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Hydrating Your Best Feline Friend

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s Me, RaenaBelle. Kittens!!!  Have we been busy or what?. 


 Dezi and Raena bathe atop the Liberty cat tree



          What are you meowin’ ‘bout Raena? 


Well sissy, me was meowin’ ‘bout how busy we’ve been. Ya’ know, tryin’ out all the new noms and stuffs?. 


          Yeah Raena, that has been fun. We do enjoy tryin’ new things. Weruva contacted us ‘bout their new impurroved gravy luvver’s line a while back. Knowin’ how much we luv gravy, mommy said we’d luv to give those noms a try.




This is a sponsored post. We received the Weruva B.F.F. noms in exchange for our honest review. As always, we tell it like we see it. Weruva isn’t responsible for the opinions in this post unless otherwise stated. No money changed paws. We only bring products we have tried or use and think would be of interest to you, our readers and friends.


 Raena checks out Weruva


Sure ‘nuff sissy. In honor of International Cat day which just passed and Healthy Cat Month which takes place next month, we thought this would be the purrfect time to purrticipate with Weruva’s launch of the all new B.F.F. line that will be Gluten, Grain and Carrageenan Free. The B.F.F. stands fur Best Feline Friend. We’re fur sure mommy’s bestest furiends, feline or not. And, you know how much all our pawrents worry ‘bout ingredients and us gettin’ purr-opurr nutrition. And cat pawrents go a step further and worry ‘bout whether or not us kitties are gettin’ enuff water/hydration. 


 Raena checks out Weruva



          Yep Raena, and me’s here to tell ya’ that not drinkin’ enuff can sure lead to some painful purroblems, like UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections). But, as anypawdy who has a kitty knows, we can be a finicky bunch. So, not only should our food be nutritional and balanced, it better taste good, or else we won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Anyways, Weruva sent us a great little variety pack to try out. Unfurtunately, it was delivered to one of our neighbors who happened to be in the hospital so we didn’t get it till this week. Once we got the noms, mommy and you purrceeded to check ‘em all out. As everypawdy knows, mommy doesn’t let us have any kibble. It’s full of unnecessary carbs our feline bodies can’t purrocess and can contribute to obesity and those painful UTI’s.


Raena checks out the WEruva



Not to worry sissy. The B.F.F line is over 85% hydration, what with all that gravy and such. Weruva also claims that each can/pouch contains shreds/chunks/bites of real meat protein that will entice and be appealing to our taste buds. Cats in the wild, and our big cat cousins get most of their hydration from the food they eat; so a kitty eatin’ dry kibble is missin’ out on that much needed hydration. The B.F.F. line comes in cans and pouches and sizes ranging from 2.8 ounces to 5 ounces. And they have both sea proteins and land proteins.


 Weruva BFF cat food



          That’s a good thing too Raena, cuz we don’t purrticularly like the sea purroteins. So, the furst plate we tried was Selfie Cam, chicken and lamb dinner in gravy. Check out the ingredients list offured by Weruva:



Chicken Broth, Chicken, Lamb, Tuna, Potato Starch, Guar Gum, Calcium Lactate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Niacin Supplement (Vitamin B3), Calcium Panthotenate, Vitamin A Supplement, Potassium Iodide, Manganese Sulfate, Riboflavin Supplement (Vitamin B2), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (Source of Vitamin K)


Dezi eating Wysong Archetype




          Now, as you all know our mommy checks out any ingredient she can’t purrnounce or doesn’t know ‘bout. So, she’s not happy ‘bout the source of Vitamin K, but said it was okay to try out the noms this time. The gravy tasted purretty good. At least good enuff fur 2 paws up. what ‘bout you Raena? 


 Raena eats Weruva



Well sissy, I’s wouldn’t really know ‘bout the gravy since you ate most of it. But the lamb bites were okay and what little gravy I’s did get was good. I’s didn’t care too much fur the second one we tried with all the punkin’ pieces. But overall, I’s good with givin’ ‘em 2 paws up too. As sissy said, the Vitamin K source is somethin’ mommy tries to avoid, so the B.F.F. won’t be a staple in our house, but mommy did say we could have some on occasion.


 Raena eats wet food



Hydration is so ‘purrtant fur us kitties that our humans must offen go to great lengths to make sure we get enuff. Adding a high quality wet food to your kitty’s diet is a great way to help keep kitty hydrated and chase away those nasty UTI’s. Don’t furget to check out the Weruva website and the new B.F.F. line of noms fur your favorite Best Feline Friend. I’s hear a nip toy callin’ mine’s name.


