Blest Sunday: Happy Father’s Day Uncles Pawsum

(Dezi runs and jumps in mommy’s lap, excitedly, she meows at Raena) RaenaBelle, hurry!!! It’s time fur our Blest Sunday posty. and, guess what? 


 Raena lays on back of chair


          (Raena jumps on the back of mommy’s sitting chair and meows back at Dezi) What is it sissy? What’s got you so excited today?


 Dezi lap selfie


Today is Father’s day, Raena. 


          What’s so excitin’ ‘bout that sissy? We don’t have a father. I’s mean, we have kitty fathers some where, but we never met ‘em. Fanky fankfully we have a pawsum mommy and I’s don’t wanna meet those daddys’ of ours. 


 Dezi and Raena in a golden frame for Father's day



Oh me cats Raena!!! You’re bein’ so literal today. Me wouldn’t wanna meet me’s kitty daddy either, but, cuz mommy is all we have, we celebrate her today too. she has to be both mommy and daddy to us. Ya’ know, we have lots of furiends who only have a mommy or a daddy, and they get celebrated on both their days cuz they’re doin’ twice the job. But, we also celebrate all our amazin’ uncles today. They might not be our daddies, but they luv us, suppurt us and are here fur us when we need ‘em.


           Oh MeOW sissy, you mean we can celebrate our uncles today? We have really been blest with the bestest uncles in the universe. I’s know there’s lots of times when they’ve given mommy advice on things, and she really purreciates havin’ their input. 


 Dezi and Raena in an ocean view frame for Father's day


You’ve got that right Raena. We know a couple of our uncles are goin’ thru some trials right now, and we’ve been askin’ God to innervene and send them blessings and healin’.


          You mean extra purrayers, don’t ya’ sissy? Cuz ya’ know, we purray fur all our furiends, awnties and uncles every day.


Of course Raena, me surely meant extra purrayers. We so wish all our furiends, awnties and uncles never had to be sick or go thru anythin’, but mommy says that’s not the way life works. But, we all know purrayer can change things fur the better. Ya’ know, we never get tired of tellin’ everypawdy how much we luv ‘em and how blest our lives are with them in it. Sometimes mommy ‘members back to the time befur we had our catputer and she can’t ‘magine goin’ back to that life.


          Yep sissy, mommy says our lives have been so much fuller since we’ve met all our wonderful furiends. I’s can tell ya’ that this little kitty girly had no idea how blest mine’s life was gonna be the day mommy brought me home.


 Dezi and Raena on the back pocket of jeans for Father's day


Me neither Raena, me neither. Fank you all fur bein’ the pawsum furiends, awnties and uncles that you are. As always, we wanna remind you all to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives. And we fur sure wanna say a very meowsy big Happy Father’s Day to all our amazin’ uncles. Ya’ll are the bestest!!!


 Cat blows kisses emoji


          I’s wanna say Happy Father’s day too. Let’s link up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies sissy. I’s’ll race ya’ to the top of the cat tree. Ready, (Raena crouches on the back of the sitting chair) Set, (Raena leaps from the back of the sitting chair and starts to run. She meows to Dezi over her shoulder) GO!!!


Till the next time………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Chatting Cats: Ding Ding Goes the Bell

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Can you believe it? The weekend’s here already!!! WooHoo  The sun is shinin’, the birds are singin’ and…


 Dezi looks up at Raena atop the Liberty cat tree


           What are you meowin’ on ‘bout Raena? 


 Raena looks at mommy from stroller


Summer time sissy, summer time has furinally arrived!!! Sorry Trout Towne Tabbies, we do like the birdies. Ya’ know, I’s been givin’ that a lot of thought lately, and I’s think maybe it’s cuz of where we live. Ya’ know, our likin’ birds more than we do fishies?. We live in an area surrounded by land. Sure, mommy says Oklahoma has purrlenty of ponds, lakes and rivers, but none of ‘em are all that close to us. Y, Even when we went to the Petco last week, we didn’t see any fishies. Mommy said there was s’posed to be fishies in all those glass boxes we saw, but alas, they were all dark and not a fishy in sight. Hey sissy, did you read the comments the other day ‘bout your extra claws? 


