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Mews, Mews, and More Mews

Meowllo evewypawdy, meez back! Hope yous had a gweat kupple of days. Guess yous all wunnewin’ how fings went here. Well of course Tuesday mommy spent mostly cleanin’ and twyin’ to get weady fur da big inspection, cuz not only had da manager mawked evewy box hers kuld, she also passed out a notice on Tuesday dat da snoopervisow wuz gunna be here fur da inspections. Mommy got almost evewyfin’ put away and da last foo fings fwown into da closet. MOL We even called it an early night and went to bed wound 3 a.m.. We got up bwight and early so mommy kuld get us fed and giv Lexi hers butter spoon (medicine) afur da commotion stawted. She finally opened da door and there they wuz, only a foo pawtments down, da manager, da idiot (maintenance man) and da exterminator. Now da extermiinator wuz talkin’ on hims fone and twyin’ to spway da bug stuffs wiff da udder hand. OMC Can’t anypawdy be purrfessional and do their job wiffout a fone hangin’ fwum their ear?   

 Dezi Valentines Day!! - 2HEoW-1dT - normal

Well they finally came to ow door and da manger sed dat idiot wuz gunna check da smoke alawm and pull da nosy chains (emergency), all da while mommy’s standin’ there wiff da door wide open. Da exterminator finally pushed past da manager and idiot cuz they wusn’t comin’ in. He stawted spwayin’ and mommy stawtted coughfin’. Finally idiot came in and da manager stepped just inside da door. Mommy sed nuffin’. Hers not gunna get a write up fur wefusin’ them entwy or bein’ wude. MOL Nosy chains pulled and floor saturwated wiff poison, and me duz mean saturwated; da manager handed mommy a paper and they all left, still no snopervisor in sight. Mommy put on hers glasses and wead da paper, and it sed…did not enter and check. So mommy purromptly wrote, was not refused entry, but stayed at door by choice. And she also wrote what meez alweady told ya’. Well now dat dat’s over wiff mommy had to get weady fur da case manager and nurse to come. 

 Lexi happy valentines day! - 2HEoW-1dV - normal

But long afur dat kuld happen mr. W (Buddy’s daddy) came wheelin’ up da walk. Hims stawted yellin’ at mommy and bangin’ on da door. When she opened it, he wuz wavin’ a piece of paper wound and tellin’ mommy she had a notice too. Mommy stawted to look at da notice and mr. W stawted tellin’ her what it sed. Now mind ya’ we liv in a complex fur da elderly and disabled. And as you know, older peeps like to sit wound on their porches and gossip visit. And they like to feed da birds and hummers, and plant little gawdens. These things hav always been allowed since afur weez moved here. As a matter of fact when mommy signed hers furst lease here she asked ifin hummer feeders and the like were allowed cuz there’s a clause in da lease dat sez nuffin’ can be placed on da outside of yous pawtment.

Dezi Happy Valentines Day - 2HEoW-1dW - normal

She wuz told then dat da clause didn’t apply to these purropurrties. See da management company has lots of pawtments fur da elderly and disabled and lots of wegular pawtments too. But here we awe getting’ a notice dat sez nuffin’ purrsunal can be outside or we will be in violation of ow lease and be evicted. Well da whole complex is in a state just short of riotin’. And mr. W sed dat da snoopervisor wuz at da office goin’ fwu paperwork and dat da manager had been at da office since 7 a.m. wringin’ hers hands. MOL Mr. W took off to gwipe and rally da west of da tenants and mommy twied to get weady fur da case manager visit.

Da case manager showed up 20 minutes early, mommy wuz not happy ‘bout dat. She sat here yawnin’ fur da whole visit. Da nurse showed up on time, and wanted to visit. They wuz here fur 3 and a halff hours. 3 hours longer than wuz needed. So dat’s how ow day went.  

 Sadie Hawkins Dance Announcement2

Now fur sum good news. Member me tellin’ y’all ‘bout Sadie Hawkins? Ifin yous missed dat posty you can wead it here. Well da Sadie Hawkins Valentine’s dance at da Tabby Cat Club dat sis Lexi be hostin’ is wight wound da corner. We hav ow dates and sure hope da west of da tabbies hav there’s and awe weady to pawty. Ifin yous a TCC member, and haven’t checked, da foto ops awe up at da TCC fur ya’. We sure hope to see yous there. Meez also goin’ to a dance at Cat Scouts dat night, so it’s gunna be a full day fur sure. It’s a good fing mommy dusn’t hav a date. Anyways, hope yous all hav a wunnewful day and join us fur sum Valentines’ fun. Stop by here and da TCC on Valentine’s day fur sum gweat Suddern noms. And me sure hopes you will join me in celebwatin’ meez furst Blogoversawy nex Wednesday da 18ff.     

