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Finally Furiday

It’s Finally Furiday!!! We told ya’ dat our catputer updated to da new Windows 10 and we were tryin’ to find everything and reload all da stuff we use and so many of ya’ sed you hadn’t updated cuz of all da bad you heard ‘bout it. We wanna tell ya’ dat you shuldn’t be ‘fraid. By this time most of all those bad things have been fixed and worked out. Mommy sez da biggest thing ‘bout Windows 10 is dat it be different, and we are all creatures of habit who don’t like change. We still haven’t found everyfin’ and we’re not yet thru reloadin’ programs, but we’re likin’ it so far. And NO, Microsoft didn’t pay us to say dat. MOL  

Dezi sitting in box

Now yous askin’ why it is dat we’re still reloadin’ stuff right? Well dat’s cuz we’re havin’ innernet trubbles. We had a pointment yesfurday fur a fix it man to come out and take a look. Da pointment time was tween da hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.; kuld they be more vague?. Anyways, mommy sat right here waitin’ all day long fur mr. ATT  innernet fix it man to show up or call. Mommy relunctantly closed da door when it got dark and cold even tho he still hadn’t showed up. A kupple hours later and our pointment time over we still hadn’t heard from mr. ATT fixer. Mommy has a doctors pointment today so we can’t call and have him come out now, but trust me, mommy will be havin’ a chat wiff da peeps at ATT. And she found da cell fone nummer fur da last mr. ATT innernet fix it man dat came here so she has plans to give him a call too. Anyways, we hope this publishes and dat you all continue to bear with us. We will be by to visit as soon a we can. We seem to be able to get online fur short bursts of time so we be tryin’ to visit durin’ those windows. In da meantime, here’s a few fotos of how we be spendin’ our no innernet days.

Lexi squints her eyes while taking a selfie in mommy's lap

And as we do every weekend, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade

Dezi looking cute laying on the top of the cat tree

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday

Meowllo all, it’s Blest Sunday.  And most of yous be aware of what be happenin’ at ow digs wight now. So yous purrawly askin’ yous selff just what is it weez be fankful fur and why is it weez feel Blest tuday, wight?  Well let me tell ya’ all ‘bout it. Of course weez got a mess and yes mommy be so vewy tiwed. But, ifin yous saw any of ow motel postys wiff da videos and fotos, yous know how much ow mommy luvs us and just how much weez luv hers wight back. See what yous see in da videos and fotos, dat goes on all da time, even when da camewa not be rollin’. Mommy sez dat hers nevew had so much luv in hers life. And hers is eatin’ it up. Now bein’ a kitty meez not know zackly why mommy wuld wanna eat up luv, but hers duz. Fawt weez wuld shawe anudder luv video fwum da motel wiff ya’ even tho’ weez be home now.

ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease paw here.

And yous know what els? Fwu all of this ow bloggin’ and Facebook furiends hav suppowted us, spoke words of encouragement, and sent purrayers, and even sent us boxes of goodies fur us and fur mommy. And sum hav sent gween papers to ow paypal so dat when all this be ovew, mommy can get a new sittin’ chair and get up off da floor.But mommy sez as uncomfurtable as da floor be, at least hers has a floor to sit on. But hers gunna be pawful glad to hav a chair again. And yous know mommy wuz gettin’ pneumonia fwum all da wet and germs in da pawtment, and now hers is gettin’ well. It be slow, but a little evewyday be gweat.

Meez wuz deep in fawt missin' sweet Andy.

Meez wuz deep in fawt missin’ sweet Andy.

Well weez wuld like to say a meowsy big Fank Yous to all of yous fur evewyfin’. Fur readin’ meez bloggy an commentin’ and likin’ and followin’ us and just bein’ ow furiends and fwamly. It’s so nice to hav yous in ow lives and fur dat weez awe Blest.

dw Lexi Selfie 2

Weez Also gunna fwo us up a kupple selfies and join ow dear furiends da Kitties Blue today. So prowl on ovew there and check out even mowe pawsum selfies. But don’t ya’ go too faw, cuz we be shawin’ sumpawdy special tumowwo. And hav any of yous heard what’s up wiff Savannah?

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday

Dezi: WooHoo it’s finally Blest Sunday!!! And what better way to spend it than goin’ to da motel so dat ow pawtment can be fixed up and made new fur us?!! Course dat duz mean packin’ da caw and a long dwive and then unpackin’ da caw and settlin’ in. Furtunately fur us, all but da last one is mommys job. Yous know weez not hav fumms, so weez can’t dwive da car. Yous know they don’t hav a joystick. Maybe dat be sumfin’ sumpawdy oughtta look into makin’.  

Lexi: Okay Dezi, now youz jiz bein’ sillee. Youz noze youz kin bayrlee seez when youz dribe da wheel chair. Da lazt fing weez need iz youz on da rode wiff udder karz. Darez noze sawft landin’ dare. Weez hoped too habz fotoz fur ya’, but mommy snapt and den pact da kamruz in herz perz fur layter. And da ‘puter wuz awlredee pact up a while ago.  

Dezi: Yep sissy mommy didn’t hav time to upload da fotos fur today, so weez will be postin’ ‘em fur yous later this week. And then nex weekend weez gunna post……”new house”!!! At least weez hope to. Guess weez need to quit makin’ purromises dat wely on mommy, cuz hers might be too tired. And till weez get fumms and learn to use da camewa owselves, weez kinda at da mercy of mommy. MOL Aaaaw Don’t get me wong, weez luv mommy, lots. But sumtimes weez got way mowe energy than she duz. Well, gotta go check out da west of da motel room.

Lexi: But afur weez goze, weez gunna pozt sum selfiez fur da Selfie Blog Hop hozedid by owr furiendz at Cat on my Head.


0dw Dezi selfie 2

Dezi: Here’s me twyin’ to look s…, s…, what’s dat word sissy?  

Lexi: sultry Dezi, sultry.  

Dezi: dat’s it, meez twyin’ to look sultwy. In case yous know hoo comes by today.    

Lexi: Purrleaze Dezi weez awl noze hoo youz tryin’ too imprez. Fankfulee abter awl deez yeerz I’z don’t habz to try little sis.

0dw Lexi selfie 1

Dezi: But sissy what ifin hims don’t like me as much as me likes hims? And no me guesses yous don’t. Yous always look gawjus and sultwy. Now what duz dat mean again?

So til da nex time………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  wlEmoticon-redheart.png

Dezi and Lexi

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