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Chatting Cats: 18 Purrfectly Amazing Facts

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. What a pawsum pawrty we had here over the weekend. Celebratin’ milestones such as Blogoversaries can be so much fun. I’s didn’t google it, so I’s don’t know the real nummers, but hundreds of blogs are started each year, and only a few actually keep goin’. So, a Blogoversary really is a purretty big deal. 


Raena lays atop the Liberty cat tree looking down at Dezi laying on the edge of the tree




          You’re right Raena. Now, let’s get to some fun today. Ya’ know, those 18 Purrfectly Amazing Facts About Us game we played. Several of ya’ played along and made your guesses. We really luvved seein’ your answers. Now, let’s see what our answers are and see who got the most answers right.


Dezi sits pretty atop the liberty cat tree




18 Purrfectly Amazing Facts 

1. Favorite smell: Dezi: Mommy

Raena: I’s agree sissy, I’s luvs the way mommy smells.

2. Last time I hissed:  Dezi: This meownin’ when Raena fell off the side of the tub and landed on me. 

Raena: I’s don’t do a lot of hissin’, but, I’s did hiss last week when the sleet hit mine’s stroller. Mommy says I’s was a little scared. I’s meow that I’s was just makin’ sure the sleet knew I’s was the boss.

3. Favorite pizza:  Dezi: Me thought everypawdy would get this one. But me got to thinkin’ ya’ll may actually think we’re kiddin’ and that pepperoni pizza be mommy’s favorite food and not ours. But nuffin’ could be further from the truth. Mommy’s fave food is a nice steak, baked tater and yeasty roll. 

Rana: Sure ‘nuff sissy. One of our favorite human foods is pepperoni pizza. We don’t get it very offen, but we do luvs it. Mommy doesn’t get her favorite food either. MOL

4. Favorite Flower: Me luvs roses and nip flowers. 

Raena:  I’s luvs nip flowers too sissy.

5. Favorite dog breed:  Dezi: Me’s BlogPaws ‘sperience kind’a made me not care fur doggies in general. But, me does luv our sweet furiend Da Phenny the Weimaraner.  

Raena:  I’s luvs Phenny too, sissy. I’s not really met many doggies, so I’s can’t really meow much on this question.

6. Favorite ice cream:  Baskin Robbins white chocolate and regular chocolate.

Raena: What’s Baskin Robbins, sissy? I’s never had any of that. 

Dezi:  That’s cuz we don’t have one anywhere near us. Our local grocery store used to carry them and when he clearanced them out, mommy bought every last one. It’s her favorite too. 

7. Pet peeve:  Dezi:  Peeps that throw out or return beluvved furry family members when they’re inconvenient. Declawin’ kitties, Irrespawnsible pet owners, peeps that won’t spay or neuter, ‘specially their non pedigreed anipals, and…so many more. (Mommy A waves for Dezi to get down off her soap box and continue answering the questions.) 

Raena:  Ooooh sissy, all those things bother me too.

8. Shorts or jeans:  Dezi:  Neither, me has bloomers 

Raena:  Mine’s bloomers are longer and fluffier than yours, sissy. (Dezi shakes her head)

9. Color of your PTU:  Dezi: Well, we have a stroller, and it’s blue.

Raena:  Mommy says I’s broke it sissy. She’s gonna try to get us a new one soon. I’s want animal purrint, how ’bout you?

10. Color of your eyes: Dezi: Blue of course. Mommy says me’s eyes remind her of a blue diamond.

Raena: I’s thought that was mine’s eyes and yours looked like blue jeans, sissy. 

Dezi: Hisssss  We both have diamond blue eyes Raena. Now be nice!!! 

11. Favorite food:  Dezi: Rabbit!!! Me luvs me some Rabbit. 

Raena: Rabbit’s mine’s favorite too. Yummmmmmy

12. Least favorite food:  Dezi:  Sorry Tabbies, we just don’t like fish. 

Raena:  X’cept fur those bonito flakes sissy. We do like those.

13. Favorite Holiday:  Dezi:  Christmas, me’s Birthday, me’s Gotchaday, me’s…  

Raena:  Sissy, It’s mine’s turn. I’s luv any holiday that includes more cuddles and luvvin’ with mommy.

