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Furbulous Furiday with Pudder

It’s another Furbulous Furiday and weez gunna be sharin’ another pawsumly adoptable kitty wiff ya’ today. It’s also Blog The Change day here in da Blogosphere. As wiff most of these things we see, mommy gets so busy makin’ notes to member we furget to grab da badge. But dat’s okay, we can still tell ya’ ‘bout it. Member meez challenge to you in meez New Year posty? Well weez been tryin’ to do dat ourselves this year by shariin’ kitties located in da Pauls Valley Oklahoma Animal Shelter. And of course we share all our furiends post wiff adoptable anipals. We have noticed more of our postys bein’ shared and we wanna fank you all from da bottom of our furry and human hearts. Now, let’s see who be visitin’ us today.

Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair

Well meowllo there Pudder. You sure are a beauty. Can you tell everypawdy a little about yourself? 

Pudder from the Pauls Valley Animal Shelter in Oklahoma

Pudder: Y thank you girls for featuring me. And thank you for the compliment. I’m a polite adult girl here at the Pauls Valley Animal Shelter in Oklahoma. The shelter peeps say I’m about 5 years old give or take. I’ve had all my shots and the white coat folks say I can’t have any babies, which is good, cuz there’s so many kitties needing homes without adding to that number. I’m a dilute Tortie with long silky furs. A little brushing goes a long way to keeping the mats out of my furs, and I love it. It’s a great time to bond with my human. I get along well with kitties, doggies and kids of all ages. I’m calm and submissive but don’t want to be bullied. I had a home once with a human who loved me very much; she even took me to the groomers. But because of something called money problems I ended up here. I don’t understand what happened or why my human gave me away, because I’m very sweet and have a lot of love to give. I’m ready to start over with a new purrson. Do you girls think there’s someone out there that wants to take me home and spoil me and love me forever? 


Yes Pudder we sure do. Thanks for stoppin’ by today. Sissy and me will be purrayin’ yous furever home comes soon. Pudder can be adopted fur a measly $50.00 to da right inside only home. You can find out more about her by callin’ da shelter at 405-238-1303. You know we can’t save them all, but ifin we can change da life fur one shelter kitty, we did good. Maybe you can’t adopt Pudder or any other anipal, but you can still be da change fur shelter anipals in your area. Volunteer, or check wiff your local shelter and/or rescue, they are always in need of supplies. Again me challenges you to be da change fur a shelter anipal today and everyday throughout this year. And fank you fur sharin’ Pudder and helpin’ to spread da word on this Furbulous Furiday. As we do every Furiday, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade.   

dw-DnL Blue-green frame - 2HEoW-1ho - normal


Till da next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi wiff guest Pudder      

A Fun Filled Furiday: Meet Kiki

Welkum to a furesh and fun filled Furiday. As purromissed me is gunna be featurin’ a pawsum and adoptable kitty; and showin’ off sum blooper fotos. Trust me we have a lot of those. MOL  We hope to find a lot of ya’ jumpin’ on this blog hop band wagon this year. Dusn’t it sound like a lot of fun? C’mon, surely you or yous peeps take sum blooper fotos. Even purrfessionals have bloopers. Me kuld guarantee ya’ they wuld ifin they was fotograffin’ me. Mommy sez meez a camera hog who luvs to be fotograffed. But cuz me luvs it, me likes to stop duin’ whatever was so cute and caused da camera to come out in da furst place and pose or smooch da camera. Me tries to tell her dat you never know who might be seein’ dat foto. It kuld be mr. right, or sum big Hollywood purrducer. MOL  

Dezi stands on back legs and catches the wand toy

Today can’t be all bloopers. MOL

Anyways, we wuld like to introduce you to Kiki. She’s a purretty little black panfur girl at da Pauls Valley, Oklahoma Animal Shelter.

Hey there Kiki, how ya’ duin’?

Kiki:  Meow girls, thanks for sharing me.  

You know Kiki us older gals gotta stick togevver.   

Can ya’ tell everypawdy a little about yous selff Kiki? 

