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Grief Up Close (human speak-pt.1)

Dezi:  Well here it is Furiday again and what a week it’s been.  Blogville sed goodbye to a favowit cat blogger   and hello to a foo new ones.  And wiff dat bein’ sed, weez fawt dat we wuld do a short series on grief and your fur family members. Weez fawt we wuld  do one of those educational postys we purrawmissed you wuld see.  Let me stawt by sayin’ dat there awe tons of web sites and books and all kinds of resources out their on gwievin’ inpets, so stead of wepeatin’ and copyin’ them, weez gunna tell yous ‘bout ow own expewience wiff gwief.  And because me has not lost a furmily membew thank God, sis Lexi will be writin’ todays posty, and in hooman speak.  So sissy take it away.

Lexi:  Thank you Dezi.  As a lot of you know I have lost 3 brofurs during my lifetime.  Since I came into mommys house immediately after being born, this is the only life I’ve ever known.  And when I arrived there were already 2 cats in residence.  Devon, a 4 year old Himilayan, and Lucky a 28 day old Siamese.  Of course there were plenty of fosters, but they came and went so quickly I never got attached.  Not like I did with Devon and Lucky.  I was a little over a year old when Devon took ill.  I had grown up with him acting much like a father to Lucky and I.  Suddenly one day out of nowhere He attacked me while I slept.  Mommy of course intervened, but I was stunned.  An hour later he was acting like normal again.  I loved him and wanted to comfort him so I went to lay down next to him and so did Lucky.  Things were fine until a few days later, and again out of nowhere he attacked me.  Again mommy intervened, only this time she took Devon to the VET.  After an exam and some tests mommy was told he most likely had a brain tumor and that treatments would cost a small fortune and would only prolong his life a short time. 


(Don’t furget to hovew ovew da fotos to read captions.)



Mommy made the hard decision to say goodbye to Devon and return home alone.  Lucky and I were very confused.  We didn’t understand why Devon wasn’t with mommy.  None of us had ever spent the night away from each other. Lucky and I didn’t eat dinner that night.  Instead we both kept going from room to room and meowing for Devon.  We also spent time sitting with mommy who had leaky eyes really bad.  This kind of behavior went on for a few days.  The only thing that changed is that Lucky and I began to eat a little.  After about a week mommy sat down with Lucky and me and told us that Devon wasn’t ever coming home.  He had gone to heaven where he was no longer sick.  Although we didn’t completely understand all of mommys words we did understand she was talking about Devon and that she seemed as sad as we were.  But she held us and comforted us and spoke softly and made us feel as though everything was going to be alright.  We continued to look for Devon for a few more weeks, and during that time mommy increased our play time and treat time, and kept us occupied while we were awake.  And at night she would sing to us as we massaged her to sleep.  Eventually we quit looking for Devon and moved on.  

  Devon, Lexi and Lucky

Lucky and I became even closer through the years until the day he said good bye.  We will save this for the next post as our relationship was much stronger.  Please stay tuned for more on grief in pets.  We hope to offer you tips and tricks and ways to deal with it and help your fur friends cope and adjust. 

Til da nex time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday: Bittersweet Memories

Happy Mew Year!!!!!

Dezi in a 2017 calendar

Welcome to our very furst Blest Sunday of da Mew Year. Can you believe it? Another year has come and gone. Saying goodbye to 2016 was very bittersweet fur us. Last year brought us so much sadness and yet, so much joy. We all meowed and chatted ‘bout just what kind of posty we would make today. We’ve made some mew furiends this year and lost some old ones, so in da end we decided a look back was the way to go. Fasten your seatbelts and let’s zoom back to January of 2016. (This posty looks longer than it is, cuz we added lots of fotos fur your viewing purrleasure.)

 Dezi and Lexi in their harness dresses laying together


Dezi looks out side window on her cardboard derby truck

Y This ain’t so bad after all.

