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A Purr Pack Early Birthday

Well it’s da start of a new week and meez birthday is only days away now. Meez feelin’ good and things are goin’ well. Weez’ll update ya’ more on dat in another posty cuz me has sumfin’ real special fur ya’ today. Last week me gave ya’ a little teaser ‘bout sum boxes we received and da videos mommy needed to try and edit a bit. And so today me fawt me wuld tell you ‘bout one of those boxes. Course as you all know me can be a bit long winded, so we fawt da best way to tell ya’ ‘bout this box was to just show ya’. So get you a coffee, tea or drink of your choice and sit back and enjoy da show. Now don’t cheat. We know your all busy, but you can take 15 minutes out of your day fur a good laugh. You know you need it.


Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.


 Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.

Hey Easy, meez openin’ packages like you. MOL


 Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.


Ifin you can’t see da video click here to watch.


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Well? Wasn’t dat fun? We wuld luv to be an ambassador fur Purr Packs, and we think we wuld make really good ones. We hope after seein’ this they think so too. Check out Purr Packs, they have a pawsum monthly subscription box in 3 different price ranges. And 10% is donated to help other animals lookin’ fur furever homes. We really enjoyed receivin’ da October Purr Pack and since meez birthday is right around da corner, sis Lexi let me steal da show. But as you saw by da fotos, me was more than happy to share. We luv each other very much and don’t mind sharin’ at all. 

Disclaimer: We received da October Purr Pack in exchange fur our honest opinion. They are not respawnsible fur da content of this post and as always we only tell da truth. We only bring you items we use or have tried ourselves and think would be of interest to you our readers and furiends.

Till da next time……………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

We’ll Be Purrayin’

Meowllo everypawdy weez comin’ to ya’ fwum a flooded Oklahoma. MOL Well nuffin’ worked yesfurday so we never got meez posty out. And let me tell you da night afur…it sounded like da stowm was in da house. Even mommy and sissy was a little fwaid. It had been funderin’ sumfin’ pawful when we finally got a little bweak. Or so we fawt. Mommy had turned da teevee up weally loud hopin’ to drown out da sound of da funder so me kuld come outta hidin’ and eat, and she had gone to da kitchen to wash dishes. She had da water on full blast and da gawbage disposal runnin’ and suddenly she heard a bangin’ and it seemed like da whole house was bein’ shook. Mommy yelled fwum da kitchen weally loud so hers kuld be heard over all da extwa noises, “Just a minute.” See da bangin’ was so loud she fawt sumpawdy was knockin’ on da door. 

dw Dezi lays head off top1

So she turned da gawbage disposal and water off and stawted to dwy hers hands when da bangin’ and quakin’ house stawted again. And OMC she learned there wasn’t anypawdy at da door, dat was FUNDER!!! But just in case she went on over to da door and opened it up just in time fur a flash of lightnin’ to light up hers face. It was comin’ wight at her. So she hurriedly closed da door and looked wound fur Lexi and me. We was there, wight behind her, but we was boff weady to run. MOL So wiff all dat goin’ on mommy told me we wuld write meez posty da next mownin’ (yesfurday). And then meownin’ came and mommy kuld barely get wound.

dw Dezi treetop00fr

But she purromised we wuld get me a posty written. After all we had a pawrt 2 to finish up. But there seemed no end in sight to all da funderin’ and lightnin’ and rain. But mommy purromissed and ifin you can get mommy to say “I purromise,” then you can bet it’ll happen lessen God or an act of God purrvents it. So mommy turned on da puter and we stawrted writin’. We don’t have to be connected to write meez posties, fank catness or we kuldn’t have got it dun. But while we was writin’ da stowrms reared their ugly head again. Da power started flickerin’ and so mommy pawlogized and shut it down. Me unnewstood, after all me wanted to hide stead of write and visit. MOL So, we will be postin’ pawrt 2 later but today we have a request posty we wanna write.

 dw Lexi1439

See there’s lots of kitties and udder anipals in da blogosphere dat be sick. So many dat me kuldn’t even begin to list ‘em all. So me won’t attempt too. But me will ask dat you purray fur all yous furiends. We recently lost a furiend dat we didn’t even know was sick, so sumtimes yous never know sumpawdy needs da purrayers. But ifin yous keep ‘em in yous purrayers every day it won’t matter. They’ll be covered. Now last night me got a email fwum meez handsum mancat Andy. Hims furmily is weally havin’ a ruff time wight now. Hims sisfur Cali had been actin’ a little diffewent; like she was in pain. Usin’ da floor stead of da pawdee box. So off to da VET they went. It scared Andy so much dat hims was hidin’ out UTB (unner da bed). See us kitties still have a little of da wild in us and when one of us is sick, we twy to distance ourselves fwum them. We may be purredators but we can also become purrey, and sick means weak to a kitty. Mommy sez she’s seen this happen way too many times. And of course in a house wiff more than 1 kitty when 1 goes sumwhere (specially da VET) and comes home, they don’t smell like us anymore and it sumtimes scares us. So Andy wanted no pawrt of hims sisfur yesfurday. But we also know dat da sick kitty only wants to be wiff his/her furmily and be luvved.  

