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Mommy Calls It Work, But I Call It Fun

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s been livin’ da high life. I’s know, I’s may scare da livin’ daylights outta mommy, but I’s havin’ soooooo much fun. Now I’s not sayin’ dat fall I’s took was any fun, cuz it fur sure wasn’t da highlight of mines life. I’s not ever wanna do dat again. So I’s not spent much time in dat corner again. But there’s so many other pawsum things to get in to. Uh, I’s mean to play with. Fur some reason, mommy keeps yellin’ at me, “Raena, did you not learn anything?” What’s up with dat? I’s not even knows what she’s talkin’ ‘bout.

 Raena plays with the hedgehog

Take last night fur example. Mommy spent most of da day doin’ things she calls, “work”. You know, laundry and cleanin da house. I’s not know why anypawdy would call these things work, they’re sooooooo much fun. Anyways, back to last night. Mommy usually has a lot of stuffs on top of da washin’ machine. Somethin’ ‘bout keepin’ us away from danger. I’s think dat’s just a story she tells cuz there’s not any storage places in da bathroom. ‘Specially now, since I’s broke da shelves she had up. Yeah turns out I’s broke ’em and they can’t be put back up. Mommy’s gotta find somethin’ else to do fur storage now. Anyways, since she was runnin’ dat big machine, da top was bare. Bare I’s tell ya’. Not a thing on it. It was callin’ mines name. I could hear it plain as day. Raena, oh Raena, climb on up here. teeheehee  So I’s found me a way to climb up there and check it all out. OMC You’da thought I’s just jumped in da middle of shark filled waters. Da look on mommy’s face was one dat said she was not amused at all. And she said “NO RAENA!!”, and snatched me up so fast mines head spun. She was chatterin’ da whole time ‘bout Lexi, God rest her, getting’ stuck behind da washer fur a whole day on more than one occasion, and somethin’ ‘bout how she only says no, cuz she doesn’t want me to get hurt. Yeah, yeah sure. I’s thinks she just likes da way No sounds. She sure says it a lot. Well it doesn’t matter cuz she quickly blocked mines access, so there was no more explorin’ da top of da washer, let alone what was behind it. And befur dat snatchin’ I’s did see a lot of great vines fur swingin’ on back there (vines = hoses and cords).

 Raena hiding in the sheets

Mommy’s next feat was to strip da bed. Oh what fun. I’s ran up and down da bed and played jump attack da squares on da mattress pad. WooHoo  Then things got even more fun. Mommy started whoopin’ sheets in da air and onto da bed. Lookit those pawsumly purrple sheets. Sis Dezi said a Christmas angel got those fur mommy, her and her sis Lexi, God rest her, fur Christmas last year. I’s not know what Christmas is , but I’s sure hope I’s have a Christmas angel dat gets me somethin’. 

     RaenaBelle!!! You’re not suppose to say things like dat.

 dw-Raena on sheetDSCN7515 (1024x699)

But why sissy? I’s do want a Christmas angel, cuz I’s want somethin’ fur me.

     You get purrlenty Raena. You have a full belly, a place to live, a comfy bed to sleep in and a furmily who luvs you. It’s not pawlite to ask fur a Christmas angel.

 dw-Raena plays with sheetDSCN7518edit (912x1024)

Well sissy it may not be pawlite, but I’s still hope I’s have one.

Anyways,I’s rolled ‘round in da clean sheets and jumped on ‘em and hid under them. What a cool game mommy, I’s meowed. Mommy would pick me up and put me on da ground to spray da sheets with purrfume every time. I’s didn’t let dat deter me. I’s was back on da bed in no time. Now fur those of ya’ dat don’t know, we have a hospital bed with a memory foam mattress. So mommy has to pick up da mattress to tuck da sheets, cuz her hands don’t fit ‘tween da rails. Mommy learned really quick, and da hard way, ya’ gotta have da rails to keep da mattress on da bed. I’s only heard da story, it all happened long befur I’s was even born; and a story fur another time maybe. Anyways, when mommy lifted da mattress, I’s had to hold on or be thrown. Can you ‘magine bein’ thrown from a buckin’ mattress? Not me, I’s too smawrt fur dat.