What a fine time; sis Lexi was still with us. We don’t make resolutions in our house, so instead, me gave you all a challenge. With so many anipals awaitin’ their furevers, me challenged you to all share and do whatever you could to help more of those anipals than ever befur. We partnered with a shelter here in Oklahoma and shared adoptable kitties every week till the shelter was empty. That’s right, they actually went fur several weeks without any kitties needin’ furever homes. January wasn’t all work tho’. Mommy and me made mes furst pick up truck fur the annual Cat Scout Derby. Me didn’t win, but we did have a good time. Mommy fur sure isn’t crafty. MOL  And we never could have known when we wrote ‘bout our pets grief that we would be facing that ourselves very soon.

Lexi at 16 years old in mommy's lap

I luvz minez mommy even more today

In February, sis Lexi was havin’ more bad days than good, and we started getting all sentimental and mushy. We celebrated our 2nd blogoversay; and just in time fur Valentine’s Day, sis Lexi wrote a thank you post to mommy. Me wrote mes thank you a couple of days later. And we got all educational and wrote a post telling you all about spay/neuter and vaccinations.

 Lexi:Always and Furever

When March came blowing in, sis Lexi took a turn fur the worse. She couldn’t balance very well, and wouldn’t eat much. Ever the Service Cat tho’, she continued to do what she could to help mommy; giving her massages meowning and night. And on Wednesday March 9th, 2016, sis Lexi gave up the fight and went to heaven. Mommy was a mess; me was a mess, and we wrote another post on pets grieving. We ended the month explaining why mommy needs Service Cats.

Emerald Cat urn for Lexi's ashes

Isn’t this just beautiful? Lexis’ furever resting spot that will sit on mommys desk.

April found us trying to figure out how to go on without sis Lexi. We began our search fur a new Service Cat to help me help mommy. Little did we know, that she hadn’t yet been born.

May came rushing in, and found us posting home made treat recipes. You can check out a couple of those treats here and here. And furinally on mommys’ birthday, May 27th, she got a lead on a new Service Cat in training. She had been born April 21, 2016. Sis Lexis’ birthday would have been the 29th.

 Baby Raena her first day riding home with mommy

So we waited with baited breath fur June to roll round. The day finally rolled around and mommy went to pick up mes new sisfur and helper. She was a little puff ball of pi_ _ and vinegar. A real spitfire, mommy called her. Of all the names mommy threw out, the little spitfire answered to Raena. Mommy had done a little research and thought that was purrfect. It’s a shortened form of Rahannan and means “New Beginnings”. We purrticipated in our furst Blogville Pawlympics, and turned Miserable Mondays into Service Cat Mondays. We plan to continue posting those Service Cat posts this year, so ifin you have any questions about Service cats or training cats, just let us know.

 Raena eating bonito flakes

July came bounding in just like Raena. We continued our Service Cat Monday posts and Raena got to make her furst post all by herself. And she learned all about treats, catnip and giving reviews. She learned how to be a blogging cat.

 Raena peaking out of a chewy box

August sped in and saw Raena saying goodbye to monthly VET visits where she got poked and prodded. Raena continued to grow and explore her new home. We continued with Service Cat Monday and also wrote about kitties teething. We ended out the month with a day of remembrance written by mommy for sis Lexi.

 Raena playing with a silvervine stick


Dezi enjoying a silvervine stick

September 2016: Raena and me both got our furst Silvervine sticks. OMC  Those things are outta this world. And we continued Service Cat Mondays, offering training tips for all kitties.

 Mommy A waking Raena after her spay surgery

October was the month Raena had her “spa day”. We both got new harnesses and Raena learned to walk on a leash and go out in the stroller. We ended the month telling you about Shad, mommys’ furst Service Cat.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Me couldn’t wait fur November to get here, it’s mes Birthday and Gotchaday month. What a time. Me got some great purresents and we finally had pizza. Raena got her furst nip nanner fur mes birthday. We also posted leash training tips in a Service Cat Monday post. And we were so blest to have received boxes fur mommy that included cleaning supplies fur all kinds of cleanin’, food and turkeys fur our holiday dinners.