Meez handsum Andy

Meez handsum Andy

So anyways, to da VET Cali went. A few tests later and da bad news came. She has bone cancer in hers leg. On a hooman it wuld be da calf area, but weez kitties not have calves, so it’s just hers leg. Now Cali’s no yung kitty (12 years) so there be complications and only a few options fur tweatment. Da VET sent them home wiff 2 weeks worff of steroids to twy and ease hers pain. And told there’s 3 options fur tweatment. Da furst bein’ surgery to amputate da offendin’ limb. Again, she’s not a yung healffy kitty so this option kuld be very risky. Lots of tests wuld need to be purrfurmed to make sure she’s even a candidate fur goin’ unner da knife. Da second option is to twy and make hers comfy till da cancer eats her up and she goes to heaven. And da furd is to help her go on to heaven now. We don’t fink those awe very good choices, but dat’s what there is. So, ifin yous all wuldn’t mind sendin’ up a few extwa purrayers fur sweet Cali and Andy’s furmily we wuld purreciate it and we fur sure know they wuld too. Meez Andy not have a bloggy, but hims duz read mine. So ifin yous inclined to leave a good word or fawt, meez certain hims will see it and da furmily will be comfurted. 

 0dw Dezi dear God

Till da next time…………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Dezi and Lexi

Just a Few More Minutes

Meowllo everypawdy how ya’ duin’? Me thinks meez growin’ fins. MOL Let me just say and then me won’t complain’ ‘bout it again today; that da Governor has declared a state of emergency and da weather guys are still tellin’ us weez in a drought. Duz this even make sense to you? Hmmmph Okay so on wiff meez posty. MOL Well you all know we be service cats. It sez so right there under Deziz World. We don’t tell ya’ everyday ‘bout it cuz well…you wuld get tired of readin’ da same fing over and over, cuz we do da same fings everyday. At least for the most pawrt. But here lately ya’ know wiff all da rain that weez been havin’, weez do a little more. So we fawt today we might run you fwu a day in our rainy day lives. And yes, sis Lexi still works just as hawd as ever. We kuldn’t get her to slow down ifin we tried. And twust me, weez twied.  

 dw DnL bed75

Anyways, mommy has dat ole awfur-itis. You know da pain in da joints and bones what acts up specially when it rains. And as of late seems da only weather weez havin’ is dat of da wet kind. So she’s been getting’ wound purretty slow. So anyways, da udder night we all got ready fur bed and Lexi was layin’ on a box we had just got dat mommy hadn’t got put away yet. Well it was kind of a small box so it was purretty low to the ground. Mommy picked me up and turned off da teevee and lights and went to pick up sissy. Now member meez already in mommy’s awms, so mommy went to bend over and…crrrreak, crrrack went mommy’s back. MOL She reached out fur sissy and sissy swooshed hers tail and crouched and pounced off da box and onto da floor and ran like striped lightnin’ to da bed and up da steps afur stoppin’ and lookin’ back.

 dw Lexi1404

At which point she saw mommy all bent over and carryin’ me to da bedroom. Mommy kuldn’t stand up stwaight. So here we was slowly walkin’ down da short hallway all bent over and here comes sissy flyin’ down da steps and up on mommys back where she purrceeded to purr and massage. Mommy was laffin’ and still twyin’ to walk all bent over ‘cept now she was twyin’ to make sure sissy not go tumblin’ off. When we got to da steps sissy jumped off and mommy stood up stwaight again and we all cuddled together to sleep. We do like to cuddle wiff mommy. But wiff all this rain mommy really freezes up at night. And since sissy decided to stawt eatin’ again, when she’s hungwy, she’s hungwy.

