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Welcome To Your New Home

Meowllo everypawdy, me knows you all are ‘xcited and ready to meet me’s new sisfur, but me is a chatty kitty and so you’re gonna have to hear da whole story okay? Okay. As mommy and me told ya’ yesfurday, we found this little kitty from a newspaper ad. Actually, mommy was callin’ ‘bout a whole different set of kitties, but by da time da lady called us back, those kitties was all gone. Mommy thought we had missed out yet again. But da lady gave us another nummer and told mommy to call cuz they had kitties too. Well mommy called and called and furinally 3 days later somepawdy answered. Mommy got all da infurmation and then we purrayed about it. Da next day mommy called them back and said yes. Of course in da meantime me didn’t really have a clue ‘bout what was goin’ on, so it was life as usual fur this little queen. Okay, maybe me’s not so little, but ‘member, sis Lexi made me da queen when she left. Anyways…

 Dezi the Queen laying on the cat tree sporting her crown

A couple weeks later, Hug Your Cat Caturday to be exact, me’s life was turned upside down. Dat’s right, Hug Your Cat Caturday. Me had plans fur mommy dat was gonna last all day long and into da night, but mommy up and left me late in da afternoon. Can you believe it? Me sure couldn’t. Anyhow, somepawdy came by and picked mommy up so she left me to lounge ‘round da cat tree and snooze. Me had da afternoon off. She was gone fur da longest time. Me’s dinner time came and went and no sign of mommy. Me was beginnin’ to wonder ifin she was gonna leave me to starve, but furinally she showed up. She came in all flustered and rushin’ ‘round and sayin’ she had to go up and feed Buddy real quick and get things all set up here fur da baby.

Baby me thought. What baby? Me loudly meowed dat Buddy could wait and me didn’t want any babies here. Me’s heard purrlenty of ya’ ‘round blogville talk ‘bout da sticky fingers and all these babies have and me doesn’t want any pawrt of dat. Mommy set sis Lexi’s travel carrier on da chair and went about getting da play pen set up. Me calls it sis Lexi’s travel carrier cuz it’s what she used to travel in befur we got da stroller. And lots of ya’ saw her sittin’ in it on our trip home from BlogPaws last year. Well here, let me just show ya’.

Didn’t she look happy? Dat’s why me calls it sis Lexi’s travel carrier. Anyways, mommy set it in da chair and set up da play pen and…Hey, mommy, why are you puttin’ litter in dat little box?

     Well honey the baby can’t reach the big boxes.

  Baby? Uh, mommy, sis Lexi’s travel carrier is makin’ noises. What is dat? (Dezi inches over and smells the carrier) YUCK!!!!! Mommy, sis Lexi’s travel carrier smells like pee pee. Did you have a accident or somethin’? Would dat lady not stop and let you go to da human pawdee box?

     No honey I didn’t have an accident. It’ll be fine, I’ll explain it all to you later, okay? I’ve got to go feed Buddy and get you some dinner too.

  Me doesn’t know ‘bout Buddy mommy, but me’s about to starve to death. You know it’s way passed me’s dinnertime and me hasn’t had anythin’ to eat since those treats right befur you left.

 Dezi stands back and sniffs Lexi's travel carrier

     Yes dear I know. Just give me a few more minutes. 

  Uh, mommy da carrier’s getting’ louder. What is dat? (Dezi runs UTB while mommy finishes setting up the playpen, and then she hears mommy yell from down the hall…)

     Alright Sweetie, I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go give Buddy his dinner. (mommy leaves and when she returns in 5 minutes, this is what she saw)

Dezi and RaenaBelle square off

  Uh, mommy, what is dat, and why is it in me’s house? Do you know it yelled da whole time you were gone?  And dat pee pee smell? It’s dat thing mommy. ( Mommy snaps a photo and then fixes the girls dinner. She sets down Dezi’s plate and then one for the baby) 

     Yes Dezi, I know. That’s your new sisfur and helper, and my new Service kitty. I’m sorry she yelled the whole time I was gone, I didn’t think she would. She was quiet and peaceful the whole way home. And I’ll give her a bath after she eats some dinner, okay?. She had a bit of a rough start to life like you did baby. She’s never been outside of a cage and she was surrounded by huge dogs that peed everywhere. My nose and eyes were burnin’ and waterin’ after just a few minutes in that house.

 RaenaBelle travels to her forever home in mommy's lap

  Is dat why her eye is all matted and she’s got a snotty nose?