 Raena plays with her Yeowww nip nanner

Finally, December blew in and so did Christmas. OMC  Were we ever blest!!! We got purresents, food and mommy food too. We received a couple more gifts over the weekend, that we still haven’t got fotos loaded fur. You know what else? All of you, our readers and furiends have been here fur us. We luv you all so very much!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve shared lots of sorrows this year, and also lots of joy. Some of us lost beloved family members, both furred and non furred, and some of us got new family members. The one thing we all have is the luv we share. 2016 was a roller coaster ride fur sure, but we wouldn’t have made it thru without all of you. Thank you all fur being our furiends, and sharing your lives, luv and support with us. The year was full of so much more, we just couldn’t list it all. We are indeed, Blest. ‘Member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives. We’re joinin’ the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies, and we hope you enjoyed our little slideshow with more Christmas fun. We can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll all be up to this year.

 Raena in a 2017 calendar

Till the next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle       

Mommy Where’s Sissy

Well as you can see by me’s title, today me will talk ’bout me’s grief. Afur me gets started me wants to pawlogize fur not visitin’ fur a couple days. Mommy had to get ready fur da big inspection yesfurday and was totally exhausted at da end of each day. Hopefully it’s all over now and we can get back to da business of livin’ and visitin’. So now let’s get to it.  

 Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair

March 7, 2016: Sis Lexi had been feelin’ a little unner da weather and me had been spendin’ a lot of time with her back on da bed tryin’ to comfurt her. She had begun to do ’nuffin’ but sleep all day and all night. She wuld only get up to go to da pawdee box or get a drink. Mommy would carry her to da kitchen at meal times in da hopes of gettin’ her to eat sumthin’. Often mommy would open three to four different foods afur sissy would finally take a few bites and not spit it back out. Dat night after dinner, me sensed sumthin’ had changed with sissy. So when she crawled back up da steps to da bed, me followed her and gave her a quick bath and some luv and then returned to da livin’ room to be with mommy. Me mewed a quiet mew and settled in. Dat wuld be me’s last mommy mew fur over a week. Mommy seemed to sense dat sumthin’ was up too, cuz she started cryin’ when she saw me jump up on da cat tree and settle in fur an after dinner nap.  

 Dezi poses atop the Liberty cat tree

March 8, 2016: Sissy still helped me with mommy but she was gettin’ ’round really slow. Me needed her help, but me mostly ignored her. Mommy continued to carry sissy to da kitchen fur meals; hopin’ to get her to eat. And me? Me continued to ignore her. Mommy laid with sis Lexi and cried and begged her to eat, and purrayed fur God to help her. Each time mommy would get sissy to swallow a little bite of food, sissy would make herself throw it back up. And mommy would cry even harder. Me laid on da top of da cat tree tryin’ not to notice what was goin’ on. Me didn’t really unnerstand why mommy was cryin’ so much and tryin’ to force sissy to eat. Me had already sed “see ya” cuz me knew sissy wasn’t well and me didn’t know why mommy didn’t know dat. When we went to bed dat night mommy purrayed really hard fur sissy and asked God and sissy to give her a sign. She told sissy how much she loved and needed her but dat she didn’t want sissy to suffer needlessly. Finally mommy cried herself to sleep with sissy massagin’ her head.  

 Dezi on the cat tree moping

March 9,2016: Sis Lexi kuldn’t keep her balance when she tried to stand, and she continued to refuse to eat. Mommy cried and couldn’t stop cryin’. She purrayed and asked God and sissy to let her know what to do. And sissy pulled herself into mommys lap and put her head down and mewed quietly and started to purr. Da well walls broke and mommy started sobbin’ so hard her body was shakin’, and she told sissy she unnerstood. When mommy got home me knew she was alone and dat sumthin’ was different, me just didn’t really know what. Me snuggled with mommy and tried to keep da tears on her face wiped up with me’s paws, but there was just too many of them. Me and mommy both furgot all ’bout dinner till really late. But even when mommy fixed me’s plate, me didn’t eat. Neither of us wanted to sleep dat night and so we didn’t. Every time me would nod off, me would jerk meself awake again til dawn’s light finally broke thru da darkness.  

