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National Cat Day in Pictures

It’s National Cat Day. We’re also celebratin’ at da Tabby Cat Club wiff a favorite foto. So we wrote our postys yesfurday and mommy even scheduled them. BUT, she furgot to tell them where to post. MOL  See we use dat Windows Live Writer we told ya’ ‘bout last year to write most all our posts. And weez connected boff Deziz World and da TCC to it. Ifin we only write one posty it automatically posts here by default, but parently when you write more than one dat be scheduled to go up at da same time…well catputers can’t think or read minds. MOL  You’ve gotta tell ‘em what to do kinda like a child. MOL  So here we are a little late, but we wuldn’t not celebrate a day set aside just fur da feline kind. Weez postin’ sum of our favorite moments in pictures. Check out da TCC fur more pawsum kitty cat fotos. 

Here sissy, lookit what we got.
Here sissy, lookit what we got.

You just saw this foto, but it’s already a favorite cuz it shows da two of us togevver.

dwLexilookstreat (800x738)

Close up and purrsonal wiff meez gawjus sissy. 


Dat Lexi duz luv to travel.

dwv-FSCN4910 (800x600)

And of course no favorite foto post wuld be complete wiffout a foto of me duin’ meez favorite thing; Nappin’ in mommy’s lap.

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi

Love Lives Furever

Well today we cided to join da blogosphere in memberin’ those who came afur and awe now lost. We don’t believe in da rainbow bwidge, but we do believe in God and heaven. Now in meez showrt 5 and a half years meez lost many furiends dat weez met here but me duns’t know loss like mommy and sissy. So today sis Lexi’s gunna be tellin’ ‘bout da luv dat da world no longer knows.



Dear God purrlease watch over all our furiends and furmily. And let those who have gone to be wiff you know dat weez luv them and miss them. Amen

Faynkz Dezi. Weez not like to dwell on da loss as it’s very draynin’ and negative, so stead weez gunna commemorayt da lives of those dat held a place in our hearts. I’z lost 3 brofurs in minez 16 yearz. And weez told ya’ a little ‘bout ‘em in udder posteez. But we never talk ‘bout da sisfur I’z lost. See I’z was born one of a litter of 3. I’z had a brofur and sisfur littermayt. Mommy took us awl in and lubbed us very much. But as you know ifin youz read our blog or followed us on facebook, our birthz were anyfin’ but normal. Minez brofur was froewn onto da grass and I’z was froewn into da wooden fence. Our littermayt sisfur was froewn onto da cement patio of da yard we was born at. By da age of 2 weeks it waz evident dat she had brayn damage. Mommy fawt so hard to keep her alive but at 3 weeks old minez littermayt gave up and didunt wanna fight anymore. So mommy took her to da VET and sent her off too heaven. Now I’z’ll be honezt and tell ya’ I’z didunt really know her and so I’z not miss her, but mommy finkz of herz offen. Fur da 3 weekz she did live, she knew nuffin’ but lubz and da warmff of a mommy.


And of course there’z da furzt Service Cat mommy had, Shad. I’z idunt know her neeber, but she iz a grayt inspirayshun fur those of us dat came after her. She only lived a very short 5 years, but she lubbed and waz lubbed a lifetime afur she left this world. She left her mark on mommys heart and in hers life. And then there’s my brofur, Devon. Himz took me in and taught me everyfin’ himz knew. When himz got da brayn tumor and had to go to heaven I’z really missed him. I’z didunt understand why himz had to go away. But I’z will awlwayz member himz lub and acceptance.


Shad with her pig brofur

Shad with her pig brofur


dw DLL

Dat’z me wiff minez brofurz Devon on da kownter and Lucky.