 Raena playing on the sheets

Well after da sheets were on da bed and smellin’ good mommy grabbed da blanky and whooped it in da air over da bed and…OMC  feathers went everywhere. Seems some kitty, who will remain nameless, actually put a whole in da down blanky. Have you ever tried to ketch those little downy duck feathers? It’s almost impawssible. But what a game. I’s really like this sheet changin’ day. I’s not know where I’s been fur da rest of them cuz sis Dezi says mommy does it at least once a week, but let me tell ya’, I’s not plan on missin’ another one. Sis Dezi says after a while it gets kinda borin’, I’s can’t ‘magine dat ever happenin’.

 dw-Raena lays on sheetDSCN7520edit (1024x633)

     Me used to think dat too Raena, but trust me. It won’t always be so much fun. 

 dw-Raena on sheetDSCN7517edit (1024x767)

Hey sissy, why don’t you tell everypawdy where you was durin’ da big thunder boomers and storm we’s been havin’? 

 Dezi lays on cardboard scratcher

     Fanks Raena, me hasn’t been able to get a word in cuz you’ve been meowin’ 90 to nuffin’. We have been havin’ storms and even rumblin’ mumblin’ skies this week. There’s also been days when da sky complained without da rain. Don’t know ifin God let da angels win on those days or what, but me just hung out with mommy like you do Raena. And fur those of ya’ dat don’t have a clue ‘bout me’s God and angels refurence, it comes from da story dat mommy’s grammaw told her ‘bout storms and dat she tells us. In short, thunder bommers are God and da angels bowlin’. And when it rains, dat’s da angels tears, they be cryin’ cuz they lost. Da purrtant thing here is dat me’s not been runnin’ under da chair or bed to hide. ‘Stead me’s been hangin’ out and chillin’ just like mommy wants me too.

 Pet Parade banner new

Now dat me got me’s bloggy back from Raena da usurpurr, we’s gonna wrap it up fur today. As we do on all Furidays, we’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade. It’s ‘posed to be stormin’ again today, so we’ll be by to visit as we can. You all know mommy’s paranoid and makes us turn off da catputer durin’ storms; so we’ll be visitin’ as much as pawssible. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

 The Daily Mews Logo

Hey sissy don’t furget our Daily Mews article. Sis Dezi and her sis Lexi, God rest her, used to write fur da Daily Mews, which is actually a monthly publication, and now I’s joined Dezi writin’ fur this distinguished publication. I’s purromiss, none of those run on sentences like dat one. MOL  Check out our latest article here, and you can read da purrevious articles by clickin’ here and choosin’ da article ya’ wanna read. Da Daily Mews has lots of talented writers and great stories. It doesn’t have those harassing daily emails, so be sure and subscribe while your there. 

 Dezi and Raena hanging on the Liberty cat tree

Great job Raena. Now we’re gonna say see ya’ later and go and take a nap. 

(Raena looks at Dezi and nods. But behind her back are crossed paws. She looks away and grins coyly and quietly snickers to herself)

Till da next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Mommy Where’s Sissy

Well as you can see by me’s title, today me will talk ’bout me’s grief. Afur me gets started me wants to pawlogize fur not visitin’ fur a couple days. Mommy had to get ready fur da big inspection yesfurday and was totally exhausted at da end of each day. Hopefully it’s all over now and we can get back to da business of livin’ and visitin’. So now let’s get to it.  

 Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair

March 7, 2016: Sis Lexi had been feelin’ a little unner da weather and me had been spendin’ a lot of time with her back on da bed tryin’ to comfurt her. She had begun to do ’nuffin’ but sleep all day and all night. She wuld only get up to go to da pawdee box or get a drink. Mommy would carry her to da kitchen at meal times in da hopes of gettin’ her to eat sumthin’. Often mommy would open three to four different foods afur sissy would finally take a few bites and not spit it back out. Dat night after dinner, me sensed sumthin’ had changed with sissy. So when she crawled back up da steps to da bed, me followed her and gave her a quick bath and some luv and then returned to da livin’ room to be with mommy. Me mewed a quiet mew and settled in. Dat wuld be me’s last mommy mew fur over a week. Mommy seemed to sense dat sumthin’ was up too, cuz she started cryin’ when she saw me jump up on da cat tree and settle in fur an after dinner nap.  

