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Chatting Cats: They Better Not Get Any Funny Ideas

Hey, Is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. And it’s Summer time!!! Kittens is it hot here. There was a few rain showers yesfurday that mommy said brought some cooler winds, but she said ultimately those showers were gonna make it hotter than ever cuz of somethin’ called humidity. I’s don’t know much ‘bout humidity but mommy thinks it makes mine’s eyes gunk up more than normal. 


Dezi lays on liberty tree and Raena on the small perch looking at each other in front of the door.




          Yep Raena, so much so that me heard mommy on the fone with Dr. C. ‘Pawrently she’s plannin’ on takin’ you in fur some tests or somethin’. Me heard her tell him that she didn’t know what ya’ll needed to do but somethin’ had to be done and she wasn’t takin’ we don’t know fur an answer. Me does know that it really bothers mommy when you look up at her and can’t open your eyes fur all the gunk. You might not can see it, but me sees her cryin’. And those ain’t the happy tears. 


Dezi lays on cat tree and Raena lays on perch while looking outside




I’s don’t like it when mommy cries the sad tears sissy, and I’s fur sure don’t like to be the reason. I’s don’t know why mine’s eyes gunk so much but I’s wish they’d stop. Ya’ know, some days they seem fine and others, I’s just can’t see nuffin’. I’s kind’a hope the doctor can figger out why that is. ‘Course, I’s don’t plan on makin’ it easy fur ‘em. After all, it is the V-E-T. MOL  I’s’ll meow ya’ another thing too, they bestest not be gettin’ any ideas ‘bout stickin’ no thermometer anywhere near mine’s nether regions. Maybe I’s could manage to cover mine’s bloomers in some of that smelly clay litter we tried out last month. Once that stuffs dries they’d need a sledge hammer to get anywhere near me. MOL 


Dezi lickes paw while laying on the heated cat mat




          RaenaBelle!!! (Dezi and Raena laugh while thinking about the VET staff trying to clean off dried clay from their rabbity fine bloomer furs.) Me doesn’t think they’ll be takin’ your tempurrture. That is at the other end of the purroblem after all. Me’s purretty sure that has nuffin’ to do with your eyes. But, by all means, give ‘em what fur ifin ya’ see ‘em appurrchin’ with one of those thermometers. Ya’ might wanna watch out fur claw clippers too. Even tho’ mommy thinks the VET charges too much she might have ‘em clip your claws while you’re there.


Raena bathes while laying on the floor with her tongue out




No Way sissy. Why would she ever do that? She clips mine’s claws purrlenty, I’s fur sure don’t need some silly tech who doesn’t know me clippin’ ‘em. 


Dezi lays on the cat scratcher while getting ready for the Gotch'a game




          That’s the truth Raena. Mommy had ‘em clip me’s claws once and that didn’t work out very well fur ‘em. She even had ‘em put those soft paws on me once…well, Dr. C tried. Me let him know in no uncertain terms that wasn’t happenin’. He gave up after the furst one. Mommy siad he charged a furtune fur his tryin’ and she came home and put the rest on me in a matter of minutes. They didn’t work out so good tho’ and so we definitely don’t recommend ‘em. We purrfur that peeps purrvide their kitties with purrlenty of scratchin’ options ‘stead. 



I’s don’t think I’s would like those soft paws either sissy. Sorry they were bad fur ya’, but I’s pawfully glad mommy doesn’t recommend ‘em anymore. So, since you’re the one with all the infurmation, just when am I’s s’posed to go see the doctor? Maybe I’s can eat a spider and be too sick to go. 


          Do you know how stupid that sounds Raena? Too sick to go to the doctor? 


Raena scratches on the catit zebra scratcher




That’s not nice sissy. You know how mommy hates that word. Just cuz of that I’s might decide not to share mine’s special treat with you.


          What special treat , Raena? We don’t have any treats, mommy said so. We haven’t gotten treats since your birthday.


Raena gets loving while laying in mommy's lap

Don’t furget the pawrty you purromissed mommy.




