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What Makes a Furiend?

What makes a furiend?  Those 4 words whethew posed as a question or as a statement, kuld spawk a debate and end wiff fousands of diffewent answers or cause a war.  As yous all know (cuz wees told yous lots of times–mol), wees live in a vewy small town.  And fur lots of weasons wees don’t get out much and therefur wees not weally hav many furiends here.  Well when we got dis ‘putew almost a year ago mommy did what most evewone dus, and cweated a Facebook account.  Hers had no clue what hers wus duin, and not wantin’ tu be splattewed all ovew da net, hers put it in me and Lexi’s name and added da foo furmily membews dat wuld accept hers furiend wequest.  MOL  And then hers went ’bout likin’ da gwocery stowes so hers kuld see their ads and specials.  And then one day while goin’ fwu da news feed hers saw an ad fur a cat website.  So hers went and took a look and afur shes knew it (like wiff purretty much evewfin’ wees get intu online) wees had an account and wus followin and likin’ kittys fwum wound da world.  And one day one of da kittys wus askin’ fuw ow facebook page so they kuld like us.  Well mommy had been finkin’ ’bout tellin’ Lexi and meez stowwy and just didn’t know where tu du it so people kuld wead it.  And this kitty furiend sed dat Facebook wus a gweat place.  Da nex fing wees knew, ow Facebook page wus cweated.  And of course wees stawted gettin’ likes (followers).  Afur wees knew it, wees stawted lookin’ furward tu weadin’ ’bout ow kitty furiends evewday and innewactin’ wiff them.  And then wees stawted learnin’ sum of da hoomans names and weally lookin’ furward tu their visits wiff us online.  As time passed wees found ourselves shawin’ in their day tu day lives.  Celebwatin’ when they celebwated and cwyin’ when they cwied.  They did da same fur us.  And wees all purrayed tugeddew when there wus a need.  Wees all began tu innewact wiff each uddew. Ow “furiends” wiff us and  uddew of ow “furiends”.  Then came da purrsonal messages and emails where wees got tu know sum of ow “furiends” bettew and became closer.  Wees wuld talk ’bout da good times and da bad times and da evewday times.  And wees stawted havin’ feelins of luv and warmff fur these “furiends”.  

But how can yous call sumpawdy yous nevew met a Furiend?  And yet dat’s exactly what wees did.  Sum of these furiends became so special tu us dat wees fawt of them as furmily.  Da same fing has happened here in da blogosphere.  See wees a bit behind wight now cuz mommy wus sick fur so long, but each day even tho’ wees might not kuld hav visited yous all; wees did twy tu visit as many as wees kuld.  Cuz wees missed yous adventures and fotos and stowwys and lives.  Wees didn’t and don’t want tu lose touch.  So at da end of da day, isn’t dat what yous wuld call a furiend?  Webster defiines a furiend as: a purrson whom one knows well and is fond of.  Well dat’s fuw suwe how wees feel ’bout all of yous.  

All dat bein’ sed, wees had a visit yesfurday fwum one of those furiends.  And even tho’ wees had nevew met this purrson afur, ow meetin’ felt like HOME.  There wus so much wees alweady knew ’bout this purrson and yet so much wees didn’t.  But what a wunnewful visit wees had.  It wus so pawsum tu put a purrson tu a name and and all da comments made on ow postys.  Tu be able tu see and smell and touch that purrson hoo until now had just been a like or comment and message fwu da net waves wus so amazin’.  And they not only came tu visit, but also bwought gifts.  Yous know wees wulda been just as happy tu see them even ifin all they bwought wus themselves. But wees awe vewy gwateful fuw alll they bwought tu us. A meowsy big Fank yous tu yous dear sweet furiend. 🙂  And then they wus off.  Da nex time wees wead a posty or see a comment, it will be dat much mowe dear tu us because now wees hav a mowe substantial unnewstandin’ of ow furiend.   😀   And they will always be welkum at ow house.  🙂  Wees wish wees kuld meet mowe of yous.               

Friday- Dezi - 2HEoW-16y - normal

And speakin’ of special furiends, meez told yous a little bit ago dat ow furiend awnty Jennifer wus gettin’ meez a new hawness.  Well it got here and meez luvs it.  🙂  Fank yous so much awnty Jennifer yous awe pawsum.  

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Tunite is da sock hop ovew at da Cat Scouts and meez so excited me can barely contain meselff.  🙂  Lookin’ furward tu seein’ evewpawdy all dwessed up in their 50’s outfits and dancin’ da night away. 🙂  

Wees awe so vewy glad tu hav met yous all and awe so happy tu call you, Furiends.  🙂 Du yous hav special furiends yous met online?


Til da nex time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥          

Dezi and Lexi


Da Dangers Of Poison

Meoweek furiends when we stardid da blog we never meant tu post da same fing here as we did on facebook. But tunite we feel we must. Dis post will be pawt of dat education we talked about. We hav/had a furiend on da SMC named Jace. Hims wus 8 munfs old when hims went tu heaven last week. He wus in good healf and as we sed, vewy young. Him wus also an indoor kitty who wus only allowed outside on a leash wif hims daddy hoo wached him like a hawk.  Hims suddenly skweamed and den died. So hims furmily took hims body tu da VET tu twy tu find out what hapund. Tuday dey got those answers.

You see Jace’s neighbors used DECON tu kill mice in der home. DECON works by bein’ ingested by da mouse and den da mouse drinkin’ water and den it’s insides turnin’ tu cement. Dis dusn’t hapun immediately tho’. Afur da mouse dies it can twavel tu anudder home/yard/territory and be consumed by a pwedator’ your cat or wildlife. Once ingested da pwedator is now subject tu 2nd hand poisonin’ as hapund wif Jace. Da mouse entered Jace’s home and nopawdy wus da wiser. Jace did what most cats du and purrtected hims home and killed and ate da mouse. Him died of a stwoke frum da poison. Purrlease, Purrlease, Purrlease watch your kitty’s. You may not be da one usin’ da poison, and it may not hav been intended fur your kitty, but it can kill just da same. Til da nex time

Wif Much Luv, 😦


ImageMeez luvs you all. good nite.

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