 Dezi poses atop the Liberty cat tree

March 8, 2016: Sissy still helped me with mommy but she was gettin’ ’round really slow. Me needed her help, but me mostly ignored her. Mommy continued to carry sissy to da kitchen fur meals; hopin’ to get her to eat. And me? Me continued to ignore her. Mommy laid with sis Lexi and cried and begged her to eat, and purrayed fur God to help her. Each time mommy would get sissy to swallow a little bite of food, sissy would make herself throw it back up. And mommy would cry even harder. Me laid on da top of da cat tree tryin’ not to notice what was goin’ on. Me didn’t really unnerstand why mommy was cryin’ so much and tryin’ to force sissy to eat. Me had already sed “see ya” cuz me knew sissy wasn’t well and me didn’t know why mommy didn’t know dat. When we went to bed dat night mommy purrayed really hard fur sissy and asked God and sissy to give her a sign. She told sissy how much she loved and needed her but dat she didn’t want sissy to suffer needlessly. Finally mommy cried herself to sleep with sissy massagin’ her head.  

 Dezi on the cat tree moping

March 9,2016: Sis Lexi kuldn’t keep her balance when she tried to stand, and she continued to refuse to eat. Mommy cried and couldn’t stop cryin’. She purrayed and asked God and sissy to let her know what to do. And sissy pulled herself into mommys lap and put her head down and mewed quietly and started to purr. Da well walls broke and mommy started sobbin’ so hard her body was shakin’, and she told sissy she unnerstood. When mommy got home me knew she was alone and dat sumthin’ was different, me just didn’t really know what. Me snuggled with mommy and tried to keep da tears on her face wiped up with me’s paws, but there was just too many of them. Me and mommy both furgot all ’bout dinner till really late. But even when mommy fixed me’s plate, me didn’t eat. Neither of us wanted to sleep dat night and so we didn’t. Every time me would nod off, me would jerk meself awake again til dawn’s light finally broke thru da darkness.  

 Dezi laying on the bed in Lexi's old spot grieving

March 10, 2016: With da light of a new day, mommy gave me breakfast and as always fixed sis Lexi a plate too. But da plate went uneaten as all da plates in da last few days. Mommy just stood there lookin’ at it and cryin’. Both os us finally gave in to da exhaustion and laid back in mommy’s lift recliner fur a short nap. We didn’t sleep very good, but we did get a little rest. We had a big inspection comin’ up so mommy tried to busy herself with cleanin’. She picked up all da piddle pads dat had been all over da floors and da bed and threw them out. After vacuumin’ she didn’t put them all back down. Me watched from a distance and mommy sez me’s face looked puzzled. Mommy then tore all da linens off da bed to wash and put new ones on it. She also washed up da blankets, throws and comfurter. Sissy had thrown up and peed on them da day befur. When mommy finally got da bed all made up me climbed da steps and smelled it. Me looked back at mommy and then da bed several times befur returnin’ to da cat tree. When dinner time came, me was hungry after not eatin’ a couple of meals, so me ate everythin’ in me’s plate and asked fur more. Mommy sez she thought at dat point me was okay. Me’s here to tell you, she was Wrong. We went to bed dat night but me was a little uneasy. Things didn’t look or smell da same. But me cuddled up next to me’s quietly cryin’ mommy and we both drifted off to sleep.

 Dezi laying on the bed

March 11, 2016: After a restless night it was time to help mommy get up so she could make me brekky. Me started mommy’s massage as usual, but sis Lexi wasn’t there to help. When mommy could finally move a little me got into da wheelchair and started lookin’ round fur sissy. Me couldn’t see her anywhere, so me started callin’ out fur her. Me mewed and mewed but she never answered. After ’bout 30 minutes me jumped down and ran to da pawdee box room to see ifin she was in there. Me couldn’t see her, so me went to da livin’ room and climbed to da top of da cat tree look fur her. Mommy kept hollerin’ fur me and cryin’. Me finally gave up and went back to help mommy. After a bit of brekky me went back to lookin’ fur sissy. After a few hours of not hearin’ or seein’ me mommy came lookin’ fur me. She found me layin’ in front of da washin’ machine and tryn’ to see unner it. A long time ago sissy got stuck behind da washer and any time me couldn’t find her, dat’s da furst place me looked. Well of course mommy started cryin’ again and picked me up and took me to sit down with her. She went on and on ’bout how sissy went to heaven and wasn’t comin’ back, and dat she was lookin’ fur me a new helper, but me didn’t really unnerstand anythin’ she was sayin’. Me just wanted her to look fur sissy with me. And as soon as me could get loose, me was goin’ back to stand guard at da washer. Me was sure ifin she would just get on da washer and look behind it, she would see sissy. Me returned to me’s post at da washer several times over da next couple of days, but mommy never looked behind it. All she did was stare at me and cry.  

