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Already? Now That Was Fast!

Meowllo and happy Caturday to you all. Mommy and me was so excited dat me just had to purrticipate in Caturday Art hosted by da gawjus Athena. Excited ’bout what you ask? Well as you know we’s been havin’ catputer purroblems and so we haven’t been able to be online or visit very much fur a while. And as ya’ know, cuz me told ya’ dat uncle Garth and awnty Mary Beth sed they wuld pay to get it fixed ifin mommy kuld find somewhere to take it. Mommy had called ’round to da three places listed in da fone book and found dat only one place was still in business, and dat it was gonna take a week to get our catputer fixed up and back to us once mommy dropped it off. Of course da repair place was a good 45 miles away. As you know we also had da big inspection dat mommy had to get ready fur and then there was da takin’ care of da confused me, so da catputer got put on da back burner till we kuld get thru with da inspection. So on Fursday mommy finally got da catputer over to da repair shop. Da peeps their was really nice but business is business; so they told mommy there was a few in front of us and they wouldn’t be able to even look at our catputer till next Tuesday. Mommy knew there was nuffin’ she kuld do ’bout it, so she left da catputer and hoped da fan was da only purroblem. Mommy called awnty Mary Beth and gave her an update and then back home she came. Yep, she had gone by herself cuz she was pickin’ up sis Lexi too and just wanted to be alone fur a little bit. And yes, me was worried and pacin’ da floor nappin’ on da cat tree till she got home. We finally settled in fur da evenin’. At least da catputer was at da repair shop in line to be fixed.  

 Dezi with targets multiplied

Mommy was able to find a way to get to some of me’s fotos so we kuld post an update yesfurday, and then we settled in fur another visitless day. We miss everypawdy so much and can’t wait to get ’round to check in with ya’ll. Anyways, a little after noon yesfurday da fone rang. It was da nice lady at da catputer repair shop. And she sed, “Your computer’s ready to be picked up. The motherboard fan was really gunked up, but once we cleaned it, it looks like new and is runnin’ like new.” Mommy was like, “Are you kiddin’? Really? Sweeeeeet, I’ll be right over.” Mommy called awnty Mary Beth and she was just as excited as mommy. And since da fan didn’t have to be replaced they charged us a little less fur da repair. So awnty Mary Beth sed, “Get Dezi something for Easter from us.” So off we went to pick up da catputer and somethin’ special fur me. And da peeps at da catputer repair shop sed mommy shuld get a fan table to help keep da catputer cool. So dat meant a stop at da wally world. Of course we was exhausted when we got home so mommy wasn’t able to get all da fotos she’s taken while da catputer’s been out put on it, but we did get one fur today. And me got a really cool purresent from awnty Mary Beth and uncle Garth, Gizmo and da gang. But you’ll have to wait till we can get all da fotos loaded up to see it. So it looks like we’s gonna be back to visitin’ by Monday. Yes we have a lot of fotos to load. Fank da cats, cuz me really wants to know what all ya’ll have been up to. We also got a call from a really nice lady on Fursday dat just might be full of news. We’ll tell ya’ ’bout dat in another posty. In da meantime, enjoy Caturdays’ art and have a wonderful Easter.  

 Dezi's face in a lily with a cross and shadow image of Jesus. He is risen. Happy Easter frame

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Chatty Me Is Back

Meowllo everypawdy, me’s back. Mommy and me wanna thank everyone who called, sent cards, commented, sent financial help and fur all da purrayers, luv and support. Stay tuned fur me’s Blest Sunday posty. Mommy wants me thank you all fur luvvin’ sissy and me. We’s been so touched by da outpourin’ of luv and to know sissy was special to others cuz she fur sure is/was to us. Me has so much news, but me will try not to take up too much of yous time today. We are still havin’ catputer purroblems, but fanks to awnty Mary Beth and uncle Garth, we are gettin’ dat worked out, so hopefully we will be back up and runnin’ full speed ahead soon. In da meantime, we don’t have access to da live writer we use to write me’s posty’s so we hope da fonts and sizing are readable fur everypawdy, we have no control without da live writer.

 Dezi peering into the camera

Mommy had planned to post me’s grievin’ purrocess as it was happenin’ but as you know we took a whole week off. Losin’ sis Lexi has been really hard on mommy and me. We really purreciate all your patience with us. Since we didn’t chronicle me’s grievin’ from da start we don’t know ifin it’s sumfin’ you all wuld be innerested in or not. Me’s title has a lot to do with me’s grievin’ cuz me didn’t mew with mommy fur over a week. You can let us know in da comments ifin you wuld like to read a posty ’bout it. Me will tell ya’ dat altho’ we thought day one was hard, it really hit me a few days later and dat’s another reason we took extra time off. And we also wanna let everypawdy know dat sissy’s ashes will be comin’ home where she belongs.

Dezi gettin' love pats from mommy

Me’s been spendin’ a lot of time lap lovin’ with mommy.

Mommy has been tryin’ to find me a helper, but there just aren’t any kittens hardly to be found. She did find a couple dat she won’t be able to see till next week, so da search is on. She keeps purromissin’ me sum help and me just keeps lookin’ fur sissy. After all she’s been da only helper me’s ever known.

Dezi spiraled times 6

In other news, you all member we put mr. W’s kitty Buddy on a 30 day challenge at da furst of da month, and we’s gunna be updatin’ ya’ on how he’s doin’ soon. And we got sum great treats and noms from Chewy this month to try out dat we’s gonna be tellin’ ’bout next week. So like me said, lots of things are goin’ on here. Oh and we still have dat big ‘partment inspection comin’ up next week too. (hisssssss) 

Dezi in a gold frame surrounded by green and cream roses,

Me missed St. Pat’s day. Here’s a kiss fur you all.

