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Chatting Cats: Surprise Inspection…No Way

MeOW Raena, me’s not sure we oughtta go eat yet. Don’t you sense something’s up? 


 Dezi and Raena sit on shower benches in bathroom




          I’s do sissy, but I’s hungry. I’s know mommy was tryin’ to do some hurried cleanin’ last night. I’s don’t know why she’d hurry like that. Doesn’t she know by now she passes out more when she hurries than when she takes her time? And, she’s in the middle of some of that de-clutterin’ and has stuffs every where. 


 Dezi looks at Raena from atop the liberty cat tree




That’s what me’s meowin’ ‘bout Raena. She only does things like that when she doesn’t get purropurr notice fur inspections, but can’t be sure that it’s not the government that’s comin’ ‘stead of the ‘pawrtment manager.




          I’s don’t know why she bothers. Doesn’t she always say the law says they have to give her at least 24 hours notice befur such things? Surely she won’t let ‘em in ifn we’re eatin’ our brekky?.


 Dezi lays atop the liberty cat tree




Ya’ never know what mommy’s gonna do Raena. Me thinks we oughtta wait and see befur stickin’ our faces in our plates and chowin’ down. Hey, did you see that show mommy watched last night ‘bout those peeps marryin’ total strangers?


          Hmmmpht That’s nuffin’. Did you see that she was gonna apply to be on the show and marry her own stranger? ‘Pawrently they’re gonna be filmin’ in Dallas soon.  Ifin she hadn’t been too old, we could’a had one of those daddy’s some of our furiends have.


He would’a been a stranger, Raena. What ifin he didn’t like kitties? It’s not like mommy would’a been able to purr-screen him and find out ahead of time. 


  Raena stretches belly up on mommy's lapThought you might enjoy seein’ mine’s belly stretch.




          Mommy said there was a spot fur deal breakers on the application, sissy. I’s sure she would’a said he had to luvs us and purrvide fur us in the manner befittin’ queens and empresses.


Hmmmmm You’re right ‘bout that. Are you sure mommy’s too old? What’s that she’s always sayin’ ‘bout it bein’ rude to ask a woman’s age? Did you get the address of that website. Maybe we can still get mommy approved. On a good day with her make up on and her hair fixed mommy can still pass fur someone in her late 30’s, early 40’s.


 Raena stretches belly up on mommy's lapMommy says I’s have the cutest belly ever. What do you think?




          Yeah, but that’s still too old sissy. 


 Dezi with mouth open over nip toy from Ellen




Y, That’s discrimination, Raena. Me’s sure there’s lots of old folks out there that would like to have their own stranger to marry. Me’s sure mommy isn’t the only one. We’ll just fudge her age a bit. One she’s married, it’ll be too late to back out. (Dezi snickers deviously) And, we’d get to move. That’d mean no more surpurrise inspections. 


          I’s not so sure that’s a good idea, sissy. You know mommy hates lyin’. While she might not wanna admit to how old she is, I’s purretty sure anythin’ that starts with a lie can’t end up good.


Whatever. Me’s gettin’ hungry. Ya’ think we oughtta go try to sneak a few bites?


 Dezi and Raena eating Primal rabbit, duck and chicken and salmon freeze dried food




          I’s already headin’ that way sissy. 


Just make sure you stay outta me’s plate. 


Till the next time………………………………………Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Chatting Cats: Purr Therapy Is Best

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Can you believe January’s almost over? MeOW seems this year’s gonna speed by like the last one. But hey, I’s guess that means mine’s birthday will be here soon.


 Dezi lays in box




          Raena, your birthday is still months away. And, we’re not gonna be meowin’ ‘bout that every day till it gets here. Ya’ know, the world doesn’t revolve ‘round you.


 Raena lays beside box




What? Yes it does, mommy says so. You’ve heard her, she’s always sayin’ her world revolves ‘round us. We’re her everythin’. Even her Monday ‘pointment said so.


 Dezi sits in box looking over her shoulder




          Yeah, ‘bout that Monday ‘pointment… Ya’ know, we’ve had several peeps ask what kind of ‘pointment it is. Mommy hadn’t decided ifin she wanted to talk ‘bout it. But, me told her, our life is an open book. She even said so when we furst started in social media. It’s not like you can keep secrets when everypawdy’s postin’ everythin’. 


 Raena's profile sitting in a box




That’s true, sissy. And, it’s not like mommy really cares, or that she’d say anythin’ in that ‘pointment that she wouldn’t let us say here. 


          Yep, me thinks it’s no big deal either. Me doesn’t know why the DHS (Department of Human Services) nurse thought mommy needed a counselor anyways.


 Raena bathes while laying on the heated mat




I’s think it might have somethin’ to do with all the cryin’ and beggin’ mommy did when she told her they were takin’ away most of her benefits. Ya’ know, a few months ago, the state was gonna stop the benefits fur all the old and disabled peeps; but, they met with tons of resistance and decided not too. What we didn’t know is that they were still doin’ it, they were just doin’ it one purrson at a time. While I’s tried to paw away mommy’s tears, she was askin’ the nurse where she was s’posed to get the green papers fur the medicines that had been covered by those benefits. 


 Dezi lays atop the Liberty cat tree




          Yeah Raena, me could see the nurse felt bad fur mommy, but she just sat there and said her hands were tied. Me thinks the craziest thing she said was when she asked ifin mommy was gonna do anythin’ stupid. Hmmmpht  She doesn’t know our mommy. And then the next day she called and told mommy that she had set her up fur counselin’, and that it would look good ifin mommy was coopurrative. She didn’t say anythin’ ‘bout givin’ mommy’s benefits back tho’. 