 Dezi staring under the washer and dryer

As me sed, me continued searchin’ fur sissy and mewin’ fur her fur days. Eatin’ only a small amount at each meal and sleepin’ more offen then not. Mommy tried playin’ every game me likes but me just wasn’t innerested. Me’s been a little jumpy and nervous and uncertain ’bout just ’bout everything. Even normal sounds make me jump a little. Me even attacked mommys legs a couple of times out of furustration. Me scratched her leg up purretty good. She knew me didn’t mean it and never even hollered at me.  

Dezi staring under the washer and dryer

Mommy, me knows she’s here. Ifin you will just look, you will see.


March 18, 2016: Today marked da furst day since sissy left dat me didn’t spend any time lookin’ fur her. And after usin’ da pawdee box, me mewed fur mommy to clean it out. Mommy seemed thrilled to hear me holler fur her to clean da pawdee box. Da once tedious job now seemed to delight her. Me only mewed fur pawdee box cleanings, but mommy seemed to be happy. Over da next few days me got a little chattier and seemed a little less nervous. Of course inspection day had me on edge as usual, but mommy sez me bounced back after all da excitement was over. Me still has moments of lookin’ fur sissy, but mommy sez once she gets me a helper and a playmate dat will disappear. Me will always member and luv sissy, me just won’t search fur her any more.

 Dezi on the vanity in the bathroom

While me didn’t act out or develop any “bad habits”, it’s not uncommon fur grievin’ pets to urinate outside of da litterbox or in da case of doggies, in da house. Altho’ not eatin’ is a sign of grief, ‘member, kitties cannot fast. If your kitty stops eatin’ fur more than 2 days, their body and vital organs can sustain irrepurrable damage. This condition is called Feline Hepatic Lipidosis which you can read about by clicking on it. Me didn’t mew much but your pet may become very vocal. Sleeping and general lethargy, loss of innerest in their favorite toys and treats may also be a sign of grief in your pet. Your pet may or may not search fur their missing house mate, but rest assured they feel da loss and don’t completely unnerstand what’s goin’ on. Extra luv and cuddles from you will help your grieving pet as much as it will help you. Adding a new pet, will also help distract and take the mind off da loss. You can NEVER replace da life or luv of your beloved pet, but you can open your heart and luv another. Sometimes it helps to get a new pet who looks nuffin’ like da one you lost. A good thing to ‘member, is dat when getting an anipal who looks identical to da one you lost is, dat da new furry has his/her own purrsonality and should have their own name, and be loved fur their uniqueness. Again, you CANNOT replace da furry you lost. To celebrate their uniqueness, buy them a new toy or food bowl. Mommy has little boxes fur each of her lost fur babies dat contains a favorite toy, dish, nip mat, collar or whatever. Sissy adored da nip mat awnty Ellen made fur us and now it resides in her memory box along with her favorite nip toys, a few whiskers dat had fallen out (mommy saves everyone she finds) and a tuft of fur mommy cut off befur sissy left us. There is no set way fur any of us to grieve, and there’s no set time on how long it’s gunna take. And to answer da question you wanna ask but won’t, yes, we’s had to delete “and Lexi” on just ’bout every comment we’s made. 

Dezi sitting on the toilet

C’mon mommy, where’s sissy hidin’?


On da inspection front, we sat ’round all day watchin’ and waitin’ and nuffin’. Finally da vice purresident of da management company dat mommy had worked with after da flood dropped by to check on us and sed our ‘partment wasn’t chosen fur inspection. Mommy figgers it’s cuz da lady from Rural Development spent so much time in our ‘partment befur, durin’ and after da flood incident, da managers harassment and all, dat she knows mommy keeps da ‘partment clean and legal and reports any purroblems purromptly. And ifin anythin’ was amiss, she would’ve already heard from mommy. So altho’ we’s good dat our ‘partment wasn’t chosen, we was furustrated dat mommy nearly killed herself over da last little bit gettin’ things in order. Anyways, there ya’ have it. Mommy and me are gonna be okay. It’s just gonna take a little time to get everythin’ back to what we call normal. And ifin anypawdy in our area knows of sum girly kitties in need of a home, purrlease let us know. Me really needs help and mommy and me both need sumkitty to focus our extra luv on. As we try to do every week. we’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade. And Lexi’s last post is up at da Daily Mews. Mommy and me also want you all to know dat sissy’s ashes be back home where she belongs. Mommy went to pick her up yesfurday.   

