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Chatting Cats: We’ve Got A New Ride

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. We’ve got a cool new ride!!! 


 Gen7 Jogger Pet stroller assembled




          Raena, what are you doin’? You know we try to save our blessings fur our Blest Sunday postys. 


 Raena checks out the new Gen7 Jogger stroller




I’s too x’cited, sissy. You can save what you wanna meow ‘bout it till Sunday ifin ya’ want. But, I’s meowin’ ‘bout it today. I’s been ridin’ in that cramped old carrier fur too long. We’ve had a few sunny days that were great fur strollin’, but here we sat hangin’ in the house ‘stead of out enjoyin’ the furesh air and huntin’ fur bunnies. 


Dezi checks out stroller while RAena stands on side looking up




          And whose fault is that?


 Raena in stroller




It’s not all mine’s fault sissy. Besides, it’s not like it was in purristine condition when I’s was born. Mommy said you and your sis Lexi had already broken the board that went across the bottom cuz ya’ll were too heavy fur it. And like ya’ll, I’s never would’a broke the stroller on purrpuss; I’s luvs goin’ fur strolls with mommy too much. 


 Dezi looking out from stroller




          Well at least we could still use it when sis Lexi and me snapped the bottom board. When you broke it, there was no more strollin’ fur any kitty. Me sure did miss it. When me was little and used to go with mommy, me always had to ride in that cramped carrier. You got lucky and came here long after we were already enjoyin’ the fureedom the stroller gives us. So the way me sees it, is that you were just payin’ your dues like all the Service kitties befur you. Anyways, me’s glad we got a new ride too. And this one shouldn’t break. Me heard mommy say it could hold up to 75 pounds. That means both of us can ride at the same time.


 Raena jumps into stroller from floor

Uh, Mommy?! It’s really big, but I’s can still jump in on mine’s own.




And we could even gain a few pounds. MOL That Gen7 Pets makes a mighty fine stroller. It’s so comfy. And did you see that our tires are bigger than the ones on mommy’s wheelchair? I’s bet there ain’t nowhere we can’t go now. Ya’ know, Oklahoma has a lot of really bad roads and sidewalks. And we’ve got lots of dirt and holes too. That kind’a terrain can be hard on wheels and tires. Mommy says the wheels on our new stroller were meant fur that stuff. It is called a jogger after all. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




          Yeah Raena, and me can’t wait to go fur our furst stroll. We were s’posed to go yesfurday, but it took mommy a little longer to put it together than she x’spected; and we got a late surpurrise notice ‘bout a inspection fur today. That meant mommy had to try to do a little cleanin’ last night. Needless to say, she didn’t get much done, we should’a went fur that stroll instead.


 Raena looks down over the edge of the new stroller

That sure is a long way down.




I’s agree, sissy. Ya’ know, a lot of our furiends are gettin’ strollers of their own. Wouldn’t it be cool ifin we could all for fur a stroll together? We get asked a lot ‘bout whether or not we would recommend peeps gettin’ their kitties a stroller. And we totally think they’re a great way fur kitty to spend some time in the great outdoors while still bein’ safe. And, takin’ kitty fur a stroll even lets our peeps get a little exercise. We do recommend doin’ your homework befur buyin’ one tho’. Ya’ wanna make sure it’ll hold kitty and be sturdy enuff fur kitty to feel safe. We much purrfur the 3 wheeled strollers to those rickety 4 wheelers. Not only do they look sleeker, they maneuver better. As fur whether or not to get one with a zipper closure or velcro, we can only meow ‘bout what we know. We’ve only had zipper ones, and we really do recommend the Gen7 strollers. Our old stroller had gaps t’ween where the zipper ended and met the suppurrt bars. And anypawdy who knows kitties knows, ifin kitty can fit their head thru a space, they’ll squeeze their whole body thru somehow.


Dezi sniffs new Gen7 Jogger stroller




          That’s so true Raena. More than once we’ve poked our head and front paws out the gaps on that stroller. Me has a feelin’ that’s not gonna be pawssible anymore. Me didn’t see any gaps in our new stroller. But just in case, it’s always good to tether kitty into the stroller with the purrvided D rings. Even the calmest of kitties can get spooked. Strollin’ should be fun. We also recommend keepin’ the stroller closed, least till kitty gets comfy enuff not to try to jump out. As fur the assembly required, ifin mommy can do it, anypawdy can. Usually it’s just a matter of attachin’ the wheels. You’ve just got to make sure everythin’ gets locked into place. ya’ don’t want a wheel fallin’ off on your furst stroll. And altho’ we luv that our stroller matches our eyes, color choice shouldn’t dictate the stroller you choose. Quality strollers usually only come in a few purrimary colors, like red, blue and black. That means there’s no purrple strollers fur us. You can get creative and trick yours out any way ya’ want.


 Raena checks out new Gen7 Jogger stroller




Are we gonna do that with ours sissy? I’s not sure what that means ‘zactly, but I’s like the sound of it.


 Dezi checks out the new Gen7 Jogger stroller gift from Cindy




          Mommy says we can Raena. Just ‘member, it’s gotta be tasteful. We are Southern Belles after all.


