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Chatting Cats: The Aliens Are Here

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle; comin’ to ya’ live from what’s left of the Three Belles Ranch. I’s mean, there we were layin’ all snug in bed this meownin’ enjoyin’ the last of our nighty night snuggles when all of a sudden the whole ranch started shakin’. There was bangin’ and scrapin’ comin’ from the window beside the bed, and I’s just knew somethin’ was tryin’ to get in. It’s fur sure one of those aliens. I’s heard ‘em talkin’ right outside; some strange language I’s couldn’t unnerstand. I’s nearly jumped outta mine’s furs at all the commotion.   


Rana lays on tent cot profile




          RaenaBelle Maycee, don’t be so dramatic. You act like you’re auditionin’ fur a pawrt in one of your teevee shows or somethin’.  


Dezi lays on cat scratcher




Hmmmmpht  Like you didn’t nearly jump outta your furs too sissy. I’s heard you scampurr UTB (under the bed) when all the commotion started too.  


          Nah, Me was tryin’ to get to the window to investigate Raena. Me wasn’t hidin’. Fankfully, mommy keeps the windows locked and they gave up befur me could get there to purrtect us.  


Yeah right sissy, whatever you meow. Anyways, all hope of sleepin’ in and extra cuddle time was gone at that point. Mommy was wide awake and had to go to the pawtty box, so we all headed that way. Well, mommy and me did, you sat outside the pawtty box room starin’ down the hall at the door and growlin’.  


Raena lays on boxes in hallway




          Well Raena, they might have given up comin’ in thru the window, but me wasn’t sure ifin they were gonna try the door. Mommy’s really vulnerable furst thing in the meownin’ so me had to purrtect her. 


Dezi lays on chair arm by mommy A -selfie




I’s sure mommy ‘purreciated your effurts sissy. You weren’t wrong. Once we all got settled and started eatin’ our brekky, those aliens started bangin’ on the door. It seems that contrary to the required amount of notice (48 hours, 24 in an emergency), mommy did find a notice hanging on the door last night (less than 16 hours) that said those aliens would be comin’ in today to change out our windows.  


New windows outside doorThose are the new windows sitting outside.




          Yep Raena, mommy was purretty peeved that she hadn’t gotten purr-opurr notice. We’ve got boxes and stuffs everywhere, and now they wanna come in and change out the windows? (Dezi shakes head) Altho’ me must meow, ifin they are aliens, they sure are cuter than those they show on teevee.   


workers installing new windowsThe alien’s burnin’ a stink bomb to take out the old window. And, it’s fureezin’ in

here. Every heater in the house is runnin’. Mommy’s seein’ dollar signs

float out the gaping holes in our walls. MOL




Don’t let ‘em fool ya’ sissy. That’s how they do it ya’ know.  


          Do what Raena? 


Suck your brains out and snatch your body, what else?  


Raena lays on tent cot selfie




          Me’s not sure any aliens would want our bodies Raena.  


Of course they would sissy. We live the good life. Who wouldn’t want our lives? Mommy waits on us hand and paw, and takes great care of us. We eat better than most peeps, and look at us, we’re gawjus. (There’s a knock on the door and 2 “aliens” come inside and start taking down the blinds and removing the old windows. Dezi and Raena run to mommy A and sit close by her. Suddenly the stench of burning fur sends them both down the hall to the bedroom.) Yuck!!! That Stinks, sissy!!!  See, I’s told you they were gonna get us. They’re tryin’ to knock us out with their stink bombs. We better sign off fur now. 


Raena stands on tent cot looking down




          You’re bein’ over dramatic again Raena.  


Dezi stands in chair




Oh yeah sissy? Then why are you runnin’ down the hall with me? We hope we’re still us the next time we see you all. 


Raena walks toward the camera




Till the next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!   


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Tell All Tuesday: Alien Attack

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s comin’ to ya’ live from the Three Belles Ranch, where we’re under attack by loud noises, big trucks, echoing metal bins and lots of strange men. Least I’s think they’re men. I’s see them come and go all day long from this big blue box. Mommy says it’s an outside pawtty box fur humans, but I’s don’t know any humans that use the pawtty outside. Do you? These men could very well be aliens of some kind. 


Raena sits pretty on the cat tree




          Raena, there’s no such things as aliens.   


Dezi looks out window from cat tree




Sure there is sissy. Awnty Ellen and Sammy are always talkin’ ‘bout this doctor who purrson that travels to other worlds in a box that looks a lot like that blue one in our pawrkin’ lot. 


          Me’s purretty sure that’s just a television show Raena. A figment of somepawdy’s over active ‘magination. You know, like a lot of the things you watch. (Suddenly there’s a big boom outside that shakes the apartment. Dezi and Raena both run up the cat tree to look out the window.)  


Ya’ reckon that big truck might’ve hit somethin’ sissy? He sure does look close to the cars out there. Ifin they hit our car, mommy’s gonna be soooooo mad. It might not be workin’ right these days but it’s the only car we have. 


