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All Hail The Queen of Slink

Meowllo everypawdy, hope you had a great weekend. It’s another Miserable Monday here and let me tell you, we sure had a storm last night. Ya know da skies have been gray and sunless furever now, but at least da rains have been quiet da last few days. And then outta nowhere last night da thunder and lightnin’ started up and scared da b-jeebies outta me.

 Dezi cocks head to the side in thought

There we was, layin’ in bed all cuddled up da way mommy and me do. Ya’ know mommy can’t sleep without a kitty cuddled up next to her purrin’ her a lullaby. And me and sis Lexi used to purr in unison. Mommy says it was kinda like havin’ a vibratin’ bed. Anyways, me’s getting’ off track here, let’s get back to da storm of da century. So there we was all cuddled up and suddenly, BOOM gRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrUMBLE It was so loud even mommy jumped. Me couldn’t slink or scamper off da bed and under it fast enuff. But me had purrlenty of light to see by, cuz lightnin’ came through da black bedroom curtains and lit up da whole room. Well mommy began to coo at me from atop da bed while me shook in me’s fur under da bed. She wanted me back up on da bed with her. Like dat was gonna happen. As long as da sky was grumblin’, me was gonna stay put……….safely UTB (under the bed). Mommy calls me da Queen of Slink. She says fur a big kitty me can sure flatten out fast enuff.

Now let me tell you somethin’ you may not know about me’s mommy. She’s a clever one. She doesn’t like to take no fur an answer and won’t ifin she can help it. So there me was shakin’ in me’s fur and mommy’s cooin’ and nothing’s happening. So she begins to whine. You know, “Dezi, I Neeeeeeeed you. Baby, I can’t sleep without you. Dezi, it’s okay, I won’t let anything or anybody hurt you, come on back up here on the bed with mommy.” Yeah, just how did she plan on purrtectin’ me while she slept? Was she gonna snore dat storm away? Me wasn’t goin’ anywhere. UTB was just fine with me.

 Dezi lays on the bed

After what seemed like furever me heard mommy softly snifflin’. Hmmmmm Me cocked me’s head and thought a minute. Somethin’ must be wrong. Mommy’s cryin’. So me made da decision to go and check on her. Me bravely crouched low to da ground and slinked out from under da bed and looked up from da floor. Me couldn’t see a thing. So me hurried up da steps and jumped over to mommy’s chest and stuck me’s face in hers. Meow? What’s wrong mommy, me asked. ‘Tween da sniffles mommy went on about how sis Lexi wouldn’t have left her alone just cuz of some storm and how me has to be her big girl now, and how she neeeeeeds me and luuuuuuvs me and would never let me go. Me lissened intently and purred luvvingly. And then when da next thunder boomer hit…………me scurried back UTB. From me’s spot UTB me meowed to mommy, “Remember mommy, me’s da Queen of Slink and…me Ain’t sis Lexi.” 

Dezi sniffing cat tree perch

Me’s gotta make sure dat ole storm didn’t mess with me’s tree.

We didn’t get much sleep last night, but fur now da storm has ended and it’s quietly mistin’ so me’s out hangin’ with mommy and makin’ her happy. We’ll be by to see you all just as soon as we can. And mommy wants me to say thank you to everypawdy. She feels better knowin’ she’s not so old fashioned after all. It’s been a long time since she applied fur a job so she didn’t know ifin things had changed or not.

Where do you (your kitties) hide when thunder boomers start?

Do you (your kitties) hide during loud events like thunder storms?



Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


This and That Wednesday

Meowllo everypawdy, me hopes you’re havin’ a good week so far. It’s stormin’ here again, and mommy’s been tryin’ to get ready fur this months inspection which happens today. Ifin only me could wrangle da carpet monster or da mop, me could help. But alas, no fumms. Mommy says it’s okay, she doesn’t expect me to do dat kind of work. Whew Me’s sure glad ‘bout dat, cuz me still isn’t sure how me feels about da carpet monster. You know dat thing sucks up everythin’ in it’s path. It’s eaten more than one of me’s toys and they’re never da same when It spits ‘em back out. Me keeps tellin’ mommy she oughtta get one of those little round robotic carpet monsters. They’re much quieter and me’s seen more than one kitty sittin’ on and directin’ ‘em without those opposable fumms. Anyways, enough ‘bout cleanin’. 

