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B Is For…

Meowllo Evewypawdy hope yous havin’ a good week so faw. As you know meez joined up wiff da Bloggin’ A to Z challenge fur Apwil. Mommy and Lexi and me ‘cided we wuz gunna cover da purrocess of how sis Lexi wuz diagnosed wiff Kidney disease and what shuld have happened and what weez duin’ now. Cuz what did happen and what shulda happened awe 2 vewy diffewent fings. Now yous not wequired to follow a theme, and we hadn’t weally planned on duin’ dat, cuz weez not fink it’ll take all mumff and all da letters of da alfabet to tell ow stowry, but based on da comments and emails fwum yesfurday, we ‘cided today dat we wuld post as long as it took. And cuz so many peeps be pawsibly visitin’, after ow intwo da wemainder of da posty wuld be in hooman speak. We wuld also like to add dat in ow wesearch we found dat there awe certain bweeds of cats dat be purredisposed to kidney disease. As there is no cure fur this de=isease ifin yous have one of these bweeds it might pay to keep an eye on yous kitty fwuout their lives. They awe: Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Persian, Siamese, Burmese and Russian Blue. So today is da letter B’s day.


Our furst B is fur Blood tests, as they awe a definite must when it comes to diagnosing Kidney disease. So yesterday we told you that a common urinalysis can be a great tool in diagnosing illnesses in your cat. And that if Albumin is present in the urine more tests are needed to determine the actual reason/illness. That’s where the ERD comes in and we will be telling you more about that test in a few days. For now we will say that not all vets use this test and so after a urinalysis typically blood work is the next logical test. And we don’t mean a prick. We mean a full CBC, Super Chemistry and T4. Now if your anything like us or you’ve not had a sick pet then you just read that last line and said…what the cat?!! And by the way me would like to say that in our research we found a lot of the same conditions, symptoms, and testing apply for cats, dogs, and humans when it comes to diagnosing kidney disease. Anyways, if Albumin is present in the urine please get a full blood panel and that T4 that’ll diagnose Thyroid disease.  

 dw Dezi3999sm

Although we stated that the presence of Albumin in the urine can certainly mean kidney disease, it could also mean a lot of other things. Even after performing the ERD if your doctor runs that, you still need a blood test to confirm the diagnoses and determine a proper course of treatment. The numbers most looked at are the BUN and Creatinine. Next is the Phosphorous, Potassium and Sodium. BUN or blood urea nitrogen rises when the kidneys aren’t functioning well enough to remove all the waste product from the blood. By determining the level of Creatinine in the blood your doctor can tell how well the kidneys are working and the stage of kidney disease. High Creatinine numbers mean kidney disease.

 dw Lexi3980sm

Most kidney diets awe low in Phosphorous and Protein. High Phosphorous levels can make Kidney disease progress much faster. So knowing these numbers can be very helpful in determining treatment. The first thing mommy did was try to switch Lexi to a low Phosphorous food. Once we got the blood tests we learned sis Lexi’s Phoso. numbers were really low and she didn’t need a food with low Phosphorous. That could be as dangerous as high numbers. Newer studies have found that lowering the Phosphorous in the diet and providing high quality protein are more important than the lower protein in managing Kidney disease. After all cats are obligate carnivores and require meat protein to survive and thrive. So the importance of today’s post is that blood work is a necessity in helping to determine if your pet indeed has Kidney disease and to help formulate a plan of action for treatments. Although all the numbers are important, the BUN and Creatinine are the ones your doctor is going to rely on most in his/her diagnosis. And always, always, always get a copy of the tests. You paid for them, they are yours. We actually recommend getting and keeping a complete copy of your pets records at all times. No matter how much you like your Vet, you never know what the future holds. Join us tomorrow for the letter C.  

dw Lexi3981sm

Approximate Normal Ranges for Common Tested Blood Values


BUN    14 – 36 MG/DL

Creatinine   .6 – 2.4 MG/DL

Calcium (Ca)   8.2 – 10.8 MG/DL

Phosphorus (P)   2.4 – 8.2 MG/DL

Potassium (K)   3.4 – 5.6 MEQ/L

Sodium (Na)   145 – 158 MEQ/L

Packed Cell Volume (PCV)   29% – 48%

Well we do hope weez shed a little mowe light on da subject of blood test and kidney disease. And we hope weez made weadin’ blood test wesults a little less scawy. Da list above is in no way complete and da nowmal levels may vawy slightly fwum lab to lab. Andyways, meez gunna go now mommy’s purromised a stwoll in da sun.

 dw Dezi4001

So till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi



Da Results Are Here

Meowllo evewypawdy and happy Caturday. Well weez didn’t get any visitin’ dun yesfurday, and may not get much dun today eevew. And nope it wusn’t cuz we wuz out stwollin’ eevew. We finally got sis Lexi’s test wesults in da mail. And yous know what? They purrppussly sent them to da wrong addwess. Oh yes they did. And yep yous guessed it, mommy’s livid. Then on top of dat when she opened them da furst page had sissy’s urinalysis on it and It clearly shows an infection. Dat’s wight, there’s an infection. And da VET sed in da email she sent us as well as on da fone when she talked wiff mommy dat there wuz no infection whatsoevew. So sissy be havin an infection and maybe even pain and not getting’ any tweatment whatsoevew. Mommy feels just pawful dat all this be happenin’ to Lexi. Well mommy spent most of da day pourin’ ovew those wesults twyin’ to figger it all out, and postin’ ‘em to Tanya’s site so we kuld get sum help figgewin’ all this out. Weez not postin’ da wesults here as we don’t know how many of ya’ wuld care to see them or unnewstand what yous be lookin’ at. 

dw Dezi plays watercolor1219

Weez hav this new foto ap dat mommy found and well, weez kuldn’t even begin to tell ya’ what she did. Da only fing weez member is addin’ watercolor flter to a weally blurry foto.




Da one fing we did learn fur sure is dat sissy’s phosphorous levels dat we wuz so worried ‘bout actually be low, too low in fact. You know what dat means? She can hav any food she wants and as much of it as she wants. Well gotta tell ya’ dat makes sissy happy. Or at least it will when she figgers it out. She just tried a food dat she luvs, luvs, luvs. It’s callled Soulistic Tri-Fusion Tuna wiff Salmon, beef and duck in gravy. Moommy set da plate down and walked into da livin’ room and set meez plate down and walked back to da kitchen to get hers cup of coffee, and sissy’s plate wuz licked clean. Yep, empty, evewyfin’ wuz gone and sissy wuz smackin’ hers lips. And this is a food dat wuz borderline fur her ifin she needed to lower hers phosphorous levels, but now dat she dusn’t have to worry ‘bout dat she kuld have this all day long.  

dw Lexi sits pose

Again wiff da new foto editor. Da only fing we member is addin’ da vignette. And yes, dat be da place they dwu sis lexi’s blood fwum.

Well anyways, we hope to get back to visitin’ soon but mommy duz need to work on makin’ a plan fur sissy’s care furst. Hers got to check on sum supplements dat be wecommended fur all CRF/CKD kitties like B-12, and figger out what to do ‘bout sissy’s infection. So it may be a busy day on da fone/puter/road fur mommy. So weez’ll see ya’ soon. And till then enjoy sum Caturday art. Weez joinin’ Athena and Marie fur da Caturday Art blog hop. Pop on ovew and check out all da pawsum posties. And join up yous selves while yous at it. 


Till da nex time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

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