 Dezi's extra claw on ankle

Ifin ya’ look real close, you can see that claw would grow right

into the center of that big fleshy paw pad.


          Me did Raena. Seems several peeps didn’t quite unnerstand what me was meowin’ ‘bout and said me’s special toe was a dew claw, and that all kitties have ‘em. Mommy said we should try to ‘splain it a bit better. The V-E-T said it fur sure wasn’t a dew claw, but instead just an abnormality of me’s front paw and leg. Mommy says it’s just somethin’ that makes me even more special. Me isn’t a pawlydactal, and this toe is totally useless. It serves no function other than to make me special and give me somethin’ else to have to groom. We know the foto is purretty bad, but hey, when ya’ have as much fur as me does, it can offen get in the way of gettin’ clear fotos. So, let me try to ‘splain it a bit better. Me has the normal paw like every other kitty, complete with fleshy soft paw pads. But, ifin ya’ follow the center of me’s paw pad up the middle of me’s leg a ways, ‘bout where an ankle would be, me has another really small pad with a tiny claw purrtrusion. Fankfully the claw doesn’t really grow like me’s other ones, or it would grow right into me’s large fleshy paw pad. Ifin that was to happen, me would have to have it surgically removed. Ya’ know, it’s really ‘purrtant to keep your kitties claws trimmed. Y, Ifin those things were to grow into our paw pads we could end up in a lot of pain and even lame.


Dezi and Raena lay atop the Liberty cat tree

You’re so right sissy. But ya’ know, not every kitty likes havin’ their claws trimmed. 


 Dezi lays in the Liberty cat tree house


          You got that right Raena. Mommy’s always sayin’ she doesn’t unnerstand why we’re such tigers ‘bout claw clippin’. She’s the only one who’s ever clipped our claws and she’s never once clipped too far or hurt us. We had even planned to post a claw clippin’ how to video at one point. But, claw trimmin’ time ‘round here is like a heavy weight boxin’ ‘bout.


Dezi and Raena lay atop the Liberty Cat tree


     Round 1: Mommy pawsitions kitty in lap while cooin’ ‘bout how bootyful we are. She grabs the clippers and a paw and starts feelin’ ‘round the paw fur a toe. Kitty squirms and pulls paw free. (Ding, Ding goes the bell).

     Round 2: Unphased, mommy grabs paw again and feels ‘round fur a toe. She finds a toe and pushes the claw furward while tryin’ to move fur out of the way with semi-furee finger. Kitty squirms and gets paw furee. (Ding Ding goes the bell)

     Round 3: Mommy enters trance like state, she’s all business now. She grabs kitty’s paw, finds toe and extends claw while cooin’ ‘bout how much more bootyful we’re gonna be when our claws are trimmed. With semi-furee finger, she tries to push away extra fur and moves the clippers to the claw fur the clip. Kitty pulls claw back just as the clippers shut. (Ding, Ding goes the bell)

     Round 4: Mommy grabs paw while ‘splainin’ how we can’t do that or she’ll accidentally hurt us and clip too much. Kitty hisses and squirms till almost furee. (Ding, Ding goes the bell)

So far, kitty 4, mommy 0

Dezi looks out door from atop the Liberty cat tree while Raena sleeps on the ledge below her


     Round 5: Mommy lays down clippers and re-pawsitions kitty on lap. Kitty growls their dispurrleasure and tries to bite mommy’s hand. (Ding, Ding goes the bell)  

