. And remember, that repetition must occur daily. Once training has begun, you can’t let a day go by that you don’t spend at least 15 minutes training the specific task. You may train more than 1 task a day, but they must be divided up into different training sessions. For most peeps, one task a day is enough. Another thing we didn’t say before is that you should never begin training tasks above and beyond normal kitty behavior until kitty knows and responds to their name. Mommy doesn’t allow anyone to call us “kitty kitty”. Mommys’ case manager has a really tough time with this one, and in response, we ignore her. We just don’t know who she’s talking too.

 Dezi lays in the Wheelchair

Anyways, mes first session was a bust. So the next day, mommy started all over again. Wheelchair positioned in the bedroom up against the bed facing the bathroom and the speed setting on low. Yep, a straight shot. All she had to get me to do is put mes mouth on the joystick and push forward. Easy peasy right? Well if you’ve ever trained a kitty, or any animal for that matter, you’d know nothing is ever that easy peasy. None the less, mommy sat down and began to call me. Of course me was already sitting at the bedroom door watching what mommy was doing. So me trotted over and rubbed against her overhanging toes, and she reached down and picked me up. Once on her lap, mommy began to pet me and coo about how smart me was and how much she loved me. Full on purr going, mommy positioned me onto her right leg with mes front paws on the right arm of the chair. All the while mommy was quietly and calmly telling me what to do next.



Mommy gently pushed mes head over to the joystick while holding me securely with her other hand. She then began to scritch mes chin till mes mouth opened. She then gently pushed mes mouth onto the joystick and said, “bite”. Me bit down and then started chewing at the joystick. Yep, me was a little over stimulated. So we sat there for a bit till me calmed down. No additional petting during this time, however mommy did continue to coo at me about how proud of me she was. When me finally calmed a bit, mommy started over. She repositioned me onto her right leg, front paws on the right arm and head over the control panel. No chin scritches needed, me automatically opened mes mouth and bit down on the joystick. Me could feel mommys energy and knew she was happy and proud of me.



She then gently pushed mes head forward. And…Nothing. We didn’t move an inch. Yep, while me was calming down, the wheelchair had turned itself off. It’s a battery saving thing the chair does. If there’s no activity for a couple of minutes, the chair will automatically turn off. Mes mouth was still on the joystick, so mommy couldn’t really see through mes head when she reached over with the other hand to turn the chair back on. She fumbled around feeling the buttons on the control panel and thinking she had landed on the power button, she pressed down. instead of the chair being powered up, she honked the horn. Me looked back at mommy who was still feeling around on the control panel. Finally getting the chair turned on, mommy positioned mes head again with one hand and held me on her lap with the other. She gently pushed mes head forward and…Nothing. The chair couldn’t move on the carpet on its lowest setting.

 Dezi lays in wheelchair

So, mommy felt around again for the speed button and finally gave it a push. By now, me thinks we’re playing a game, and me started pawing at mommys’ hand. Mommy patiently told me to stop and to “bite” the joystick again. Mommy then gently pushed mes head forward again. WooHoo  We were on the move. Me could feel mommys’ excitement and me got so excited that me turned mes head to look at mommy while still biting the joystick. Remember me telling you earlier that whatever direction the joystick is pointed in is the direction the chair would go? Well we turned to the left and just kept turning. Round and Round we went in circles till all we could see was a spinning room. Yep, when me pawed at mommys’ hand earlier, me, or maybe mommy actually hit the speed button a few more times. Knowing this wasn’t what we were supposed to be doing, and because me was getting dizzy, me turned mes head forward again, and BOOM!!!  Where’d that dresser come from, me questioned. Least that’s what mommy said the look on mes face said.



Hmmmmmmm  Me had never seen the top of the dresser before. Look’it all those cool things me could play with. You guessed it, me jumped outta mommys lap and right onto the dresser hitting the joystick once again, and slamming the chair into the dresser once more. Yeah, there’s a reason me had never seen the top of the dresser before, it’s off limits to kitties. Mommy hollered for me to come back, but it was too late. Me was off and running. Me pushed an old jewelry box onto the floor and was off to investigate. Another training session over. Mommy says you have to know when to stop. If kittys’ attention isn’t focused on the task at hand, continuing to push will be fruitless. Sis Lexi joined me from her observation spot down the hall, in mes investigation.

 Raena lays in wheelchair while pointing out the joystick

 When’s it gonna be mines turn to drive? I’s can already turn da chair on.



Well, me’s gonna wrap it up fur now. By now sis Lexi, had probably figgered she would never get any help. Me knows this, cuz now me’s in her pawsition and wonderin’ ifin Raena’s ever gonna calm down enuff fur mommy to train her on da wheelchair. Believe it or not, me does eventually learn to drive da wheelchair, but it wasn’t overnight or without much patience and a few bruises on mommys pawrt. So, stay tuned and lessen we get anymore training questions ‘tween now and next week, me will tell another of mes wheelchair training stories. In da meantime, don’t furget mes Gotchaday tomorrow and check out da pawsum Fanksgivin’ card Nellie made fur us. We’re wishing you all a pawsumly Blest Fanksgivin’.

 Thanksgiving card with turkey and pumpkins from Nellie

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle



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