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Taters and Cheese: Shopping Round the World

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Are ya’ll at home like us, or are ya’ out shoppin’ with all the other mad hatters? MOL  Wouldn’t do us any good to have lots of green papers to spend today cuz we’re getting’ a really late start.


Dezi lays atop the liberty cat tree while Raena stands sniffing at the shelf



          That’s wha’ch’a get when you keep mommy up till 6 a.m., Raena. A late start. 


Me?!!! you make it sound like it’s all mine’s fault mommy didn’t go to bed till 6 this meownin’. I’s thinkin’ your just as much to blame as me. After all, you had the exploration zoomies too.


          Wha…uh…hmmmmm  Me doesn’t ‘member any such thing.



 Dezi and Raena look out door from cat tree and small perch



Well sissy, ‘member it or not, you was havin’ just as much fun as me. Anyways, do you ‘member Phenny woofin’ ‘bout this Shoppin’ ‘Round the World posty with him and Bacon? You meowed that we were gonna purrticipate this month cuz it was featurin’ an ingredient mommy’s had intimate knowledge of this past year. I’s never purrticipated in a shoppin’ posty befur; what do we do?


          Yeah Raena, me ‘members. We quit postin’ cuz mommy couldn’t affurd to shop. But this past year she’s ‘bought more taters than purrobably the whole blogosphere. So, to purrticipate, we link up like ya’ just did and then we post a tater recipe and list the purrices of the items we used.


 8 pound bag of jumbo potatoes




I’s see. Well, fanky fanks to some furiends, mommy went shoppin’ just the other day to pick up some goodies fur Fanky Fanksgivin’. Among the groceries she brought home was a bag of big ole bakin’ taters. And, this month’s topic just happens to be Taters. Mommy got that big ole 8 pound bag of jumbo taters on sale fur the holidays at $1.99 + tax. That’s the cheapest she’s seen taters in the last couple of years. Most of this last year she’s had to pay $4.99 a bag plus tax.


          Sure ‘nuff Raena. Mommy likes to keep butter on hand in case we need medicine or somethin’. The last pound of butter mommy bought was $4.57 + tax. So, we’re gonna meow ‘bout a delishus baked cheesy tater and cheese fries. Here’s the recipe along with ingredients and costs.


Baked potato and cheese

Photo courtesy of




Cheesy Baked Tater:

  • Lg Tater fur each eater: 8 lb. bag on sale $1.99 + tax

  • Butter, the real stuff not that margarine: $4.57 lb + tax (we had some already)

  • Cheese, mommy purrfurs Sharp Cheddar: $4.99 lb + tax (we had some left from the yummy red rind LouLou sent us last March)

  • Bake tater in 400° oven fur 1 1/2 – 2 hours (till tender)

  • Slather tater with butter and top with grated cheese

  • Dig in and Eat while it’s warm



Cheese Fries:

  • Several Lg Taters: 8 lb bag on sale $1.99 + tax

  • Cheese (see above)

  • Fryin’ Oil, mommy likes corn, but we had some vegetable in the cabinet: 24 ounces on sale fur $3.99 + tax

  • Slice Taters into fries

  • Heat oil to 350° and drop sliced taters.

  • Cook till golden brown 

  • Remove from oil and dab excess oil off fries

  • Place fries in heap on cookie sheet or baking dish and top with grated Cheese

  • Put in oven or broiler and broil till cheese melts

  • Optional Toppings: Bacon, Chives, Ham, Pepperoni

  • Dig in and Eat while it’s warm

 Cheese Fries




Mommy does luvs her cheese doesn’t she sissy? And butter. Mommy luvs butter like any good Southern Belle. I’s luvs cheese too, but mommy won’t let me have very much. She says it stops things from working right and means I’s have to have extra butter spoons. Anyways, either of these dishes can make a meal. Mommy says ya’ get a starchy vegetable, a little protein and dairy.


          That’s true Raena, but me would rather have some meat. Me wants me’s protein from a nice juicy rabbit, not some cheesy tater.