Till the next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

I Would Like To Place An Order

Meowllo everypawdy, me hopes you’re all rested up and ready fur a tale. You know me was tryin’ to think of somethin’ to get mommy fur Mother’s Day and thought orderin’ me and her a new helper would be a great gift; so me set out to figger out how to do just dat. Me had mommy call on over to da shelter in da “little city” ‘round here, and voila’, they had girly kitties. Well, me told mommy to get it together and let’s go look see.

Dezi cocks head to the side in thought

Me has a story fur you today

So yesfurday mommy gathered up some bagged kibble so we could donate it. You know, we don’t eat kibble in our house, but we had some from when mommy was tryin’ to help sis Lexi gain weight. ‘Pawrently kibble is really fattening. Anyways, me’s getting’ off track here. Mommy gathered up da donation stuffs and off we went. Shelters and rescues can always use donations, and it doesn’t always have to be money. Anyways, off we went. And let me tell you, with all da rain and storms we’s been getting’ lately it was hot. We found out last year da compressor of some sort is out in da car and so da air conditioner doesn’t work. And mommy’s ‘lectric window broke so it doesn’t roll down. Me wants to know what happened to da old fashioned hand crank windows? Cars shouldn’t be run by ‘lectronics and catputers. We all know how reliable they are. Anyways, me’s getting’ off track again; off we went.

 Dezi bright eyed looking out of stroller

We finally arrived and mommy got somepawdy to help her take in da donation stuffs. Then we were off to visit da kitties. Hmmmmmm Mommy, where’s da girlys?

No mommy, don’t stop, those are all boys.

Hey, buff boy, hush, me ordered up a sisfur. Over here mommy, me thinks da girlys are this way.

Mommy, quit cooin’ at dat buff boy and head this way.

(walks over to a small stand alone cage) Meowllo girlys, time to purr on da charm. You ladies need to look your bestest, me’s here to get a new sisfur and one of ya’ just might be her.

Here, mommy take this one out. She’s mewin’ meowllo to ya’.

Aaaaaaaw She’s really sweet isn’t she mommy?

Dezi's profile in stroller

Yes she is Dezi, but I think she just wants out of the cage. That doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to come home with us. (puts her back in the cage)

Mommy, we need to take all da girly’s to a room. Yep, dat’s ‘xactly what we need to do.

Um, where are we goin? No mommy, da boys were in here. Yep, there’s dat little buff boy again.

Put your paws back in dat cage buff boy.

Mommy, where are you goin’? He does dat to everypawdy. Didn’t you see him doin’ it to da peeps in here befur us?

Uh….Just put him back mommy, me ordered a sisfur not a stinky brofur. Just smell him, he’s got…well, it’s boy stink, mommy. Put him back.

Hey, buff boy, quit kissin’ me’s mommy. What are you doin’ now? Hey, don’t nuzzle me’s mommy’s ears. Dat’s me’s job.

Alright mommy, dat’s quite enough. Put him down.

Lookit, here’s a little girly and she’s goin’ nutso tryin’ to reach ya’. She’s purractically yellin’ your name.

Hey, girly, ya’ might not wanna throw yourself against da cage like dat, mommy might think you’re a little too wild.  And besides, you could hurt yourself. (mommy puts the buff boy back in his cage)

Dat’s it mommy, this little girly really likes us. Meow. she’s purractically jumpin’ in your arms. Hey, girly, calm down.

Oh look mommy, she likes to ride on your shoulders like me does.

Hey girly, don’t you be growlin’ at me’s mommy. What are you thinkin’? And dat hissin’ is really uncalled fur. Okay mommy, put her back.

Where are we goin’? She ain’t da one mommy, didn’t you hear her growlin’ at ya’?

Oh lookit, she can walk on a leash. Whoopee, like dat’s a big deal. There she goes, growlin’ again.

Mommy, they just can’t fill me’s order. It’s time to go. No mommy you don’t need to hold da buff boy again, c’mon, let’s just go home. Me’s tired and so are you.

 Dezi rests on the Liberty Cat Tree.

Well, da search is still on. There are fur sure some really cute kitties at da shelter, but none of them fit da bill. Or rather, would be a fit fur our house and needs. But we thought you might enjoy hearin’ a trip to da shelter from da resident cat’s purrspective. Mommy didn’t actually take me to da shelter with her, but she knows me really well. When she got home she was indeed exhausted and smelled of shelter stench but told me all ’bout it.