And then there was minez brofur Lucky. Only 28 dayz older than me, we kulda been littermaytz. We grew up togedder and learned to be service cats togedder and changed homez many timez wiff mommy togedder. Oh how I’z missed minez brofur Lucky when himz went to heaven a short 5 yearz after our birthz. Fur many yearz Christmas was nebber da saym. But time healz da broken heart and knowin’ himz wazn’t hurtin’ or sufferin’ anymore mayd lozin’ him eazier to bear. Himz luv lives on fru mommy and me.

 dw-Goodbyes are not ForeverLucky

Lastly I’z lozt sweet Ransom. He waz such a sweet boy and his life was far too short. But in himz short life he knew da luv of da agez frum mommy and me. Himz waz smart az a whip and charmed awl da peepz who met him. Himz fierce fightin’ spirit will live on furever az long az we member.

 dw-If Tears Could Build A StairwayRansom

I habz known a lot of loss in minez yearz here, but I’z also known a lot of lubz. Those who came afur and have gone on to our mansion in heaven will a;ways be missed. But their lives and luv left a never endin’ mark on all those they touched. We will nebber furget them. Their legacies live on in me and in Deztinee and all those dat will come after us. I’z lubz minez mommy berry much and Dezi too. I’z nebber wanna leave them. But I’z habz a feelin’ I’z won’t know anymore loss, but stead sis Dezi will have to help mommy fru it. Minez body iz getting’ old and fingz don’t alwayz work rite anymore. But I’z left minez mark and will keep rite on duin’ it till God callz me to heaven to join all those I’z sed goodbye to. I’z not eaten in da lazt 2 dayz again, and so mommy of course iz worried. Any purrayerz you kuld spare wuld fur shur be purreshayted. Youz know mommy dusn’t habz much money, but she givez ebberfin’ she haz to us. Epic, unconditional, unending luv iz what mayd each of us choose mommy az our very own. 1 day or 100 yearz wiff mommy feelz like a lifetime. I’z been very blezt to habz da life I’z have and so were all those we celebrate today. I’z wuldn’t change minez life fur anyfin’ in da world and I’z know da udderz wuld say da same. Love Lives on Furever!!!


Fank you sissy, but don’t you be finkin’ ‘bout goin’ anywhere, mommy and me need you too much. And yous so wight, we awe so very blest to have da lives we do. Purrlease just member dat luv knows no bounds and will as sissy sez, liv on furever and ever.


Weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade blog hop and will be postin’ at da Tabby Cat Club today too.


Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


We Can’t Pick Just One

Well it’s finally Furiday and dat wuld mean anudder Service cat twainin’ stowry. Weez been twyin’ to write this posty since yesfurday but it be stowrmin’ weally bad here and we keep getting’ knocked off da puter and what weez alweady typed goes away. Fur sum weason it ain’t savin’. So we fawt we wuld take a little bweak and show off sum of our favowit toys today. Gracie over at da Tabby Cat Club is hostin’ a “what’s yous favowit toy’ post off and sis Lexi posted one of hers favowit videos of her wiff hers favowit toys. And it looks like it might just take a whiile to write this posty too.


Here me is wiff 2 of meez favowit toys. Da nip nanner and meez twack and ball
Here me is wiff 2 of meez favowit toys. Da nip nanner and meez twack and ball

While mommy and me was type, type, typin’ away sissy stawrted makin’ sum stwange noises in da dinin’ room. Well me had to go and check on her and OMC what had she dun? She’s found a new place to hide out and get sum peace and quiet when me gets too rowdy. See mommy has this big plastic stowrage box dat she keeps pottin’ soil fur our pots of gwass and stuff in and it sits unnew da dinin’ room table. Sissy will crawl back there and lay on top of it and just chill. Me dusn’t dare go back there and disturb hers. So anyways there was all these stwange noises comin’ fwum there so me had to go and check it out. Me wuld get to da edge of da table and then cwouch and bob twyin’ to see what sissy was duin’. Me finally saw her all wedged in tween da container and da legs of da table sittin’ on da floor. She had fallen off da container and there wasn’t enuff room fur her to jump back up there. Our dinin’ room table be antique and has these stwange legs dat go da length of da table. As soon as me saw dat sissy was stuck me stawrted meweekin’ at mommy to come and help her.