 dw Lexi1785F

So da next meownin’ we all wake up as usual, but sissy’s a little on da hungwy side. So da minute she sees mommys eye open she stawts goin’ up to give mommy a massage and then to da steps to get da chair. Meez still runnin’ on old mode where we get up when we get up. Usually ruled by mommy has to go to da pawdee box and can’t hold it no more. So da next fing me knows sissy be givin’ me a massage. Come on sissy, lay back down a minute or ten me meowed. She wasn’t goin’ fur it, so me got up and sleepily gave mommy hers massage. And then me laid down to massage hers legs and went back to sleep. MOL Not fur long tho’ cuz here came sissy meowin’ at me to get up. We finally got mommy in da chair and off we went fur da pawdee box room where me laid back down fur a few more zzzzzzz’s. Meez gunna stop fur now and tell ya’ da rest in meez next posty Till then why don’t’cha lay back down fur 10 minutes or so and have a little rest. 


Till a next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi


Monday’s Pizza Party

Meowllo everypawdy.  First up let me fank you all fur yous purrayers.  Sis Lexi be duin’ a bit better.  But ifin yous kuld keep ‘em comin’ we sure wuld purreciate it.  Now let me splain.  Mommy decided dat we wuld take da day off Sunday and just hang out togedder.  It wuz a glorious day.  We played, and yes sissy did too.  We cuddled and luvved and had tweats.  Yep, sis Lexi ate sum tweats too.  Dat’s not da purrawlem.  She luvs da tweats, it’s da weal noms she hasn’t been eatin’.  Anyways, we just had a gweat day.  And so when we got up Monday and got weady to stawt ow visits, suddenly mommy membered hers had a doctors pointment hers self.  Well as you know, doctor day be a busy day wound here.  So we got no visitin’ dun cuz mommy wuz exhausted when we got home.  But there wuz more good news.   

 dw Dezi luvvin mommy-selfie

One of meez angel kitties fwum Christmas, Gracie, sent a Pizza Hut gift cawd.  Well of course they wuz closed on Christmas so no pizza then.  Mommy decided she wuld see ifin she kuld tempt sis lexi wiff sum pizza, so when we finished runnin’ wound and pickin’ up mommys meds and all we stopped by da Pizza Hut.  Order placed mommy and me sat down to wait.  Okay so me wuz alweady sittin’ but mommy took a seat and stwolled me over.  We talked fur a bit while waitin’.  We talked ‘bout sis Lexi and da call mommy had made to da VET.  Hims not seemed concerned and sed mommy shuld keep an eye on her, but dat since she wuz hungwy and innewested in eatin’ then we shuld just keep twyin’ diffewent fings.  Maybe hers taste buds changed when she turned 15 or sumfin’ like dat.  (peeshaw)  Me didn’t completely unnewstand what mommy wuz talkin’ ‘bout.  But da gist of it wuz dat we shuld just luv her and keep watchin’ her fur udder symptoms or purrawlems.  Yous gotta member, hims knows weez not hav munny, and dat weez can only chawge a hunnerd dollaws at a time.  So we fink (hope) hims just twyin’ to keep us fwum accwuin’ chawges ifin nuffin’ is weally wong.  Mommy’s finkin’ dat so long as nuffin’ changes fur da worse then hers will (do what da VET sez and keep an eye on her) and take her in nex week and hope dat da VET will know which test to run first based on hers symptoms.  But ifin hers can get all better afur then…we won’t be complainin’.    

(Meez checkin' on sissy)  How yous feelin' sissyfur? Me luvs you.

(Meez checkin’ on sissy) How yous feelin’ sissyfur? Me luvs you.

‘Bout dat time da nice girly at da counter called out to mommy and told her ow pizza wuz weady.  Pizza in hand, we headed fur home.  Oh catness, ifin me hadn’t been zipped into meez stwoller me wuld been all in dat there pizza.  It smelled so good.  When we walked in da door da smell wafted fwu da house and sis lexi quickly appeared.  Nose in da air, she wuz lookin’ fur da source of dat pepperoni wiff extwa cheese smell.  Mommy got da kitchen all cleaned up and got us all plates so we kuld sit down and hav a pizza pawty.  And da bestest of all…sis Lexi scawffed hers pizza wight down.  It wuz delishus.  They had a new cook and hims wuz twyin’ to impurress da manager.  And wow, he did a gweat job wiff ow pizza, dat’s fur sure. 

I'z feelin' a bit better. Faynkz fur awl youz purrayerz.

I’z feelin’ a bit better. Faynkz fur awl youz purrayerz.