Luckily da shelter peeps were friendly, this has not always been da case with dat shelter. Most of da kitties looked fairly healthy; again, not something dat’s always da case. This shelter doesn’t have any VETs on staff and doesn’t treat or test fur illnesses. It’s kind of a survival of da fittest atmosphere. Mommy didn’t take fotos, cuz she didn’t initially know what she would be walking in to and unfurtunately all da litter boxes were full and everykitty had a bad case of da runs; includin’ da adults. Mommy cleaned a few da bestest she could while she was there, but mostly they just laid in it. It’s very sad and made mommy cry…a lot.

Anyways, join me tomorrow fur somethin’ really special, and member me talked ‘bout havin’ a give away? Well Canadians and Americans get ready, and purrlease stop by. Me thinks you’re gonna like it.

Do you donate to shelters or rescues when you can?

How do you feel about your local shelters?

Does Your shelter work to keep the animals healthy? 


Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



Can You Tell What’s In The Can

Well it’s another miserable Monday and we’re all still here. We kinda went AWOL this weekend cuz sis Lexi wasn’t duin’ so good. Late last night she finally pulled out of it a bit and wanted to eat. We was so happy. Me dusn’t really unnerstand what’s goin’ on when sissy be havin’ a bad time so mommy not only has to take care of sissy, she also has to comfurt me. She duz a gweat job but it leaves her totally exhausted. Anyways back to sis Lexi’s eatin’.


As #ChewyInfluencer’s we received a gweat variety pack of Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore canned cat food this month free of charge in exchange fur our honest opinion. As ya’ know, free or not, we always tell it like it is. We’s only ever tried da chicken and duck so we were excited to get to try more flavors. We got a 12 pack of 2.8 ounce cans. Da chicken and duck we like so much was included along with beef, turkey and fishies includin’ tuna. Furst let me tell ya’ dat when you open a can of Tiki Cat, you wuld never know you be lookin’ at cat food. Inside each can is shredded, cut and/or sliced pieces of real meat in juices or a consommé and no stinky smell. Meat is da furst ingredient in every can and there’s no carrageenan. So since sissy hadn’t really eaten all weekend, mommy gave her a can of da Tiki Cat fur dinner last night. Me was purrpared to let her have me’s can too cuz me wanted her to get full and me had a can at breakfast.

dw-TikiCat2-166004 (640x497)

Now let me tell ya’ a little more ‘bout da Tiki Cat foods afur we get to da tastin’. All da foods we tried are grain and gluten free. Carbohydrate, starch and flour free as well. They are made with whole meats and be 55 % protein, 35 % fat and 0 % Carbs. Of course it contains da extra vitamins and minerals required to meet da nutritional needs of all cats and kittens. So on with da taste test. What did sis Lexi think ‘bout her dinner?


I luvved it Dezi. I really like da chicken and duck but I have also luvved every flavor we got in our variety pack. And it tazted even better lazt night when I waz soooooo hungry. So I give da Tiki Cat 4 pawz up. Did you like da one you had fur brekky?


Mmmmmmmm Thiz iz gooooood.

Mmmmmmmm Thiz iz gooooood.

Me sure did Lexi. Me also gives Tiki Cat 4 paws up. And mommy sed cuz of da gweat ingredients, and lack of da bad and controversial ones, she luvs it too. And she gives it 2 fumms up. And since we both like it and lick da plate clean me magines dat’s another reason mommy likes it. You can get your own Tiki Cat at fur $11.77 – $17.17. And while you’re there check out all da other pawsum supplies Chewy has. They offer free Fed Ex shipping on all orders of $49.00 and over and flat rate on any purchase unner dat. You can also schedule automatic shipments of your pets favorite foods and supplies so you never run out. And don’t worry, you can cancel, skip, delay and/or edit your auto ship anytime. Chewy has gweat Customer Service peeps available 24/7 so you’re never stuck payin’ fur sumfin’ your anipal won’t eat. So what are ya’ waitin’ fur? Head on over and check it out now. There’s a new Chewy blog hop sponsored by da Golden Woofs and Oz the Terrier on da 3rd Tuesday of each month where you can check out all da other blog reviews of da months Chewy offerings. We will be linkin’ up tomorrow when it goes live. And ya’ might wanna check it out. We can’t review everythin’ ourselves and you never know what else you might find dat ya’ wanna pick up fur your anipals.


Me’s gunna wrap it up fur now and see ifin me can get mommy to give us sum of da treats we’s gunna be tellin’ ya’ ‘bout in another posty.


Is recognizing the food you feed to kitty/doggy purrtant to you?