 Wild bunny rabbit eating grass




Mmmmmm Rabbit. I’s with you sissy. Well, we better go now. We’ve still got lots of extra luvvin’ to take advantage of. Mommy says we’ll be takin’ Monday off. Seems last year the innernets was so busy and slow, we could hardly get anythin’ done.


          Yeah Raena, Cyber Monday is a big shoppin’ day. All those who didn’t shop today or didn’t get everythin’ they wanted today, will be trollin’ the net fur deals a purrlenty. We can’t wait to see all the tater recipes today. Maybe mommy can get a few new ideas.


 Dezi watches Raena atop the Liberty cat tree




Maybe sissy, but I’s thinkin’ mommy’s purretty tired of taters right now. Anyways, let’s go play. Maybe we can even go fur a stroll later.


Till the next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee 

Shopping With a Bit of VET

Well meowllo everypawdy. Me had planned to make a shoppin’ wound da world posty today, but….Mommy hasn’t been shoppin’ in a while and sissy fwu up on da sales papers mommy was gunna use. How do yous like dat? Mommy wasn’t bwave enuff to wipe all dat yuck off da papers so she kuld read ‘em. They just went stwaight to da twash. MOL

 dw Dezi1382

I’z kuldunt help it sissy, I’z had a upset tummy and a hairball too.


Me knows it wasn’t yous fawlt sissy but there is a pawdee box room full of piddle pads. You kulda went there.


I’z kulda Dezi but what fun wood dat habz bin? Mommy woodunt habz skrambulled so too get sumfin’ under me afur it awl kaym out on da karpit.


Yeah Lexi mommy duz look funny when she scwambles like dat, dusn’t she?. Anyways, mommy borrowed sum ads fwum our neighbor mr. W and so here’s what we got. Weez have only one store in our town and da next town over has only one store, so weez got da ads fwum them. We have a Super C and Delbert’s, so weez’ll list da purrices in dat order. So da furst item we kuld find was:

 dw Dezi1374

73% Gwound Beef (not sumfin’ we wuld eat) Value packed at 20 lbs. is $2.49 and $2.69 a pound. Purrices look good till yous wealize you gotta buy 20 pounds. MOL


Next item: Corn on da cob: 3/$1.00 at boff stores..


Store bwand hamburger buns: $1.19 wiff a $30.00 purchase and .99 cents at Delbert’s


A 9oz bag of Frito’s is: 2/$5.00 at boff stores..


And an 8 ounce package of da store bwand lunch meats be $5.49 each at boff stores.

So you kuld make hamburgers or sandwiches wiff these ingwedients. Unfurtunately da stores didn’t have very many of da same fings on sale, so our list is a bit catty wampuss, but there ya’ have it. Weez joinin’ Bacon and Fozziemum fur Shoppin’ wound da world day. What kind of purrices do yous all have? Weez off to da VET fur Lexi so weez’ll be ketchin’ up tomowwo wiff all our visitin’.


I'z doent wanna goez too da VET mommy.
I’z doent wanna goez too da VET mommy.


Till da next time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Visual Associations

Meowllo evewypawdy, awe ya’ weady fur da weekend? Cuz It’s Here!!! WooHoo And weez posed to get sum purretty wedder wiff sum sunshine. Dat means…weez gunna go fur a stwoll. Me can’t wait to get out in da sunshine and smell da outside. Okay meez purrawlly gunna stawt sneezin’ a bit but it’ll be fun afur dat happens. MOL Now afur me goes any furder me wants to wemind you alll dat evewy week we join up wiff Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Pawade Blog Hop. And this week weez also joinin’ Create wiff Joy’s Furiday Furiendship Blog Pawty. Go on click da linky’s they’ll open in a new window so yous won’t furget to go visit when ya’ finish up here. Just don’t you be leavin’ afur leavin’ me a comment. Yous know how much we luv hearin’ fwum ya’. Yeah meez feelin’ a little spunky today.

 dw Dezi treetop3963

Anyways, wecently sissy posted da horror dat wuz hers VET visit and we actually got a foo comments dat took mommy way back. So we fawt we wuld quickly give you ow take on dat subject. As you know mommy went back wiff Lexi to have hers blood work and uwinalysis. And as you know it didn’t go well. Altho’ da techs didn’t want mommy to come, they allowed it. Now we know why they didn’t want her there. But twuff is, VETs used to tell peeps to let da tech hold their animal or take the animal out of da room fur all shots and tweatments and tests. They wuld telll peeps dat it wuz to keep yous pet fwum associatin’ bad fings wiff you, their hooman. How many of you have heard dat? Purrawlly most of ya’.

