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Blest Sunday And Other Stuff

Well here we are at da beginnin’ of another week. Do you like me’s title? “Other Stuff”, real intelligent huh? MOL  Anyways, dat means it’s time fur Blest Sunday. We like to start our week off reflectin’ on our blessings. You know blessings can be found anywhere. Even when all you see is bad, ya’ just have to look. Me will tell ya’ ‘bout just one of those dat happened this week. But furst me wants to say thank you. Thank you fur bein’ our furiends and just fur bein’ you. Your furiendship is somethin’ we never have to look hard to see da blessing in.

 Dezi lays on the floor

Let me give ya an example. A while back our furiend, awnty Rachel, from Three Chatty Cats was havin’ a give away. There were these really cute kitties in bow ties magnets up fur da purrize. Well we didn’t win. But da winner, Alison, from da Sarcastic Dog said they wanted to give their purrize to somepawdy who might need a little cheerin’ up. As you know we’ve been spendin’ a lot of time around da bottom of da rocks what with missin’ sis Lexi and all, and so awnty Rachel thought of us right away. Well we got those cutesy magnets this week, and they really made mommy smile. A meowsy big thank you to awnty Rachel, awnty Alison and Cats in Magnet set

Ain’t these just da cutest little button magnets?


Mommy was so excited over her cutesy little magnets dat she wasn’t really payin’ attention to where she was goin’ in her bare feet when she spotted somethin’ outta da corner of her eye on da dining room floor. Well you know mommy doesn’t see very well anyways and we rarely turn on da dining room lights; so there she was squintin’ and lookin’ to see ifin she could tell what it was. Finally she thought me had left a little poop droplet on da flloor so she got a paper towel and bent over to pick it up. Me doesn’t know why she thought me did dat, but bein’ da baby me’s used to getting’ blamed fur everythin’ so me rolled with it. Well mommy picked it up and turned toward da light to look see and…OMC dat wasn’t poop, dat was a STINGIN’ SCORPIAN!!! Well mommy dropped it like a hot potato and looked fur somethin’ to kill it with and quick. ‘Member now she was bare footed. Mommy was sure blest he didn’t whack her with his stinger.

 Caution: Dead bug with guts foto below!!! 


Dead stinging scorpian on kitchen floor

It was movin’ too fast fur momy to feel comfurtable leavin’ it to get da camera. Till it was dead dat is. MOL


Anyways, ya’ know me told ya’ dat mommy had been checkin’ out stuffs fur takin’ care of a baby kitten, right? Well turns out dat mommy had been told ‘bout a kitty dat had given birth. Now this was her furst heat and furst litter and really she shouldn’t have been havin’ kitties, but, well, da peeps round here don’t really see da need fur spayin’ and neuterin’ like we all do. We’s workin’ on educatin’, but it takes a while. We gotta get those kitties in da house and thought of as more than mousers in da furst place. Anyhow, this little kitty girl had one little kitten. Well mommy got word dat da baby wasn’t doin’ so good. So dat’s why mommy was getting’ everythin’ together. She was gonna take on dat kitty and nurse it back to health and make it ours. But befur she could get there to pick it up, it went on to heaven. We think it had been sick longer than da peeps realized and so by da time they noticed, it was too late. Purrlease, Spay and Neuter your pets. Yes this is very sad. But we do see da blessing. Da kitten is with Jesus now and no longer sick. We couldn’t really afford to take on a kitty with life long health problems, so in da end it all worked out. Da mommy kitty can hopefully recover and be spayed. Her owners didn’t say they would yet, but we’re hopin’.

Dezi's selfie in mommy's lap

Me’s been spendin’ a lot of time hangin’ out in mommy’s lap. She says we really need to find me a sisfur soon befur me turns into a couch potato. Whatever dat is.


We believe things happen fur a reason and dat God’s in control. And dat He’ll send us just da right kitty at just da right time. Mommy says she’s all set now, so whenever kitty shows up, we’re ready. MOL  Mommy’s also been busy da last few days talkin’ to peeps about da PSA job. They all wanna know everythin’ befur they apply or interview. We got a ton of one liner emails cuz mommy doesn’t know how to text, and we know dat’s what they all think they’re doin’. Mommy’s ad says to email contact infurmation fur an appkication, or call and leave a message. She gets these emails sayin’, “you told me to email you.” and lots of hang ups or messages without a number to reach them at. And they wanna do it one sentence at a time. Mommy says somepawdy dropped da ball in teachin’ folks how to get a job. Anyways, we’re blest to have da program and qualify fur it cuz mommy needs help with things me can’t do. Me’s gonna wrap it up now. But befur me goes, me’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Selfie Sunday. Don’t furget to stop and take a minute to say thanks fur da blessings in your life. 

Do you think texting is an appropriate way to inquire about and apply for a job?

Do you think mommy’s being too old fashioned expecting peeps to actually fill out an application and meet in person to have an interview? 

Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


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