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Blest Sunday Announcement

Meowllo everypawdy, me hopes you all had a pawsum weekend. We did a lot of nothin’. Last week was really busy and hot. Me got lots of sunshine just like da weather guesser said. Da storms are back now, and me actually hung out with mommy a bit this meownin’, thunder boomers and all. Anyways, all dat goin’ and doin’ last week was really stressful and exhaustin’ fur mommy, so when Caturday came we just crashed. But me did tell ya’ dat me had some big news to share with you all so we took a break from our break to paw in. 


Dezi watches the kitten from atop the cat tree

Drum roll purrlease…

Me finally has a new sisfur. Now me knows you all wanna see her and hear all ‘bout it. And ya’ wanna know her name and ya’ wanna know how we be getting’ along, right? Well…You’ll just have to wait till tomorrow fur all dat. Mommy wanted to have a little say ‘bout some things today, so me told her she could have a paragraph but no more. This is after all me’s bloggy and me’s Blest Sunday posty. Anyways, take it away mommy, but ‘member, keep it short; me has a few more things to say meself.  

Dezi looks opn as new kitty covered by a red bow sleeps

Hey you there. Who said you could sleep in me’s new cat bed?

Thank you darlin’. As Dezi says all the time, we are truly blest to have all of you in our lives. Since losing Lexi I have been a bit of a mess. And each day that Dezi grieved and had to try to help me by herself I felt guilty that I couldn’t help her or seem to get her help in the form of another kitty. I have always said any cat can be trained to be a Service cat, and I still believe that. But, if you don’t already have a bond with a cat then a kitten is the best choice because they are eager to learn. And they aren’t being taught tricks, they’re being taught how to help me continue to live independently. So our search for Dezi’s helper had only 2 prerequisites, we had to have a female and she had to be a kitten. Nothing else mattered. So each day I would make numerous calls to shelters, and rescues and to any online or printed ads I could find. During our search we “claimed” and applied for numerous kittens, but something would always happen. We lived too far out of the rescues’ adoptable area, we couldn’t afford the adoption fee, we were only adopting 1 and they required 2 when adopting kittens, the kittens were sick, and the worst, the kittens died. And then we found one. But, now we faced a moral dilemma because she was being sold by a backyard breeder. We in no way support these breeders, but they do exist. The State of Oklahoma is full of them.

So we posted our quandary and asked you our friends for advice. I’ve gone back and forth many times over whether or not to address the comments of that post, and well, here it is. After crying many tears I must say I expected much more compassion and understanding for our situation; especially since I was and am still reeling from the loss of Lexi. Since I need the assistance of my service cats everyday, we don’t have an unlimited amount of time to wait for the ‘right’ kitten to show up. And who’s to say the ‘right’ kitten isn’t one from a backyard breeder. The fact is those kittens have been born and now need a forever home just like the ones at shelters and rescues. And just because someone charges upwards of $1000.00 for their kittens doesn’t always make them or their kittens any better than backyard breeders. It’s supposed to, but things don’t always work like they should. And altho I knew I would have to pay an adoption fee, I don’t make anywhere close to a thousand dollars in a month and what I do make has to pay the bills and feed the kitties. Yet another reason I didn’t bother to check with breeders. Everybody calls it adoption these days no matter the charge. And make no mistake, in our part of the world at least, you’re buying that kitty or doggy from a rescue or shelter. With adoption fees ranging from $75.00 to $250.00, they’re not much less than most breeders in our area charge; who often get $250.00 to $450.00 for their “responsibly” bred purebreds. In the end, we prayed about it and saved the life of a beautiful female kitten. And you know what? She is the ‘right’ one for our family. We only hope that you all love her as much as we do. I’ll hush now and turn it back over to Dezi.  

 Dezi peeks over edge of cat tree at new kitten

Thanks mommy, but you took more than 1 paragraph there. Anyways, me’s gonna be innerducin’ me’s new sisfur to you all tomorrow so me hopes you will stop by fur a visit and welcome her to Blogville. We are so blest to have found her, are are grateful to all of you fur your luv, support and purayers. ‘Member to take a moment today and everyday to count your blessings. Today me’s gonna join da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And don’t furget to enter me’s give away fur a pawsum new litter mat here. And me thought you might like to see some fotos of me carefully surveyin’ da newbie her furst night here. Now dat’s a lot of And’s ain’t it?. We’ll be ‘round to visit as soon as we can. Da lights have been flickerin’ but we’s hopin’ da power stays on and da innernet stays up.