     Round 6: Mommy holds kitty furmly so kitty can’t wiggle furee yet again. Trance like state deepens and mommy grabs paw, finds toe, pushes claw furward while usin’ semi-furee finger to move away fur and clips. Awwwwww Sweet success. 1 down and, how many more to go? Mommy sighs. Kitty continues to squirm and pull at paw, but the trance is workin’. Mommy continues to coo ‘bout kitty’s beauty while feelin’ fur yet another toe. Kitty hisses and bites mommy’s hand fureein’ kitty’s paw. (Ding, Ding goes the bell)

     Round 7: Mommy places her chin over kitty’s head in an attempt to keep kitty from bitin’ yet again. She grabs paw, finds toe, pushes claw furward, with semi-furee finger pushes away excess fur as kitty squirms, hisses and growls. CLIP!!! Success…oops, mommy missed the claw. (Ding, Ding goes the bell)

     Round 8: Still holdin’ paw with claw extended, mommy clips again. Success. Kitty can feel mommy’s heart beatin’ faster with the joy of 2 claws down. Kitty’s tail swooshes viciously while kitty maintains a low steady growl and continues to try to pull paw furee. Mommy gets a mouth full of fur and releases paw to retrieve excess fur from her mouth. (Ding, Ding goes the bell)

     Round 9: Mommy babbles on ‘bout how there’s just a few more to go while grabbin’ kitty’s paw again. Kitty growls, kitty hisses and tries to bite mommy’s hand while she remains stoic and finds another toe. Pushin’ claw furward, movin’ excess fur, mommy goes in fur the clip. Kitty furees head from under mommy’s chin and puts head in line of sight to said claw. (Ding, Ding goes the bell

     Round 10: Mommy starts singin’ the claw trimmin’ song while grabbin’ paw, findin’ toe, pushin’ claw furward, movin’ excess fur with semi-furee finger and clippin claw. Kitty gets that mommy means business at this point, and reluctantly settles in with a low steady growl. Kitty must continue to occasionally try to bite mommy’s hand, just so mommy doesn’t furget that kitty is not purrleased.


 Dezi lays in house of Liberty cat tree


          Once claw clippin’ is furinally over, a hunnerd and 87 minutes later, and mommy releases kitty, kitty runs to scratcher to sharpen newly blunted claws. Once kitty is certain claws are still there, kitty returns to mommy fur a little luvvin’. Mommy luvs on kitty while ‘splainin’ that ifin we’d only sit still, it could all be over in less than a minute. Kitty doesn’t care and continues purrin’ loudly while bein’ petted and hugged. 


 Raena sleeps belly up and all sprawled out

I’s need a short nap after all dat talk of claw trimmin’.


And that, dear furiends is why we’ve never posted a claw trimmin’ how to video. MOL I’s do the exact same thing, and have since day 1.  Mommy only has 2 hands and 10 fingers, not nearly enuff to do the deed and manage a camera.


 Pet Parade Blog Hop Badge


          Let’s link up with the Pet Parade Raena, and finish our brekky. Me has a feelin’ there might be some claw trimmin’ in store fur us this weekend. We’ve gotta keep up our strength ifin we have any chance of goin’ 10 rounds or more with mommy.


Okay sissy. And, did you know this is the 200th celebration of the Pet Parade? One Pet Parade a week, that’s almost 4 years of linkin’ up. A meowsy big Concats to the hosts, co-hosts and all those who link up every week.


Till the next time……………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee      

Chatting Cats: Raena’s Mommy and Me Day Out

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. What’s that ya say? Why is it me here in the lead today? Well, the lawn crew’s here, so sis Dezi be hidin’ UTB.


 Raena stands on perch and looks out door


          (Dezi meows loudly from UTB) Me’s not hidin’, Raena. Me’scheckin’ fur dust bunnies. You know we have that big inspection today. Mommy just ‘bout killed herself this week gettin’ ready fur it. 


Raena looks outside from the small perch

Uh, yeah, okay sissy. Whatever you say. I’s will admit this purrticular inspection is more furustratin’ than most. What with the furst notice comin’ 2 weeks ago and statin’ it was fur cleanliness, occupied dwellin’, smoke alarm check, filter change, and extermination. That ‘bout covers it all doesn’t it? Then we get another notice last week but this time, the only things checked was Capital assessment and annual inspection. Like we want a bunch of bankers traipsin’ thru our ‘pawrtment. 


