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Blest Sunday Mewsings

Well here we are with another Blest Sunday and me has purrlenty to mew about. Furst up of course are the blessings. We are blest indeed. Me overcame me’s fears this past week and returned to accompanying mommy on her outings. Not that we actually go out that much, but still, to be a good Service cat me must be able to go with mommy when she needs me. And strollin’ is so much fun.

Dezi: Look at what I did to the cat bed. They don't make them like they used to

We also got da most beautiful keepsake urn necklace this week from some of me’s cat scout furmily. It’s a way fur mommy to keep sis Lexi just a little closer; and we love it. A lot of you asked how the Quest went last weekend, so me wanted to give you an update. Me’s patrol, Wally’s Warriors, won da knowledge bowl fur da second year in a row. And we got to our campgrounds befur all da other patrols. Now let me explain how scouts breaks down. We are all pawrt of a big group dat makes up cat scouts. We then choose a patrol to join fur things like quests and jamborees and such so we can have friendly competition between each other. Some patrols are more active than others and hold seperate birthday parties and dinners and such fur their members, but we all come together to celebrate holidays and birthdays and the like. Ifin you’re still on da fence then hop on off and over and join up.

Emerald kitty keepsake naecklace urn

In other news, those of ya’ that have been followin’ me’s blog fur a while have purrobably noticed some subtle changes to me’s mews. Fur those of ya’ dat be new, let me give you a little background to ketch you up. We started out in social media because mommy thought sis Lexi had a story to tell and we wanted to raise awareness to da fact that animals other than seeing eye and search and rescue dogs could be Service animals. Naturally sissy did da talking/mewing, and she did so in kitty speak. Yes, there were a few peeps that had a little trouble understanding her, but fur da most pawrt peeps took to her really well. So when me finally got da chance to say something me used me’s own voice too. Now when we started da bloggy we decided dat altho we would continue me’s voice, we would make it a little easier to understand than sis Lexi’s Texas drawl kitty speak. That means a fur here and a paw there as pawrt of words and a few da’s and dat’s fur the and that. Course, we are from da South so there’s a lot of ing’s dat end up as in’ (s); and dat has nothing to do with kitty speak, it’s jsut da way folks here talk. We even put up a cat speak dictionary.

Dezi: I do love boxes

Rarely do we get a complaint. But as you know we do da occasional review and would love to do more. Of course mommy always offurs to do our reviews in regular English or our traditional “cat speak”. And most of our educational posty’s are in English, least da educational pawrt. Anyways, BlogPaws, da group dat is supposed to bring bloggers and brands together recently wrote a post dat said brands don’t really want to work with a blog that uses cat speak, or animal speak of any kind. And dat ifin ya’ wanted to get paid or win writing awards you would have to use correct English. So naturally we’ve been mullin’ dat over ’round here cuz we would like to make a few dollars fur some extra noms or da occasional toy, and bein’ competitive in nature we would love to be recognized fur our writing effurts. But da more we mulled, da more we came to da same conclusion…Be True To Yourself. We have to remain true to who we are. Mommy and me and me’s soon to be new sisfur are Southern Belles with a bit of a maverick spirit. We want our readers to be able to read our posts and we want to appeal to the brands, but we ain’t changin’ who we are to do those things. How could you trust a word we said ifin we did that? We worked hard to build up a trust with you so that when we do bring you a product you can rely on da fact dat no amount of money swayed our opinion. We believe in telling it like it is and bein’ ourselves while doin’ it.

Dezi on scratcher: Yep da cat bed would probably be more comfortable, but I'm a cat

So goin’ furward, you can expect more of da same. While we are tryin’ to make sure you can read da posts we write, me will always mew in me’s own unique voice. And ifin we bring you products, you can count on da fact dat we’s still tellin’ it like it is. Ifin da big companies don’t wanna work with us…dat’s okay. We’d rather be ourselves than sell out.

