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Mystery Plumber Revealed

Meowllo Fursday, so glad you kuld make it. What a week weez had. Fankfully weez one day closer to da weekend. Smile Da mysterious plumber guy finally arrived Tuesday afternoon and came in wiff nuffin’ but dat S shaped screwdriver. Mommy knew immediately nuffin’ was gunna get dun and we was gunna be left wiff da stench fur yet another day. Ifin you wanna know how to over spend green papers on everything, take notes from our pawrtment management company. They won’t purrfurm purrventative maintenance cuz it costs money. But when sumfin’ finally breaks they gotta send sumpawdy out to make sure it’s broken and then send them out again to fix or replace it. You know they buy da cheapest appliances they can find and then gripe and complain when they don’t last furever.

dw-LexiBeautiful - 2HEoW-1hh - normal


Anyways, da plumber, who really was a plumber, hit da switch and nuffin’ happened. Then he got down on da floor and unscrewed da disposal and flipped da switch again. He then turned to mommy and sed, “Well that ain’t workin’ at all, is it? I’ll go tell da manager you need a new one.” Duh, mommy sed dat da furst day. Dat’s what she thought, but she didn’t say, stead she just smiled and sed, “Great, thank you.” So anyways, he went to tell da manager and came back and told mommy he wuld be back sumtime Wednesday. When he arrived on Wednesday do you know what he did? He flipped da switch. As ifin by sum miracle it was suddenly gunna work. MOL  Well it didn’t and so he finally took it out and put another one in. We fink it was a rebuild cuz it had a stench to it too. Or maybe our noses was just clogged up wiff stench. MOL  Well 2 service calls and repair and replace charges later, we finally have a workin’ garbage disposal again. Fank catness cuz mommy was goin’ a little nuts. Mommy sed it’s amazin’ how much you begin to rely on sumfin’ dat she never had till she moved here. And not to worry, mommy used sum of dat lemon smellin’ garbage disposal cleanin’ stuff to get da stench out. So weez back in business.


We still be havin’ da Open ID twubbles so weez started usin’ our google id to comment on those blogs what won’t allow us to leave our name and website infurmation on. Mommy hates google almost as much as facebook, but sumtimes you just gotta do fings you don’t like.


And speakin’ of duin’ things one dusn’t like, sis Lexi be goin’ to da VET Furiday afternoon, so we hope you will keep her in yous purrayers. She’s duin’ much better and is almost all fru wiff da antibiotics. But da VET man sed she had to come in fur a look see when we finally talked to him After da new year. It’s been stormin’ here purretty much non stop, so weez hopin’ it clears up; least fur a bit while mommy and sissy go to da VET. Every meownin’ we wake up hopin’ to see mr. Sun shine and yet every meownin’ all we see is mr. cloud and gray skies. Anyways, we got a kupple gift cards to da WallyWorld fur Christmas, so me magines mommy and sissy will stop by there and pick up sum treats afur comin’ home. Least me hopes so. It’d be a crime to go to da big little city and not stop by there. Right? MOL 


What’d’ya’ think? Duz me look like a lioness?


And hey, we hope you stop by tomorrow. We have sumfin’ special planned. Not only are we gunna be postin’ another pawsum kitty in need of a furever home, weez joinin’ in a new bloghop ‘bout bloopers. It’s called Pet Blogger Bloopers Photos Roundup and is hosted by The Lazy Pitbull. On da second Furiday of every month bloggers are challenged to share at least one foto dat didn’t make da cut fur postin’. Now unfurtunately weez not have da badge to show ya’ today cuz mommy was so busy writin’ hers selff a reminder dat she furgot to save dat puppy. And as we do every weekend, we’ll also be joinin’ da Pet Parade bloghop. So, lots of hoppin’ tomorrow. Meez gotta go now and get sum more infurmation ‘bout da special kitty in need weez gunna be sharin’ tomorrow. So… 


Till da next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  


Oh me cats and kittens, me keeps furgettin’ to tell ya’ we now have a Zazzle store. Weez addin’ purroducts all da time, so check it out. We have a cute little key chain wiff Lexi you can see here, and me on a coffe mug you can see here. You can always click da link on our sidebar to see new items. We will be addin’ lots more in da weeks to come. And we actually make a little money when you click over usin’ our link to make a purchase, even ifin you don’t buy sumfin’ from us. Of course we make even more ifin you buy one of our purroducts. Fank you all fur shoppin’ our store. 🙂


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

Caturday Art Updates

It’s Caturday and weez chillin’ and getting’ sum much needed rest. When sissy got sick last week nopawdy slept. She kuldn’t stay outta da pawdee box and me didn’t know what to fink and well all mommy kuld do was cwy and purray. Not haviin’ gween papers to help sissy was tearin’ at mommys heart. And then came da night when it got weally bad. Sissy was runnin’ to da pawdee box so offen she shulda just stayed there. And then she wuld lay down to “clean” hers ouchy, cuz youz know it hurt, and wuld hold hers leg up a little and nuffin’ but blood wuld seep out. Mommy put piddle pads on da bed and unnew neaff her and she didn’t even move. Mommy was cwyin’ and me was wipin hers tears wiff meez paws and in tween pawdee box visits sis Lexi was still twyin’ to give mommy head massages. And dat wuld make mommy cwy even hawrder. Cuz there sissy was bein ‘bout as sick as a kitty can get, but still twyin’ to work and take care of mommy. Ifin dat ain’t da epitome of a Service animal me dusn’t know what is.