Kiki:  Well Dezi, I’m a senior panther girl. I was born April 22 of 2000. I spent my life livin’ outside in a backyard. Now that I’m older I really do wanna live inside with a peep or peeps of my own. I’ve got some long white whiskers and the man in the white coat sed I didn’t have any diseases and can’t be havin’ any babies. I’m small and have big golden eyes. The peeps here at the shelter sed I can only be adopted to an inside only home. I’m sure happy about that. You know it gets cold outside and there’s lots of dangerous things in the dark. The shelter peeps are nice but I sure would like to have a home of my own with my own human to love. I know I’m getting’ on up there in years now and I’m not the sleek well kempt looker I used to be, but I still have a lot of love to give. And I really would like to be loved by somepawdy too. Girls, do ya’ reckon there’s somepawdy out there who could love me?  

Kiki the black cat

Kiki can be adopted from the Pauls Valley OK Animal Shelter.

Oh Kiki we just know there’s sumpawdy out there fur ya’. They just be waitin’ to take you home and spoil you rotten. Kiki can be adopted fur a mere $50.00. And you can find out more bout her and how to go ‘bout welkummin’ her into yous home by contactin’ da shelter at: 405-238-1303. You know in da rescue world little Kiki already has 2 strikes agsinst her; She’s black and a senior. But bein’ da savvy cats we are, we know there are lots of pawsum peeps dat wuld luv to have a little panfur girl fur their very own. Me and sissy sure hope she finds her furever soon. We hope you all will share and purray wiff us fur Kiki’s furever.


Now on wiff da bloopers hosted by da Lazy Pitbull. And as always, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade. Me has to go now and make sum more blooper fotos. Sis Lexi and mommy be goin’ to da VET today, so keep ‘em in yous purrayers and weez’ll visit as soon as we can. 

Me was on da move and big ole blur. MOL

Me was on da move and big ole blur. MOL

Sis Lexi foto bombed me

Sis Lexi foto bombed me


Dezi = Blue 

Lexi = Green 

Kiki = Orange


Till da next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Late Again

Well mommy, meez typist got to playin’ wound wiff ow new iPad last night and didn’t help me write a posty at all. Me has no idea what she musta been finkin’. Anyways weez here now. Da mewsletter we write fur is comin’ out soon, but ow latest awicle has alweady gone live. You can read it here. And ifin yous not yet subscwibed, whatcha’ waitin’ fur? There’s so much goin’ on there’s a little sumfin’ fur everypawdy. Da writin’ contest ends tomowwo so ifin yous haven’t gotten yous story or poem in, yous got a foo hours left to send it. You can read da details here. And good luck to all those hoo entered. Weez hear da purrize is pawsum. Miss Pauline is even offewin’ a furee cwitique ifin yous ask.  So let da writer or poet in you shine.


We had plans a while back to hav an adopt a kitty posty, and work wiff a rescue or shelter in ow awea. And by awea we meant sumwhere wiffin da 6 states dat surround us (Oklahoma). But fings didn’t quite go as planned, so after mullin’ it over a while we decided to ask ifin there wuz any rescues dat wanted to work wiff us. We don’t hav a huge blog followin’, at least not yet, but we do luv to help udders. After all just cuz we be purebreds dusn’t mean we didn’t need rescuin’. Weez told ow rescue stories afur and so you know dat boff sis Lexi and me wuz bound fur certain death ifin not fur mommy. And in meez case a pawsum rescue gwoup. So ifin yous wuld like to work wiff us to get yous adoptable kitties (adults, seniors or babies) featured purrlease send us an email. You can use da form by clickin’ on our contact page. And member to adopt and spay/neuter. Those 2 fings save lives. 

Now we read sumwhere on one of yous bloggys last night (when mommy wuz half asleep) ‘bout a week of givin’ fanks, and a blog hop fur it. Altho’ at da moment mommys’ bwains awe still fwied and she can’t member where we came acwoss it. But you all know how much we like givin’ fanks. So even tho’ we awent’t joinin’ up wiff da blog hop we fawt we wuld give fanks anyways. And da first Fanks weez gunna list is of course ow mommy. Cuz wiffout her neever Lexi or me wuld be here now to share your ups and downs and daily adventures. Dat bein’ sed, we awe so fankful fur all of you. We never knew there wuz so many wunnerful peeps and anipals out there. What gweat furiends you all awe. We luv you all very much. 