     Kind of sweetheart. But don’t worry, she’s gonna be fine. She knew she was gonna be okay a few minutes after we left too. She slept most of the way home. Now I know you need a couple of days to adjust, but I expect you to get a grip soon and help me to start training her to be a good kitty okay Dezi? Dezi?

  Hissssssssssssssssss Mommy, tell her to get away from me’s dinner.

  Hey, you, get back. Don’t you know what Hissssss means? 

 RaenaBelle uses a scratcher for the first time

     Dezi, her name isn’t hey you, it’s RaenaBelle Maycee High.

  Oh mommy, you and your names. What are we supposed to call her? Surely you don’t want me to say da whole thing all da time, right?

     No baby, we’re gonna call her Raena.

  Why mommy? Me knows there’s a reason, so why? 

 RaenaBelle sleeps beside her mommy in the chair

     Yes dear there’s a reason. Raena is the shortened form of Raanan which means ‘New Beginnings’. And that’s exactly what she is for us, a new beginning.

 RaenaBelle plays

  Well mommy me’s just not so sure ‘bout all this, but me will give her a chance fur you. And fur all me’s furiends out there wonderin’ zactly how you say her name, it sounds like Ray-nah. Mommy just has to be different. And needless to say we didn’t get a bit of sleep her furst night here and not much da second either. Maybe it wasn’t all her fault, but dat’s a story fur another day. Let me tell ya’ dat girls got a set of lungs on her and she’s a chatty little thing. You think me’s chatty. Hmmpht Me’s got nuthin’ on her. And she’s fearless, and smart and she’s purretty enuff me supposes. Mommy gave her a bath so she don’t stink anymore so there’s dat. She’s got more energy than me’s seen in a while and she doesn’t back down when me threatens her either. Mommy says she’s a lot like me, specially in dat way. And she even tried to give mommy a head massage her second day here.

RaenaBelle pounces on a Jackson Galaxy rubber ball

But mostest ‘purrtantly, she luvs me’s mommy. She wants to be right with mommy everywhere. So maybe she ain’t dat bad after all. She saw da VET on Fursday when me did and she got a clean bill of health. Her eye and nose is somethin’ mommy be watchin’ to make sure it clears up on it’s own as it wasn’t serious enuff fur medicine at this time. She weighs a whole pound and a half and was born on April 21st. She’s a bi-color Ragdoll, but her points aren’t clear enuff to call yet. Mommy says she has flame patch on her ear just like me does. Another story fur another day.

 RaenaBelle bunny kicks a chicken leg

Anyways, there ya’ have it. And this ain’t even half of what happened in da furst week. So me will give ya’ da 411 on how things be goin’ as we go okay? And yes, Raena will be chattin’ it up with ya’ll from time to time so you’ll get to know her too. And we’ll be tellin’ all ‘bout da trainin’ as it happens. Raena’s already finished trainin’ mommy to be crazy about her so, she should do really well when it comes her time to learn. We have no doubts God sent her to us. So whether you believe God did it, or sis Lexi did it, or whatever you choose to believe, we just hope like mommy said yesfurday, dat you all learn to luv her as much as we do. Me’s gotta go now and remind her dat me’s da queen and she’s da princess; and me was here furst.  

Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and RaenaBelle        

Blest Gotchaday Sunday

Well it’s a Blest Gotchaday day Sunday fur me. Yep, this is da day me got gotted 6 years ago. Me gave you a brief look into da events of meez gotchaday in meez last posty. Ifin you missed it you can read it here. Me is a Thanksgivin’ kitty fur sure. Meez furst three weeks of life might have been turbulent, but meez been livin’ on cloud nine ever since mommy saved me. Meez big blessin’ at this time of year is meez life and meez furmily. Me kuld very well have died afur mommy ever came to save me, but God was lookin’ out fur me and kept me holdin’ on till He kuld send mommy to me. Altho’ mommy didn’t take and foster meez 10 littermates she did help da dog rescue dat took us in; to get them all healthy. As far as we know, all meez littermates lived and got homes. Me bets none of them got a mommy like me did tho’. (Weez postin’ never afur seen fotos from back then. We pawlogize fur da quality, we had nuffin’ digital back then. Can you believe we actually thought some of these was good? MOL Thank catness fur digital cameras.)

Collage #Dezi as a baby and now at 6 years old

Meez furst day in meez new home and me now 6 years later.