That may be true sissy, but ‘member how mommy said ifin we had a small birthday pawrty fur me we’d really whoop it up fur mine’s gotchaday? It just so happens, mine’s Gotchday is this Furiday. Yep, I’s been here with you and mommy fur 2 whole years now. And you purromissed to make mine’s pawrty a pawrty to ‘member. So, wha’ch’a got planned? And it better be good.


          Oh, Well, Me’s furgot. Ya’ know Furidays are our Service Cat postys.


Then you better get to thinkin’ sissy, cuz I’s gonna be x’pectin’ somethin’ outta this world. ‘Specially ifin I’s have to go to the V-E-T this week. 


Dezi lays in cat bed with a snarky look




          Well, guess me better go have a nap and see what comes to me.


I’s gonna go ask mommy fur somethin’ special to celebrate with. (Raena looks over at mommy A trying to drink a cup of coffee after having cleaned up a few messes she and Dezi had made before breakfast) Maybe I’s’ll just wait till she finishes her coffee.


Till the next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Chatting Cats: Christmas Time Is Coming and We’re Busy Busy

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Sissy, did you see our purretty Christmas Balls?


 Dezi and Raena in Christmas ball decorations frame




          Me did Raena. They even motivated mommy to add some Christmas cheer to out bloggy.


 Dezi, Raena and angel Lexi in a cubed grid Christmas frame




Ain’t we purretty sissy? I’s luvs our Christmas look. Fanky fanks to our handsum furiend Marv and awnty Barb, we’re on our way to deckin’ the halls.


 Thinking animated emoji White question mark emoji

Hmmmmm Who could it be?




          Well Raena, me’s not so sure ‘bout the halls, but we are feelin’ that Christmas spirit. And, we’re gonna have a play date next Wednesday to celebrate. Mommy’s purromissed to put up the Christmas tree and all the lights so our guests can enjoy ‘em too. We know everypawdy’s gonna wanna stop by to see who’s comin’ over.


 Raena, bathes her neck ruff

I’s better clean up. Did ya’ ever feel ya’ might have too much fur?




I’s really x’cited sissy. I’s hear one of our guests luvs to play. Since you can be an old fuddy duddy, it’ll be nice to have somekitty to romp with. 


          Me’s no fuddy duddy Raena. You just don’t have an off button. Ya’ know, sometimes me would just like to take a nap. Ya’ don’t have to play all the time. 


Raena chats from the boxbed with mouth open

Yes I’s do, sissy. Mommy’s always sayin’ life’s too short, we’ve gotta make the most of it. I’s don’t wanna miss a minute of play time. 


Dezi profile as she lays in mommy's lap getting love

          Me thinks ya’ got it a little mixed up, Raena. Mommy always says that when she’s luvvin; on us. She says she doesn’t wanna miss the oppurr-tunity to hold us and let us know how much we’re luvved. 


 Raena gets love while laying in mommy's lap




Like we could ever furget that, sissy. Mommy must luvs on us a hunnert million gazillion times a day. But, I’s wouldn’t want her to stop. I’s sure luvs getting’ luvvin’ from mommy. Did mommy tell ya’ we’re gonna have a Christmas Gift List next week? We’re gonna get to feature some our favorite purroducts that would make pawsum gifts fur all the furries and their peeps.


Dezi checks out litter robot from the insideThis is one strange box.



          Me knows. It’s gonna be great. We’ll be showin’ stuffs in just ‘bout every purrice range. We even have a give away fur one of our favorites. And, Service Cat Monday, we’re gonna be meowin’ ‘bout one of a kitties basic needs. Anypawdy who has a kitty is gonna wanna stop by. 


Hey sissy, even mommy’s gonna get in on the reviewin’ this month. She hardly ever gets to review anythin’, so we’re really x’cited ‘bout this.


          You’re right Raena. Me can’t even ‘member the last time mommy got somethin’ to review. She says it’s okay tho’. She says it makes her happy to see us get new stuffs.


 Raena lays in liberty cat tree cubby




She does at that sissy. But, I’s think she says it cuz that’s what mommy’s are s’posed to say. I’s know she gets really x’cited when she gets new stuffs too. Anyways, it’s linin’ up to be a busy month fur us, that’s fur sure. 