 Dezi starts down the cat tree

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Smiling Paws Litter Mat

Meowllo everypawdy, and a meowsy big welcome to you Furiday. We thought you’d never get here. It sure has been a busy week. Me’s VET ‘pointment went okay. Me got another Rabies vaccination purr da law, so me can be legal fur another year. And nopawdy died of heat stroke from bein’ in da hot car. Ya’ know last year mommy learned dat da compressor fur da a/c is out and somehow da window broke and doesn’t roll down, so mommy tries to avoid goin’ as much as pawssible. But sometimes ya’ just gotta suck it up and go. Hopefully me doesn’t have to see dat office again fur at least another year. We don’t have any cat only offices ‘round here, and yesfurday seemed like every doggy in these pawrts was at da VET waggin’ their tails and slobberin’ on everypawdy. It’s like da doggies are happy to be assaulted, manhandled and poked and prodded. Anyways, me just wanted to give you all an update and say fanks fur da purrayers.

 Dezi atop the cat tree

Now, we have a great item to tell ya’ll ‘bout today, and a chance fur one lucky reader to win one of your own. A while back we were contacted by Smiling Paws Pets. They have these great lookin’ Litter Mats dat come in a variety of colors. Let me tell ya’ somethin’ ‘bout litter dat most of ya’ already know; litter tracks. Yep, sure does. Seems every litter we’ve tried tracks. Some less than others, but somehow, bits of cat litter end up outside of the box. So, everypawdy with a litter box in da house, can use a good litter mat. Fur a long time da only mats one could find were in blah gray. And let me tell ya’, they weren’t always soft on da paws. A litter mat’s a lot like litter; ifin kitty won’t step on it, it doesn’t matter how good it is or what a bargain you got, it’s useless.

 Smiling Paws Pets Litter mat

So after lookin’ over da litter mats at Smiling Paws, we agreed to try one out. Da mat is called: Extra Large Cat Litter Mat. It’s measurements are 35” X 23.5”. Da mat is nice and thick, BPA free, liquid and waterproof with an anti-skid backing; and claims to be easy to clean. Well with large kitties and large litter boxes, dat sounded like da mat fur us. Mommy was so happy they came in different colors. We got da brown so it would match da bathroom décor where da litter boxes reside.

 Smiling Paws Pets Litter Mat unfolded with measuring tape

Back of Smiling Paws Pets Litter mat

Non-Skid Backing

When da mat arrived it was rolled up and had to be flattened out. No real problems there. We had one corner dat kept wantin’ to curl, so mommy sat it under one of me’s scratchers overnight and it was ready to go da next day. Da mat itself has a cute kitty in one corner and really short pile. As me said, we received da brown and it’s a true chocolate and looks really purretty with a cream colored kitty in da corner. These could also be used as door mats. Once we got it placed by da litter boxes we realized it was a bit smaller than we had expected. But ya’ have to remember, we have da giant litter boxes fur giant kitties.

Smiling Paws Pets Litter Mat in Chocolate in front of litter boxes

So did it do da job? Yes, da short pile and thick nature of da mat itself meant it was comfurtable enough fur kitty to walk on and thus meant it would catch any errant litter attached to box exiting paws. As fur cleaning, da mat can be shaken out or vacuumed with da hand held attachments. Fur deep cleaning mommy said she would most likely squirt it down with da water hose. So mommy gave da Smiling Paws Litter Mat 2 thumbs up and me gives it 4 paws up. Smiling Paws Pets also makes a litter box deodorizer.

 Dezi checks out the Smiling Paws Litter mat

Now da nice peeps over at Smiling Paws Pets have been kind enough to let me give one of these pawsum litter mats away to one lucky U.S. only reader. Ifin ya’ just can’t wait to see ifin ya’ won and wanna order one yourself, you can get 20% off now through July 20th on their website. Just use da code ‘deziz20’ at da checkout.

 Dezi heads for the litter box while walking on the Smiling Paws litter mat

Well it’s da weekend, so dat means me’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade. Me’s gonna wrap it up now and go and take a much needed nap. Me’s got big mews to tell ya’ll next time, so stay tuned. And don’t furget to enter da give away. Befur ya’ click over, leave me a comment and tell me what color you’d like ifin you win.

Give away is open to U.S. residents only. All others may enter and donate if you win to any U.S. resident/shelter/rescue of your choice. Give away is open till 6/18/16. Winner will be notified by e-mail at the conclusion of the contest and must confirm within 24 hours or forfeit prize.



Click Here to Enter 

Do you use litter mats?

Do you have a preference for short or tall pile in a litter mat?   