14. Night owl or morning person:  Dezi:  Night owl, just like mommy.

Raena: Me too, sissy. I’s a real night owl. I’s can stay up with mommy till dawn.

15. Favorite day of the week:  Dezi: Any day we can spend with mommy is a favorite day. But, we do luv Blest Sunday.

16. Do you have a nick name:  Dezi: Me has lots of nicknames, mommy calls me her blue eyed angel, baby bear, angel, sweetheart, luv bug, muffin, darlin’, baby… 

Raena: We get it sissy. I’s have lots of the same nicknames, includin’ punkin’, baby girl, punkin’ pie, Rayhahnan, RB and Belle.

17. Favorite music:  Dezi: Me luvs when mommy sings to me. Me also luvs country gospel.

Raena:  Me too sissy. I’s luvs the songs mommy makes up and sings to us.

18. Tattoos:  Dezi: Sis Lexi had a tattoo, so me wanted one too. But, mommy said they don’t do that any more.

Raena:  I’s never seen a tattoo, but I’s know mommy wants one of all her angel babies.


Raena sniffs catkins sent by awnty Ellen

We really luvs doin’ these, so we hope CK keeps it up. As sissy meowed earlier, several of ya’ played along. Valentine got 3 out of 5 right, awnty Ellen got 2 out of 2, Travis was spot on that our eyes are blue, sweet Annie got 3 of 4 and sweet Katie got 2 of 4. Since we’re all inclusive kitties, and we could never choose one furiend over another, we had mommy make all of you this great badge. Whether you played along or not, you can put it on your sidebar ifin ya’ want, or just take it and know that we think you’re all the bestest furiends in the universe. 


 DezizWorld Great friend badge



          Fanks mommy fur makin’ the pawsum badge fur us. Befur we wrap it up today, we’d like to take a minute to recognize that today is World Spay Day. Spaying your pet isn’t just ‘bout ending unwanted pregnancies that contribute to pet overpopulation. It’s also ‘bout the health of your pets. Spaying your female anipals helps to minimize the risk of mammary cancer, uterine cancer, inappropriate spraying/marking and aids your pets’ overall health. Contrary to old beliefs, spaying doesn’t make your pet lazy or become overweight. Ifin that happens, that’s on the humans. Spayed felines can and will hunt, play and do everything they did befur with the exception of reproducing. So purrlease, spay or neuter your pets. Even we have a low cost spay/neuter clinic, so check with your local shelter fur one in your area.


 Dezi gets loving while laying in mommy's lap_selfie




That’s a pawsum reminder, sissy. Mommy isn’t a fan of altering animals at a really young age, but she’s fur sure all ‘bout alterin’. We’ve both been spayed. It wasn’t mine’s favorite day, but I’s much healthier and happier cuz of it. We’re gonna wrap it up now. See you all soon. 


Till the next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee  

Blest Sunday Spay Day Update

Meowllo and welcome to Blest Sunday. Me’s gonna let sis Raena tell ya’ll ‘bout her spa day yesfurday, but me wanted to fank you all fur da purrs and purrayers. They were needed and purreciated. Okay Raena, it’s all yours.

 Raena lays in mommys lap

       Fank you sissy. Is anypawdy out there? Sissy, Purrlease stop hissin’ at me.

Well, then stop touchin’ me.

   That’s enough girls. Dezi, be nice to your sisfur, she’s still a little under the weather. And Raena, be nicer to Dezi, she’s confused today like you were yesterday.

 Spay Clinic


Spay clinic


       Sorry mommy. Sorry sissy. Anyways, I’s gonna tell everypawdy a meowsy big fank you. I was a little touch and go at one point. But, I’s gettin’ ahead of mines self, so let me start at da beginnin’. We had to be at da shelter in Ardmore at 8:45 a.m.; so no sleepin’ fur mommy da night befur. And did you know dat mommy didn’t even let me have brekky? Seems ya’ can’t eat after midnight befur a surgery. And let me just say, you all dat luv spa days have got to be crazy ifin this is what ya’ll do. Anyways, no brekky fur me. I watched mommy fix up one plate and then I got ushered into da stroller while sis Dezi got da plate of food. Mommy and me said see ya’ to sissy and we was off. It was a long drive, but da car was comfy and cool so I didn’t mind. After all, I was with mommy and on mines way to a “spa day”. When we arrived mommy took me outta da stroller and put me in da Samsonite. Now I started wonderin’ just what kind of “spa day” this was. When we went in, all da peeps made over mines beauty and gawjus eyes. Just repeatin’ what they said. Anyways, mommy filled out some paperwork and they put some pink bracelet ‘round mines neck. Mommy gave another lady some green papers and we went to a table to sit down. They said I was 24. Not sure what dat was, but da numbers went up to 60 fur da day. Mommy said dat’s pawsum, and they had almost as many numbers fur today.