 Dezi laying on the bed in Lexi's old spot grieving

March 10, 2016: With da light of a new day, mommy gave me breakfast and as always fixed sis Lexi a plate too. But da plate went uneaten as all da plates in da last few days. Mommy just stood there lookin’ at it and cryin’. Both os us finally gave in to da exhaustion and laid back in mommy’s lift recliner fur a short nap. We didn’t sleep very good, but we did get a little rest. We had a big inspection comin’ up so mommy tried to busy herself with cleanin’. She picked up all da piddle pads dat had been all over da floors and da bed and threw them out. After vacuumin’ she didn’t put them all back down. Me watched from a distance and mommy sez me’s face looked puzzled. Mommy then tore all da linens off da bed to wash and put new ones on it. She also washed up da blankets, throws and comfurter. Sissy had thrown up and peed on them da day befur. When mommy finally got da bed all made up me climbed da steps and smelled it. Me looked back at mommy and then da bed several times befur returnin’ to da cat tree. When dinner time came, me was hungry after not eatin’ a couple of meals, so me ate everythin’ in me’s plate and asked fur more. Mommy sez she thought at dat point me was okay. Me’s here to tell you, she was Wrong. We went to bed dat night but me was a little uneasy. Things didn’t look or smell da same. But me cuddled up next to me’s quietly cryin’ mommy and we both drifted off to sleep.

 Dezi laying on the bed

March 11, 2016: After a restless night it was time to help mommy get up so she could make me brekky. Me started mommy’s massage as usual, but sis Lexi wasn’t there to help. When mommy could finally move a little me got into da wheelchair and started lookin’ round fur sissy. Me couldn’t see her anywhere, so me started callin’ out fur her. Me mewed and mewed but she never answered. After ’bout 30 minutes me jumped down and ran to da pawdee box room to see ifin she was in there. Me couldn’t see her, so me went to da livin’ room and climbed to da top of da cat tree look fur her. Mommy kept hollerin’ fur me and cryin’. Me finally gave up and went back to help mommy. After a bit of brekky me went back to lookin’ fur sissy. After a few hours of not hearin’ or seein’ me mommy came lookin’ fur me. She found me layin’ in front of da washin’ machine and tryn’ to see unner it. A long time ago sissy got stuck behind da washer and any time me couldn’t find her, dat’s da furst place me looked. Well of course mommy started cryin’ again and picked me up and took me to sit down with her. She went on and on ’bout how sissy went to heaven and wasn’t comin’ back, and dat she was lookin’ fur me a new helper, but me didn’t really unnerstand anythin’ she was sayin’. Me just wanted her to look fur sissy with me. And as soon as me could get loose, me was goin’ back to stand guard at da washer. Me was sure ifin she would just get on da washer and look behind it, she would see sissy. Me returned to me’s post at da washer several times over da next couple of days, but mommy never looked behind it. All she did was stare at me and cry.  

 Dezi staring under the washer and dryer

As me sed, me continued searchin’ fur sissy and mewin’ fur her fur days. Eatin’ only a small amount at each meal and sleepin’ more offen then not. Mommy tried playin’ every game me likes but me just wasn’t innerested. Me’s been a little jumpy and nervous and uncertain ’bout just ’bout everything. Even normal sounds make me jump a little. Me even attacked mommys legs a couple of times out of furustration. Me scratched her leg up purretty good. She knew me didn’t mean it and never even hollered at me.  

Dezi staring under the washer and dryer

Mommy, me knows she’s here. Ifin you will just look, you will see.


