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Dezi Really Loves the Phone

So meez told you ‘bout me alertin’ mommy afur she passes out and ‘bout me learnin’ da awrt of massage. And sumpawdy sent us an email and asked how long afur mommy passes out did me alert her. They was a little concerned ‘bout hers dwivin’. We must pawlogize cuz dat be sumfin’ we normally include when tellin’ ‘bout me but this time we just furgot. Me alerts ‘bout 20 – 30 minutes afur mommy passes out. Purrlenty of time fur her to get sum where to sit down or pull over ifin she’s actually dwivin’, so she can be safe. Mommy wuld never wanna be wespawnsible fur causin’ sumpawdy else to have to live like she duz. There awe days when mommy be passin’ out “more” than “normal” and on those days, she won’t dwive at all cuz she dusn’t twust hers selff. Since we be alone and don’t have anypawdy to help us, it’s necessary fur mommy to continue to drive. But twust me, mommy takes gweat care when she duz. So fanks fur askin’ and we hope we cleared dat up fur ya’. We also got an email askin’ ifin mommy had any fotos dat showed meez size compared to Lexi back then. Mommy be panicin’ cuz she can’t find our fotos. Back then weez only had a 35mm camewa so everyfin’ was purrinted and she hadn’t had a chance to get them all put onto da puter. So me knows what she’s gunna be duin’ this weekend. Anyways, here’s da only foto we did have on da puter to show a size comparison.


dw DnL wheelchair

Me was ’bout 8 weeks old here and had grown a bit fwum da time me had come to live wiff mommy and sissy.

As me stawrted gwoin’ and getting’ bigger and heavier mommy continued to teach me to push da fone buttons and meow at peeps on da udder end. PURRLEASE MEMBER it’s illegal to call 911 ifin yous not have an actual mergency. So ifin yous plan on twainin’ yous anipal to dial da fone…UNPLUG IT furst. Mommy also had to contact da fone company and fill out a cawd wiff instwuctions dat be attached to our nummer dat tells da 911 operator to send help ifin she/he gets a call fwum our nummer wiff kitties meowin’. You might check wiff yous fone company to see ifin they have sumfin’ similar. This applies to land lines only! Cell fones awe a whole diffewent “animal”. We don’t use a cell fone so weez not know da rules or purrcedures.

 dw DnLwheelchair2

All dat twainin’ wiff da fone made me weally like it. You can talk to peeps fwum anywhere. Is dat not amazin’? And me luvs carryin’ da fone to mommy. So much so dat in da beginnin’ me made a lot of oopsies. As soon as meez paws kuld push da buttons down me wuld answer da fone everytime it rang. Or at least twy to. Mommy got purretty quick at gwabbin’ it so me kuldn’t push da button. She sed there awe sum peeps dat need to leave messages and there awe sumtimes she dusn’t wanna talk on da fone. Me just kuldn’t unnewstand why she didn’t wanna talk everytime sumpawdy called. So much so dat everytime da fone rang and mommy wasn’t near it, me wuld gwab it and push da button and most of da time me wuld dwag it to wherever mommy was. Which leads me to todays stowry.

 dw DnLsleeping

Me was ‘bout 6 or 7 mumffs old and was able to push da buttons and dwag da fone. Mommy puts da belt loop holder on da handsets and me can gwab dat wiff meez mouff and carry it. Anyways this one afternoon we was all in da pawdee box room and mommy was…well you know, she was indisposed. And da fone stawrted ringin’. (There awe sum nummers dat mommy has assigned a specific ring to so she knows who be callin’ just by hearin’ da fone ring.) So mommy knew zactly who was callin’ when da fone stawrted up, and me headed fur it. And mommy stawrted to holler, “Dezi, leave the phone alone. Dezi!!! Don’t touch that phone!!! Dezi, don’t you dare push that button. No baby, leave the phone where it is.”

 dw DnL sink1

Well me kuld plainly see dat mommy kuldn’t get to da phone and so me weally did fink me was bein’ helpful. Me had alweady pushed da button so da purrson on da udder end kuld hear everyfin’ dat was goin’ on, and me was half way to mommy when she yelled one last time. “Dezi, Drop That Phone!!!” So me dwopped da fone wight there in da floor and headed back to da pawdee box room to be wiff mommy and sis Lexi. Mommy sez fankfully da purrson on da udder end hung up cuz it was our neighbor Mr. W. (sissy and me don’t weally like Mr. W so ifin hims had sed anyfin’ while me was carryin’ da fone me wuld have dwopped it to hiss at him.) MOL Mommy sed me still needed lots of twainin’, cuz me was posed to lissen and leave da fone alone ifin she told me too. Well, weez’ll see was meez answer to mommys more twainin’ statement. Me finks weez’ll wrap fur today and tell ya’ more next time.


dw-4009 Dezi PHfone

Not weally. Me nor sissy calls up da Pizza Hut. Me just wanted to make you all smile and have a good day.