 Raena waiting for her spay surgery

       Anyways, mommy got a coke and a donut and sat and ate right in front of me. Hmmph I know mommy likes donuts, but I’s didn’t get any brekky. There was lots of peeps millin’ ‘round and lots more kitties came in. Then some doggies started filin’ in. Now let me tell you, those things sure did get noisy. One of them was so loud everypawdy was hollerin’ at him. Ifin I had known what was ‘bout to happen, I’s might have joined him. Anyways, mommy luvved on me a bit and took a couple of fotos and then suddenly a man came and put me on a big cart with these other kitties. Mommy purrayed over me and da other kitties and I was wheeled off to a trailer outside. I got a little scared, but all of a sudden, I saw mommy and then I drifted off to sleep.

 Mommy A waking Raena after her spay surgery

 Mommy says not to pay ‘tention to her, she didn’t have on her

makeup. She did attempt some in da foto editor tho’, and fur sure

used da wrinkle remover.



         Da next thing I’s ‘member is bein’ so cold. I could barely hear mommy. I knew she was there, I could feel her arms ‘round me, but mines eyes couldn’t focus and I just couldn’t wake up. It was sooooooo cold and It took so much energy to breathe. Mines heart seemed to be missin’ a few beats here and there. I could barely hear it, but I knew mommy was purrayin’. Furinally mommy kissed me and I heard her clear as day. She said, she luvved me and she would never leave me. And she hadn’t. Mommy had kept her purromise and she never left mines side. It was like mommy was breathin’ fur me and her heart was beatin’ fur mines. Da warmth started comin’ back to mines body and I was able to pull mines tongue back in mines mouth. When I could hold mines head up a bit mommy had da nice lady next to her look after me fur a minute and mommy opened up da stroller and put me in it. I was a lot bit wobbly and confused, but again, da peeps were all makin’ over me. I could hear lots of peeps callin’ mines name. One of them even wanted to take me home with her. Yeah, dat’s never gonna happen. I’s not ever wanna be anywhere without mommy. Mommy got to eat a little lunch and we were off. Mommy purromissed special treats, so we went to da Wallyworld. And then we were on our way home.

 Raena in stroller after spay

       When we got home and I furinally got outta da stroller, mines legs didn’t work so good. And everythin’ seemed to be closin’ in on me. Mines heart was racin’ and I didn’t know what to do. I cried and cried. I wanted up in mommy’s lap one minute and down da next. Mommy wouldn’t let me jump anywhere. ‘Course, dat might have been a good thing. I couldn’t quite focus on da tree, or anythin’ else fur dat matter. I was pacin’ from one room to da next. And I couldn’t get enuff mommy luvvin’ I would rub her legs, arms, hands anythin’ she would let me near. Until suddenly, I’s just attacked her. I don’t know why I did it. All I wanted was to luv mommy and yet all I could do was bite her and jump at her. Mommy got out one of those toys she put back da other day and gave it to me. Fank catness, I quit attackin’ mommy and started carryin’ dat toy ‘round while I paced da floors.

 Raena carrying her new nip toy

       As da night went on mommy noticed dat I would get in da pawdee box and pace ‘round and squat, then get in da other box and do da same thing, but never left a depawsit. You all know by now what a worrier mommy is, and dat’s ‘zactly what she did, worried. You also know dat we believe in purrayers too, so mommy began to purray. All da while, I just wanted to be as close to mommy as I could get. Y, I even jumped up on da human potty rim while mommy was availin’ herself. she said she didn’t know how I did it or where there was room, but there I was. And no, there’s no foto purroof. Seems it’s okay to take fotos of us peein’ but not mommies. I just couldn’t seem to settle down last night, but mommy was so tired, she furinally had to turn in. Sis Dezi sure wasn’t purrleased with me, but mommy says it won’t last. I sure hope she gets over it soon.