March 18, 2016: Today marked da furst day since sissy left dat me didn’t spend any time lookin’ fur her. And after usin’ da pawdee box, me mewed fur mommy to clean it out. Mommy seemed thrilled to hear me holler fur her to clean da pawdee box. Da once tedious job now seemed to delight her. Me only mewed fur pawdee box cleanings, but mommy seemed to be happy. Over da next few days me got a little chattier and seemed a little less nervous. Of course inspection day had me on edge as usual, but mommy sez me bounced back after all da excitement was over. Me still has moments of lookin’ fur sissy, but mommy sez once she gets me a helper and a playmate dat will disappear. Me will always member and luv sissy, me just won’t search fur her any more.

 Dezi on the vanity in the bathroom

While me didn’t act out or develop any “bad habits”, it’s not uncommon fur grievin’ pets to urinate outside of da litterbox or in da case of doggies, in da house. Altho’ not eatin’ is a sign of grief, ‘member, kitties cannot fast. If your kitty stops eatin’ fur more than 2 days, their body and vital organs can sustain irrepurrable damage. This condition is called Feline Hepatic Lipidosis which you can read about by clicking on it. Me didn’t mew much but your pet may become very vocal. Sleeping and general lethargy, loss of innerest in their favorite toys and treats may also be a sign of grief in your pet. Your pet may or may not search fur their missing house mate, but rest assured they feel da loss and don’t completely unnerstand what’s goin’ on. Extra luv and cuddles from you will help your grieving pet as much as it will help you. Adding a new pet, will also help distract and take the mind off da loss. You can NEVER replace da life or luv of your beloved pet, but you can open your heart and luv another. Sometimes it helps to get a new pet who looks nuffin’ like da one you lost. A good thing to ‘member, is dat when getting an anipal who looks identical to da one you lost is, dat da new furry has his/her own purrsonality and should have their own name, and be loved fur their uniqueness. Again, you CANNOT replace da furry you lost. To celebrate their uniqueness, buy them a new toy or food bowl. Mommy has little boxes fur each of her lost fur babies dat contains a favorite toy, dish, nip mat, collar or whatever. Sissy adored da nip mat awnty Ellen made fur us and now it resides in her memory box along with her favorite nip toys, a few whiskers dat had fallen out (mommy saves everyone she finds) and a tuft of fur mommy cut off befur sissy left us. There is no set way fur any of us to grieve, and there’s no set time on how long it’s gunna take. And to answer da question you wanna ask but won’t, yes, we’s had to delete “and Lexi” on just ’bout every comment we’s made. 

Dezi sitting on the toilet

C’mon mommy, where’s sissy hidin’?


On da inspection front, we sat ’round all day watchin’ and waitin’ and nuffin’. Finally da vice purresident of da management company dat mommy had worked with after da flood dropped by to check on us and sed our ‘partment wasn’t chosen fur inspection. Mommy figgers it’s cuz da lady from Rural Development spent so much time in our ‘partment befur, durin’ and after da flood incident, da managers harassment and all, dat she knows mommy keeps da ‘partment clean and legal and reports any purroblems purromptly. And ifin anythin’ was amiss, she would’ve already heard from mommy. So altho’ we’s good dat our ‘partment wasn’t chosen, we was furustrated dat mommy nearly killed herself over da last little bit gettin’ things in order. Anyways, there ya’ have it. Mommy and me are gonna be okay. It’s just gonna take a little time to get everythin’ back to what we call normal. And ifin anypawdy in our area knows of sum girly kitties in need of a home, purrlease let us know. Me really needs help and mommy and me both need sumkitty to focus our extra luv on. As we try to do every week. we’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade. And Lexi’s last post is up at da Daily Mews. Mommy and me also want you all to know dat sissy’s ashes be back home where she belongs. Mommy went to pick her up yesfurday.   

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Mommy, Why Do Our Friends Have to Die?