Dezi with the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner

No fumms mommy, sorry me can’t help with da carpet monster.

Da other day mommy told me she had a dream ‘bout a kitten. And then outta da blue da next day one of me’s Facebook awnties pm’d us and said she had dreamed ‘bout a kitten fur us too. Well me thinks they both may be drinkin’ too much coffee. Or maybe somepawdy laced their coffee. Yep it could very well be dat somepawdy slipped ‘em somethin’ in their coffee. You know “dream about kittens” pills?. Fur both of ‘em to be dreamin’ ‘bout kittens sopmething’s gotta be goin’ on. Me’s Facebook awnty lives across da pond and has purrlenty of kitties herself, so dat’s why she’s certain she was dreamin’ ‘bout kittens fur us. And then me saw mommy checkin’ out new kitty stuffs online. Me thinks mommy may be losin’ it.

Dezi: Yeah I'm not laying on the cat tree looking out the door today

Me’s gotta keep an eye out fur da manager. Me doesn’t want her sneakin’ up on me.

Well me’s gonna keep it short and sweet today, cuz ‘tween da weather and inspection, we may not have a lot of time to visit today. Me’s gonna go hang on da cat tree till da manager shows up or da skies start rumblin’. Ketch ya’ll later.

Do you think me should be worried dat mommy’s lookin’ at kitten stuffs?

Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Disaster Strikes! Are You Ready?

Well we finally got a little break from da storms yesfurday and me got to visit a lot of ya’. Dat weather guesser says we should be in fur sunshine startin’ tomorrow afternoon. Me sure hopes so; me hasn’t been fur a stroll in furever. Me did get da sads while visitin’ as there have been quite a few kitties who have joined sis Lexi this week includin’ me’s furiend Spooky from 15 and Meowing. Mommy says da sads are cuz our brains know they’re in a better place now and no longer sufferin’, but our hearts just can’t make sense of it all. Me can attest to da makin’ no sense fur sure. Purrlease lift up and support your furiends, loss is hard on us all.

 Dezi cocks head to the side in thought

You know with all da storms we’ve been havin’ lately and knowin’ dat tornado season is comin’ up soon, me had been thinkin’ ‘bout writin’ a posty on disaster purrparedness. We’s posted one befur but we think it’s a really purrtant topic so there’s nothin’ wrong with postin’ every year. And yesfurday one of me’s furiends and fellow cat scouts made dat very suggestion. It’s better to be purrpared and not need it than to be caught in a disaster with nothin’ but da purrverbeal shirt on your back. So dat there’s no confusion, me’s switchin’ to human speak so everypawdy can understand.


Dezi close up on arm of chair

As me said, we have tornados, flooding and high winds, but no matter what weather patterns are prevalent in your area the following applies to all disaster/emergency circumstances and all pets.

You should have a First Aid Kit for your pets on hand at all times, and keep it’s contents up to date and fresh. Me will cover what goes in that kit shortly. You should also know which, if any shelters in your area are pet friendly. A lot of shelters are only for humans and only allow Service Animals because of the laws. Please don’t pass your pet off as a Service Animal. You might also want to check for pet friendly hotels/motels in your area. A last resort would be boarding. Check with your VET, shelter, groomers, etc. for boarding facilities in your area and know their policies. Most boarding situations require the animal to be up to date on all vaccinations.

 ASPCA first aid kit

Please don’t leave your pet at home alone in the hopes they will survive and you’ll be reunited. Altho’ they will be stressed, they will be far more comfortable being with you than trying to weather the “storms” by themselves. It’s a good idea to get your pet comfortable with their carrier/PTU before a disaster.

Be sure to have a list of emergency numbers on hand and in your First Aid Kit. Your cell number along with your VETs number and a family members number should be on that list. Keep current photos of all pets on hand and make sure your pet has identification with up to date contact information. Updating your pets microchip information is usually free. We use a company called Pet Link. You can register all your pets microchips with them for a nominal fee; and then all updates are free.

