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Chatting Cats: Getting Old’s No Fun At All

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. It’s gonna be one of those days. Mommy’s not yet finished her furst cup of coffee and she’s already yellin’ at her new smarty pants fone. I’s not sure who Okay Google is, but accordin’ to mommy she’s a bossy idiot.


Dezi stretches while looking at Raena laying on the heated cat mat




          RaenaBelle!!! Me thinks you’re usin’ the idiot word too much these days. It’s just not nice. 


But sissy, that’s what mommy said. She told her she didn’t wanna go that way to the dentist this time, she wanted to go thru Ardmore. And all that Okay Google could say is “hmmmmm I don’t know how to help you with that.” Mommy’s been screamin’ at her to quit redirectin’ the directions to the quickest route. Ya’ know, mommy wants to take a safer route today, but she needs that silly fone fur directions. (Raena shakes her head)


Dezi and Raena together




          Well Raena, ya’ know mommy’s eyes aren’t what they used to be and it’s hard fur her to see the writin’ on the maps. Me knows she was lookin’ at the atlas last night and mumblin’ ‘bout the tiny purrint and gettin’ old. 


Well sissy, sounds like we need to learn how to read a map so we can give mommy directions. 


          Sure Raena, me will put that right up there with make mommy a cup of coffee. We kitties can’t read the map any more than mommy can. Besides, me heard mommy say that she’d just go to Ardmore and then ask the silly smarty pants fone fur directions.


Raena lays atop the liberty cat tree




Sounds like mommy’s outsmarted the smarty pants fone to me, sissy. I’s knew our mommy was smart. Meowin’ of dentists, fanky fankfully, we got our money back from Aspen Dental over the weekend so mommy can pay the new dentist today. I’s so glad we don’t have to deal with those peeps anymore.


          Me too Raena. Mommy used to get so stressed befur her ‘pointments that she almost made herself sick. Meowin’ of ‘pointments, did you see the card me got from the V-E-T? They actually wanted me to tell mommy to call them to schedule a ‘pointment fur them to stab and manhandle me. Hmmmpht  Like that’s gonna happen. What self respectin’ kitty in their right mind would willingly tell their human to take them to the V-E-T? Not this one me tells ya’. Nope, no way. 


Raena looks over her shoulder while standing on the table at the vet's office

What are you lookin’ at? Don’t you be gettin’ any

ideas ’bout pokin’ me with that.




Well, good luck with that one sissy; I’s think mommy already saw the card. Besides, why would you think you could get outta goin’ when I’s had to go the day befur mine’s Gotchaday?


          But Raena, you didn’t get poked and jabbed on your visit. They wanna do all kinds of unmeowable things to me. It’s just not fair, me tells ya’, not fair at all. Every year they think they oughtta jab me with their huge needles. 


Raena sits in stroller at the vet's office

I’s feelin’ all better mommy, let’s go home.




Every year sissy? Does that mean I’s gonna have to go back too? They already tried to kill me the other day. I’s know they’re plannin’ and plottin’ mine’s demise. The kitties in the waitin’ room when we left told me so. Their names were Thelma and Louise. I’s told ‘em to run fur their lives when their carrier doors opened. I’s told ‘em not to stop fur the bonito flakes we left on the table. I’s sure hope they got out okay. They reminded me of your pawsum sis Lexi. They were big ol black tabby kitty girls…and I’s do mean big.


Dezi atop the cat tree looking down




          Really Raena? Me hopes they got away too. Ya’ know, we oughtta check fur some new hidin’ spots so mommy won’t be able to find us to take us to the ol stabby place. Me saw you watchin’ mommy drag stuffs outta the furbidden room (closet), did she make enuff room fur us to get in and hide? 


Raena lays on the bed on jeans

It sure looks like fun in there mommy. Where’d you get all that stuffs?




I’s don’t think so sissy. Who knew mommy had that many clothes?. I’s never seen her wear any of ‘em befur?. 


          Yeah Raena, it’s been a while. Those are mommy’s dressy clothes that she only wears fur special occasions. She hasn’t had much cause to wear ‘em in quite some time. Me does ‘member a time when she’d shimmy and shake into somethin’ called panty hose and shapers and then pull out somethin’ really nice from the furbidden room. Since we go to church at home now, mommy says she doesn’t need to wear the hose and shapers anymore. Truth be told, me doesn’t think they’d fit. MOL 


Ooooh Sissy, you better not let mommy hear you meow that. I’s think that might hurt her feelings. 


Dezi looks at camera while sitting on cat scratcher





          Sometimes the truth hurts, Raena. You know mommy says we should always tell the truth, even ifin it’s not necessarily nice.


Uh, Mommy also says ifin ya’ can’t say somethin’ nice then don’t say anythin’ at all. I’s purretty sure implyin’ mommy’s fat would fall unner that category. 