5 Ways To Help Your Pet Get Through the Grieving Process


Mommy why duz it have to get cold outside? Why duzn’t da sun always shine? Why don’t all kitties have a home? Mommy, why do our furiends have to die? And why duz me feel so sad when they do?  

dw-3916 Dezi steps edit (640x480)

Oh Dezi you sure are full of questions today aren’t ya’? Honey, I don’t know why our friends have to die. I mean, I know that death is part of life, and the Bible says that it’s appointed unto man but once to die. (Hebrews 9:27) And that means all creatures who live on this planet, including our friends baby. Sometimes they just get old and their body gets tired and just can’t go on. And sometimes they get sick and there is no cure for what they have. And sometimes as awful as it is there are accidents that take our friends way before their time. Us humans have control over a lot of things, but only God controls life and death. God allows us all a chance to live and find happiness like we have with each other; until the day He calls us back to heaven. Our friends in heaven are no longer sick or old or in pain. As much as we loved them and wanted them to be a part of our lives forever, they are in a far better place now. The sads we are left with are called grief honey.


Grief comes in stages and no one can escape going through them. For humans the five stages of grief are:

  • 1.  Denial 
  • 2.  Anger 
  • 3.  Bargaining 
  • 4.  Depression 
  • 5.  Acceptance 

But animals grieve as well and we, your care takers should be sensitive to that. When an animal bonds with another animal or human, they grieve the loss of that animal or human. Grief in animals can be harder to spot because often the changes are subtle and can range in severity. Some of those changes are:

  • 1.  Appetite (eating less or not at all) 
  • 2.  Becoming more or less vocal 
  • 3.  Appear lost or confused 
  • 4.  Wandering in an attempt to find their lost companion 
  • 5.  Change in sleep patterns (sleeping more or less)
  • 6.  Spending more time with a toy or item used/favorited by their lost companion (clothing, blanket, bedding, etc.) 
  • 7.  Becoming more clingy to remaining household members
  • 8.  Acting Out 

These are just a few symptoms of grief in animals. As humans we must pick up on these subtle changes and do what we can to help you get through the grieving process. A few ways we can help are: 

  • 1.  Let survivors view the body of their lost loved one. ( funerals are for the living. A last chance to say goodbye and accept the finality of a loved ones’ passing.) 
  • 2.  Spend extra quality time with the surviving pet(s). Grooming, longer walks and more playtime are just a few ways to spend that extra time. 
  • 3.  Maintain your routine as closely as possible. 
  • 4.  Maintain discipline for those pets that act out. 
  • 5.  Depending on the severity of grief, adding a new animal to the household might be more stressful. Know your pets, you will be the best judge of when it’s time to bring home a new furry friend.


Although you can’t speed up the  grieving process, remember that cat’s shouldn’t go without food for more than 24 hours before it starts affecting their health. And if this process drags on, a trip to the vet might be called for to make sure there’s nothing physically wrong. Animals, just like humans will get through it. God has given us all the capacity to love, accept loss and love again. And also remember your anipals pick up on their humans’ emotions.  

4698 Lexi cat tree edit (556x640)

Fank you mommy fur takin’ da time to explain what meez sads are and how to help us anipals get fru it. Me hopes this will help meez furiends too. We have lost so many furiends this year and it’s still January. Me wants it to stop, but at least now me knows dat they are goin’ to a better place and dat me can get over da sads. Weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade and tomorrow weez’ll be sharin’ meez Carwood Derby entry fur Cat Scouts. Weez changin’ da day we share our adoptable furiends so stay tuned. 

dw-sp Dezi stroke sketchmultiply (640x588)

Do you know any other ways to help you or your pets get through the grieving process? 


Till da next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi   

Humble Beginnings

OMC Ifin yous all kuld only see and hear meez mommy. It’s like evewy 10 minutes, “Oh good grief, my nose” and then hers picks up da kleenex and ‘HONK’. MOL Wiff da season changin’ so suddenly and all da rain, and of course mommy wuz just gettin’ well fwum da pneumonia hers got duwin’ da flood, hers allergies awe weally kickin’ in. Let me tell ya’ ifin this goes on much longer mommy will look like Rudolph. Oh well, weez do luv Christmas.