Me luvs da nip cigaw too.
Me luvs da nip cigaw too.

Mommy pulled da table out a bit so as to give sissy enuff room to jump back up on da container, but did she wanna do dat. Noooo, she wanted mommy to move da whole table so she kuld just walk out. MOL She used to do sumfin’ similar to this wiff da washin’ machine. Ifin yous wuld like to hear dat stowry let us know and weez’ll tell it anudder time. So anyways, mommy stawrted pullin’ on da table and suddenly a glass vase dat was at da back of da table fell and cwashed on da floor. Sissy came hawlin’ butt out fwum unnew da table and suddenly there was a knock on da door. Da neighbor had heard da cwash and come to be nosy check and see ifin everyfin’ was okay. Mommy told her all was well while she was twyin’ to peek inside where a calm sis Lexi was layin’ in mommys chair and me was sittin’ on da awrm of da same chair.. So all’s well dat ends well. Mommy swept up da bwoken glass pieces and told sissy to find anudder spot fur chillaxin’. Anudder cup of coffee went cold. We do have da bestest mommy in da universe.


Ifin yous can’t see da video click here to watch it on youtube.

Well all da ‘citement be over fur da moment and weez gunna take dat oppurrtunity to publish afur we get knocked off da puter again. Hope yous enjoy seein’ sum of our favowite toys. We have so many dat we can’t pick just one. And check out da Tabby Cat Club to see udder furbulous tabbies wiff their favowit toys. Just click on da name above.


Me luvs da Cat’s Meow too. Ifin yous can’t wee da video, click here to watch it on youtube.

Till da next time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi



Blood Bought Freedom

Meowllo everypawdy and happy Independence day. Let me just tell ya; dat weez didn’t get much visitin’ dun yesfurday cuz mommy never went to bed da night afur. And weez late today cuz she just nodded off last night writin’ meez posty and never woke up again till today. It was wiff good weason me must say. At 3a.m. Furiday meownin sis Lexi made a bloody depawsit in da pawdee box. And she weturned fur several more in no time at all. Based on mommy’s past speriences, she panicked cuz it means Lexi has a UTI. Well ifin yous member mommy has lost a kupple kitties to complications fwum UTI’s, so she be a mess. And in all meez time on this earff meez sissy hasn’t weally looked or acted sick till now. So me didn’t know what to do. Well when all else fails…do da zoomies. Me zoomed and mewed all over da house. wasn’t anypawdy getting’ any sleep dat;s fur sure. So yesfurday when mommy twied to do sum visitin’, hers just stawred at da scween. Well sort of. Actually she was kind of noddin’ off every few seconds and jerkin’ awake wiff all da funner boomers. Yep we was havin’ more rain. So very little puter time fur us. So weez gotta ask ya’ to purrlease purray fur sissy.

 dw D n L HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! - 2HEoW-1fD - normal


Now on to Independence day. All over America peeps awe celebwatin’ today wiff BBQ’s, fire boomers. booze and furiends. But weally it’s all ‘bout a little document called da Declaration of Independence. Da founding fathers of da U.S.A (then only 13 colonies) awthored and signed into law a document of listing certain inalienable wights and gawanteein’ fweedom fwum da tyranny of da Queen of England and all udder governments. They was establishin’ our government. Dat original document has been ammended a few times fwuout da years, but it still holds twu today. Peeps, wake up, don’t let this or any government take away da wights da founding fathers and God gave you and da blood of so many bought you. Happy Independence day to you all.





dw Lexi HAPPY 4TH OF JULY - 2HEoW-1fF - normal

Meez gunna be at da Cat Scouts fur a while today and sissy and me will be at da Tabby Cat Club fur a bit also. Yous invited to join da celebwations goin’ on all over da blogosphere today.