          You’re right ‘bout that, Raena. We better get off here and help mommy get the Christmas tree outta the closet. Did you ever get inside the other day when mommy dragged out the leaf blower?


I’s not made it in there yet, sissy. But I’s ready to try again. I’s been purracticin’ my “sneak by ya’” moves and I’s think today just might be mine’s lucky day.


Till the next time………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Chatting Cats: Lap Hogs and Forgetfulness

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. And it’s Furiday!!! I’s don’t know why we’re so x’cited ‘bout that, but we are. To me, it just seems like any other day.


 Dezi and Raena laying atop the liberty cat tree



          Fur us Raena, it is like any other day. But humans have been celebratin’ the arrival of Furiday fur a long time. It used to mean the weekend was here and peeps didn’t have to work fur a couple of days. Now we live in a 24/7 world so peeps might be off work in the middle of the week ‘stead of the weekend. Still, we get x’cited fur Furiday.


Oh, okay. Whatever. Hey, did you hear mommy say that Ms. A was comin’ over today? 


 Dezi wearing home made garrison cap




          Yeah Raena, me did. When we made me’s hat fur summer camp, we broke the needle on the sewin’ machine. Seems mommy can’t hardly see it to replace it, so Ms. A’s gonna come help her. Mommy hand’t been that worried ‘bout it since we don’t actually have any material fur her to sew. But, when she was over there takin’ somethin’ to Nubs, they got to talkin’ ‘bout sewin’ and, well, the rest as they say is history. Me’s just happy to see mr. Sunshine again. 


 Raena looks out door from the small perch




Oooooh Me too, sissy. Me too. It had been so yucky and drab lookin’ fur ever. I’s thought mr. Sunshine packed up his bags like ms. Fall. I’s was thinkin’ old man Winter must be really inhospitable.


          Well Raena, you can keep right on thinkin’ that, cuz he is. Me can’t believe you can’t ‘member last winter?. You weren’t that young.


Maybe I’s have mommy’s furgetful disease, sissy.


          Oh Purrlease Raena. That ain’t no disease, that’s old age. And, well, purroblems left over from her accident. Me thinks your purroblem has more to do with your care furee catitude. You don’t care ‘bout anythin’ so long as you can lay in mommy’s lap. You’re such a lap hog. 


 Raena lays in mommys lap for loving




I’s luvs mommy sissy and I’s luvs layin’ in her lap. It’s the bestest seat in the house. (Feeling that Dezi may want to sit in mommy’s lap, Raena jumps up first and makes herself comfortable)



          Me knows Raena. And me would like to sit in it ever once in a while too. You know, mommy’s lap belonged to me furst. And, it iiiiis me’s birthday month, ya’ know.


 Raena lays in mommys lap and bathes




Purrrrrrrrrlease, what does that have to do with anythin’? (Raena meows from mommy’s lap



 Dezi lays in mommys lap for loving




          (Dezi paws at mommy’s leg from the floor and whaps Raena who’s bathing and oblivious to Dezi’s plight) C’mon Raena, it’s me’s birthday month and that means me gets more special luvvin’ this whole month. More specials than you even. Now Meow-ve!!! 



 Raena lays on back of chair




(Raena jumps to the back of the chair and looks down at Dezi who mommy has picked up and put in her lap) Okay sissy, it can be your turn now. You know I’s luvs you too. How ‘bout we play later. Maybe, I’s’ll even let mommy take you fur a stroll furst ifin mr. Sunshine sticks ‘round.

Hey, some of ya’ asked ’bout that cutesy tunnel toy with the track I’s was playin’ with in our last posty. We got it at Wally World the day I’s had to get mine’s rabies shot. It had been returned cuz pawrt of it was broken, so they had it on clearance fur $2.00. Mommy was able to add some tape and poke a few extra holes in the tunnel to make it work fur us. We don’t ‘member what it was called, nor do we know how much it actually costs.

Raena lays inside tent track toy




Till the next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

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