Dezi: I'm just going to lay here and have a little bath

Now me bets you’re thinkin’ what in da world does that have to do with blessings right? Well, God made us all different. He didn’t make any mistakes and when you can accept who you are and love yourself, you are blest. And when you have furiends dat love you fur who you are, you are doubly blest. So yep, we are so blest we’re burstin’ at da seams here. How ’bout you? Take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life.  

Do you think me’s posts are easier to read lately?

Are there words you have trouble with?  

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!    


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Blest Sunday

Meowllo everypawdy!!! It’s Blest Sunday, our favowit posty. And OMC awe we ever blest. We have a lot of good fings comin’ up fur da bloggy and fur all of you. We can’t tell ya’ yet, so be lookin’. We stawrted out yesfurday wiff da bootyful sunshine and a little wind. Typical wedder of this time of year. Afur da day was over, da skies turned black and opened up and we had funner and lightnin’ and rain. Yep, more rain, we had a lot of it. Da stowrm kept knockin’ us off da puter. But it did let up long enuff fur me to head over to Cat Scouts fur da purrmotion ceremonies. We had a lot of gweat kitties get purrmoted. Me was so purroud of all meez fellow scouts and furiends. And then meez name was called. Me was purrmoted to da rank of LION. Wow can you believe it? Little ole me is a Lion. WooHoo Course dat means a lot more wesponsibility on meez shoulders. Me has to be a good example to da kit scouts and all da udder scouts as well. But me finks meez up to da task.


See us scouts look out fur one anudder and help each udder when we can, in any way we can. Sumtimes all me can do to help is to cheer anudder scout on. But sumtimes dat’s all they need. Weez have a lot of activities at Cat Scouts to help us rise in rank. And we have sum activities dat allow us to help udders who be less furtunate than us. We have a service purroject where we send cawds to peeps dat be in nursin’ homes and da like. Meez only been able to do dat once so faw, but me hopes to do it more in da future. We also have a lot of fun. We celebwate Meowdays every mumff wiff a pawrty, we take twips to faw away places, and we have adventures galore. So what awe you waitin’ on, you know you wanna join. Paw wight here to be twansported to da Cat Scouts site and get yous selff signed up. Today be flag day, so weez all celebwatin’ wiff pawsum fotos. And me bets there’ll be sum gweat noms wound da campfire. Me hasn’t had a chance to get meez new badge put on meez unifurm yet, but me can’t wait.


And we awe so blest to have bwought back all those wunnewful Weruva noms fwum BlogPaws. We haven’t opened a can or pouch yet dat sissy hasn’t luvved. And quite furankly mommy luvs ‘em too. They be good fur Lexi and just outwight good. Da food inside da cans and packets looks just like stuff she wuld put on hers plate. Weez hopin’ to work out a little sumpin’ sumpin’ wiff ‘em fur all of you too. Weez keepin’ our paws cwossed on dat one.

 dw Lexi flag2

Anyways, weez also showin’ off sum selfies today and joinin’ up wiff or furiends over at The Cat On My Head. fur their Sunday Selfie blog hop. So weez cuttin’ in short today so we can go enjoy sum of our blessings. Member, you awe blest and we luv each and every one of you and awe so gwateful yous in our lives.

 Dezi American Flag! - 2HEoW-1fs - normal

Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi


Perfect Portions

Happy Caturday to you all. Weez got sunshine and wind, and…a FLASH FLOOD Warnin’. OMC Can yous believe it? And here we fawt da rain was gone fur da summer. MOL Summer in da Souff means unexpected wedder changes tho’ so weez just gunna enjoy da sun while it be here. Course weez been readin’ sum of our furiends posties fwum udder places and they be havin’ un-seasonal wedder too. So whose to say what be normal anymore. Anyways, enuff ‘bout da wedder weez got a yummy to share wiff ya’ today.


Wha’cha’ got there mommy?