 Dezi hides in bedroom and Raena heads down hall to her


          (Dezi meows loudly from the bedroom door) Well Raena, like it or not, want it or not, so long as we have ample notice and it’s all on the same day at the same time, there’s nuffin’ we can do ‘bout it.


 Raena laying in stroller at dentist

Ya’ can’t see me very well, but that’s cuz I’s behavin’ in mine’s stroller.


You’re purrobably right sissy. Anyways, I’s wanted to meow all ‘bout mine’s trip to Petco and Wally world on mine’s Gotchaday. What a pawsum day mommy and me had. It started early that day with mommy singin’ the gotchaday song to me and then tellin’ me we were havin’ a special mommy and me day out. Befur ya’ ask, the Gotchaday song is just somethin’ mommy made up. She does that a lot ya’ know. We just luvs it when mommy sings to us. After a quick brekky, mommy suited me up and off we went. I’s meowed at mommy a bit and asked to ride in her lap once we got on the highway. Guess what? She let me!!! It was so nice to sit in mommy’s lap and look out the windows at all the cars and trees. Let me tell ya’, there’s a lot of trees ‘round here.


 Raena in stroller at dentist

Another not so good foto of me behavin’ purropurr like.


We furinally got to our furst stop, the dentist office. Mommy had a ‘pointment to get a quote fur the remainin’ work she needs done. We were there fur 45 minutes befur somepawdy came out and started talkin’ to mommy. Seems they asked what kind of animal I’s was. I’s know I’s was bein’ well behaved, but come on, surely I’s do look like a cat. Anyways, mommy replied, “She’s my Service Cat. She alerts before I pass out.” To which the lady told mommy, that the dentist was allergic to cats and wouldn’t be able to examine her with me there. Mommy told her that me and my stroller could sit in the corner of the room or at the door, but that I was a medically necessary Service cat and that she couldn’t discriminate against mommy on the basis of her health or steps she takes to accommodate it. The lady then suggested mommy lock me in the car. Ya’ know, outside? Where it was over 90 degrees befur the humidity.


Raena plays on cat scratchers at Petco

I’s could tell mommy was getting’ a little hot unner the collar, cuz her tone of voice changed and she started spoutin’ laws ‘bout discrimination and how it was illegal to leave any animal unattended. And, how they couldn’t legally ask me to leave so long as me was behavin’ purropurrly and not bein’ obtrusive; and sayin’ this was the most ridiculous thing she’d ever heard. Ifin the dentist was allergic to cats, he was gonna have just as much trouble examining mommy without me cuz she was covered in cat fur. ‘Member where I’s sat on the way to her ‘pointment? Of course by this point, mommy didn’t want that dentist workin’ on her fur nuffin’, but she wanted to make her point ‘bout discrimination. Of course, they told us to just leave. I’s was so purroud of mommy. She never yelled or raised her voice. She just stated the facts and made her point. But, I’s knew she was angry when we left. She said she was so glad I’s didn’t unnerstand all that happened. She members a time in this country when landlords could discriminate against peeps with kids.


          (Dezi meows from UTB) Yep Raena, mommy just hates ignorance.


 Raena looks around from cat scratchers at petco


Anyways, mommy bein’ the pawsum mommy she is, put on her happy face and to Petco we went. What a time I’s had. I’s got to walk ‘round all the kitty scratchers and platfurms. And did you know they have a big plastic see thru box with birdies inside? OMC  You shoulda seen all the birdies. There was blue ones, yellow ones, and even some green ones. I’s never seen birdies that colorful befur. The birdies that hang ‘round here are all brown or black. I’s couldn’t seem to find the way in to that box, so I’s didn’t get to play with the birdies. Trust me, it wasn’t fur a lack of tryin’. And then, mommy took me over to see real live mouseys. I’s never seen a real live mousey befur. I’s do believe they’re much bigger than the ones we usually play with. And fur sure their tails are longer. Unfurtunately, I’s couldn’t get into their box to play either. What’s up with that? Temptin’ us kitties like that and not an accessible box anywhere.