 dw Dezi 4th of july - 2HEoW-1fE - normal

Till da next time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Size Doesn’t Matter

Well it’s Box day here in da blogosphere, and what’s better than dat yous ask? Comin’ home fwum da VET to find 3 bwand new big ole boxes waitin’ fur us. Yep dat’s wight, we came home to a whole new supply of boxes. Weez’ll be tellin’ ya’ ‘bout da contents in anudder posty. More on da VET visit this time. We be wequired to purrvide purroof of our vaccinations each year when we wenew our lease. And well, weez be in da purrocess of duin’ dat wight now. Mommy hates vaccinatin’ every year but we live in a state dat wequires da Rabies vaccination every year. (much to mommys chagwin). Anyways, wiff sis Lexi havin’ CKD and all, mommy sed there was no way hers was givin’ hers any shots. We found out we can get a waiver, so mommy purrinted da form fur da VET to fill out. Course you have to member, we have one of those VETs dat finks he needs to vaccinate fur everyfin’ all da time.


When we got there, dogs was everywhere. Da place was hoppin’ busy, so we had to wait our turn. Dat pointment just went out da window. Finally our turn came and we went back to da room and mommy stawted talkin’ to him ‘bout da weasons not to give sissy da rabies shot, and hims disagweed wiff her every step of da way, even when she sed da vaccs themselves clearly state to only give to healthy animals. Course weez offen wunnered just how he knows ifin weez healffy or not cuz hims dusn’t do any kind of exam afur stickin’ us. Can ya’ tell mommy’s ‘bout fed up? Mommy purrsented him wiff da papers application fur a waiver she had purrinted and hims sed he wuldn’t sign it fur nuffin’. Da only way hims wuld agwee to give sissy a waiver is to have a Titer test ran. Now fur those of ya’ dat not know what a Titer test is me will tell ya’. It’s a very spensiv blood test dat measures antibodies to da rabies virus. It can also measure udder fings, but all we need is Rabies.

You can't see me? Ssssh meez hidin' fwum sissy.
You can’t see me? Ssssh meez hidin’ fwum sissy.

Well, mommy didn’t have nuff munny fur it, so we got me a rabies shot and made a pointment next week fur sis Lexi to have dat Titer test. Da test itselff costs $80.00 and then there’s da office visit chawge of $30.00 and da chawge fur drawin’ da blood (we furget how much dat was). Dat’s more than we be allowed to chawge, so weez not know zactly what weez gunna do. Ifin yous can help, weez sure wuld purreciate it. Sissy be duin’ so good wight now, mommy just can’t fall in and give her dat shot. We know dat sum of ya’ may not agwee wiff us, but studies have purroven dat those vaccs last much longer than a year. Even our VET agweed wiff mommy on dat one. Hims a stwange apple dat one. Contwadicts himselff all da time. Anyways, dat’s how our VET twip went. We did make it wiffout getting’ caught in any stowrms tho’, so dat was a blessin’ fur sure. Altho’ we fink we must need sum fweon fur da a/c cuz it was hot, hot. Me even got meez hawness all wet fwum da “sweat” (drool fwum pantin’).

Hmmmmm Wherez dat Dezi at?
Hmmmmm Wherez dat Dezi at?

Well on wiff da boxes. Hope yous havin’ fun in yous box today and evewyday. Weez also be joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Pawade Blog hop, and postin’ at da Tabby Cat Club. Oh and mommy wore sum of hers new clothes on our VET twip and sed they was pawsum comfy. Fanks again awnty Jennifer and gwand awnty Peggy. Mommy’s not so good at selfies and didn’t have on hers makeup anyways, so hers face was never gunna make a foto. MOL And don’t furget to chack back this weekend fur a pawsum give away.

OMC Whatever kuld be in diz big ole box?
OMC Whatever kuld be in diz big ole box?

Till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!


I'z see you Dezi. hehehe
I’z see you Dezi. hehehe

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi


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