You know we luv our Chewy and we just got our auto-delivery fwum them a kupple days ago, so we have a gweat box fur boxin’ day. And we got our review box fur da mumff too. Yep 2 boxes at one time. You know how much us kitties luv boxes. Anyways weez gunna be tellin’ ya’ ‘bout da Nutro Perfect Portions today. Nutro be pawt of da Mars Pet Furmily. We met a lot of da Mars peeps at BlogPaws and got sum samples too. Mommy even got a teeshirt. These Perfect Portions meals are da size of one of da small cans they just be divided into separate containers so dat yous not have to put any in da fwidge ifin yous kitty not be able to eat da whole 3 ounces at one time. You can give one Perfect Portion and when kitty finishes and wants more you can give da udder half and it’s still furesh cuz it’s never been opened.

dw 4277

Come on mommy, open it up and letz see what weez got.

This is weally nice fur sissy wight now cuz hers been eatin’ gweat since BlogPaws, but it takes her a little longer to eat now. Sissy will eat ‘bout da whole 1.3 ounces and then take a bweak and get a dwink of water or go to da pawdee box and take a 30 minute nap and then she’s back wantin’ more. Course this makes mommy and me happy campers (weez not campin’ so don’t know why we say dat, but…) and mommy gladly gives hers more. So, what about these Nutro Perfect Portions? Duz sissy like ‘em? Duz me like ‘em? And is mommy happy wiff ‘em? And just what be in ‘em? Those awe all da fings yous wantin’ to know huh?


Well let me tell ya’. We got da Nutro Perfect Portions Turkey Recipe Dinner. They come in 8 different flavors/meats, and mommy chose da turkey lurkey fur us to twy. But you can also get: Salmon and chicken, chicken and liver, turkey and liver, chicken, liver and shrimp, salmon and tuna, chicken and shrimp and just chicken. They come in a case of 24 2.65 ounces fur $31.99. So what is in the package? Well it’s a pate style wiff:


Kin I’z habz one now mommy? Lookz purretty good.

Turkey, Turkey Broth, Chicken Liver, Pork Broth, Natural Flavors, Guar Gum, Minerals (Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Copper Sulfate), Sodium Phosphate, Fish Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Vitamins (Choline Chloride, Thiamine Mononitrate [Vitamin B1], Vitamin E Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride [Vitamin B6], Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex), Salt, Taurine.


Notice there be NO carageenan. You hoomans awe weally concerned ‘bout dat and so is mommy, so we was weally glad to see it had been excluded. And mommy likes dat da top ingwedients awe da meats. Dat means most of what’s in there be meat fur hers little carnivores. So mommy’s purretty happy wiff ‘em, and dat means dat kitty might not be. You know da ole it’s good fur ya’ so we don’t want it fing? So fingers cwossed mommy gave us each our own side of da Perfect Portion and stood back. Was this gunna be a winner or not.


Yep, sissy went to town and ate all hers side and wanted more. WooHoo All paws up fwum Lexi and a happy mommy. Next was to see how me liked it. Well me went in to smell da blob on meez plate and…me walked away. Me dusn’t weally like da pate’s so mommy wasn’t like shocked dat me didn’t wanna eat it, but she had hoped me wuld at least twy it. So she doctored it a bit wiff sum nip and…No joy, me walked away again. So paws down fwum me. But mommy sez dat’s okay havin’ sumfin’ good fur Lexi dat she will eat and enjoy is enuff to counter meez down paws. Now what about dat guaranteed analysis? Is it good fur sissy to eat wiff hers CKD?


Well da phosphorous not be listed on da chewy website or da Nutro web site, so mommy picked up da fone and gave ’em a call. She spoke wiff a very nice and knowledgeable Michael and he was more than happy to answer any of mommys questions. Hims did sum calculatin’ and gave mommy da DMA (dry matter analysis) of all da Perfect Portions meals. And da turkey we had has a DMA phosphorous of 14.5% or .65. So dat’s better than good fur sissy. And all da Puerfect Portions have similar nummers, so any of them wuld be okay to put on a plate fur Lexi. So 2 fumms up fwum mommy too. So you can head on over to Chewy wight now and gwab you a case. And member, yous not stuck wiff a case of noms ifin yous furry dusn’t like it. Chewy offers a 100% money back guarantee. And they have da bestest customer service agents ever, dat be available 24/7/365. And while yous there check out all da udder pawsum fings Chewy carries. Member they have a flat rate shippin’ chawge of $4.95 or furee ifin yous order is $49.00 or more. And they ship wiff Fed Ex, so yous get it weally fast; even on Caturdays. and speakin’ of Caturday, meez also joinin’ Athena fur Caturday Art.

dw Dezi wax stamp1SP

Me had to make a little Caturday awt foto.