So hopefully we got nuffin’ furgotten or unexpected happenin’ today and we can make it wound to visit.  We wuz finkin’ bout you all yesfurday.  Sum of you we haven’t heard fwum in a while and we hope yous duin’ okay.  Udders of you we know awe havin’ yous own twubbles wight now.  Purrlease know weez purrayin’ fur ya’ and sendin’ lots of hugs yous way.  And weez’ll be wound to see ya’ just as soon as we can.  

Till da nex time………………….Be Blest!!! 

 Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi 

Humble Beginnings

OMC Ifin yous all kuld only see and hear meez mommy. It’s like evewy 10 minutes, “Oh good grief, my nose” and then hers picks up da kleenex and ‘HONK’. MOL Wiff da season changin’ so suddenly and all da rain, and of course mommy wuz just gettin’ well fwum da pneumonia hers got duwin’ da flood, hers allergies awe weally kickin’ in. Let me tell ya’ ifin this goes on much longer mommy will look like Rudolph. Oh well, weez do luv Christmas.

On anudder note as me told yous on meez Meowday, we celebwate da whole mumff. So me fawt dat since me has so many mowe furiends now than when we stawted bloggin’ dat me wuld tell yous da stowwy of how me came to liv wiff mommy and sissy. And meez first duty as a Service Cat. Ifin yous been readin’ meez blog since da beginnin’ hopefully me won’t put yous to sleep and can bwing out enuff new to keep yous innewested. So don’t close da tab yet.

dw DnL luvvin

See it all stawted in November of 2009. Mommy had a Ragamuffin’ named Ransom dat had been vewy sick fur a long time. And one day he just gave up and hims went to heaven. Mommy wuz distwaught and sis Lexi had now lost 3 bwofurs in her 10 years. And since Lexi wuz 10 years old mommy knew she needed a helpurr fur her. She just kuldn’t do all da work mommy needed her to do alone. Oh sis Lexi wuld twy, but mommy wuldn’t want her to have to. So even tho’ mommy wuz gwievin’ hers stawted makin’ sum calls. And then wight afur Fanksgivin’ mommy talked to a lady fwum a wescue dat told hers they had just raided a Ragdoll bweeder and had a litter of 11 kittens. They wusn’t quite suwe how old they wuz, but they wuz eatin’ solid food and weened. (NOT) Anyways, mommy sed hers wuld be wight there. So mommy told sis Lexi she wuld be back and wuld be bwingin’ her new bwofur or sisfur home. And she got in da caw and dwove da 2 hours to see me and meez littermates.

 0dw Baby Dezi TG

We had been put in a big box wiff baws on it. We wuz skeered and all huddled togedder. And then me heard a voice dat sounded like an angel and da lady dat put us in da cage came and put us in a basket. She carried us to anudder room where me smelled sumfin’ sweet. And then da lady poured us outta da basket and onto da floor. We wuz all kinda stunned. We all looked wound and me saw a lady in da floor and kuld tell dat’s where da sweet smell wuz comin’ fwum. Meez littermates all huddled togedder and stawted playin’. Not me. Me waddled ovew to da sweet smellin’ lady and crawled up what seemed like a mountain (her cwossed legs) to get to a flat place (lap) and lay down. Me laid down and stawted purrin’ and then looked up at da sweet smellin’ lady and she looked at me and she just glowed. There wuz water leakin’ fwum hers eyes and runnin’ down hers face and she spoke so softly me almost didn’t hear her. And she sed, “Hello my angel. Are you my destiny?” And she picked me up and handed me to da udder lady hoo put me down wiff meez littermates again. Again, me waddled wight back to her and crawled up da mountain again and laid down and looked up at her again. This time there wuz a flood comin’ fwum hers eyes and she gently picked me up and held me close to her heart and sed, “You are my Destiny.”  Mommy and da lady wiff da basket talked sum mowe and then me and mommy (da sweet smellin’ lady) went away.

So many new sights and smells. It wuz a bit cold and me wuz a little skeered so me clung to da sweet smellin’ lady wiff all me had until hers put me on a warm soft blanket and stawted singin’ to me. Me stawted dwiftin’ off to sleep. Me wuz so tired. Da sweet smellin’ lady didn’t know it but me hadn’t eaten anyfin’ since da day afur we had been put in da cage and wescued. Me got weally quiet and mommy got worried and pulled ovew to check on me. Me wuz bawely bweevin’. And then hers got a call. One of meez littermates had suddenly died. Suddenly me wuz gettin’ jostled wound and rubbed all ovew. Meez eyes wuz heavy but me got them open and mommy wuz lookin’ me ovew fwum head to paw. And hers talked into da little fone and sed, “They’re not 6 weeks old. They most likely can’t eat the kibble. Do you know what kind of wormers were used? OMC Something she bought at Walmart?” She gave them how much?!!! They all need bottles of whole milk ASAP, and a heating pad. As for the wormer you’re just going to have to keep them strong enough to make it through. If you need anything, call me, and I’ll keep you updated about Deztinee.”  Yous see, we wuz actually only ‘bout 3 1/2 weeks old. Da bweeder had lied to da rescue peeps. (they specialized in dogs and it wuz da holidays so no vets available)  So we wusn’t weened. And da bweeder had given us an ovew da counter wormer in doses fur a 6 pound cat. And not only once, but twice in one week.  