On anudder note as me told yous on meez Meowday, we celebwate da whole mumff. So me fawt dat since me has so many mowe furiends now than when we stawted bloggin’ dat me wuld tell yous da stowwy of how me came to liv wiff mommy and sissy. And meez first duty as a Service Cat. Ifin yous been readin’ meez blog since da beginnin’ hopefully me won’t put yous to sleep and can bwing out enuff new to keep yous innewested. So don’t close da tab yet.

dw DnL luvvin

See it all stawted in November of 2009. Mommy had a Ragamuffin’ named Ransom dat had been vewy sick fur a long time. And one day he just gave up and hims went to heaven. Mommy wuz distwaught and sis Lexi had now lost 3 bwofurs in her 10 years. And since Lexi wuz 10 years old mommy knew she needed a helpurr fur her. She just kuldn’t do all da work mommy needed her to do alone. Oh sis Lexi wuld twy, but mommy wuldn’t want her to have to. So even tho’ mommy wuz gwievin’ hers stawted makin’ sum calls. And then wight afur Fanksgivin’ mommy talked to a lady fwum a wescue dat told hers they had just raided a Ragdoll bweeder and had a litter of 11 kittens. They wusn’t quite suwe how old they wuz, but they wuz eatin’ solid food and weened. (NOT) Anyways, mommy sed hers wuld be wight there. So mommy told sis Lexi she wuld be back and wuld be bwingin’ her new bwofur or sisfur home. And she got in da caw and dwove da 2 hours to see me and meez littermates.

 0dw Baby Dezi TG

We had been put in a big box wiff baws on it. We wuz skeered and all huddled togedder. And then me heard a voice dat sounded like an angel and da lady dat put us in da cage came and put us in a basket. She carried us to anudder room where me smelled sumfin’ sweet. And then da lady poured us outta da basket and onto da floor. We wuz all kinda stunned. We all looked wound and me saw a lady in da floor and kuld tell dat’s where da sweet smell wuz comin’ fwum. Meez littermates all huddled togedder and stawted playin’. Not me. Me waddled ovew to da sweet smellin’ lady and crawled up what seemed like a mountain (her cwossed legs) to get to a flat place (lap) and lay down. Me laid down and stawted purrin’ and then looked up at da sweet smellin’ lady and she looked at me and she just glowed. There wuz water leakin’ fwum hers eyes and runnin’ down hers face and she spoke so softly me almost didn’t hear her. And she sed, “Hello my angel. Are you my destiny?” And she picked me up and handed me to da udder lady hoo put me down wiff meez littermates again. Again, me waddled wight back to her and crawled up da mountain again and laid down and looked up at her again. This time there wuz a flood comin’ fwum hers eyes and she gently picked me up and held me close to her heart and sed, “You are my Destiny.”  Mommy and da lady wiff da basket talked sum mowe and then me and mommy (da sweet smellin’ lady) went away.

So many new sights and smells. It wuz a bit cold and me wuz a little skeered so me clung to da sweet smellin’ lady wiff all me had until hers put me on a warm soft blanket and stawted singin’ to me. Me stawted dwiftin’ off to sleep. Me wuz so tired. Da sweet smellin’ lady didn’t know it but me hadn’t eaten anyfin’ since da day afur we had been put in da cage and wescued. Me got weally quiet and mommy got worried and pulled ovew to check on me. Me wuz bawely bweevin’. And then hers got a call. One of meez littermates had suddenly died. Suddenly me wuz gettin’ jostled wound and rubbed all ovew. Meez eyes wuz heavy but me got them open and mommy wuz lookin’ me ovew fwum head to paw. And hers talked into da little fone and sed, “They’re not 6 weeks old. They most likely can’t eat the kibble. Do you know what kind of wormers were used? OMC Something she bought at Walmart?” She gave them how much?!!! They all need bottles of whole milk ASAP, and a heating pad. As for the wormer you’re just going to have to keep them strong enough to make it through. If you need anything, call me, and I’ll keep you updated about Deztinee.”  Yous see, we wuz actually only ‘bout 3 1/2 weeks old. Da bweeder had lied to da rescue peeps. (they specialized in dogs and it wuz da holidays so no vets available)  So we wusn’t weened. And da bweeder had given us an ovew da counter wormer in doses fur a 6 pound cat. And not only once, but twice in one week.  