In other news , you may have noticed we haven’t been round much. As we was visitin’ you all on Furiday we had to take a small bweak cuz mommy’s case worker was here fur sum paper signin. Mommy wasn’t movin’ very fast to begin with, but we were makin’ da rounds. After mommy’s case worker left we tried to git back to visitin but it was our turn to update our puter. See we signed up fur Windows 10 a while back. We never heard anything ‘back from them and basically just furgot ‘bout it all. Till Furiday when suddenly our catputer started updatin’. Parently our turn had come up and we was getting’ da new Windows 10. What it really meant was no bed fur mommy Furiday night cuz she had to monitor da whole fing and then find everyfin’ again.


Collage: #Dezi the #servicecat at 3-5 weeks old playing on #CatPerch 3-6 week old #Dezi the #Servicecat playing in new home

Mommy sez me was a spitfire then and me still is.

OMC It’s gunna take us a while to figger all this out. Nuffin’ is where weez used to it bein’ and it’s so alive it seems to log us outta stuff all da time. It took a good little while to get it set up and then we discovered dat we had to re-load everything weez use to usin’ includin’ google, da live writer we use fur managin’ da blog, our email, well everyfin’. And then we gotta find where it all went to. MOL  Mommy is just not puter literate enuff fur this kind of stuffs. MOL  Which reminds me, sum of you got a email yesfurday dat sed me published a new bloggy but then nuffin’ was there. Seems when da Windows Live Writer syncs, it posts a temporary post and then immediately deletes it in order to verify and link up to da blog. Me didn’t actually post to da blog yesfurday. Mommy kuld barely hold hers head up much less type. MOL  We are excited ‘bout da new Windows 10 but it is daunting too. Purrlease bear with us as we find our way around again and get back to visitin’. And mommy gets sum rest. Ifin any of ya’ dat have already updated have any tips, let us know.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you all fur bein’ in our lives and bein’ da blessings you are. This week is Thanksgivin’ here in da U.S., but don’t wait fur Thanksgivin’ each year to list and be thankful fur da blessings in your life. Take at least a moment each day to give thanks fur da many blessings bestowed upon you. No matter your situation, you are alive and have this moment. Dat is a Blessing. Meez gotta go get sum Gotchaday snuggles and play now so weez’ll see ya’ later.

#Dezi the #Serviceanimal plays with feather toy

Come here fevvers. Meez gunna get ya’

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi 

Dezi’s First Time…

Behind the Joystick


Well me learned not to be fwaid of da wheelchair last time me wrote. It didn’t happen overnight but mommy sez me was a quick learner. Wight mommy?



You’re right Dezi.. You were a very quick study. You enjoy pleasing me so much, that you catch on to things in no time at all.


Me fawt today me wuld tell ‘bout meez furst ever twainin’ lesson. Weez never ever told ‘bout da furst time me had a lesson have we mommy?


No sweety we haven’t.


Well meez gunna tell it today. Me was still small. Anypawdy who knows Ragdolls knows we mature slower than udder kitties, but me had also been da runt of a litter of 11 and deaffly ill when me furst came to mommy. So me was gwoin’ slowly in da beginin’. Anyways me had gotten rid of those ole worms and gotten healffy and me was a curious little fing. Not unlike most yunguns, me was in, on and up to everyfin’. Me of course had been watchin’ sissy all these days, weeks and mumffs and us kitties like any udder species learns by watchin’.


You need to clarify that you don’t just learn from watchin’ sweety but also physical training.


Okay mommy, you just did. But meez gunna talk ‘bout da watchin’ kinda learnin’ today okay?. So me had been keepin’ a close eye on sis Lexi. Me fawt she was da gweatest fing since tweats. Me hadn’t discovered catnip yet. OMC Me wanted to be just like sissy, so me wuld twy to follow her wound and me wuld bug her and twy to get her to show me how to do what she was duin’. She wasn’t always patient wiff me in da beginin’. She had alweady been fwu da helpinn’ twain a kitty dat had gone to heaven, and me finks she was fwaid me wasn’t gunna stay wound eever, so she just didn’t wanna be bovverd. But mommy kept weassurin’ her dat me was healffy and was gunna stay wound, so she gave in and got more gentle and let me hang out and watch. Sumtimes she wuld motion fur me to twy fings too. You know a tail flip or a look. We kitties don’t always meow at each udder. We have all kinds of ways to communicate.


Furgive da beamer eyes, this is one of those 35mm fotos mommy scanned to da puter.

Furgive da beamer eyes, this is one of those 35mm fotos mommy scanned to da puter.