Yeah, it might not be so bad ifin mommy didn’t know so many peeps that cheat the system, or all those illegal immigrants gettin’ rich off the system. Anyways, least the counselor lady’s nice. 


 Dezi bathes while laying on the heated mat




          How would you know, she’s only showed up twice. She showed up the furst week and then cancelled the next. Altho’ not early enuff fur mommy to do anythin’ else. And then, she did it again yesfurday.


Fanky fank the cats mommy doesn’t actually need the help. She ain’t the kind to do somethin’ “stupid”. And, she has us, what more could she pawssibly need?.


          Me agrees Raena. Mommy’s always sayin’, there ain’t nuffin’ better than purr therapy.


 Raena gets loving while laying in mommy's lap




Meowin’ of, I’s think I’s’ll go lay in mommy’s lap now and give her some of that purr therapy. You can have the heated mat.


          Fanks Raena. (Dezi meows sarcastically) Maybe me wants to lay in mommy’s lap.


I’s’ll race ya’…Readyset Go!!! (Raena starts running and jumps over Dezi to mommy’s lap. Dezi shakes her head and lays down on the heated mat to have a nice bath.)


Till the next time……………………………Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Blest Sunday: Friends Are Forever

MeOW Hisssssss  What is that noise?!! Me thinks it’s givin’ me mommy’s migraine.


 Blest Sunday purple kitty clip art graphic



          Yeah sissy, after the furst couple of hours I’s gettin’ a little annoyed too. I’s think I’s saw steam comin’ outta mommy’s ears at one point last night. I’s know I’s did this meownin’. There we was watchin’ church and tryin’ to purray when all of a sudden, Boom, Boom, Boom, plopplopplop went the ball.


That sure does get on one’s nerves. Fur the furst few hours the kid bounced that ball up and down the sidewalk. But, once she moved to the pawrkin’ lot by the cars and started throwin’ the thing in the air and tryin’ to ketch it, me thought mommy was gonna lose it. You know mommy’s always sayin’, “Our car ain’t brand new, but it’s the only car we have, and nopawdy ‘round here has the money to fix it or replace it ifin their grandkids break it.” 


 Raena lays on Liberty cat tree house




          Pawrently some of our newer neighbors feel the same way, sissy. I’s heard somepawdy holler at her last night. Anyways, it’s Blest Sunday and you know we’ve got purrlenty to give fanky fanks fur.



Dezi lays atop the Liberty cat tree




You’re so right Raena. Mr. Sunshine has made an appearance more than once this past week. It was still too cold to be goin’ fur a stroll, but, it sure was nice to see.


 Raena sits in box




          Yep sissy, and we didn’t have to wait another 6 months to get our new powerchair adjusted. Mr. Travis the wheelchair man came out Furiday and raised the seat so mommy can not only see the counter now, she can reach it too. I’s do believe she even got our brekky made faster than usual cuz of it.



It does seem that way, doesn’t it Raena?. Me’s not sure she got faster, we just got used to how slow she was when she had to crawl ‘round and try and balance herself up against the counter when we didn’t have a chair. It’s kind’a funny how you can get used to somethin’ ifin ya’ do it long enuff. 


          So true sissy, so true. Mommy says ifin ya’ do somethin’ long enuff and offen enuff, it becomes a habit. That’s what she bases her Trainin’ Methods on, Repetition and Rewards.


 Dezi lays on heated cat mat




It’s the Rewards pawrt me likes bestest. Me luvs gettin’ hugs and kisses from mommy. 


          Me too, sissy. Me too. Hey, did you see the nice mail we got this week? Fanky fank ya’ awnty. The green papers you sent sure will come in handy. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and even sometimes from where ya’ least x’spect ‘em.


God always looks out fur us Raena. We also got another blessin’. We’ve had mommy workin’ on those songs that were requested, unfurtunately, she’s been a little sick and has a sore throat. So, it’s gonna be a bit longer befur we get ‘em posted. Right now she sounds like a frog. MOL  But, we did get some new camera batteries. Fanks to awnty Vonda and awnty Cindy, mommy’s gonna have to try to figure out how to take a video of herself.


 Raena lays on heated cat mat




          Oh she can take a video of herself sissy, it just doesn’t happen to be of her face. MOL  Ya’ know, we have a point and shoot camera, so mommy can’t actually see what she’s pointin’ at when she’s in front of the thing and not behind it.


You’re right Raena. Altho’ me doesn’t think anypawdy wants to sit and watch mommy’s chest. 


          Purrobably not sissy. Oh well, she’ll figger somethin’ out, she always does. We’re blest to have a clever mommy.


 Buttons in a forever memoty frame




And, a nice warm home and all our things and all our amazin’ furiends. Just a few days ago, one of those furiends joined sis Lexi in heaven. We were so sad to hear Timmy’s brofur Mr. Buttons had to leave this world. Uncle Pete and furmily, ya’ll are in our purrayers. We know that Buttons was well luvved and had a pawsumly amazin’ life. He will be missed, but we will always be blest to have had him in our lives. Purrlease say a purrayer fur his furmily.


          I’s sure don’t unnerstand why our furiends have to leave us sissy?. But, I’s sure glad that when they do, they get to be young and healthy again.


Dezi takes a bath while laying on the heated cat mat




And, we’ll see ‘em again someday Raena, don’t worry. Even in death there is a blessing. Furiendship and luv lasts furever. We’d like to remind you all to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your life.


 Raena bathes while laying on cat mat




          We’re also linkin’ up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. We’ve spent the weekend chillin’ on our new heated cat mat. I’s gonna get a quick bath so we can go visitin’.


Me too, Raena. Here’s to everypawdy stayin’ warm. 


Till the next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue  




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

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