Till da next time……………………..Be Blest!!!



Disclaimer: We received a case of the Nutro Perfect Portions fur furee to twy and give our honest opinion of. We didn’t weceive and gween papers and nopawdy but us be responsible fur our opinions. They not be fur sale. We only bwing you fings we use or have twied ourselves and dat we fink yous might be innewested in.



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi


All Good Things…

Well let me see where me left off da udder day. Oh yeah, sissy had eaten 2 packets of da new noms and we was in fur da night. Mommy cleaned up our dinner mess and crawled into da shower.. Yes of course sissy and me was wight there to help her when she needed it. Mommy kept lookin’ at da hooman pawdee box and finkin’ it looked pawfully small, but she didn’t fink much else till she twied to sit down and just kept on fallin’. OMC This was one of those teeny potties like they had put in our pawrtment after da flood. Later we found lots of peeps was talkin’ ‘bout da teeny hooman pawdee boxes. It never occurred to mommy to wequest a handicap room when makin’ da reservations cuz she knew she kuldn’t take hers wheelchair and beyond dat she didn’t fink. But mommy ‘cided we was in and unpacked and tired and so this was gunna be our room fur da duwation. So we all crawled into bed and Lexi chatted up mommy while givin’ hers a head massage. She was tellin’ mommy how happy she was to be there and how much fun we were gunna have. It was workin’ just like mommy had fawt it wuld. Da twip and bein’ away in a motel was puttin’ da pep wight back into Lexi. Happy Lexi, equals happy mommy and me.

dw4182cat tree Dezi

Meez here mr. paparazzi eat yous heart out.

Da next meownin’ came way to soon fur mommy, but she got up anyways and got weady to go down and have bwekky and take hers furst class. Mommy and me headed down and OMC they was servin’ bacon. Yep, it was piled so high me kuldn’t see da bottom of da pan. After bwekky we went to our class and then back in to visit da exhibition hall again. Mommy told them all ‘bout how sissy ate such a good dinner and not just dat, but this meownin’ she ate 2 of thoes pouches again. So da pawsum peeps fwum Weruva loaded us up wiff noms and told us to check wiff ‘em later. And then mommy let me take a turn on da big Cat twee. Da paparazzi luvved me. We had lunch and then went up to da room to take a small bweak. And mommy left me behind and gwabbed sis Lexi and they went back down fur anudder class. Mommy did da switcharoo sevewal times dat day so Lexi and me boff kuld have a turn. Specially cuz everytime mommy wuld leave Lexi in da room, she wuld follow mommy to da door and wanna go. After da class mommy and Lexi went to da exhibition hall and they was tellin’ da cat peeps all ‘bout how we got to come to BlogPaws and ‘bout poor Brian getting’ sick and all and she told us to take a kupple extwa goodies fur them. Weez sendin’ ‘em a box today wiff a little BlogPaws swag. Anyways, mommy and Lexi came back up wiff Ms. Ava and flat Christy Paws and Miss Emily and Sophie joined ‘em.