Tasteful huh? Are we gonna put treats all over it? 


          (Dezi shakes her head.) We’ll meow ‘bout it later Raena. Let’s just say a meowsy big Fank you to awnty Cindy and angel Maggie Meme fur our new ride and get ready to go fur a stroll.


 Animated thank you rose




I’s with ya’ sissy. Can we meow ‘bout what to call it too?


This is not a sponsored post. We received our new Gen7 Jogger from an amazing awnty and just thought we’d tell ya’ more ‘bout how to pick the right stroller fur your pets. 


Till the next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Cat Dancing: Keeping Kitty Occupied

(Dezi dances and whacks her paw in the air at the dangling, swinging prey in front of her, and then mommy yells to her that it’s time to write her blog post.)

Well da weekend’s over and it’s da start of a new week. Member me told you ‘bout this pawsum new toy me was playin’ wiff? Well mommy finally got da video ready and up on YouTube so me kuld tell ya’ all ‘bout it. This isn’t a sponsored posty. Mommy actually bought us da toy. A while back me had to go to da VET and one of our pawsum awnties sent da money to help get me there. Well there was a few green papers left and so mommy asked ifin she kuld use it to buy us this toy. We had seen it fur years, but mommy didn’t think we wuld play wiff it and she didn’t really get da concept, so she just never got us one. And then while visitin’ a furiends blog one day we actually saw it in use. They was meowin’ ‘bout how much they luvved it and me meowed to mommy dat me wanted one. Da oppurr-tunity finally arose to get us our very own Cat Dancer toy and she did. Mommy saved it fur Christmas, so she didn’t even look at it till then.

Dezi reaches for the Cat Dancer


Dezi whacks the Cat Dancer from the liberty Cat tree

Da day after Christmas mommy finally took it out of da package and…”Oh no” she sed. It had an adhesive backin’ dat needed to be put sumwhere so we kuld play wiff it. And accordin’ to da package, da sticky stuff was really sticky. Once it was attached, it wasn’t gunna be goin’ anywhere. Well as ya’ know we rent, so it went right back into da packagin’ and mommy sed she was gunna have to think ‘bout just where this kuld go. Our furiends had sent us such pawsum gifts fur Christmas dat we didn’t even give it another thought. As you all know me’s been feelin’ a little cooped up lately and down right bored; so mommy once again pulled out da package and started tryin’ to find da right place to put it.  

Dezi reaches out for the Cat Dancer


Dezi poses for the camera while playing with the Cat Dancer

Mommy decided da cat tree wuld be da purrfect place fur it, but as you know our cat trees are  covered in carpet. And you humans all know dat sticky stuffs dusn’t stick to carpet very well. But mommy kept readin’ da part ‘bout how they use extra strong sticky stuffs and decided to call da company and ask ifin it wuld adhere to carpet. Da nice lady we spoke to sed she didn’t know. Nopawdy had ever asked dat question afur. Then she told mommy to try it and ifin it didn’t stick to send her an email and she wuld send us another sticky paw so we kuld put it sumwhere else. So mommy peeled da backin’ off and found da right place on da cat tree and applied da paw. Me immediately went crazy purrlayin’ wiff it. Mommy hurried to get da camera so she kuld get a few shots and a video and me found da sticky paw.

Paws up Dezi


Dezi stretches non nonchalantly at the Cat Dancer

Uh Oh!!! Mommy was sure this was all fixin’ to be a mess. Me is notorious fur chewin’ thru da strings and lastics attached to danglin’ toys. This Cat Dancer has a wire attachin’ it to da paw, so there’s no chewin’ thru dat. Stead, ifin me was gunna liberate me’s new toy me was gunna have to get da sticky paw off da tree. Guess what? When they say they use extra sticky sticky stuffs, they mean it. Dat paw ain’t goin’ anywhere. So mommy sent an email to da nice lady telllin’ her ‘bout our findin’s and included a foto of moi playin wiff it. And do you know what happened next? She sent us a little care package wiff sum really cool goodies and a new paw. So now mommy can move our Cat Dancer to another area and make it lower too. Altho’ me can reach it from da ground, sis Lexi can’t without losin’ her balance, so mommy secretly wished she had put it a little lower, and now she can. Fank you nice Cat Dancer lady, we luv all da new toys, specially our new Cat Dancer.

Ifin ya’ can’t see da video, click here to watch on YouTube.

Dezi plays with the Cat Dancer on the Liberty cat tree and shows off the Sticky paw

Now me knows this sounds a lot like a review, but me just had to tell you ‘bout da Cat Dancer in case you be thinkin’ like mommy did. Cuz me guarantees your kitty will play with it. And it’s not dat spensive. Fur less than $5.00 (it’s on sale right now at Chewy fur $1.99) you can keep your kitty entertained fur hours. Okay maybe not hours at a time, but hey, weez cats, we half to get in our beauty rest. And ifin you have your own demolition crew, they won’t be demolishin’ this toy fur sure. Me’s gotta go play now. 


Do you  or your kitties or doggies demolish toys?

Do you or your kitties or doggies like playing with danglin’ toys?


Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi 

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