 Raena checks out the birds at petco

Oh MeOW look’it all those birdies!!!


Then, mommy took me over to the treat aisle and let me pick out some of our favorites to share with sis Dezi. Mommy chatted with some other humans that were shoppin’ fur their kitties too. There was a lady with 2 legged kiddos that wanted to see me. That’s right, I’s was the center of attention. And, I’s luvved every minute of it. We furinally headed out fur Wally world and even more fun. As always, lots of peeps stared and pointed while I’s remained calm and ever the purrfect Service kitty. When we got to the checkout line, I’s suddenly smelled that furmiliar smell and stood up and started meowin’ fur mommy to sit down. All the excitement of the day had mommy on the verge of passin’ out. Mommy took a seat and waited and breathed tryin’ to get it to pass. I’s sat and watched her patiently till it was all over and we could leave. Mommy loaded us up and off we went.


 Raena in stroller at Petco looking at birds

Wha’d’ya’ mean I’s can’t get in there to play?


We got out on the highway and I’s meowed to mommy that I’s wanted to ride in her lap again. Peeps look at us so funny like when they try to pass us and see me standin’ there lookin’ at ‘em. You’d think they’d never seen a kitty befur. We were movin’ right along when all of a sudden the car started beepin’ at us. I’s could feel mommy panic a little as she said, “Oh No. That’s our tire light. I sure hope we don’t get a flat tire. Let’s say a little prayer Raena.” Fur those of ya’ not furmiliar with where we live, we live in no man’s land. There’s nuffin’ but trees and a long stretch of lonliness ‘tween here and Ardmore. Fanky fanks, we made it home and had the tires checked befur even stoppin’ at the house. Mommy had done panicked fur nuffin’. Only one of the tires was low, and only by ‘bout 2 pounds. I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s don’t unnerstand any of that, but the tire guy said it wasn’t really anythin’ to worry ‘bout. ‘Pawrently tires lose air just cuz of the weather changes. 


 Raena looks at the mice and rats at petco

Those don’t look nuffin’ like da mouseys we have at home mommy.


          (Dezi looks down the hall from the bedroom door having not heard the lawn crew for a few minutes and meows) Me’s glad you and mommy had a fun day out Raena. Me was sure happy to see the treats ya’ll brought back. And even tho’ mommy had to find another dentist, we are really blest.


 Raena plays on cat scratchers at petco

Yep sissy, we are indeed. I’s glad you and mommy had fun too. I’s can’t wait to go again. I’s hear mommy has a ‘pointment next week with the new dentist. (Raena gets on the perch and looks out the door and meows to Dezi looking on from the bedroom door) Hey sissy, the lawn crew’s gone. Let’s finish brekky and go play.


Till the next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee     

Service Cats: Calming The Tiger in Your Aggressive Cat Part 3

Welcome, it’s time fur another Service Cat Monday posty. Fank you fur bearin’ with us last week durin’ our time off. Mommy’s not completely thru with lease re-cert stuffs, but she’s gettin’ there. Seems every time we turn ‘round, there’s somethin’ new or old bein’ thrown at us. And, we’ve got an inspection to purrpare fur this week on top of it. Anyways, that’s not what we’re here to meow ‘bout today. As always the followin’ will be writtten in human English fur reader and translator ease. We welcome any and all questions; just leave ‘em in the comments or send us an email. Purrlease be as specific as pawssible ifin you’re dealin’ with a purrticular issue. We want to offur the bestest advice and tips we can to help you and others. Our Trainin’ posts are not meant to be a step by step Trainin’ manual; but rather, Tips, Tricks and Techniques mommy has used/developed throughout her many years of trainin’ animals, cats in purrticular. Remember, Training never stops. it’s all ‘bout Repetition and Rewards. Ifin you’ve missed any of the posts in this series, you can ketch up by clickin’ the links at the end of this or any Service Cat Monday posty.