Till da next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi   

Wild Prey On A Plate

Well we sure hope you enjoyed our Service cat posty yesfurday. Yes it kulda been worse. MOL  Anyways, we have sumfin’ pawsum to tell ya’ ‘bout today so get yous caffeinated drink of choice and pull up a chair. As part of da bloggin’ team fur Chewy we get to try out a lot of gweat noms and sumtimes toys and gadgets. We are so blest. We don’t get any green papers fur our reviews, but we do get to try out sum amazin’ purroducts. and this monff was no different. So let me tell ya’ ‘bout what we got besides da gweat Chewy box. 

Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair



Inside dat box was a whole case of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb canned cat food. Let me tell ya’ they don’t skimp on size eever, each can be 6 whole full ounces. Now there be sum mixed infurmation out there ‘bout Ziwi Peak Cat food so let me tell ya’ a little bit ‘bout it. Da ‘Daily Fresh’ canned cat food be made wiff 100% natural raw meat and contains none, zero, zip, nilch of those controversial ingredients like da carrageenan. Ziwi Peak mirrors da wild-prey diet dat  fits a cats carnivorous needs. Remember it’s made from raw meats to mirror da wild prey model, so it duz contain bone. It’s high in protein and fat from honest to goodness real meat. Fur dat reason tho’ you may wanna innerduce it slowly, specially ifin your kitty has been eatin’ a lower quality food. Such natural goodness kuld upset kitties tummy a little. But not to worry it’s not cuz da food be bad or nuffin’ like dat. In fact, Ziwi Peak was included in a test of 1.759 cat foods and came out in da top picks list. You can view dat list and da testing involved here. So now on wiff da eatin’.

outer can of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb Cat Food

Sissy and me really like rabbit and lamb is a real delicacy fur us, so mommy was sure to choose da rabbit and lamb furmula fur us. Our box arrived a few hours afur dinner time and we kuldn’t hardly wait. Since sissy and me have been eatin’ high quality high protein diets there was no need fur slow innerductions here. So when dinnertime finally came, mommy opened da can and put sum in our plates. Of course sissy got her plate furst, but me was meowin’ up a storm from da livin room fur meez plate. Mommy wants me to tell ya’ dat it duz have a very strong odor. But dat’s to be spected from game animals. Me also oughtta tell ya’ dat it contains all da vitamins and minerals we cats need so it’s nutritionally balanced. Da texture is similar to a pate, but there are “bites” fru out. 

Can of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb Cat food

Dezi youz be takin’ too long to get to da likin’ or not part. I know youz gotta tell peepz ‘bout da nomz but they really wanna know what we fawt; don’cha’? I gotta tell ya’ I lubbed it!!! I put my head down and stardid nommin’ rite away. It waz so delishuz. We don’t show ya’ empty playtz in our reviewz cuz well um we ain’t reviewin’ our dishez. But we fawt you oughtta see juzt how good I fawt it waz. So I gibz it a awl pawz up. Dat’z 4 pawz in kayze you waz wunnerin’. Don’t furget to skroll over da fotos below to see what I’z gotta say.  


Well fank ya’ Lexi, meez glad you liked it. And what’s better, you continue to like it. Always a good fing wiff a picky CKD kitty. And this food actually be good fur kitties wiff conditions like sis Lexi’s or IBD, Urinary Crystals, Pancreatitis, Food Allergies and more. so you might wanna check it out fur yourself. Now dat sissy fast furwarded to da likin’ stage guess me will tell ya’ what me fawt ‘bout it. It was Yummmmmmmmmy. Me gives it 4 paws up too. So what did mommy fink?


Dezi eating dinner

Don’t bother me right now mommy, this is sum good eatin’.

 As Dezi told you earlier, it does have a very strong smell. That is to be expected from game animals, so I just hold my breath while preparing it. lol  I also added a little water for Lexi’s as it is a bit thick and she likes a little gravy with her meals. Because the girls like it, the ingredient deck is easy to read and contains only good quality meat, organs and the necessities and how it faired in testing, I have to give it 2 thumbs up as well. 


Fanks mommy. You can get your own by visitin’ Chewy right now. It comes in a variety of proteins so surely there’s one your kitty will like. But never fear, Chewy will always take care of ya’ ifin your kitty dusn’t take to it. Chewy has da bestest customer service peeps so you can shop wiff confidence and know your never stuck wiff a purroduct you can’t use. And while your there, check out all da other pawsum things Chewy has to offer. Let them be your one stop shop fur your pet needs. There’s always free 2-3 day shipping on orders of $49.00 or more and flat rate speedy shipping for all other orders. And don’t furget to set up your auto ship so you never run out your furries’ noms. You can make changes or cancel anytime.