So me wuld watch her every meownin’ when she put hers mouff on da knobby of dat movin’ chair and make it move mommy and me and her to da pawdee box room. Me likes to go, even ifin it’s only fwum one room to anudder. So one meownin’ when we got to da pawdee box room and mommy got outta da chair fur udder fings, me hopped back up in it and sat down. Me was too small to reach da knobby fing wiffout mommy in da chair tho’, so me cautiously climbed up on da awm where da knobby fing was and balanced meez selff and laid down. Me extended meez paw and stawrted touchin’ da awea wound da knobby fing and fings stawrted beepin’. Seems there’s also buttons where dat knobby fing is too, and they beep when you push ‘em. Me intially jumped when da beeps stawrted, but bein’ yung and curious me jumped wight back up there and settled in fur more “play”.

 dw DnLsleeping

Sissy laid on da counter and watched me and mommy was gwinnin’ so big me kuld see hers teefies. They seemed to be weally happy wiff me. So me kept makin’ dat chair beep. Guess dat’s not zactly what me was posed to learn, cuz eventually mommy sed, “That’s enough baby. No more beeps okay.” And sis Lexi jumped down into da chair and moved me off da awm of da movin’ chair. Hmmmmmm, da beepin’ makes mommy happy, but not too much beepin’. Meez gunna have to fink this one over a while.

 dw DnLwheelchair2

Meez gunna stop fur da day,, but tune in next time fur more of da stowry. Mommy has a doctors pointment today, so weez’ll visit as much as we can, and get caught up tomowwo. Hope you all have a gweat day.


Till da next time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


That Chair Moves…

Hey Dezi since we are going to run a series about the training we received to become Service cats for mommy, I was thinking maybe we should tell the story of when mommy got her first wheelchair. Even tho’ that story would really be about Lucky. what do you think?


Me thinks that’s a great idea sissy. Me never gets tired of hearing your stories ‘bout Lucky. And mommy thought it was a good idea fur her to type out our dictation in mostly human speak so that if somebody needs it translated to a different language they can. And those that have a little trouble reading our regular posts can understand everything. These training stories are impurrtant and serious. That’s not to mean that they aren’t sometimes funny cuz we can be characters, but they’re serious cuz what we learned is real and is meant to help our mommy live an independent life.


Yep Dezi you’re right. And I’ve gotta tell ya’ your training was probably the most fun of all mommys service cats. But we’ll get to those stories soon. Today I’ll tell ya’ ‘bout mommys first ever wheelchair and my then Meezer brofur Lucky.


It was a really really long time ago. I was still practically a kitten at 3 years old. My brofur Lucky was a whole 28 days older than me so we were both still big kittens. That seems like a lifetime ago now but it’s still clear in this old girls mind. Anyways one morning a man came to our apartment and brought mommy a new chair. This wasn’t like any other chair she had, it moved. Mommy could put this chair anywhere she wanted in the house including the kitchen all without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat. It sure did look scary cuz mommy wasn’t vey good at steering it and she kept running into walls and doors and tables and well generally anything that was in her way. Lucky and I had to watch our tails or she might have run over them too. (she would have never done that)

 dw Lexi and Lucky play

Lucky and I meowed ‘bout it a little and thought that this new chair was going to be a great help for mommy except…If her driving was this bad while she was mobile then just what was it gonna be like in the mornings when she couldn’t actually move?, Oh kittens were we ever in for a surprise. Lucky seemed to be really interested in the workings of this chair and would hop up in it when it was still and when mommy was just sittin’ in it. We both loved mommy so much and our favorite place was (and still is) in her lap. Well Lucky would get in mommys lap and then rub his face on the joystick and put his mouth on it and push at it. So a light bulb went off in mommys head and she put Luckys paw on a button on the arm of that moving chair and pushed it down. It beeped at him and he turned and looked at mommy fur reassurance but he didn’t jump down. So mommy did it again and again until Lucky was pushing the button on his own. We found out that button was the power and turned that moving chair on and off.


It wasn’t long before Lucky would push that button all on his own even without mommy askin’ him too. And then he went and pushed the button and put his mouth on the joy stick and bit it. When he did that, it pushed the joystick forward and the chair moved. Well he quickly pulled his mouth away from the joystick and looked up. Mommy said his face said it all. He wasn’t sure whether to be proud or terrified.