 dw Dezi in tree5

Now comes da pawrt dat we pawently need to splain. See weez be Service cats. Dat means we be twained to help mommy purrfurm daily tasks to continue livin’ independently. We awen’t Celebwacats. Altho’ weez fur sure wanna be, so weez be workin’ on our hostessin’ abilities. As Service cats we can be very furiendly and outgoin’ while out on duty, ifin mommy sez it be okay; but home (or our room) is ours. Weez not used to havin’ company or entertainin’ in our space. So Lexi did gweat when she visited wiff Sophie and flat Christy. Me on da udder hand…well me just hung UTB lissenin’ to everyfin’ goin’ on. Our guest stayed a while and then went back downstairs fur anudder class. Mommy decided to stay in da room wiff us cuz we had an innewview later on dat night and we was gunna be meetin’ awnty Mary fwum Facebook. Furiday night was a furee night. Meanin’ there was no classes, dinners or anyfin’ else. Awnty Mary bwought mommy sum much needed cokes and went to da innewview wiff mommy and me afur leavin’. It was so nice to meet awnty Mary, and this time sis Lexi lissened in UTB. Alone again, we came out to play wiff mommy and have dinner. Again, sissy ate a pouch and a can of da noms. Mommy was so happy to see sissy eatin’ so well. And sissy was also jumpin’ fwum chair to chair to bed in our room. Yep, da twip was duin’ everyfin’ it kuld to make sissy feel better.


Caturday came too fast fur us. This had all been a whirlwind and we just didn’t want it to end. Now me told ya’ there was a couple doggies dat purrawllu shuldn’t have been there cuz they weren’t da bestest behaved. They had lunged and growled and bawked at me and Lexi fwuout da day on Furiday. So it came time fur mommy to get weady to go down to da dinner and she ‘cided to go by hers selff. There wasn’t a lot of room at those tables fur our stwoller. But just as she was sayin’ goodbye and headin’ out sis Lexi ran to da door and wanted to go. Mommy told her she had to go in da stwoller ifin she was to go, and picked Lexi up and put her in da stwoller. lexi purromptly jumped out and gwabbed hers leash and ran fur da door. Again mommy told her she had to be in da stwoller and this time sissy dwopped da leash and went unner da bed. Ifin she kuldn’t go da way she wanted, she just didn’t wanna go at all. MOL Anyways da twip was so much fun fur all of us. But we awe glad to be home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And speakin’ of home… We wasn’t home more than a kupple of hours and sis Lexi was jumpin’ all over da cat twee and askin’ fur tweats. Mommy was so ‘cited she stawrted diggin’ fwu da swag bag to get her sum. And she gwabbed da camera and snapped a few fotos as well as a small video. Hope yous enjoy it, weez fwilled Lexi feels so good. Now weez workin’ on a small give away, so bear wiff us and weez’ll post dat soon.

 Ifin you can’t see da video, purrlease click BlogPaws: The Pep I needed.

Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi


On The Road

Meowllo everypawdy hope yous all plannin’ a pawsum weekend. Weez still restin’ up here. MOL But we purromised to tell you all ‘bout da dwivin’ pawrt of our twip to BlogPaws so dat’s zactly what weez gunna do. And weez also gunna join up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade Blog Hop. So anyways, as you all know we was meetin’ up wiff our fellow Oklahoma bloggers fwum Angel Prancer Pie and goin’ on to Nashville wiff them. They live bout a 4 hour dwive fwum us and wanted to leave early Fursday meownin’. So Ms. Tonya was pawsum enuff to put us up in a local motel Wednesday night so we wuld all be there and weady to leave furst fing Fursday meownin’.


We wasn’t in any rush to get off Wednesday, but since it was mommys birffday she had planned on us leavin’ wound 1 dat day so weez kuld get there and get a good nights sleep. And she wanted to pick up a bite to eat to celebwate. But as usual, we was late getting’ off. And when mommy twied to load us up neevew of us wanted any pawrt of dat. Sis Lexi gave mommy da “I’z not wanna go to da VET” hiss, and me followed suit. But mommy didn’t pay any attention to eevew of us and loaded us up anyways. And then furty miles fwum home we found closed roads and detours. You all member da floodin’ we got duwin’ da mumff of May wight? Well our stweet had been closed most of da mumff, and now so was da innewstate. So we had to detour almost immediately. And zactly what mommy didn’t want to happen, is what happened. Pig trails here we come. Finally 3 hours later we was half way to our destination and da rains fell. And they fell so stwong dat mommy kuldn’t even see out da fwunt window. Fankfully since mommy didn’t know what we might run into she had made us stay in da stwoller so we wasn’t out runnin’ wound da car. Well we finally awwived at our destination and Ms. Tonya gave us diwections so we kuld get into our room and settled fur da night. All in and mommy wealized she didn’t have anyfin’ to dwink, so she was leavin’ out to find a store and…there was Ms. Tonya. They hugged and squealed and exchanged “good to finally meet ya’s,” and they visited a bit and then we were all callin’ it a night. 