This is a sponsored post. We received compensation for our honest and fair opinion. All opinions are our own. Smiling Paws Pets is not responsible for the content of this post. As always we only share products we use or have tried ourselves and think would be of interest to you our readers and friends.



Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


35 And Holding…Really?

Meowllo everypawdy, it’s finally Furiday. Like me had to tell ya’ dat right? You’ve been countin’ da minutes ever since Monday rolled ‘round; me knows me has. Today is mommy’s birthday. Did you know even me doesn’t know how old mommy really is? Mommy says there’s 2 lies dat God allows. She says ifin anypawdy’s rude enuff to actually ask a woman her age or weight, they deserve to be lied to, and God will furgive dat. MOL  Mommy says she’s like 35 and holdin’, whatever dat means. But she’s been 35 since well befur me was born, so me can only ‘magine what da number really is. Me hasn’t seen many 35 year olds with gray hair. Mommy says da gray hair is me’s fault. Me has no idea what she could be talkin’ ‘bout tho’, me’s a purrfect angel. She says so herself. So, Happy Birthday mommy, me luvs you very much.  

 Dezi in frame wishing a Happy Birthday

Anyways, enuff ‘bout lyin’ and age. Da weather guessers are sayin’ we’re in fur days of stormy weather. So mommy was extra thoughtful and went to get her birthday shake last night so me wouldn’t have to be at home alone durin’ da thunder boomers, or worse yet, out in them. Yep fanks to awnty Ellen mommy got dat chocolate shake she was wantin’. And OMC Was it ever good. Of course mommy shared with me. Only a few bites/licks, but it was some kinda yummy. Me told mommy she could get one of those everyday, it was so good. Mommy said dat ain’t happenin’ tho’ cuz they be really ‘spensive. Well guess dat’s why it’s a birthday treat huh.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mommy got some great birthday cards and even a few gifts. Awnty Rachel and da Three Chatty Cats sent mommy a gift and one fur me too. What a blessing. Thank you very much. And awnty Cindy and Maggie sent mommy a very purretty necklace. Thank you awnty Cindy and Maggie. And a meowsy big thank you fur da chocolate shake awnty Ellen. And thank you awnty Pat, Maggie and Felix fur mommy’s e-cards. And thank you to sweet LouLou and her family fur sendin’ mommy an e-card. And a meowsy big thank you to awnty Petal fur her gift and luv and support. And another meowsy big thank you to awnty Anonymous fur her gift and support. We luv you all. We luv all of our furiends. Without all of you today woulda been a very sad day fur mommy bein’ without sis Lexi. But thinkin’ of all our wonderful furiends in da internet and world, puts a really big smile on mommy’s face. Me wants to thank you all fur dat.    

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Me’s gonna wrap it up now and go give mommy her birthday snuggles befur da next round of thunder boomers start. But befur me goes, me’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Parade. We’s gonna take most of da day off today and just be together, so me will be ‘round to visit with you all this weekend.


Dezi in a frame with cream and pink roses


Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


We Ain’t What We Should Be…

Dezi close up

Well it’s day 2 of da 3 day quote challenge, so we have another insightful posty fur ya’. Course it’s only insightful ifin you think so, but me’s gunna try. We just luv da Golden Rule dat we posted ‘bout yesfurday and we’s not sure we can top it. But furst let me give ya’ da rules of da challenge.  


1.  Post fur 3 consectutive days 

2.  Choose and share 1 to 3 quotes each day

3.  Challenge 3 additional bloggers each day. 

And we’s sure we missed it sumwhere but surely ya’ need to thank and link back to da blogger who challenged you. So fanks again Menagerie Mom of Four Legged Furballs. And we’s leavin’ da challenge open to whoever wuld like to post. Just follow da rules and have fun.  


So now on wiff our quote. Mommy used to watch this show called Designing Women. Sum of ya’ might be old enuff to member it. Anyways, there was an episode dat contained a quote dat mommy luvved. So much so she still members it today. It was sed by da character Minnie who was a guest fur dat episode. And afur anypawdy gets their panties in a wad, we wrote it just like it was sed; no catifyin’ of da quote. Da quote is: 

We ain’t what we should be, We ain’t what we gonna be, but at least we ain’t what we was.”


Mommy sez dat be very powerful when ya’ fink ‘bout it. Everything and being on this planet is in a constant state of change; hopefully fur da better. So dat’s our quote fur today. We’s got mommy’s monthly doctors pointment today, so weez’ll be round to visit as soon as we can. Da weather has been really nice and warm, but of course it turned cold last night, so weez’ll be bundlin’ up to stay warm. Mommy sez me has to go now so we can get ready. We hope you’re all stayin’ warm and safe and havin’ a gweat day.

dw-DnLeditGlory Days - 2HEoW-1hA - normal

Do you think you’re changin’ fur da better each day? Ifin not, what kuld you do to change dat?


Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Humble Beginnings

OMC Ifin yous all kuld only see and hear meez mommy. It’s like evewy 10 minutes, “Oh good grief, my nose” and then hers picks up da kleenex and ‘HONK’. MOL Wiff da season changin’ so suddenly and all da rain, and of course mommy wuz just gettin’ well fwum da pneumonia hers got duwin’ da flood, hers allergies awe weally kickin’ in. Let me tell ya’ ifin this goes on much longer mommy will look like Rudolph. Oh well, weez do luv Christmas.

On anudder note as me told yous on meez Meowday, we celebwate da whole mumff. So me fawt dat since me has so many mowe furiends now than when we stawted bloggin’ dat me wuld tell yous da stowwy of how me came to liv wiff mommy and sissy. And meez first duty as a Service Cat. Ifin yous been readin’ meez blog since da beginnin’ hopefully me won’t put yous to sleep and can bwing out enuff new to keep yous innewested. So don’t close da tab yet.

dw DnL luvvin

See it all stawted in November of 2009. Mommy had a Ragamuffin’ named Ransom dat had been vewy sick fur a long time. And one day he just gave up and hims went to heaven. Mommy wuz distwaught and sis Lexi had now lost 3 bwofurs in her 10 years. And since Lexi wuz 10 years old mommy knew she needed a helpurr fur her. She just kuldn’t do all da work mommy needed her to do alone. Oh sis Lexi wuld twy, but mommy wuldn’t want her to have to. So even tho’ mommy wuz gwievin’ hers stawted makin’ sum calls. And then wight afur Fanksgivin’ mommy talked to a lady fwum a wescue dat told hers they had just raided a Ragdoll bweeder and had a litter of 11 kittens. They wusn’t quite suwe how old they wuz, but they wuz eatin’ solid food and weened. (NOT) Anyways, mommy sed hers wuld be wight there. So mommy told sis Lexi she wuld be back and wuld be bwingin’ her new bwofur or sisfur home. And she got in da caw and dwove da 2 hours to see me and meez littermates.

 0dw Baby Dezi TG

We had been put in a big box wiff baws on it. We wuz skeered and all huddled togedder. And then me heard a voice dat sounded like an angel and da lady dat put us in da cage came and put us in a basket. She carried us to anudder room where me smelled sumfin’ sweet. And then da lady poured us outta da basket and onto da floor. We wuz all kinda stunned. We all looked wound and me saw a lady in da floor and kuld tell dat’s where da sweet smell wuz comin’ fwum. Meez littermates all huddled togedder and stawted playin’. Not me. Me waddled ovew to da sweet smellin’ lady and crawled up what seemed like a mountain (her cwossed legs) to get to a flat place (lap) and lay down. Me laid down and stawted purrin’ and then looked up at da sweet smellin’ lady and she looked at me and she just glowed. There wuz water leakin’ fwum hers eyes and runnin’ down hers face and she spoke so softly me almost didn’t hear her. And she sed, “Hello my angel. Are you my destiny?” And she picked me up and handed me to da udder lady hoo put me down wiff meez littermates again. Again, me waddled wight back to her and crawled up da mountain again and laid down and looked up at her again. This time there wuz a flood comin’ fwum hers eyes and she gently picked me up and held me close to her heart and sed, “You are my Destiny.”  Mommy and da lady wiff da basket talked sum mowe and then me and mommy (da sweet smellin’ lady) went away.

So many new sights and smells. It wuz a bit cold and me wuz a little skeered so me clung to da sweet smellin’ lady wiff all me had until hers put me on a warm soft blanket and stawted singin’ to me. Me stawted dwiftin’ off to sleep. Me wuz so tired. Da sweet smellin’ lady didn’t know it but me hadn’t eaten anyfin’ since da day afur we had been put in da cage and wescued. Me got weally quiet and mommy got worried and pulled ovew to check on me. Me wuz bawely bweevin’. And then hers got a call. One of meez littermates had suddenly died. Suddenly me wuz gettin’ jostled wound and rubbed all ovew. Meez eyes wuz heavy but me got them open and mommy wuz lookin’ me ovew fwum head to paw. And hers talked into da little fone and sed, “They’re not 6 weeks old. They most likely can’t eat the kibble. Do you know what kind of wormers were used? OMC Something she bought at Walmart?” She gave them how much?!!! They all need bottles of whole milk ASAP, and a heating pad. As for the wormer you’re just going to have to keep them strong enough to make it through. If you need anything, call me, and I’ll keep you updated about Deztinee.”  Yous see, we wuz actually only ‘bout 3 1/2 weeks old. Da bweeder had lied to da rescue peeps. (they specialized in dogs and it wuz da holidays so no vets available)  So we wusn’t weened. And da bweeder had given us an ovew da counter wormer in doses fur a 6 pound cat. And not only once, but twice in one week.  