Raena sits on the cat tree looking at the door




          Yeah Raena, me’s thinkin’ mommy wouldn’t mind ifin they were to drop that big trailer thingy on our car. She says insurance would buy us a new one ifin that happened. But, me doesn’t think that’s very likely. (the door bell rings and mommy A makes her way around boxes to see who it is. She cracks the door open with Dezi sitting on the cat tree beside her.) Hisssssssssssssss  


Who is it sissy? (Hearing the manager’s voice, Raena responds) Hisssssssssssss  Kittens, What does she want?. 


Dezi lays atop the liberty cat tree




          Looks like it’s startin’ Raena. It’s the new application. Mommy’s fixin’ to be really busy what with packin’ and tryin’ to get all that stuff ready fur a new lease signin’ and filin’ those complaints to make sure they don’t deny us that new lease.  



Raena sits on cat tree looking pretty




Guess we’ll have to entertain ourselves fur a bit sissy. Wanna go play? I’s see a couple of boxes that look like fun. 


Till the next time………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue   

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Blest Sunday: Cuddles Snuggles And Blessings

MeOW-llo everypawdy, it’s time fur Blest Sunday. We so luv Blest Sundays. It gives us a chance to Give Fanks fur all our Blessings and to Fank those who have been Blessings to us. We believe no matter what may be goin’ on ‘round ya’, or even with ya’, ifin you’re still breathin’ then you’re Blest.  


Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner




          That’s so true sissy. Mommy says Blessings happen all ‘round us, we just need to take the time to see ‘em. Like, we may not enjoy the cold days and nights of winter, but lots of plants need that change in tempurrture in order to grow and bloom. There’s other reasons winter is a Blessing, I’s just purrfur the Blessin’ of summer. MOL  


Me too Raena, me too. Ya’ know all the cold means more snuggle time with mommy. Me can snuggle anytime, but durin’ the summer it can get a little warm all cuddled up together. That never happens in the winter. 


Dezi lays in chair




          Ain’t that the truth. I’s didn’t even wanna get up this meownin’, did you sissy?  


Me could’a enjoyed a little more cuddles, but mommy had to use the human pawtty box after you woke her up Raena.   


          What? Why are you lookin’ at me that way? I’s couldn’t help it, mine’s toesies were cold. 


Raena sleeps beside mommy A on the bed




So you couldn’t figger out another way to warm ‘em than stickin’ ‘em onto mommy?  


          I’s figgered that would be the quickest way to warm up sissy. Mommy had all that cuddle warmth goin’ on ya’ know?  


Yep, till you stuck your cold paw toesies on her. Did you see the look on her face Raena? Me thinks she might’ve thought she was dreamin’ or somethin’. Least she didn’t blame me fur it. Me’s purretty sure it was your name she was mumblin’ to stop. MOL   


Dezi lays in front of fireplace on floor




          She wouldn’t tell me no sissy, you know mommy luvs me too much to say no.  


Really Raena? Just what do you think mommy’s sayin’ when she tells you not to get on the counters?   


          Huh? She’s never said that sissy, she just tells me to be careful ifin I’s do decide to get up there. 


Raena!!! You need to let mommy clean your ears, cuz you’re livin’ in dream world ifin you think mommy would be okay with you on the kitchen counters. (Dezi shakes her head)  Girl…That ain’t even selective hearin’, that’s just makin’ stuffs up. 


          (Raena jumps into mommy A’s lap) Maybe the rules are different fur you sissy. (Raena purrs loudly and looks up at mommy A) See how mommy be lookin’ at me? There ain’t no way she could ever tell me no. 


Raena gets lap loving




Hmmmmpht  We’ll see Raena. Wait’ll the next time you go bitin’ cords or the tap or try to jump on the counter. Mommy says luv knows how to say no when yes would be bad fur ya’. Anyways, we need to get on with our Blessing Fank yous. Furstly, we wanna fank all of you fur your luv, suppurrt and purrayers durin’ these tryin’ times we’re goin’ thru.  


          We sure do sissy. Did you lissen to the email mommy read to us from our sweet furiends uncle Greg from Feline Café and awnty Christine from Spike the Scottish Black Cat? We were so touched, mommy had leaky eyes. We wanna say a meowsy big Fanky fank you fur carin’ ‘bout us. And, we wanna say another meowsy big Fanky fank you to awnty Susan fur the green papers. We are so ‘purreciative fur all your suppurrt and luvs.  


Yeah Raena, we have the most amazin’ and pawsumest furiends in the universe. Sometimes me’s just amazed at how pawsum they truly are. You are all one of the biggest Blessings we Give Thanks fur every day. Each night befur we go to sleep, we purray and ask God to keep you all and to Bless you in all you do. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. 


Dezi selfie in lap




          Oh sissy, we luvs our furiends so much. We worry ‘bout ya’ll in times of trouble and rejoice with ya’ll in times of joy. And we couldn’t ‘magine any other way. I’s gonna link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies sissy. Then, I’s think I’s might wanna take a little nap, how ‘bout you?  


Yep Raena, sounds like a plan. 


Till the next time…………………………………………….Be Blest!!!   


Dezi:  Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

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