 Dezi laying in cat tree in new harness


We’ve been dealing with the issue of “Aggressive” kitties. Unfortunately, Aggression can be the result of so many different issues that we could write about it every day for a year and still not cover it all. However, the base of Aggression is one of three issues: Fear, Illness or what mommy calls Alpha Aggression. Alpha Aggression includes territorial issues and interactions between other dominant cats. In our last Service Cat post, we talked about catering to your Alpha Cat. We got a couple of questions asking what we mean by “catering”. The Alpha cat is always greeted first when coming home or walking into a room where your cats are present. The Alpha Cat should be fed first, get treats first, be brushed first, nails clipped first…You get the idea. Alpha means first/beginning, so the Alpha Cat should get all the firsts. It’s as simple as putting down the Alpha cat’s plate first or saying hello to them first, etc.. It doesn’t mean they get their food and eat and finish before anyone else. And remember, THERE ARE NO BAD CATS!!!


 Angry Tiger emoji


We’ve also covered Scent swapping, Site swapping (when dealing with kitties who are separated from others in a household), Confidence boosting and what drives the behaviors of house cats. Once you’ve ruled out any possible medical reasons for your cats’ behavior, then you need to figure our what’s behind the Aggression in order to treat it. We are all about feeding the strays and feral cats. However, if they are hanging around on your porch, in your backyard, or other areas that could be causing your house kitty to feel insecure or threatened, you need to feed them further away. It can be at the back of your property or a backyard shed. Just keep it off your porch if outside kitties are a problem for your house cat’s well being. As much as we love and pity the kitties who have to live outside, your house cat has to be the priority.



 Scared Cat emoji Scared white cat emoji



It’s always good to be aware of loud noises that may scare your kitty(s). Obviously you can’t do away with many of those noises, such as the carpet monster(vacuum), lawn equipment, car backfires, and so on; you can eliminate or at least quieten radios, t.v.’s, your voice, etc.. We have a pretty quiet house; and as a result, we get a little scared by loud excited commotion. When somebody comes over, mommy’s always reminding them to act and speak calmly with their inside voice. We may not be able to control the sonic booms, thunder, lawn crew, or the likes, but mommy can control our visitors; and so can you. Even if you think it’s a problem for only 1 cat in your home, it’s really a problem for all if them. Us kitties feed off the energy around us.


 Stressed out cat clip art

Back in the late 70’s early 80’s there was an idea floating around that you could send “psychic” messages to your kitties/animals even when you weren’t at home, to help ease their stress. The idea was to picture your kitty in your mind and say things like, “I love you”, “I’ll be home soon”, “you’re safe”, and so on. While mommy never bought into that idea, she does believe that we kitties/animals can feel your emotions when you’re dealing with us. Whether that emotion is positive or negative, we will react accordingly. When dealing with an “Aggressive” kitty, most of the time, you’re already expecting the worse case scenario when you try to introduce said cat to the other cats in your home. Part of helping your “Aggressive” kitty is getting control over your own pre-conceptions and fears.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Due to untimely deaths, mommy’s had a lot of experience introducing new kitties into the house. And because of sis Lexi’s early aggression issues, trust me, mommy had some fears. But, for the sake of all kitties involved, she couldn’t let that fear take control. Mommy believes part of her success in having smooth transitions is her positive , “there won’t be a problem” attitude. And of course, she also believes in the power of prayer. She suggests a little of that visualization to help yourself get past any fears you may have and to make sure you’re approaching the kitties with a positive attitude. Mommy says you need to expect the best instead of the worst when introducing an “Aggressive” kitty to the rest of the house. Be prepared to act swiftly, but expect the meeting to go well. We realize that sounds kind of silly, and is easier said than done, but, it really does work. Especially if you have followed the precursors of Scent and Site swapping and boosting the self confidence of all the kitties in your home.