Dezi looking back from the window on the cat tree licking her lips

Yep we still have snow and  da colds. 


So dat’s it fur today. All paws and fumms up fur this one here. Fanks fur lettin’ us try this pawsum food Chewy. Weez still workin’ on meez Cardwood Derby car, so weez’ll be visitin’ as we can. Hopefully this will all be over soon and fings will be back to normal. Here’s wishin’ you all a purrfect day.


What’s on your or your pets plate these days?


Till da next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday: Service Cats Never…

Well as you can see by da title of meez posty you are all in fur a service cat story today. And it all took place yesfurday. Really it started even afur we woke up, but we can’t really tell ya’ ‘bout sumfin’ we slept fru, right? MOL  So anyways, there we was all cozy and warm wiff da lectric blanky and down blanky and da fuzzy soft blanky me has suckled to not so soft anymore soundly sleepin’ and suddenly mommy sez, “Girls, we gotta get up now.” Even tho’ she spoke in dat soft wake us up voice, it thundered fru da silence of da meownin’ wiff it’s urgency. It was da gotta get up voice dat meant mommy had to visit da pawdee box room and fast. (Fur all our new readers, mommy can’t move anything below her neck in da meownin’ time till her muscles and nerves warm up. She can’t walk till she takes her medicine and it kicks in, so we are respawnsible fur gettin’ her movin’ and drivin’ da wheelchair to da pawdee box room when we wake up) So sis Lexi and me skipped stretchin’ and duin’ all we kuld to avoid steppin’ or pushin’ on mommys belly; sumfin’ you don’t wanna do when she needs to visit da facilities, started massagin’ hers arms and legs. When all of a sudden…well…

Dezi profiled on the cat tree lookin' back from the window

Sissy musta had da same urge as mommy cuz afur we kuld even blink she stood up, stomped on mommys belly and headed down da steps to da pawdee box room. Not cool sissy. Now mommy was turnin’ yellow; and a bit green wiff envy dat sissy at her age kuld still move so fast. Anyways, fankfully by dat time mommy’s arms was startin’ to move a bit. Me has never pushed mommy into da chair by meez self afur and she was still on hers back, so this was gunna be tricky. But me was gunna try. So mommy started to reach fur da bars to pull and me started pushin’ on mommys side. Oooooops, maybe not da bestest place to push cuz me thinks mommy turned another shade of yellow. And outta da blue Lexi came flyin’ back up da steps and right on to mommys tummy/bladder to help. A little girl power later and we was wheelin’ to da pawdee box room wiff a happy mommy. You can just use yous magination fur what might have gone on in there cuz we be purroper Belles and it ain’t pawlite to talk ‘bout such things in mixed company.


Anyways, afur ya’ know it we was headin’ down da hall to da kitchen so mommy kuld fix us bwekky and have her a cup of coffee. We always stop off and crack open da front door just so we can see outside. So mommy pulled da door open and da three of us peeked round and…”No Way!!!” All our eyes was big as dinner plates. Mommy quickly shut da door and slowly opened it again. And again da three of us peeked round da door to look out. OMC  S N O W!!! We all sat back in da chair and mommy sed, “Girls, we should just go back to bed.” We didn’t but it did sound like a good idea. Me hopped off da chair and onto da cat tree fur a closer inspection of da fallin’ white stuff as mommy made our bwekky. Sis Lexi went on into da dinin’ room and hopped on da table to wait fur her plate. She didn’t care at all ‘bout all da fallin’ snow. Anyways, mommy sed meez title was posed to be sumfin’ ‘bout da oopsies service cats sumtimes makes, but me sed Service Cats Never make oopsies. Bad idea or not, we must have meant to mush mommys bladder. We are cats after all, and cats always mean what they do, right?

We know you can't see da snow fallin' but it sure nuff is.

We know you can’t see da snow fallin’ but it sure nuff is.


Well snow and all weez very blest to have da warmth and coziness of our home and each other. We are also blest to have all of you. Fank you fur bein’ our furiends. Mommy still hasn’t finished meez Cardwood Derby car fur Cat Scouts. She got a reprieve and it’s gotta be finished and posted by this Furiday, so weez gunna be busy this week tryin’ to finish up. She made a real mess wiff meez furst box and weez now workin’ on box 3. Me hopes this one works cuz me dusn’t fink any of da neighbors have any more boxes we can have. Maybe meez posty shulda been ’bout mommy’s oopsies and not those of Service Cats.

Dezi looking back from the window on the cat tree licking her lips

Have you or your cats/anipals ever made a oopsie of sum kind furst thing in da meownin’? 


Till da next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

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