See meez wormy belly?
See meez wormy belly?

Mommy continued home (purrawlly speedin’, but sshhh, don’t tell), and got me in and shoved a bottle in meez mouff. Me wuz so weak me didn’t wanna suckle. But mommy kep after it until me finally did. After meez belly wuz full and me had gone potty (the runs big time-mol) mommy gave me a baff and got me all cleaned up. And found that me wuz covered in fleas. And yes, me had worms alwight, but not da kind me had been tweated fur. Me had tapeworms fwum da fleas. But me wuz too yung fur da twaditional tweatment, so mommy had to use a natuwal wemedy. It didn’t take long, and in a foo days me wuz stwonger and up walkin’ wound and playin’ and checkin’ out meez new surroundings. Meez nevew missed meez littermates. Me wuz always posed to be wiff mommy and sis Lexi. As fur meez name, mommy chose to change da spelling of Destiny (cuz herz likes da unusual), but to this day mommy still believes me wuz always hers destiny.

0dw Dezi purple hologram cosmic geometry

So me knows yous wunnewin’ what wuz meez first Service cat duty ifin me wuz so little. Like me sed, me wuz always posed to be wiff mommy. Me wuz tuned in to hers vewy bein’ and me had gotten stwonger and wuz followin’ mommy evewywhere hers went. Me had seen hers fallin’ and goin’ to sleep in da floor, and me didn’t like it. Afur hers wuld fall me wuld sense dat sumfin’ wuz gunna happen, me just didn’t know what. So one day hers wuz in da kitchen gettin’ sumfin’, neevew of us member zackly what hers wuz duin’, but me got dat sense dat sumfin’ wuz gunna happen. By now me knew dat it meant hers wuz gunna fall down, so me fawt me needed to tell hers so maybe she wuldn’t do it. So me stawted meowin’ meez squeaky little meow. Me don’t know ifin hers didn’t hear me or what, but she just kep on duin’ whatevew hers wuz duin’. So me kep squeakin’ louder and louder. And finally she stawted tellin’ me she luved me. Altho’ me luvs to hear dat, it didn’t help da situation. So, me decided me must do sumfin’ els. So me stawted pattin’ hers ankle (dat’s as high as me kuld reach) and turnin’ wound and wound. And of course me kep meowin’ too. Hers looked at me and weached down and picked me up and stawted luvvin’ on me. Awe yous kiddin’ me? Put me down! What ifin yous fall, meez meowed. She put me down and me wesumed meez warnin’ til she hit da gwound. Well me licked hers face and when she finally “woke” up me meowed dat me told hers so, but she didn’t seem to cawe or unnewstand. Me just didn’t know how mommy, hoo seemed to unnewstand what all meows meant didn’t unnewstand meez warnin’. We did this a kupple mowe times afur hers decided me might be twyin’ to tell hers sumfin’. To this day me warns mommy afur hers passes out. And these days she pays attention. So, dat wuz meez first evew duty as mommys Service Cat. Well dat’s da stowwy of meez humble beginnings. Mommy sez weez not rich wiff fings or munny, but weez awe ovewflowin’ wiff luv and dat’s what counts.

Me also wuld like to hopefully clear up da Blest Sunday posty. Yes sissy and me awe hostin’ da Blest Sunday post-a-thon fur da Tabby Cat Club. But since this mumff be special we fawt it wuld be nice to invite ALL BLOGGERS to join in on yous own blog. Da blogosphere is so blessed and all of you awe blessed in yous own way, so we fawt it wuld be fun to wead what you wus fankful fur or blest by too. So whedder yous a member of da TCC or not, purrlease join us Sunday fur a Blest Sunday posty. And member, this post will include ow vewy special Fank yous to all those hoo helped us in any way duwin’ da past foo mumffs.  Weez been asked ‘bout da linky fing, and weez will be honest, mommy dusn’t hav a clue ‘bout how to do dat.  

LnD Blest Sunday badge

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


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