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


At The Hop, Hop, Hop

Me lookin' all purrpley

Me lookin’ all purrpley


Happy artsy Caturday to you all. Afur me goes any further, me wants to pawlogize to anypawdy what thought sissy had gone to heaven when they saw yesfurdays blog post title. We thought we had worded it so dat wuldn’t be da case. Sissy just wanted to tell mommy how much she luvved and purreciated her. Me will be writin’ one of me’s own to mommy, so we hope you stay tuned. Anyways, we messed up and furgot to add da link to da Pet Parade. Can you believe it? A hop dat we’s purrticipated in since almost da beginnin’, and we furgot to add it. Mommy gets more and more furgetful every day, and now it’s rubbin’ off on sissy and me. MOL  Check out sissy below in da same effect as me’s top foto. Mommy just adjusted da settings a bit and voila’. 


Sis Lexi in da same effect wiff adjusted colors


We also furgot da Pet Blogger Blooper Roundup hosted by The Lazy PitBull. Me’s gunna let mommy slide on dat one since this is only da second month. And altho’ we’s a little late, we’s gunna join up today. We’s also gunna join up wiff da gawjus Athena fur Caturday Art. And we don’t know how many of ya’ be purrticipatin’ in da BlogPaws #BoostYourBlog10K hop, but ifin you’re not, ya’ might wanna check it out. This month is all ‘bout fotos. There’s sum really gweat posty’s on da fotos we use in our posts and how to attract da brands wiff just da right foto. You don’t have to be a pro to take good fotos. Mommy’s a testament to dat. And da latest issue of da Daily Mews is out. You can see our February article here. And while you’re there, look around. There’s a little sumthin’ fur everyone. Don’t furget to sign up so you’ll never miss a publication (usually 1 – 2 a month). So wiffout further ado, let’s get on wiff da bloopers.


Mommy was shootin' fotos fur a review but me wasn't coop-purratin'.

Mommy was shootin’ fotos fur a review but me wasn’t coop-purratin’.


Kan you believe mommy cut off half minez face?

Kan you believe mommy cut off half minez face?

And don’t furget to enter our Happy Kitty Kit Give Away. There’s a few days left fur you to get in on this one. You may ‘member da Catit Lounger Scratcher we reviewed last year and just luvved and dat sissy be layin’ on in hers foto above… Well it’s in da Happy Kitty Kit as well as a chirpin’ chickadee toy and sum 9 Lives cat food. It’s open to U.S. addresses only, but those of you across da pond can enter and donate ifin you win.


Well we’s duin’ a lot of hoppin’ today, but there’s a lot of gweat blogs out there to check out. Ifin  yous not already purrticipatin’ in at least one of these hops, check it out now.


Do you have a Blog Hop dat you try to always purrticipate in?


Till da next time………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi


We Need Your Prayers

Well here we are just 2 more days till Christmas. Can you believe it? It’s been a crazy year here and has gone by so fast. Too fast really. As most of you know sis Lexi was diagnosed with CKD last January and it has been a roller coaster ride since then. Furst there was da trying to find foods she kuld eat dat she wuld eat. And not just once, but again and again. Overnight sissy went from da kitty who ate anyfin’ what didn’t eat her furst to bein’ as finicky as me. Talk ‘bout furustratin’ fur mommy. It sure is. And ifin CKD isn’t bad enuff, those same kitties are prone to other issues as well. So you never know what kind of day you’re gunna have from minute to minute.

Lexi sitting on bathroom vanity

You know since goin’ to BlogPaws sissy’s been duin’ purretty good. She’s had a few bad days, but mostly good. Mommy was hopin’ to ride dat high fur at least another year. But yesfurday sissy didn’t eat much bweakfastt afur she was off to have a meownin’ nap. Mommy didn’t worry too much cuz she had eaten a really big dinner da night afur. But later yesfurday afternoon, Lexi suddenly started pacin’ da floor and meowin’ her dispurrleased low yeowl. And then she threw up what little she did eat fur bwekky. Oh but it didn’t stop there. She then climbed in da litter box and only sprinkled a little. And what she sprinkled was nuffin’ more than blood drops. Yep, weez on da roller coaster and zoomin’ downhill. Yep UTI’s are commonplace in CKD kitties and sissy has another one. And yep, again da VET was out of reach. Yes we know we need a new VET but it’s not dat easy. Since we don’t have any where we live and have to dwive a good distance, we have to make sure we kuld get there ifin there was a real mergency. We have now twied all da VETs in da town wiff our current VET so now weez gotta start checkin’ a few other towns round us which of course takes time, money and gas. Sumfin’ we don’t have at da moment.