 dw DA posing1

Till da nex time……………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  



Blest Sunday Centerfold

Meowllo evewypawdy, and a Blest Sunday to ya’. Yep, mommy basically took yesfurday off. Dat’s okay we spent da day playin’ wiff ow new “toy” dat awnty Ann bwought us. Yous’ll hav to come back tomowwo to see just what dat is. Today meez got sumfin’ els to share wiff you. Well you all know dat sissy and me awe members of da Tabby Cat Club, wight? Well sis Lexi wanted to sponsor an event there and so mommy agweed to let hers ask. And hers idea wuz accepted. What is it yous ask? Dat’s da rub. MOL Sissy be hostin’ da Sadie Hawkins Valentine’s day dance. And you all know mommy’s not good wiff da foto editin’ stuffs. MOL Anyways, fur those of ya’ dat don’t know hoo Sadie Hawkins is and why a dance wuld be named dat, meez gunna tell ya’.  

Purrfection's Centerfold of da decade.
Purrfection’s Centerfold of da decade.

Sadie dusn’t exist. Dat is to say dat she not be a weal live purrsun, she wuz cweated by Al Capp hoo wrote da cawtoon Lil’ Abner. See this Sadie hims dweamed up wuz a homely gal and nopawdy wanted to date her much less mawwy her. So hers daddy, dat be Abner hims selff,  ‘cided to hold a race where all da eligible bachelors wuld run and Sadie wuld chase ‘em. Da man she caught wuz da man she wed. Much to da chagwin of da bachelors of Dogpatch. Now da west of da spinster ladies fawt this wuz a pawsum idea and insisted on makin’ this an annual event. You might be askin’ yous selff, well just what duz dat hav to do wiff a dance? Don’t get ahead of me here, meez gunna tell ya’.   Member now this wuz a comic stwip cweation in da 30’s and 40’s, and women’s lib wuz a way off.   

Esquire's Cover Girl
Esquire’s Cover Girl

Anyways, many years later a dance occurred. It took place da night afur da big race. All da spinster ladies wore hob-nailed boots to step on da bachelors toes to make their runnin’ da nex day a little slower and easier to ketch. Well by 1939 Sadie Hawkins day had become so pawpular dat dances named fur her wuz happenin’ at more than 200 colleges wound da U.S.. And so it began. A dance where da girls ask the boys and foot da bill fur da date. So now ya’ know da story behind da dance. Now yous wunnewin’ what dat has to do wiff a centerfold ain’t’cha?  

Hob-nail Boots

Hob-nail Boots

Hob-nail Boots

Hob-nail Boots

Well here it is, meez sis Lexi is fur sure no homely or ugly gal. She’s a gawjus tabby stwiped Egyptian Mau. And she’s kind and sweet and genewous and luvvin’. And she be smawt as a whip too. But wiff all dat goin’ fur her she still don’t hav a steady beau. Well me finks hers very special and deserves da very best, so afur hers goes on a date wiff just any mancat me wants to know a little bit ‘bout him. So me ‘cided to take a little action. Ifin yous be a single mancat hoo wuld like to go to da dance wiff meez sissy then tell me a little ‘bout yous selff. Sis Lexi will be da one to finally pick hers date and send da email askin’, but me wants to make sure she’s not gunna be askin’ no get awound tommy or smoov meowin’ alleycat. Me wants hers to be safe and askin’ a nice wespectable mancat. Now yous not need to be a member of da Tabby Cat Club. Yous just need to be innewested in meez sisfur. And meez not lookin’ fur hers furever, dat wuld be tween y’all, meez just checkin’ up on hers first date. She did da same fing fur me. So yous handsum single mancats out there, leave yous name and a little infur ‘bout yousselff. You never know, yous might just get an email fwum a very special ladycat.         

 0dw Lexi record pf

Now yous all wunnewin’ just what da blessin’ is in all of this awen’t ya’? Well let me tell ya’. Me wuz twuly blest wiff a big sissy dat be so luvvin’ and purrtective. Sissy wuldn’t let anypawdy hurt me or mommy and we feel da same way ‘bout her. Sissy wuz da furst of us to enter into this circus of social media. And cuz of her weez hav a lot of wunnewful furiends and furmily now. Lots of Facebook awnties and unkles too. Ifin sissy hadn’t stawted, me wuldn’t be here today to have met all of you. So me is twuly blest to hav such a pawsum sissyfur. Member to come back tomowwo to see da big supwise we got duwin’ awnty Ann’s visit.

0dw Lexi film effect pf
Da bestest sissy in da universe!!!

And till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

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