 Pet Link Microchip company logo

We’ve recently learned that emergency personnel look on the fridge for information about the residents of a dwelling and any medical conditions, etc., so it’s a good idea to put your pets information there as well. Things such as how many and what species of animal lives in your house as well as VET information and any medical conditions/special instructions for them should be listed. Mommy keeps photos of us/me on the fridge and on the back of the photo is our name, age, and any special instructions. In me’s case, it says me is a Service animal named Deztinee, and that me also answers to Dezi. Me’s age and what food me eats is also included along with mommy’s cell phone number and our VETs number. Just in case, mommy also keeps a photo just like this on the front door and in the glove compartment of our car.

The next thing you need is a small bag for your pets that contains at least 3 days worth of food, litter and (disposable) litterbox (for cats and other small animals), water, a favorite blanky/you scented shirt or bed, food and water bowls or paper plates and disposable spoons. A pooper scoop and plastic bags for disposal and a toy or two. Treats and nip are optional. Mommy also likes to keep an extra leash and harness in our bag in case there’s a problem with the one we’re using. Paper towels for clean up, a small washcloth and towel are also handy items to have. Often a hard shell carrier/PTU can double as a litterbox if you use liners in it.

Dezi in stroller looking out

Now let’s get to the contents of that First Aid Kit. You’ll need the following if your going to make your own:

1. Current photos of your pet and any proof of ownership in a plastic baggy. (vet records will suffice)

2. Phone numbers for you, your Vet, and an emergency contact person who is not in your area and might not be affected by your emergency. Phone lines and cell towers may be down.

3. Gauze pads and adhesive tape and/or the sticky wrap

4. Cotton balls and swabs

5. Hydrogen Peroxide 

6. Disposable Gloves 

7. Scissors and tweezers 

8. Antibiotic Ointment and Anti Itch Cream

9. Oral Syringe and/or Turkey baster

10. Alcohol 

11. Styptic Powder/Pencil

12. Claw Clippers 

13. Artificial Tear Gel

14. Band Aids (mommy keeps a few in our kit for her if she gets bit or clawed while trying to trim claws or care for a wound-they don’t take up that much room)

15. Any medications your pet may need. If your pet is diabetic, you’ll need ice packs. And keep some insulin in an easily grabbable baggie in the front of the fridge, clearly marked for emergencies. Syringes can be kept in your kit or packed bag at all times.

16. Liquid dish soap such as Dawn

17. Flashlight

19. Saline Solution

20. Ice Pack

21. Disinfectant  

Be sure to check your kit every 3 months or so for expired items. Always keep your kit fresh and up to date.


Altho’ this is not a comprehensive list, it’s pretty close to it. You can purchase a First Aid Kit instead of making your own, but you will need to add a few things to it especially if your pet requires medications. These kits vary in price depending on where you buy it.

 Dezi on cat tree with mouth open

Well me sure hopes this helps. Remember, your pet will be frightened and nervous during a disaster, so any preparations you can make in advance will make this time less stressful for all of you. And trust me when me says, we would much rather be with you than fending for ourselves. Please Don’t leave us behind. You wouldn’t leave a baby or two year old behind…

Do you have a Pet First Aid Kit?

Do you have an emergency bag packed?

Are you ready should disaster strike?

Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses




A Green Blest Sunday

Well da week’s finally over and it’s Blest Sunday. It stormed all week long. And guess what? We’s expected to get more storms this week. A lot of ya’ commented dat we seem to have a lot of storms and so mommy and me started to think it over and you’re right, we do. Every season in Oklahoma comes with it’s own set of storms. We’s movin’ into spring and summer which is prime tornado season. Mommy says what we had last week was like winter and spring dukin’ it out over who was gonna stay. We had da winds, rain and hail of spring but it was cold as a well diggers…well you know, it was cold. As me writes this posty da thunder be boomin’ and rockin’ da ‘pawrtment and da rains be fallin’ from da skies and we’re under threat of flooding. Now me can tell ya’ dat we don’t want Oklahoma to flood like it did last year, but all dat rain meant fur less wildfires in our pawrts. You can always find a blessing ifin your lookin’ fur one.