Bwight and early da next meownin’ mommy packed us up again so we kuld head out to Nashville. We all got loaded up and our car went to Ms. Tonya’s and we was off.  Guess we shulda figgered out by then we wasn’t goin’ to da VET, but weez just kuldn’t be sure so we was still givin’ mommy da “don’t wanna go” hiss. When we finally hit da highway mommy opened da stwoller so we kuld get out and use da pawdee box and get a dwink or snack ifin we wanted. By this time we was actin’ like childwen mommy sez and when me wuld touch Lexi or she wuld touch me we hissed to let mommy know dat da udder was “touchin’” us. MOL And yes, da pawdee box wus in da floor board and mommy had a syringe and bottle of water fur dwinks and sum snacks in hers purrse. Mommy sez she can’t make dat long of a twip wiffout needin all of those fings so she dusn’t spect us to eevew. We wasn’t too faw down da highway when me had to use da pawdee box and stink da car up. So we just pulled over and mommy scooped out da offendin’ “deed” and fwu it out. We was off again. Udder than a few hisses back and forff we didn’t have much to say duwin’ da twip. But mommy and Ms. Tonya and Ms. Samantha had purrlenty to talk ‘bout. They chatted most of da way. And nopawdy had to stop, get out and wait on us fur pawdee box bweaks, we just went when we needed too and mommy helped lift us back out. 



Me did a lot of out da window watchin’ on da twip there, and sissy did a lot of nappin’. On da way home weez left early again, only this time sis Lexi did a lot of out da window watchin’ and me did da nappin’. Mommy kept noddin’ off on da way home like me. But when da hoomans stawrted talkin’ ‘bout getting’ closer to home sissy had to pipe in every once in a while and give ‘em hers 2 cents worff. Again, Ms. Tonya was so kind and let us stay da night so we kuld get up da next day and get on da road all rested up. And fank catness she did, cuz it had stowmed da whole time we was gone and there was even more roads closed comin’ back.

I’z got to uze da pawdee box, ‘skuze me.

OMC we got ‘bout an hour and a half fwum home and pawently da lake had flooded anudder major highway. We was detoured to Texas, da state, not a town. We almost dwopped in fur a visit awnty Ann. MOL Anyways, we got down to da furst town and wealized they was gunna detour us all da way to Dallas, so we turned wound and came back up to Oklahoma. Least these pig trails awe ones we know. MOL On da way down one of da little two lane weally one lane pig twails we saw tons of peeps pulled off da side of da road wiff their fishin’ poles. No, these places awe not fishin’ holes. And till May they were all dwy as a desert. But da rains had filled in every empty space wiff little ponds and lakes and batches of water; and pawently fish. Rednecks, give us a flood and we go fishin’. Anyways, weez finally got ‘bout 30 minutes fwum home and we kuld feel mommys ‘citement and weez stawrted singin’ da hallelujah chorus. When we finally got home we all so exhausted mommy barely got da car unloaded and showered and we all cwashed.  We were so glad to be home. But you know what? We also wished dat BlogPaws had lasted even longer. Ifin we hadn’t had so much fun we wuldn’t have been so tired. It was cwazy busy, goin’, goin’, goin’, but we luvved every minute of it. And since bein’ back, sis Lexi has been actin’ like a kitten again. Weez’ll tell ya’ more ‘bout dat in future posties.


So, Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi


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