 dw Lexi lap3949

Da one we like is, “your pet does so much better without you there.” Ya’ wanna know why? It’s cuz ifin yous not there to speak up and purrtect yous pet, they can do whatever they want or feel they need to in order to make yous pet comply. Da only time dat sayin’ be twu is ifin yous one to fweak out at da sight of blood, needles, or da sound or sight of yous pet squirmin, fightin’ or yelpin’/mewin’. As fur yous pet associatin’ you wiff da bad ifin yous purresent, dat’s just not twu. And ifin these fotos of Lexi don’t purrove It to ya’, well then keep sendin’ yous baby off wiff da tech. Dat’s okay and nopawdy be judgin’ ya’ least of all us. It took evewyfin’ mommy had to maintain her cool and not lose it or jump all ovew those girlies at sissy’s pointment. And twust us, they haven’t heard da last fwum mommy. We just wanted you to know dat yous not have to believe dat myth anymore. We also say no matter how well you like and twust yous VET it nevew hurts to be purresent at least once in a while. Ifin fur no udder weason than to keep them on their toes. We also wanna fank all of ya’ dat be wecommendin’ Tanya’s CRF site to us. Weez awe alweady aware of da site and dat’s da suppowt gwoup we wuz talkin’ ‘bout.   

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now today be shoppin’ wound da world wiff Bacon and Fozziemum. Twuff is mommy hasn’t bought gwocewies in quite sum time, so weez gunna give ya’ da purrices we found in da local stowre here. Which by da way now has a new owner. They purrawmissed lower purrices, but most peeps be complainin’ dat they waised da purrices. We didn’t find dat to be da case, but it’s not owned by a local anymowe and in a town this size, dat be enuff to cause peeps not to like anyfin’ ‘bout it. Anyways, on wiff da shoppin’ list.

Da furst item up is Milk. A gallon of da off/stowre bwand at da Dollaw Genewal be $4.65 and .10 cents mowe at Fwamily Dollaw and da gwocewy.

Da next item is tomatoes. Romas wuz on sale this week and da only ones da stowre had in stock. They wuz .79 cents a pound We don’t know how many dat wuld get ya’ as there’s no scale at da gwocewy store. So yous kinda take yous chances on by da pound stuffs.  

Da next item…a canned purroduct. Da stowre bwand of corn, gween beans, peas, etc. be $1.29.  

Then Bacon asked fur a Random item and a homemade dish. Mommy dusn’t make much these days, but she checked da purrices fur a one of hers favowit meals fwum her yunger days when she worked and had munny. She luvved a good ole steak dinner. So, da NY stwip(small) wuz: $11.69, da Filet wuz: $12.58. A nice size bakin’ potato wuz: $2.00. Butter be $4.25 fur a pound and mommy weally likes da butter so fur a nice big tater she wuld need at least a 1/2 stick so ‘bout .60 cents fur butter and she likes cheese on hers tater. Hers favowit cheese is Cabot Sharp cheddar at $9.75 fur 2 lbs. so it wuld cost ‘bout $1.21 fur cheese. And she ‘cided a package of dinner rolls wuld be cheaper than makin’ ‘em herselff, so they wuld cost $1.89 fur da stowre bwand. This be way too much munny so mommy didn’t add in a salad or any udder sides. So a homemade dinner wuld cost $17.39 to $18.28.  OMC dat’s one meal. No wunnew mommy dusn’t buy gwocewies.

 Pet Parade banner newFriendship-Friday-Button-1501Create With Joy

Anyways, ow random item wuz low phosphorous cat food. Da Solistic bwand 3 ounce packet wuz $1.29. Well so there it is, anudder wound of Shoppin’ wound da world wiff Bacon and Fozziemum. We can’t wait to see what evewypawdy else is payin’.

Till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!

dw Dezi tree3968

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

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