See meez wormy belly?
See meez wormy belly?

Mommy continued home (purrawlly speedin’, but sshhh, don’t tell), and got me in and shoved a bottle in meez mouff. Me wuz so weak me didn’t wanna suckle. But mommy kep after it until me finally did. After meez belly wuz full and me had gone potty (the runs big time-mol) mommy gave me a baff and got me all cleaned up. And found that me wuz covered in fleas. And yes, me had worms alwight, but not da kind me had been tweated fur. Me had tapeworms fwum da fleas. But me wuz too yung fur da twaditional tweatment, so mommy had to use a natuwal wemedy. It didn’t take long, and in a foo days me wuz stwonger and up walkin’ wound and playin’ and checkin’ out meez new surroundings. Meez nevew missed meez littermates. Me wuz always posed to be wiff mommy and sis Lexi. As fur meez name, mommy chose to change da spelling of Destiny (cuz herz likes da unusual), but to this day mommy still believes me wuz always hers destiny.

0dw Dezi purple hologram cosmic geometry

So me knows yous wunnewin’ what wuz meez first Service cat duty ifin me wuz so little. Like me sed, me wuz always posed to be wiff mommy. Me wuz tuned in to hers vewy bein’ and me had gotten stwonger and wuz followin’ mommy evewywhere hers went. Me had seen hers fallin’ and goin’ to sleep in da floor, and me didn’t like it. Afur hers wuld fall me wuld sense dat sumfin’ wuz gunna happen, me just didn’t know what. So one day hers wuz in da kitchen gettin’ sumfin’, neevew of us member zackly what hers wuz duin’, but me got dat sense dat sumfin’ wuz gunna happen. By now me knew dat it meant hers wuz gunna fall down, so me fawt me needed to tell hers so maybe she wuldn’t do it. So me stawted meowin’ meez squeaky little meow. Me don’t know ifin hers didn’t hear me or what, but she just kep on duin’ whatevew hers wuz duin’. So me kep squeakin’ louder and louder. And finally she stawted tellin’ me she luved me. Altho’ me luvs to hear dat, it didn’t help da situation. So, me decided me must do sumfin’ els. So me stawted pattin’ hers ankle (dat’s as high as me kuld reach) and turnin’ wound and wound. And of course me kep meowin’ too. Hers looked at me and weached down and picked me up and stawted luvvin’ on me. Awe yous kiddin’ me? Put me down! What ifin yous fall, meez meowed. She put me down and me wesumed meez warnin’ til she hit da gwound. Well me licked hers face and when she finally “woke” up me meowed dat me told hers so, but she didn’t seem to cawe or unnewstand. Me just didn’t know how mommy, hoo seemed to unnewstand what all meows meant didn’t unnewstand meez warnin’. We did this a kupple mowe times afur hers decided me might be twyin’ to tell hers sumfin’. To this day me warns mommy afur hers passes out. And these days she pays attention. So, dat wuz meez first evew duty as mommys Service Cat. Well dat’s da stowwy of meez humble beginnings. Mommy sez weez not rich wiff fings or munny, but weez awe ovewflowin’ wiff luv and dat’s what counts.

Me also wuld like to hopefully clear up da Blest Sunday posty. Yes sissy and me awe hostin’ da Blest Sunday post-a-thon fur da Tabby Cat Club. But since this mumff be special we fawt it wuld be nice to invite ALL BLOGGERS to join in on yous own blog. Da blogosphere is so blessed and all of you awe blessed in yous own way, so we fawt it wuld be fun to wead what you wus fankful fur or blest by too. So whedder yous a member of da TCC or not, purrlease join us Sunday fur a Blest Sunday posty. And member, this post will include ow vewy special Fank yous to all those hoo helped us in any way duwin’ da past foo mumffs.  Weez been asked ‘bout da linky fing, and weez will be honest, mommy dusn’t hav a clue ‘bout how to do dat.  

LnD Blest Sunday badge

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

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