Raena plays with the flying toy

I’s gonna ketch it this time sissy.

The best time to make introductions is after a good play session when all the kitties are tired and a little hungry, especially the more dominant kitties. A good introduction would include some major yummy treats for all kitties. Yes, even those on a diet. It’s necessary for all kitties to be involved in the introductions. If there’s been a problem between 2 specific cats, those introductions should be made separately. If you have a 3rd cat that’s kind of the peace maker, that kitty should be included in that introduction. They may be able to calm the other 2 and serve as a bridge for peace. In the end, a happy cohesive home is the goal. A place where all kitties own their space and co-exist peacefully. We can’t put a time limit on this because every cat is different. You know your cats and they’re yours for life, so take the time to do it right. Your rewards will be endless.



 Dezi and Raena bathe atop the Liberty cat tree


We’re gonna wrap this topic up fur now. We hope we’ve given ya’ some helpful tips to deal with “Aggression” and introductions of kitties. Ifin after readin’ these posts you still need help or would like us to expand on a specific training task, purrlease let us know. As we said earlier, we could cover this topic endlessly and still only scratch the surface. We weren’t given the specifics from any of those who originally asked about Aggression, so we’ve dealt with it in a broad manner trying to help as many as possible. We’ll be addressing a new issue next week, so purrlease come by and check it out. Submit any questions you have in the comments below or send us an email at or use the form on our “contact us” page. And don’t furget, you can ketch up on any Service Cat posty you may have missed by clickin’ the links below.



Till the next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle


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Blest Sunday: The Stabby Place Is Not…

Oh MeOW, what a week we had. Me really wants to fank all of you who worried ‘bout what was wrong with me at Raena’s Gotchaday pawrty. Me’s fine. Unfurtunately, it’s lease re-cert time and that means it’s also V-E-T checkup time fur me. Who knew? When mommy took sis Raena the day befur fur her Gotchaday surprises, she meowed all ‘bout the fun they had; and how they went to the Petco and Wally world to get us some special treats and toys. You know, a real fun mommy and me day out. So, when mommy said it was me’s turn fur a day out, me never guessed she meant we were goin’ to the stabby place. The stabby place is not a mommy and me event!!! Mommy and me days are s’posed to be all ‘bout the fun.


 Dezi sniffs tree ledge while Raena watches her


          I’s sorry you had to go to the stabby place sissy. I’s went with mommy to her dentist ‘pointment. That was no fun fur sure. But I’s’ll tell everypawdy ‘bout that later this week. I’s sure everypawdy wants to hear your mews today.


 Dezi on the floor at the vets

Hmmmmm Now how does me get all the way up there?


Yeah right. None of us really enjoy the stabby place Raena, so me’s sure everypawdy reeeeeally wants to hear all ‘bout it. Hmmmpht  At least it didn’t take long. Once we got there that is. What was up with you tryin’ to horn in on me’s day out with mommy?


 Dezi lays on counter at vet office

Guess it wasn’t as cool as it looked.


          Sorry sissy. I’s just didn’t wanna miss anythin’. Ya’ know, I’s do most of the goin’ these days, and when mommy got you all harnessed up and in the stroller, I’s was sure I’s was gonna be next. But, when mommy said I’s wasn’t goin’, it made me sad. So, I’s thought ifin I’s could somehow get in the stroller with ya’, she’d have to take me too. Who knew ya’ll were goin’ to the stabby place. I’s wouldn’t have tried so hard ifin I’s had known that.


 Dezi on the exam table at the vet

Me wonders ifin me could make dat jump.