Me remembers that feelin’ sissy. OMC The first time the chair moved meez heart nearly jumped outta meez chest. MOL

 dw Lexi and Lucky window

Yeah Dezi I magine that’s exactly what happened to Lucky. But he was so happy to be in mommys lap that he didn’t move. Mommy took full advantage of his love and gently put Luckys mouth back on the joystick and gently pushed so the chaiir moved a little more. He got scared and wanted down. So mommy gave him a big hug and kiss and told him how pawsum he was and put him down. He scampered off to hide. He didn’t go far tho’ and he kept his eye on mommy when she went looking for me. This whole thing had scared da bajeebuzz outta me and I had hid under the covers on the bed. I thought fur sure there was no way mommy would be able to find me. Somehow she seemed to know the bump in the bed was me, and she grabbed me up and loved all over me while taking me to the chair.


First thing we did was go fur a ride. Hey, this isn’t as scary as I thought it was gonna be. It’s actually kind of fun. I could even see the countertop from mommys lap in the kitchen where she prepared our meals. I got to thinking this might not be so bad after all. So when mommy repeated the steps she took with Lucky on me, I soaked it all in. I was driving in no time at all. I wasn’t any better than mommy, but I was driving. MOL Okay, really I was kinda scared and wanted down right away. And it did take a week fur me to get used to the chair being around. But once I got used to it, I learned really fast. Mommy said so. She also said she was very proud of Lucky and me. Back then we didn’t have a working camera much less a video camera. There was a whole year mommy didn’t get to take photos of any kind of Lucky and me. She hates that, but there’s nothing she can do ’bout it now. Except to tell you to take as many photos as you can and don’t delete anything. Buy those little thumb drives or external hard drives or whatever you must to store them on, but you will regret throwing photos away. (mommys PSA fur the day)

dwLexi and Lucky-- (1280x806)

Y’all were so brave sissy. The chair sure scared me at first. Meez so glad y’all were able to learn to drive the chair and help mommy.


Me too Dezi. And I’m glad that even tho’ it scared you, you were able to overcome that fear and help mommy too.


Yeah Lexi it’s really not that scary and knowing that me is helping mommy is the best feeling ever. We’ll be telling more training stories ‘bout Lexi and me. These stories altho’ true are not meant to be a training handbook or guide. Countless hours, weeks, and months of repetition went into our training and we couldn’t possibly cover every minute. If you have specific questions you can email us via our contact page and mommy will try to help you. The ADA just published a question and answer document about the Service Animal act that you can read here. It may answer some additional questions that you have that we didn’t cover.


Till the next time……………………Be Blest!!!



Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Appalling Tuesday

Meowllo everypawdy sure hope yous getting’ more sun puddles than us. Weez turnin’ into fish here. Weez gunna furget how to use da ‘puter ifin weez not able to get on it soon. Altho’ mommy did purromise Lexi dat even ifin it’s stormin’ we wuld celebrate hers Meowday/birffday tomorrow. After all it’s not everyday dat she’s gunna turn sweet sixteen. So just in case you need a reminder, yous all invited to da pawrty tomorrow. And speakin’ of Lexi, she’s duin’ okay. She ate real good yesfurday and weez hopin’ fur lots more days of dat kind of eatin’. She’s also been actin’ a bit feisty da last kupple of days since she stawted takin’ hers vitamin B-12. 

 dw Lexi moon on sea

We did read a most horrible story in da news ‘bout a Texas VET. Seems a young female Vet posted ‘bout hers purroud moment when she killed a “feral” neighborhood cat with an arrow to the head. Turns out said “feral kitty” wasn’t feral at all and in fact belonged to a neighbor. No, we won’t be postin’ da foto. We awe outraged ‘bout this. Yes, we be frum da Souff and we believe in da right to bear arms. We believe in da right to defend ourselves and to kill to eat, but we be fightin’ a town full of ignorant people dat fink a bullet is still da answer to animal over pawpulation and here’s a VET dat’s posed to luv animals and has gone to school to learn how to make their lives better and she’s killing without regard. Cuz feral or not, dat kitty didn’t deserve to die. Specially not dat way. We find it even more upsetting dat da clinic where she worked didn’t fire her till after da public outcwy fur justice. It’s not like this was sumfin’ she was hidin’. She posted her elation along wiff da foto on hers Facebook page. What is wrong wiff peeps?!!! This is just anudder reason we believe the penalties fur animal cruelty need to be stiffer.

 dw Dezi in wave

We awe so gwateful to belong to such a wunnewful community wiff peeps hoo luv their animals and fight fur animals every chance they have. We purray fur da furmily of dat poor kitty and all da stray and feral fur babies out there fwu no choice of their own. We beg you all once again, to purrlease keep your cats inside. You never truly know hoo is out there or what their agenda might be. On dat note hold them a little tighter and tell them you luv them once more than usual. See you tomorrow fur sis Lexi’s pawrty.

dw Dezi colored border

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi


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