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Till da next time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Shad: The First Service Kitty

Well definitions awe behind us now and weez movin’ on. Meez been thinkin’ long and hard ‘bout what stowry to tell next. And weez been readin’ da comments and me thought ‘bout it and decided we needed to stawrt at da beginin’. Back befur me and even sis Lexi. Back to a time when mommy furst had hers accident. Mommy. Lexi and me talked ‘bout it and decided you needed to unnerstand how it all began to unnerstand how we got to where we are now. Those of you who followed our bloggy back when we furst stawrted have already read this stowry, but we have lots of furiends now who wasn’t with us then so weez hope yous all enjoy da look back.


Lots of years ago afur mommy’s accident hers had a beautiful white Persian kitty named Shad. They were really close as they had been thru lots together. Mommy had gone back to school and her and Shad lived together alone. Then one day mommy had a car wreck dat left her disabled. Among many of hers purroblems, she passed out. Sometimes mommy would just lose consciousness outta da blue.  And then there was actions or surroundings dat could cause her to pass out. She always got a little warnin’, but it still happened. After passin’ out at school and in da shoppin’ center, mommy’s doctors stawrted talkin’ to hers bout lookin’ into a Service dog.


Mommy likes doggy’s fine but hers had a kitty cat and lived in a small pawrtment and couldn’t hardly afford to feed Shad and herself. Mommy just didn’t think a  doggy was very feasible fur her. So mommy just kept trudgin’ on and tryin’ to make it.  Now Shad had always been very clever, And back in those days fones wus big and had answerin’ machines dat recorded to a tape and played aloud fur everypawdy in da room to hear. When mommy wusn’t home and sumpawdy dat Shad knew would call, she’s would paw at da fone til she’s hit da speaker fone button and then try to talk to them. More than once mommy came home to half messages and da fone off da hook.  Mommy thought it wus cute so hers didn’t worry ’bout it too much specially since Shad only did it wiff people she knew.


SHAD, Mommy's Original Service Cat

SHAD, Mommy’s Original Service Cat

So one day mommy was makin’ some dinner and hers passed out and hit hers head on da corner of da desk. Mommy is very tall and da floor is a long way down.  MOL Anyway when mommy came too hers heard sumpawdy bangin’ on da door hollerin’… POLICE. Mommy got up and answered da door and there stood a very nice policeman askin’ ifin she’s was alright. Mommy told him hers was fine and asked why he was there?. He told mommy dat da police had received a 911 call from hers address. Mommy told him hers had been unconscious and she’s hadn’t called 911. He asked ifin anypawdy else coulda called, and mommy told him dat she’s lived alone. So hims called into dispatch and they told him dat all they heard was a cat meowin’ on da other end of da line. So he’s asked mommy ifin hers had a kitty cat and ifin was pawssible dat da kitty called 911. You’s know is a crime to call 911 ifin you’s don’t have an emergency. Mommy told him of course she had a cat but she didn’t see how Shad coulda called 911 cuz she hadn’t been trained fur anythin’ like dat. At da time mommy didn’t know anythin ’bout Service animals other than seein’ eye dogs herself. Hers doctors hadn’t been very specific ’bout what kinda help she was gunna get fwom a Service dog when they had suggested it. Da nice police officer came in and checked everyfin’ ovrw and then he left only to be called back out a few days later.


So dis time he asked mommy ifin they could try to recreate what happened. Cuz da 911 call had a kitty vewy frantically and loudly meowin’ into da fone and then da meowin’ wuld get faint and could barely be heard in da background. And then very loud again and then very faint. So mommy agreed to try to recreate it and da officer left after callin’ dispatch and tellin’ ’em what they were gunna do and settin’ up a small camera.  (mommy had no digital camera or video camera at da time) A little later da plan was set into motion. And mommy watched thru squinted eyes as Shad ran to da fone and pawed at it til she’s hit da speaker fone and got a dial tone. Then she would paw da numbers on da fone til a voice answered and said, “911 what is your emergency??” Shad would begin to meow and meow and then run to mommy meowin’ da whole time. Hers would paw mommy’s face and then run back to da fone and meow into da speaker and then run back to mommy again. She’s did dis 4 times and then laid down beside mommy and waited.

Crossing Over Shad - 2HEoW-14V - normal

Mommy never knew how Shad had figgered out what to do or even why, but dat was da beginin’ of mommy’s trainin’ and unnerstandin’ dat we kitties could be trained to do things other than not scratch da furniture. Shad went on to twain herself to do many more things fur mommy befur she went to heaven. And mommy has picked up where they left off and trained da kitties dat followed her includin’ sis Lexi and me. Mommy has always made certain she has a fone system in da house with a speaker fone and an answerin’ machine dat everypawdy in da room can hear. We cats awe naturally drawn to voices we recognize and it makes trainin’ much easier ifin your kitty be interested in da thing you want them to do.

 Corded landline cordless phone


Disclaimer: Kitties who train as service animals are not purrfurmin’ tricks. Our trainin’ stories awe not meant to be a compurrhensive trainin’ manual but rather excerpts fwom hours and months of trainin’ fur yous readin’ enjoyment. Ifin yous have specific questions regardin’ trainin’ yous can email us via our contact page and mommy will be happy to try to assist you. Purrlease stay tuned fur Service Animal trainin’ wiff Lexi and me.

 0dw Dezi in wheelchair1

Till da next time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


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