          Fat? Me didn’t call mommy fat, you did and me’s tellin’. MOL You’re in trouble now. (Dezi runs to mommy laughing all the way


Dezi, watches RAena walk off the Liberty cat tree




(Raena runs after Dezi meowing) Wait!!! Sissy, I’s didn’t call mommy fat, you did. I’s can run faster than you. Besides, I’s the baby, who do you think mommy’s gonna believe? I’s gotta hurry and finish mine’s brekky so we can get ready to go to Tishomingo today. Fanky fankfully, it’s not s’posed to storm today. Maybe we can stop fur some special treats. Ifin you don’t tell mommy, I’s’ll bring you somethin’ back?. 


Till the next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Miserable Monday’s Pet Health Month

dw-Dezi Miserablemondayed (635x640)


Mommy why do we all hate Mondays so? 

What are you talking about baby?

Well, You know every Monday when you open da front door you always say, it’s another miserable Monday.

Oh Dezi, that’s just a figure of speech. But Monday does represent the beginning of the work week for a lot of people. After having a couple of days to lounge around or sleep in; they’ve got to get up early and get back to work. For us it used to mean that we were going to have to deal with the manager harassing us after having a few days of peace while the office was closed. But since our apartment was flooded and remodeled she hasn’t really done too much of that. The only time we really have to deal with her now is the monthly inspections, lease renewal, and when something breaks.

Is dat why you’ve been followin’ sis Lexi round wiff a piddle pad; cuz we have a ‘spection comin’ up? (mommy laughs) 

Well sort of sweety. But I also don’t want to have to clean up a mess if I can avoid it. But thanks to the prayers of everybody she’s feeling much better today.

Me hopes she keeps feelin’ better too mommy. This is National Pet Health month and me likes it a lot better when sissy be healthy.

Me too honey. I prefer it when you both are healthy. That’s why even tho’ y’all don’t like it we have to see the VET at least once a year. Whether people believe in vaccinating every year or not, we need to make sure that you and all the other anipals are otherwise healthy. Catching illnesses and diseases early means we have more treatment options and sometimes even cures.

Like when me got sick wiff da pee purroblems? 

Yes Dezi, like when you got sick. A few changes to your diet and environment and now you’re all better. And even tho’ we can’t cure sis Lexi’s kidney disease, we can treat her and make her more comfortable. And when secondary issues occur we can treat and most of the time cure those. You know I want you girls to be around for a very long time.

And we wanna be round fur a very long time too mommy. So as much as kitties hate goin’ to da VET it’s really purrtant to have dat annual check up. Da VET shuld check our weight and general appearance to make sure we’s not over or unner weight and dat our furs be lookin’ good. They shuld check our heart and respiratory rates wiff dat funny microfone dat they put in their ears. An adult kitties heart rate shuld be ‘tween 145 and 200 beats per minute and we shuld be breathin’ 20 to 40 times a minute. Baby kittens will be a little higher, but those nummers are da norm. Da VET shuld also talk to our humans ‘bout parasite control. You know fleas, worms, ear mites and da like. Fur those of us in da South, flea treatment is usually a year round thing. And yep, even inside only kitties need to be treated. Those nasty fleas can hitch a ride on you humans and once you get an infestation, they be hard to get rid of. Not impawssible, but hard.


Me luvs to go fur strolls, but not to da VET

Me luvs to go fur strolls, but not to da VET

Da VET shuld also ask ‘bout behavior issues. This is really purrtant fur kitties since we offen hide our illnesses and our behavior can offen give away dat sumfin’ be wrong. And then of course da VET shuld always look in our mouths to check our teefies and breath. You know they don’t make falsies fur us anipals so da teefs we have in our mouths now have to last us a lifetime. And our breath can also signal illnesses. Course it can also tell da VET you eat too much fish. MOL  And of course fur da older kitties, a blood panel and other tests may be needed. You wanna be as healthy as pawssible in your twilight years. We be livin’ longer these days. And cuz of dat it’s really purrtant to take care of da body you have. And da VET is one tool in da bag dat be a necessity. Quality food and a happy environment are also very purrtant to keep da anipals in your life healthy.

I'z wiff Dezi. Strollz are grayt, but not da onez dat end at da VETz

I’z wiff Dezi. Strollz are grayt, but not da onez dat end at da VETz

Dat’s enuff talk of da VET fur today. Mommy has to get ready fur da ‘spection we have comin’ up so we’s a little behind at da moment, but we plan on getting’ caught up wiff our visits this week. In da meantime, we hope you all have a pawsum miserable Monday. Me’s gunna join sissy fur a little mid day nap while mommy runs da carpet monster.


Do you do anything special to keep your anipals healthy?


Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

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