 Dezi THANKSGIVING - 2HEoW-1cT - normal

We hav so many udder fings to be fankful fur so we will be sharin’ more wiff you in ow nex posty. And hold on cuz Fanksgivin’ is just 3 days away. Smile OMC gotta run and hiss at da doggy dat just peed on ow twee. MOL

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

We Are Afraid!!!

Well me suwe hopes you all had a gweat weekend. After this short update da west of meez posty will be hooman speak as we awe gunna do one of those impurrtant educational postys. We had a vewy fwuitful (as mommy calls it) weekend. Mommy got a lot mowe unpacked but still has a way to go. Da movers put stuff fwum all ovew da house in evewy box so mommy spends a lot of time walkin’ back and forff dat kuld be spent unpackin’. So hers still not fwu, but hopes to be by da time da fwidge gets here on Wednesday. Now dat wuz a little update ‘bout what be goin’ on and now meez gunna move on to meez post topic. 

04 Calendar Dezi

It is October, which of course you all know, and that means halloween. As you all know black cats have a bad reputaion. Even more so than perhaps the pit bull. Black cats have been called evil, bad luck and witches familiars among others. And even in this day and time there are still people who believe this nonsense. Black cats are the least adoptable cat in shelters. there are rescues who refuse to take them in because they know the likelihood of a quick adoption is very low. Although a black cat with any other color at all doesn’t have the same stigma. For instance the tuxedo pattern. A black cat with white markings. So why then is an all black cat thought to be so bad? The reality is that most black cats are extremely intelligent and loving. They make great pets. We are featurin’ a few here today that are up for adoption to real and lovin’ forever homes.

This is Chevelle:
This is Chevelle:

But it does get worse. Crimes are committed against black cats more often at this time of year. Torture and death are not uncommon. And all because black cats are thought to be mysterious and throwaways. But black cats aren’t the only ones. White cats are sought this time of year as they are seen as symbols of purity in animal sacrifices. Lots of shelters have implemented policies that ban adoptions of black and solid white cats during the halloween season. Thus making these abusers have to look elsewhere for their victims. And so they start combing neighborhoods for pets that are aloud outdoors or strays that have no home. Are you angry yet? Because we are. 

This is Halo:
This is Halo:

Mommy says that when she looks at us she can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt us or our kin. But those people do exist. Let me tell you, we feel, we have senses, we love and trust. And when we are abused we know it, WE FEEL IT, and WE ARE AFRAID!!! We don’t want to be hurt and we for sure don’t want to die a horrible death alone without love. PLEASE, any of you that allow your cats outside, PLEASE keep them inside. Especially during this time of year. As these people will take any cat or animal for that matter, not just black or white cats. If you have strays in your area please do what you can to help them. Maybe they could stay in your garage for the week surrounding halloween, or even call the local rescues or shelter. As bad as it sounds, a humane death is preferable to the torture we would face at the hands of these abusers.

This booty has no name yet.
This booty has no name yet.

We don’t like to write da sad posts and bad news posts, but sumtimes there’s just no escapin’ it. Sumtimes da news is bad or even sad. We know a lot of you love this time of year as we awe seein’ on yous blogs, but wemember to purrtect yous furbabies. Mommy sez abuse and animal cwuelty happens all da time, but is faw mowe purrevalent duwin’ this time of year. And da laws in da U.S. awe so minimal fur animal abuse and cwuelty dat it’s almost like there is no law. But you can all help. We need to continue to educate da public ‘bout da wunnewfulness of black cats. And dat they not be bad luck or evil or any udder bad fing. Underneaff all dat black fur awe veins dat bleed red and a heart dat beats da same as any udder. And a motow box dat just wants sumpawdy to purr fur and luv and call their vewy own.

This is Shade:
This is Shade:

Weez wuld also like to fank Savannah ow gawjus black kitty furiend and hers bootyful black susfur Sage and their mommy Ms. Linda fur sponsowin’ da fundraiser fur us. Ifin yous wuld like to check it out yous can do so here. Weez twuly purreciate all of yous support and donations. Weez awe so vewy gwateful fur yous furiendship and purrayers also. Da luv and support weez hav weceived has been amazin’ and weez hav been so humbled by it all. Fank you.