 dw Dezifantasybf

So da next meownin’ fwu a face full of tears and a heart dat was bweakin’ into itty bitty pieces, mommy cweated a YouCaring fundraiser fur Lexi’s care. We owe da VET fur our wecent visits and till they be paid off weez can’t go back. And it had become evident dat hims wasn’t even takin’ our calls cuz nopawdy had ever called us back when mommy called in ‘bout me bein’ so sick after dat rabies vaccine. Yes, da VET is all bout da gween papers and yes, we need a new one, but da sad fing is dat all da VETs in our awea be da same way. And wiffout gween papers to pay them, weez can’t go see anypawdy new eever. So anyways, after mommy made da funraiser she posted it and shared it. Not too long after a few donations came in. Mommy had alweady checked da purrices of antibiotics online so when there was enuff gween papers to cover da cost of them mommy took da chance and called our VETs office. They had all gone home fur da day even tho’ it wasn’t even 5 o’clock. Turns out dat was da bestest fing dat kulda happened fur us. Cuz when mommy called da VETs emergency cell fone, he actually called hers back.


He was quite purrterbed and sed hims was dealin’ wiff a furmily emergency and what did mommy want. She told hims she had hers own emergency and splained what was goin’ on wiff sissy. So he abwutly sed, “I guess you want me to call in some antibiotics, huh?” Mommy weplied in da affurmative and hims chose da most spensive fawmacy wound and then called in da most spensiv antibiotic hims kuld and told them we kuldn’t have da generwic. Mommy be fwugal and wulda purrfured da generic so as to make da gween papers go furver cuz sissy will still have ongoin’ medical due to da CKD, but in this instance there was nuffin’ mommy kuld do ‘bout it and she just wanted Lexi to get sum weal medicine. It had been stowrmin’ like cwasy here fur da last kupple days and it was pourwin’ wain when mommy and me left fur da fawmacy. Weez got to twy out da stwoller raincoat cover and it worked. Mommy was so fwazzled hers didn’t get any fotos, but weez sure weez’ll have to use it again. sumday and hopefully da next time will be unnew better circumstances and mommy will get fotos. Anyways, we got da medicine and headed home. Once home mommy gave sis Lexi hers furst dose.

 dw Lexiflowercircle

Not even 30 minutes later she fwu it up. Mommy gave hers anudder dose and fixed us our dinner. Fankfully sissy kept down da next dose and each dose since then. And fankfully she’s on da road to wecoverwy. Ain’t dat wight sissy?

 dw Lexi meds

Youz rite Dezi, I’z feelin’ much better now. I’z kant faynk youz awl enuff fur helpin’ mommy to git me sum medzin. I’z kant say dat I’z likez da medzin or how it tayztz, but I’z taykin’ it like a good gerl and feelin’ better ebberday. Mommy had planz too mayk a grayt video faynk you fur awl ov ya’, but az iz paw fur da korz, I’z not beez koe-aw-purraytin’. Mommy sez datz awlwayz a good sign dat I’z feelin’ good. Afur I’z gawdid sick wiv diz UTI minez CKD wuz purrettee staybull soz mommy hoepz too git me back der. Mommy sed shez will leeb da fundrayzer up cuz minez CKD medzinz still habz too beez bawt on a reguler baysiz and minez speshul nomz too. And I’z gunna needz mower VET vizitz and blood steelin’. Weez’ll beez poeztin’ a Faynk You too-marrow on owr Blezt Sunday poezt.

 dw Lexiabstractflowers

Meez so happy you’s feelin’ better sissy, and me knows mommy is too. And today in honor of yous getting’ better weez postin’ our Caturday awrt and joinin’ Athena and Marie fur da Caturday Awrt BlogHop. Weez also joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur there 100ff Pet Pawade Blog Hop. Weez been joinin’ these blog hops since da beginnin’ of our blog, and they be da only ones mommy can ever member to enter us in. MOL Anyways, check ‘em boff out cuz there’s lots of pawsum anipals in boff.

 dw Deziluvbanner

Till da next time………………Be Blest!!!

Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


What’s In That Ham Baby Food

Hey y’all Lexi here again today. I really purreciate all your support an purrayers. This is the last of my Vet day posts. For the last three days we’ve been covering my latest appointment. We posted the link to my lab work Thursday and told ‘bout what happened at da VET; and yesfurday we told ‘bout what mommy and me did after we left da VET. We’ve been asked a lot of questions about just what is my diagnosis and what are we doin’ about it. So today we’re gonna cover all that. You’ve probably noticed the human speak, well we wanna make sure everyone can understand what we tell ya’ ‘bout my medicines and condition. So first, I do have kidney disease. My thyroid is okay and there’s no sugar in my urine, and the numbers from my tests confirm kidney disease. Although based on my latest lab work their does seem to be a small question as to whether it’s chronic or acute. What’s the difference you ask? There’s a few, but the most important difference is that acute can be cured and chronic can only be managed. 

 0dw Lexi getting luv

Now as most of you know the day doc diagnosed me he sold us a neutraceutical called Azodyl. It was expensive and mommy worried that she wouldn’t be able to afford it for long. Fanks to our wonderful furiends and awnties we were able to buy it for a few months. And then the day came that mommy had feared. We were out and she had no money to buy anymore. Of course as soon as we had gotten the news mommy started researching everything she could find and joined a very knowledgeable support group. During mommy’s research she had read about Astro’s products. So she contacted the creator, an M.D. and asked all kinds of questions. Still a little leary she staerted talking to the support group about them, and when we couldn’t afford my Azodyl mommy decided it was better to treat me with something than nothing. So she ordered the Astro’s Protein Powder because I lost so much weight, and Atro’s Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub which takes the place of Azodyl. By this time some of our furiends had sent green papers and mommy could afford to buy them. As I said yesfurday most CRF diets are low in protein and phosphorous. And that’s great if you’re a doggy who could survive as a vegetarian. But when you’re a kitty what be an obligate carnivore, low protein isn’t the best idea. But as with most feline medicine the treatments for cats are based on those for dogs.


This be da protein powder and da scrub.

As cats, we need the protein to stay healthy and maintain muscle mass and weight. And since CKD can cause us to lose weight we sure don’t need to cut back on anything positive. Recent studies have proved CKD kitties do better on a high quality protein and low phosphorous diet. But proteins make our liver work harder and that’s harder on our kidneys. So it’s almost a lose lose. But in comes the Astro’s Protein Powder. It’s designed to help animals gain and maintain lean muscle mass and promote cellular regeneration. It’s a white fish derived, amino acid concentrate that’s pre-digested so that it’s easily absorbed by the gut. Because it’s concentrated and high quality very little waste product is created, therefore the kidneys have less toxins to filter out. In other words, it’s easier on the kidneys. That’s great news for CKD and many other ailments as well. Although this product was created with CRF in mind, it can be given to any animal who needs to gain weight and/or maintain muscle mass. It costs $32.95 for a 120gm jar. Or a little over $10.00 a month because 1 jar lasts about 3 months.


Now to talk about the replacement product for the Azodyl, the Astro’s Nitrogen Creatinine Scrub. It’s designed to use the digestive tract to trap and excrete metabolic toxins, transforming it into a rudimentary third kidney. And unlike the Azodyl, it doesn’’t have to be refrigerated and can be given in food. Or in my case the tablespoon of ham baby food I get each meal. It can be made even more effective by adding it to yogurt, but it’s not necessary. And it costs $22.95 for a 120gm jar (ie: about 2-3 months supply). Mommy prayed it would work because $23.00 for 2-3 months as opposed to $80.00 a month is a huge difference. And we know you all get tired of helping us and we hate to be a burden on anyone. But purrhaps helping with a smaller amount might be less burdensome. 


Now I’m also taking Renavast. That was something that mommy had come across in her research but was also told about by Brian and Cheri. It’s more amino acids and peptides, just different ones, and helps too maintain normal kidney function in CRF cats and dogs. All of these products by the way have no reported side effects as they are all natural and can be used for both cats and dogs. Consult your VET if you’re a bunny, piggy, etc. I’m also taking vitamin B-12 supplements for overall health. And the Regeneril that Truffles and Ms. Melissa shared with me. It’s purpose is to increase appetite and energy and help with joint pain. The Renavast is $27.00 for a 30 day supply, the B-12 is $10.00 for about a 6 month supply and I’m taking Organic Slippery Elm Bark at $8.00 for about a 6 month supply for the upset tummies and acid reduction. Mommy also ordered for $20.00 some D-mannose to give to me and even Dezi in the event of a urinary tract infection caused by e-coli. Again since this is all natural it can be given to any animal even as a preventative. What all this means as far as money goes is that for less than the price of the Azodyl we can buy all the medicines I need. Because even if I was still taking the Azodyl, I would still need everything other than the Astro’s Scrub.

As always if you have any questions please ask and if we can answer them we will. As for those of you who think our VETs are cheaper, they most probably are cheaper than what you’re paying, but remember, wages are less here too, so for us; especially mommy who be on Social Security, our VETs charge a lot. Our $200.00 bill is like your $2000.00 bill. Altho’ we just don’t understand why it is that VETs think they need to charge so much. If you missed my lab work, can read it and would like to see it, you can click here.

 Dezi sparkle

And till the next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez  

Lexi and Dezi


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