 Raena plays

       Anyways, I furinally went to da pawdee box and left a huge depawsit this meownin’. Mommy was so happy, she almost danced. And let me tell ya’ dat’s a feat since she can’t even walk in da meownings. I’s eatin’ good and drinkin’ purrlenty and back to scalin’ da tree and anythin’ else I want today. So fank you all fur your purrs and purrayers. Mommy says I’s gonna be a real sensitive kitty and dat hopefully I won’t ever need to be put under anesthesia again. So there ya’ have it, dat “spa day” was really a spay day. Seems da doctor took away somethin’ inside me and now I will never have babies. But dat’s not a bad thing. It also means mines risk of certain cancers are decreased and dat I shouldn’t develop bad behaviors. I do have some stitches and somepawdy knicked a couple of mines teets and they’re kinda sore, but I’s gettin’ back to normal. Hopefully sis Dezi and me will start gettin’ along again soon. I don’t understand why she doesn’t like me, but she sure is mad at me right now. Ifin ya’ don’t mind, we could use some extra get along purrayers.

 Dezi and Raena on cat tree

Yeah we could at dat. We need to wrap it up fur now. We’re also joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. Me might not be so fond of Raena right now, but me is grateful she made it thru and is back home. We’re so fankful fur those who helped make her spay day pawssible with green papers, and all your purrs and purrayers. We are so blest to have you all in our lives. ‘Member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your lives. And we hope you all have a wonderful day.

Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue

Mommy A: Black


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Deztinee  

Spa Day, Spay Day, Raena’s Growing Up

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me RaenaBelle. It’s so ugly and dark here today. We had some really loud thunder boomers last night. But I’s kept sis Dezi busy playin’ so she wouldn’t notice. Wasn’t dat nice of me?

 Dezi and Raena on cat tree

       Playin’? Is dat what you call jumpin’ on me from da top of da chair, da tree, da scratchin’ post, and anywhere else you could find to jump off of from?



Sure sissy, wasn’t it fun? 



       Uh…Did me’s hisses and growls sound like it was fun Raena?

 Raena playing with wand toy

Hisses? Growls? Hmmmmm I’s didn’t hear any of dat sissy. I’s just thought it was da thunder.


 Dezi sniffing the catnip mat and toys

       (Dezi shakes her head) Well Raena are you gonna get to your question? 


 Raena lays on floor resting during playtie

Oh yeah, fanks fur remindin’ me sissy. As ya’ know, mines spa day is tomorrow. Mommy goes to see hers doctor today and then I’s goin’ fur a spay, whatever dat is, tomorrow. Mommy says this is completely routine and dat most all mines furiends have been thru it, but as always there are risks. So, I’s would fur sure purreciate your purrayers dat all goes well and I’s back to bein’ me in no time. Mommy will be stayin’ right by mines side da whole time, and she plans on takin’ fotos, ifin allowed. She used to volunteer with this clinic but doesn’t ‘member their pawlicies. She does ‘member a lot of da folks don’t want their fotos posted, so she might have to do a lot of blurrin’.  Anyways, we’ll keep ya’ll posted. We won’t be ‘round a lot this weekend, cuz of these things, but mommy did purromise to try to post at least an update after da deed on facebook. We of course will be here fur our regular Blest Sunday to tell you all ‘bout it. Anypawdy not followin’ us on facebook and wantin’ too, you can click da blue “Like” button on our facebook feed on da left sidebar here.



       Me will be purrin’ and purrayin’ fur ya’ sissy. You may be a pain’ in me’s behind, but you’re me’s pain, and me wants you back home soon.

 Raena in cat tree house with toy

Aaaaaaaaw Fank you sis Dezi.

 Pet Parade banner new

       Besides, it also means extra good treats. Anyways, we’ve gotta go so mommy can get ready fur hers ‘pointment. She could use some purrayers too. Da State mandated dat mommy and her doctor don’t know what’s bestest fur her and it’s been a really tough month fur mommy. So we’re purrayin’ somethin’ can be done to help her today. Anyways, we’re joinin’ Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade. Check it out. We’re purrayin’ fur all our furiends, ‘specially those in da path of da storms. Stay safe and have a furtabulous weekend.

 Dezi on the cat tree looking down



Till da next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!!



Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle 

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