Our Fotos

Our Fotos
Happy St. Patrick's Day tu you frum Meez and Lexi.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day tu you frum Meez and Lexi.

Kitty kisses frum me tu you, Lexi
Kitty kisses frum me tu you, Lexi

Kitty kisses frum me tu you, Dezi

Kitty kisses frum me tu you, Dezi

Happy Saint Patrick's DayLexi2 - 2HEoW-167 - normal

dw Lexi sits pretty1dw Dezi 3971dw Dezi 396465

Luck of the Irish, Dezi - 2HEoW-169 - normal

Nite me furiends. Dezi

Nite me furiends.

Mommy's heart beats fur me.

Mommy’s heart beats fur me.

Me may be small but meez gunna get ya'

Me may be small but meez gunna get ya’

Hissssssss, Me gunna get you.

Hissssssss, Me gunna get you.

Me wuz so little me fit in da palm of mommy's hand.

Me wuz so little me fit in da palm of mommy’s hand.

workin me little paws and claws

workin me little paws and claws

Me bein' cute fur mommy

Me bein’ cute fur mommy

I Luv you Dezi

I Luv you Dezi

I Luv you Lexi

I Luv you Lexi

Lexi (Lana)



I'm Lightin' a Candle fur you

I’m Lightin’ a Candle fur you

Luv ya' bunches. Lexi

Luv ya’ bunches. Lexi

Kiss me!!! I'z love you, Dezi

Kiss me!!! I’z love you, Dezi

Meownin all, Dezi

Meownin all, Dezi

Beautiful, Lexi

Beautiful, Lexi

Beautiful, Dezi

Beautiful, Dezi

Sweet Dezi

Sweet Dezi

Luv and Hugz, Lexi

Luv and Hugz, Lexi

Meow Luv Dezi

Luv Dezi

Luv ya', Dezi

Luv ya’, Dezi





  1. Dezi and Lexi are beautiful…the baby hissing pictures are so cute and lovely..beautiful pictures..very heartwarming 🙂


  2. Hello, Dezi and Lexi! I came to your site from Jacqueline’s Cat House. I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your pictures! I would like to come back and enjoy looking at all the pictures again. You are two beautiful kitties!

    Elyse (purr-ent of one kitty, Cassie)


    • Y fank yous Elyse and Cassie. Meez wuld luv fuw yous tu come back offen and make yous selff at home. 🙂 Meez just luvs furiends. Hope yous hav a wunnewful Fursday!!!

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥



  3. You’re cute! purrs 😉


  4. All your photos are just beautiful! ❤ Jynxx and Mom


  5. Does Lexi not like photos? She is super cute but looks put out in her photos. Or maybe it is a tabby thing cuz Elizabeth is a tabby and she looks grumpy in a lot of her photos too. Luv ya girls.I hope I don’t offend asking that, because both you girls are beautiful.


    • Lexi luvs fotos awnty Sarah but hers mawkins make hers not look happy (and sumtimes mad) unless mommy catches her lookin’ supwised. And sumtimes even den hers dusn’t look happy. Boff of us hav light kullewd mowfs wif dawk mawkins wownd it. So wes’ look like we’s fwownin’. But just know dat Lexi is a ham. Evewtime mommy gets out da camewa hers wants tu be included. (til da flash goes off a foo times, and den neevew of us wanna hav ow foto taken anymore fur a while. MOL Yous’ didn’t offend mommy sez da same fing. Herz sez dat shes dusn’t fink evewpawdy gets tu know ow weal beauty and purrsonalities cuz wes’ don’t look “cool” in fotos like uddew kittys du.

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀



      • Aww sweetie! I love your personality. O understand what your mom says though, cuz Winter looks lazy cuz she is always laying down in her photos. But that is cuz if she is sitting or standing she runs up to me when she sees me trying to take a photo and I get a blurry furry photo. It makes since what your mom said though cuz like I said lizzie has markings simular to lexie and she looks like she has the cattitude too! Loves ya!


        • Yep awnty Sarah mommy sez most of da fotos of meez is layin down and Lexi is eithew layin’ in da wheelchaiw or standin wight in fwunt of hers, cuz of da same fing. MOL Wes’ just luvs yous’ so dat wes’ wanna be wiff you specially when yous’ want us tu du sumfin else. MOL

          Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀



      • That is also why I like the photo I posted on show me cats. I can see a bit of her personality shinning in her eyes.


        • Mommy sez hers can see hers purrsonality in all hers fotos, but maybe dat’s cuz hers knows da bweed and weads da words of posts intu da fotos. But mommy sez so much dus get lost in foto twanslatin’. Hav a Pawsum Purrsday Fursday!!

          Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀



  6. I love your photo’s, beautiful pictures of beautiful girls! Love ya’s!


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