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Lexi and Meez Get Up Close and Personal

Well Lexi didn’t eat dinner noms dat nite and she didn’t come bak up tu da frunt room fur da rest of da nite. Da nex fing meez new mommy wuz puttin’ me in da krate and takin’ meez tu da bedroom. Da krate wuz very big, me had meez very own litter box, water bowl and bed inside. Mommy held meez and prayed over me and den put meez bak in and rite beside da bed. Den  me heard hissin’ and a low growl coming frum da bed. And meez heard mommy say, “It’s okay Lexi, just lay down and go to sleep. She will be your sisfur and your helper.” Den der wuz a loud thud on da top of da krate and da hissin’ and growlin’ stopped, and it got all qiet and meez went tu sleep. Da nex meownin mommy took meez krate tu da frunt again and meez got out and went tu da kitchen wif her. Den me heard it, da growlin’ and hissin’ again. Meez turned ’round and der wuz da giant green eyed sisfur Lexi again. Me wuz ready dis time and meez turned tu da side and puffed up as big az me kuld and hissed and growled bak. And she ran skweemin’ frum da room, again. Mommy fixed da yummy noms and den brought Lexi bak up frunt and put her on da table wif her plate. Den wuz meez turn. Mommy took me and sat down wif meez and fed me da yummy noms frum da bottle and den gave me sum in a plate. Me wuz sniffin’ at da plate of noms and suddenly der wuz da giant green eyed Lexi. She wuz sniffin’ at meez and den she took her big ole paw and pulled it up in da air and me turned tu da side and puffed up and hissed. She ran skweemin again, and me ran after her as fast as me little legs wuld go. Mommy wuz runnin’ after us tu and callin’ tu bof of us. Of course she caught me and took meez bak up frunt. We sat down and she sed, “It will be okay sweet one just give her a little time. I know she is goin’ tu luv you.” So me curled up in mommy’s lap and went tu sleep.

Later dat day while me wuz playin’ mommy picked me up and took me tu da bak tu a small room which me later learned wuz da pawdy box room fur big girls. Der wuz Lexi layin’ in da sink and growlin’ a low rumble. Mommy put meez rite in frunt of her while rubbing Lexi’s head. So meez stardid growlin tu. And of all fings, mommy stardid laughin’ and sed, “Girls that’s ’nuff. I’m tu old fur dis and so we all need to get along. We all live here now. Lexi, this is your sisfur Deztinee and Dezi, this is your sisfur Lexi.” And den she rubbed meez cheeks and ears and chin and wif da same hand did da same tu Lexi. Mommy did dis a foo times and all da growlin’ and hissin’ had stopped. And den mommy and meez went bak tu da frunt. It took a bit longer fur sis Lexi and meez tu become da best of furiends like we are tuday, but da hissin’ and growlin’ wuz purretty much over.(Til da nex time)            

Wif Much Luv,


Imagedis is mommy and meez on da second nite after meez came to live wif her.

ImageDis is meez in what we call ‘Da Stance’

ImageAnd anudder of meez in ‘Da Stance’

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Wif  Much Luv,


Dezi Grows intu a Feisty Kitty

Well so we all came tumblin’ out of da basket and intu da floor wif da second lady. All meez littermates stardid playin’ wif each udder, and bein’ da (runt) littlest of all of us meez didn’t play very much. And me didn’t feel so good eeder. Meez had a big bloated belly (frum da worms) and  didn’t smell tu good cuz meez had da runs and der wuz sum still on me  bloomers. Meez waddled over tu da second lady sittin’ in da floor and crawled up in her lap and stardid purrin’. Meez looked up at her and she had leaky eyes and she looked at da first lady and sed, “This is  my destiny and she will be called, Deztinee.” And den meez stardid squeekin’ and crawled down from her lap and looked around a bit. Not seein’ a litter box, meez squatted and went tu da pawdy rite in da floor and den went rite bak over tu da second lady and crawled bak up in her lap. She picked meez up and hugged meez even tho me wuz smelly and dirty and sed, ” I Luv You My Preshus!” Her voice sounded like an angel and her paws were so soft and gentle meez just knew everything wuz gunna be okay. Den she took meez over and kleened me up and put meez in a warm bag. She talked tu da first lady a bit and den we left. We drove and drove and meez kep squeekin and squeekin and she wuz singin’ tu meez and talkin’ tu meez all da way. Meez wendid pawdy a few times in da soft bag and had got all dirty again. But she didn’t seem tu care.  She just kept luvin’ on meez. Da lady dat we wuz taken frum never luved on us. So meez fawt dis wuz just wunnerful. Meez purred and purred and squeeked and squeeked, til finally we came tu a stop. I gotta tell you meez  wuz a little worried dat she wuz gunna put meez stinky self out, but she picked meez up and took meez intu a warm house and sed, “This is your forever home, and I’m your forever mommy.” 

She kleened meez up again and put down a pawdy box which me used rite away; and she had to kleen meez up again (lots) and den she put down a plate of food. Meez wuz so hungry but me couldn’t eat it. Meez wuzn’t big enuff and had only little teef. When she saw me walk away from da food she picked meez up and looked meez over real good and den she called da first lady on da fone. Meez heard her say, “No, they are not 6 weeks old they’re only 4 weeks old and not ready to be away from their mother.” Oh no meez fawt. She’s gunna take me bak tu dat pawful place. but den me heard, “Yez of course I’m keeping her. I still have bottles so she will be fine. But, they hav tapeworms and not what they’ve been over treated fur and are all purrawbly dehydrated.” Well da nex fing me knew der wuz a yummy bottle fur meez and belly wuz all full again.  Meez wuz purrin’ and happy and sleepin’ in her lap. Meez liked dis furever home wif a furever mommy. But we wuzn’t da only ones dat lived here……..(tu be continued) Til da nex time

Wif Much Luv,



Copyright © 2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved

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