Till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

It’s A Jelly Bean Furiday

WooHoo It’s Finally Furiday!!! Lot’s of ya’ hav asked why weez not been talkin’ ‘bout da old/new pawtment and all da new stuffs. Well, let me tell ya’ why. A foo days ago weez asked what fotos yous all wuz innewested in seein’, and most of ya’ wanna see da whole pawtment. See da fing is, weez had planned to show ya’ da whole pawtment specially since ya’ kinda alweady saw it when weez posted da fotos of da mess da movers left us wiff. But weez wanna show it off when it looks good. So, yous all gunna just have to wait till mommy gets da boxes put away. Weez not slobs after all and so weez wuld rather show yous a nice pawtment where yous can see evewything. And yous know da veep ordered mommys new fwidge when hers told hims dat they put a smaller one in here, and it wusn’t sumfin’ dat kuld ship out wight away, so weez still don’t hav it yet. It’ll be here by da 8ff of this mumff. So once evewyfin’ gets here and mommy gets us all togedder again, yous will get to see evewyfin’. Okay? Do weez hav a deal? Good. Smile 

 0dw Dezi and nip nanana

Now me weally weally wanted to shawe an adoptable kitty wiff yous all this week but fings didn’t quite work out like meez planned, so me went to sum of sis Lexi’s old pals and told ‘em me wanted to shawe  a bootyful kitty and so here she is. Her name be Jelly Bean. She’s still yung and very sweet and cuddly and vewy twustin’ of hoomans. Weez not know zackly what happened to hers eye. Da vet wemoved it because it had been injured by a pawssible kick fwum a nasty hooman hoo also cut off pawt of hers tail. And yet she still luvs to be petted and luved on by hoomans. So twustin’ still. And yous know it won’t get hers down. Weez hav a furiend dat can’t see nuffin’ at all, and hims has a pawsum life. So me just knows dat Jelly Bean wuld fill yous home wiff so much luv and sunshine yous wuld nevew notice hers missin’ eye or tail. And just look at hers bootyful coat. Isn’t dat spectaculaw? Hers da colow of fall. So this is da purrfect time to adopt hers and giv hers dat purrfect furever home. Hers be located in Tulsa Oklahoma. She is stayin’ at da vets office as there be no room in da foster homes. Hers rescuers awe da Pet Adoption Legue of Tulsa OK which be a 501c3 rescue. Ifin yous innewested in Jelly Bean or any pets they might hav, yous can check out their website and find all da contact infurmation yous wuld need here. Fanks fur shawin’ hers and weez be purrayin’ she gets da purrfect furevew home soon.


 Will you please love me and give me a home? I

Promise to be good and give you all my love.

Weez also wanna take a minute to fank Savannah and hers mommy Miss Linda fur puttin’ up a fundwaiser to help us out aftew da floods here. Weez sent Miss Linda a little note fur an update yesfurday so whedder yous been to da fundraiser alweady or not, purrlease go by and check it out here in da nex day or 2. Be suwe and giv Miss Linda enuff time to get da update posted. And weez wanna send out a meowsy big fank yous to ow sweet furiends, Tucker, Mouse and Dot fur donatin’. And weez wanna say fank you to all of yous. Weez kuldn’t hav magined da luv and support weez wuld weceive. Weez awe so honored and blest to hav yous all in ow lives.

And just wait’ll ya’ hear da news weez  got fur ow nex posty. Weez got so many supwises comin’ up fur yous all dat it’s makin’ ow tails spin. But mommy sed weez gotta keep sum of them secwets a bit longer. Who me?  And as always on Furiday weez be joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade Blog Hop. And me furgot so me made mommy edit and add me to Savannah‘s Paw it Forward Blog Hop. Hers mommy’s gunna be payin’ $.50cents fur evewy comment on this posty and a whole dollaw ifin yous comment on hers blog this link takes ya’ too. So purrlease evewypawdy dat comes here today, leave comments. And shawe Jelly Bean too. Fanks.


So, Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


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