Anyways, me’s rambled on enuff today. We just wanted to let you all know we’s still here and comin’ back. It just took mommy a little longer than she ‘spected to get back. Da grievin’ is in no way over, but we realize life goes on and we need to jump back in so neither of us falls into a deep depression. We’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Parade. Go by and check out all da pawsum anipals of da blogosphere. Purrlease give us some time, we will be round to visit you all soon.  

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



Updates—Click Here to Unravel

Happy Purrsday Fursday tu yous all.  🙂  Yous know one of these days yous gunna paw intu meez blog and there will be no cawpet talk, no mowe pendin’ surgeries or doctows pointments.  Or any uddew bad news tu weport.  And on dat day yous purrawlly gunna fink yous lost.  MOL  But tuday isn’t that day.  So, what du yous say wees get on wiff da news and updates.  First, what fun weez had at da TCC yesfurday lookin’ at all da cutesy baby fotos.  Sum of yous don’t hav baby fotos cuz yous wuz adopted as adults.  And altho’ weez unnewstand yous pawents wishin’ they had baby fotos of yous, is nuffin’ tu be sowwy or embawwassed ’bout.  Yous awe weally special.  See almost anypawdy can fall fur a kitten, but yous gotta be sumfin’ special indeed tu catch a hooman eye when yous not a fluffy ball of energy wiff wide eyes and a squeeky voice.  Altho’ sum of us nevew seem tu outgrow dat sqeeky voice.  MOL  Wees fawt evew foto on evew posty wus of da mostest bootyful and handsum kittys wound.  🙂              

Have A Wonderful ThursdayDezi - 2HEoW-176 - normal

Now ontu doctor news.  Mommy and me be off tu hers pointment wiff da eye surgeon tuday tu see ifin hers retina is still attached.  Mommy’s no doctor, but da “black dot” is gone so mommy’s suwe all is well and hers can schedule da surgery on hers right eye fur da first Munday in August.  Hopefully this one will go better and hers will be able tu see again.  Hers did learn that when yous laser a hole in da membwane sumtimes these fings called floaters appear and cause  yous tu see little spots.  These “floaters du go away after a foo weeks.  Mommy also has a ‘pointment wiff  da specialist.  Don’t know what hims gunna say, but da paperwork fwum da hospital sed tu follow up wiff hims.  So that’s exactly what mommy plans tu du.   Fankfully most of da pain and yucky symptoms dat had hers down hav gone away.  Yay!!!          

gif Thursday Love Lexi - 2HEoW-177 - normal

Meez knows yous all wunnewin’ what happened wiff da cawpet.  MOL  When wees last posted, da cawpet installers wuz gunna be at ow house yesfurday tu “patch” da paddin’. And mommy wus posed tu hav moved da furniture. Well hers didn’t move any furmiture, fank catness.  An unmarked van showed up wound 10:45 and 2 men got out and went nex door.  Weez heard all kinds of noises ovew there and wunnewed when they might show up at ow door.  Yous know yous shuldn’t wunnew such fings. MOL  ‘Bout an hour later sumpawdy pulled on da door twyin’ tu just walk in.  Hmmph, Mommy keeps da door locked so dat nopawdy can just walk in on us, so finally da doorbell rang.  Mommy went tu da door and a young man came in and sed, “What are we suppose to be duin’ here?”  So mommy stawted tellin’ hims dat da pawtment flooded, and afur hers kuld finish hims asked ifin da pad wus still under da cawpet.  Mommy told hims it wus, and he sed that paddin’ dusn’t dwy.  And that it shulda been pulled out afur da cawpet wus dwied.  And then hims stawted touchin’ da cawpet and mumblin’.  Then hims pulled on da edge of da cawpet and a whole handful unraveled on hims.  Hims told mommy da cawpet needed tu be weplaced.  Mommy told hims these were fings hims needed tu be tellin’ da manager and hers got da fone and dialed da office.  

While mommy wus relayin’ what hims had told hers he went out and got da uddew man and they boff went tu da back and stawted touchin’ da cawpet and pullin’ at it and havin’ it unravel in their hands.  Da manager told mommy hers kuldn’t answer any of hers concerns but she wuld call hers (temporary) supervisor and get back to hers.  In da meantime, da cawpet men had gone out tu their van and got on da fone.  A bit later they returned tu work on da pawtment nex door. Wight afur 3:00 da manger called mommy and sed hers hadn’t heard anyfin’ yet but shuld tumowwo and she wuld let mommy know what they were gunna du ’bout this situation and that da cawpet men had been told a kupple hours earlier by their boss not tu du anyfin’ tu ow pawtment tuday. So now weez in limbo waitin’ tu see ifin they awe gunna du da wight fing or not.    

And tuday is da deadline fur management tu hand down da decision ’bout whether or not they awe gunna wenew ow lease or not.  Ow lawyer told mommy that ifin hers not get any news or call fwum da manager this meownin’, tu take a witness tu da office and wequest tu sign ow lease.  Since they hav no legal wight tu not wenew it, then it shuld go smoothly.  (paws cwossed)  Well dat’s all da news and updates wees hav fur now.  

Ow nex posty will be less news and updates and mowe fun!!! 🙂 Member that online magazine wees wrote an article fur?  Well there will be mowe ’bout that in ow nex post.

So till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥          


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