Well, like me said, once there, it didn’t take long. Altho’ mommy did bring up me’s paw issue. See, there’s this place on me’s front ankles that sometimes feels really sharp and has actually cut mommy a time or two. ‘Course, me doesn’t mean to hurt her, but she never could figger out what it was cuz of all the fur; and, me doesn’t like anypawdy messin’ with me’s paws. So, she asked the V-E-T to take a look. It seems, me has an extra toe and small claw on both me’s front paws up ‘round me’s ankles. They’re useless cuz of where they’re located, but they’re there just the same. You’ll have to s’cuse the foto, it’s hard to see ‘em, but fur sure me has ‘em on both sides. They don’t seem to bother me most of the time. Occassionally mommy sees me bitin’ at ‘em with a vengeance, but most of the time, me doesn’t pay them any mind.


 Dezi's extra claw on ankle

You can barely see it, but me has an extra toe and claw at

the back of me’s paw. I’s have one on each front paw.


          I’s glad those extra claws don’t bother ya’ sissy. Do you reckon I’s have ‘em too?


 Dezi sits on exam table at vet office

He ain’t comin’ back right? We can leave now?


No Raena, me’s special that way. Anyways, me gained a little weight. As most of ya’ know, we eat the Primal Freeze dried noms and luv ‘em. Well, they recently added duck and rabbit fur us felines. You know we luv us some duck, and we luv the rabbit just as much. So, as soon as mommy got us some, we’ve been eatin’ like the queens we are. Ifin ya’ haven’t tried ‘em yet, you oughtta think ‘bout it. We’re not bein’ compensated fur this, we just thought ya’ might be innerested. Anyways, cuz of the new yummy noms, me’s gained a bit of weight since last year. But other than that, me’s a healthy girly; and even with the extra weight, me’s not overweight. And, we furinally got to go to the Petco.


 Dezi among the cat scratchers at petco


          Did you get to play on the cat scratchers too sissy? I’s thought that was great fun.


 Close up of Dezi among the cat scratchers at petco


Yeah Raena, me could still smell you from the day befur. We also met a lady who had just got her furst ever kitten. He was born in their barn and had a bad eye, so she decided to rescue him and take him in the house. Ya’ know, so he wouldn’t get eaten by some big purredator outside. She was plannin’ to have him declawed, so mommy made sure to ‘splain all ‘bout declawin’ and how to have a happy kitty with claws. We’ve got our paws crossed she took it to heart and doesn’t go thru with the declawin’.


          Oh sissy, I’s sure hope so. I’s can’t ‘magine not havin’ mine’s claws.


Me neither Raena, me neither. Befur mommy and me left town she took me to the Mickey D’s to get a bacon burger. You’ll never guess what happened. Can ya’ guess? No? We got a huge blessin’. Sure nuff, the car in front of us paid fur our order. Was that not the nicest thing ever?


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          That sure was a blessing sissy. Ya’ know, we are so very blest each and every day. Me’s Gotchaday pawrty was so much fun. And, it’s like, all our furiends came. I’s got purresents and green papers. Fanky fanks to Timmy, uncle Pete, Einstein, Fitz, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Buttons, awnty Vonda, and Erin and her peep.  And look’it all the pawsum cards I’s got. 


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         And click here to see the card Valentine sent me.





Yep Raena, we’re very blest. We better wrap this up and finish our brekky befur church.


Dezi and Raena bather atop the Liberty cat tree

          Okay sissy. Let’s not furget to link up fur Sunday selfies with the Kitties Blue furst. And while we’re fankin’, we’d like to say a meowsy big fanky fank ya’ to those angels from last year who helped us get the air conditioner workin’ in the car again. It’s gotten really hot here, and we really ‘purreciated that a/c when we were out with mommy fur our fun in the sun days. No pantin’ was done by either of us.



 Dezi in chair at the vet office


Fur sure Raena. The ride was nice and cool. We also wanna remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives. We are blest to have all of you in our lives. We’re blest to have a furever home where we’re luvved, adored and spoiled rotten. We could go on and on meowin’ ‘bout our blessings, but fur now, we’ll just say a meowsy big Fank you. And always ‘member, the stabby place is not a mommy and me event!!!  


Till the next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



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