See meez wormy belly?
See meez wormy belly?

Mommy continued home (purrawlly speedin’, but sshhh, don’t tell), and got me in and shoved a bottle in meez mouff. Me wuz so weak me didn’t wanna suckle. But mommy kep after it until me finally did. After meez belly wuz full and me had gone potty (the runs big time-mol) mommy gave me a baff and got me all cleaned up. And found that me wuz covered in fleas. And yes, me had worms alwight, but not da kind me had been tweated fur. Me had tapeworms fwum da fleas. But me wuz too yung fur da twaditional tweatment, so mommy had to use a natuwal wemedy. It didn’t take long, and in a foo days me wuz stwonger and up walkin’ wound and playin’ and checkin’ out meez new surroundings. Meez nevew missed meez littermates. Me wuz always posed to be wiff mommy and sis Lexi. As fur meez name, mommy chose to change da spelling of Destiny (cuz herz likes da unusual), but to this day mommy still believes me wuz always hers destiny.

0dw Dezi purple hologram cosmic geometry

So me knows yous wunnewin’ what wuz meez first Service cat duty ifin me wuz so little. Like me sed, me wuz always posed to be wiff mommy. Me wuz tuned in to hers vewy bein’ and me had gotten stwonger and wuz followin’ mommy evewywhere hers went. Me had seen hers fallin’ and goin’ to sleep in da floor, and me didn’t like it. Afur hers wuld fall me wuld sense dat sumfin’ wuz gunna happen, me just didn’t know what. So one day hers wuz in da kitchen gettin’ sumfin’, neevew of us member zackly what hers wuz duin’, but me got dat sense dat sumfin’ wuz gunna happen. By now me knew dat it meant hers wuz gunna fall down, so me fawt me needed to tell hers so maybe she wuldn’t do it. So me stawted meowin’ meez squeaky little meow. Me don’t know ifin hers didn’t hear me or what, but she just kep on duin’ whatevew hers wuz duin’. So me kep squeakin’ louder and louder. And finally she stawted tellin’ me she luved me. Altho’ me luvs to hear dat, it didn’t help da situation. So, me decided me must do sumfin’ els. So me stawted pattin’ hers ankle (dat’s as high as me kuld reach) and turnin’ wound and wound. And of course me kep meowin’ too. Hers looked at me and weached down and picked me up and stawted luvvin’ on me. Awe yous kiddin’ me? Put me down! What ifin yous fall, meez meowed. She put me down and me wesumed meez warnin’ til she hit da gwound. Well me licked hers face and when she finally “woke” up me meowed dat me told hers so, but she didn’t seem to cawe or unnewstand. Me just didn’t know how mommy, hoo seemed to unnewstand what all meows meant didn’t unnewstand meez warnin’. We did this a kupple mowe times afur hers decided me might be twyin’ to tell hers sumfin’. To this day me warns mommy afur hers passes out. And these days she pays attention. So, dat wuz meez first evew duty as mommys Service Cat. Well dat’s da stowwy of meez humble beginnings. Mommy sez weez not rich wiff fings or munny, but weez awe ovewflowin’ wiff luv and dat’s what counts.

Me also wuld like to hopefully clear up da Blest Sunday posty. Yes sissy and me awe hostin’ da Blest Sunday post-a-thon fur da Tabby Cat Club. But since this mumff be special we fawt it wuld be nice to invite ALL BLOGGERS to join in on yous own blog. Da blogosphere is so blessed and all of you awe blessed in yous own way, so we fawt it wuld be fun to wead what you wus fankful fur or blest by too. So whedder yous a member of da TCC or not, purrlease join us Sunday fur a Blest Sunday posty. And member, this post will include ow vewy special Fank yous to all those hoo helped us in any way duwin’ da past foo mumffs.  Weez been asked ‘bout da linky fing, and weez will be honest, mommy dusn’t hav a clue ‘bout how to do dat.  

LnD Blest Sunday badge

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

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