Dezi walking around the pet grass

Now dat’s enough ‘bout da weather fur now, let’s move on. You wanna know ‘bout da green in me’s post title don’t ya’? Well back in January sis Lexi and me won a BlogPaws twitter chat. Da prize was 3 months of pre grown cat grass from You all know sis Lexi luvved her grass, so we were some kind of excited to win. Long story short we finally got our furst shipment of da lush pet grass last week. Mommy and me were both very sad dat sissy didn’t get to try da full pots of greenery, but me was glad to finally have some decent grass in da house. You know they have an auto ship program you can sign up fur dat will get you 3 pots of fresh grass every month. Since it’s just me right now, mommy was really glad she could put a couple of pots in da fridge to stay fresh while me enjoyed one of da pots. This isn’t somethin’ we could afford to buy on our own, so me feels really blest to be a blogger on twitter so me could have da op-purrtunity to win such a great prize.

Dezi close up with the Pet Grass


Dezi looking for a spot to munch on the pet grass

Speakin’ of blessings, you know we are blest to have each of you in our lives. What a joy to have so many wonderful caring furiends. And we’re so glad you all liked our recipe edition. We will be posting more recipes. We’s thinkin’ ‘bout makin’ it a weekly thing. And we thought we would open it up to you all as well. Ifin you have a recipe fur somethin’ special you like to make fur your furries dat you wanna share, just send us an email and we’ll let everypawdy know. Me was remiss and didn’t say dat Minnie’s Morsels are great treats fur all your carnivorous furries. Lots of you also share your homes with doggies, so these treats could be given to every furry. Well me’s gotta go befur da lightnin’ starts up again. We’ll be round to visit as soon as we can. Member to take a minute each day and give thanks fur da many blessings in your life. Me thinks me will grab a bite of grass befur me heads back under da chair. MOL

Dezi licking the top of the pet grass



Dezi eating her pet grass in front of Dougie the Betta

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


To view all da passings in March click here. Fank you fur memorializing me’s sis Lexi.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


And The Storm Rages On

Well meowllo everypawdy. Me’s runnin’ really late today and it’s all cuz of da weather. It’s like Spring furgot she was supposed to be here and Winter came back fur his bags and decided to stay a while. And it’s not just here, lots of you are having da colds and some of you even have snow. OMC  All day yeafurday was dark as night and we just knew somethin’ big was about to happen. So ’round dinner time there was da loudest boom me thinks me’s ever heard, and then da skies opened up and da rains fell. Da wind was blowing so strong dat mommy’s wind chimes was singing non stop. And then came da pellets of ice beating down anything in their path. They were hitting da roof, da walls, da windows and da ground with such force me actually thought they were gonna break thru any minute. So to answer da burnin’ question on your minds…Yessiree, me was scared and hidin’ out behind da chair.

Dezi: Yeah I'm not laying on the cat tree looking out the door today

Of Course me isn’t doin’ this today. MOL

At 5 o’clock this meownin’ mommy finally decided we should try to go to bed and get some sleep. Da storm seemed to have died down so all was quiet. Mommy gathered me up and turned off da lights and to bed we went. We always say our purrayers befur goin’ to sleep so once we settled in we began to purray. Befur we could even get half our purrayers said da storms started ragin’ again. And this time they were even louder. You know, no tee-vee to help mask da sound. You guessed it, me hauled me’s purretty little kitty girly hiney right off da bed and down da hall behind da chair again. Mommy didn’t move, and suddenly me realized me was all alone behind dat chair in da living room. So me came slinkin’ back to da bedroom and mommy. Me crawled under da bed while mommy finshed purrayin’; and then we both just laid there fur what seemed like hours just listening to da raging storm. Mommy cooed at me from da bed and me quietly mewed back at her from under da bed. Around 8:30 this meownin’ da storms finally calmed and me joined mommy on da bed so we could both finally get a little sleep.

Dezi: Your lap is the best mommy

Just hold me mommy, till da storm passes by.

After walking around on mommy’s chest a bit and swooshing me’s tail in her face a few times, me cuddled up next to mommy and we drifted off to dreamland; only to be jolted awake less than an hour later when da storms started up again. Da only good thing ’bout all these storms is dat mommy didn’t have da chance to rest long enough to freeze over, so she didn’t have to wait on me to get around this meownin’. Dat coulda been a long wait cuz coaxin’ me out from under da bed fur brekky took an hour. We can’t rely on mr. weatherman fur accurate repurrting so we’re not sure how long this is goin’ to last. We’ll be around to visit as soon as we can. We’re sendin’ purrayers fur all of you. Stay safe and warm and dry. The storm is still raging on here.  

Dezi: I don't know whether to hide or stay here

Has Spring come to your area yet?

Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


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