Dezi checking out the gifts from Gracie and Anya

OMC Fank you Gracie and Anya. Me knows sis Lexi’s gunna luv ’em too.

Mommy sez she dusn’t know which is worse, da kidney disease or all da illnesses and issues dat occur because of it. And of course everytime sissy takes a down turn, mommy gets terrified dat she won’t bounce back this time. So yesfurday she was hollerin’ at God and tellin’ Him dat He kuldn’t have Lexi yet, and dat she kuldn’t go thru another Christmas loss.  10 years ago sissy and mommy lost Lucky on Christmas and Ransom 5 years ago a little afur Thanksgivin’. Sissy posted an update on da fundraiser and we wuld purreciate any help you can give. We wanna say a meowsy big Thank you to all who have helped so far. We’ll fur sure keep you posted as to how sissy be duin’. We wuld also purreciate your purrayers.


Dezi up close with a gift from Gracie and Anya

There’s so many gifts in here and some fur mommy too. Fank you Gracie and Anya and yous mommy too.

You know this disease is pawful and altho it’s more common in older kitties, it can affect younger ones as well. While mommy was cleanin’ all da mess and dealin’ wiff sis Lexi one of meez fellow scouts made a purrayer request post at scouts. Meez furiend Mau from da Kitties Blue, you know da Sunday Selfie’s kitties; well hims sisfur Fiona was just diagnosed with CKD. At only 5 years old, this news has devastated da furmily. Purrlease send sum purrayers Fiona’s way too. They are tryin’ to stabilize her so they can come up wiff a treatment plan. Purrlease go by and share sum luv wiff them. 


Dezi poses by the box of food from awnty Jennifer

Fank you fur da gweat noms awnty Jennifer. Meez gunna twy to talk sissy into posing wiff them too.

Neever of us awe ready to lose our sisfurs. Mommy sez we will enjoy Christmas and won’t accept sissy not bein’ here to share it wiff us. Me also wanted to tell ya’ ‘bout our Christmas article over at da Daily Mews. check it out, and while you’re there, take a look around. There’s lots of pawsum stories every month. Share and sign up fur da Mewsletter. We purrominse no spam or bothersome emails will come your way just da occasional update of new stories.  Weez on da front page this month Sharin’ da Luv. Just click da link and scroll down a bit. Fanks again fur bein’ our furiends and sharin’ da luv with us. Meez gotta go now, with sissy not feelin’ gweat it’s up to me to do all da posin’ wiff da pawsum gifts weez been getting’. 


Till da next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Training Behind the Scenes

Well we went AWOL yesfurday didn’t we? Weez ‘cided to save our Tuesday postys fur weviews, but weez didn’t weally have anyfin’ to weview and our innewnets went out da night afur so we ‘cided to just twy and do sum visits stead of postin’ just to be postin’. Sides, mommys bwain purrobly needed a little rest. MOL But weez back today fur anudder Service cat twainin’ stowry. This one’s a behind da scenes look cuz we wuld like to addwess sum of da comments weez been gettin’. Sum of ya’ sed yous was worried or concerned dat our twainin’ might be a little dangerwous and you was surpwised dat weez didn’t get hurt. Stead of twyin’ to answer yous all individually we ‘cided to twy to splain here. Now since noopawdy be in twainin’ and weez not have fotos fwum back then me fawt you might like to see me enjoyin’ one of da new made wiff luv toys awnty Ellen fwum 15 and meowin’ sent us when flat Sammy P came to visit.


Mommy bases hers twainin’ techniques loosely on what she observed Shad (mommys furst self twained Service Cat) duin’. Since Shad taught hers selff and da assumption is dat she wuldn’t purrpussly hurt hers selff then mommy had no doubt udder kitties kuld learn to purrfurm da tasks she needed to wemain livin’ independently. Mommy was also a dog twainer in hers yunger days. And she’s been disabled and twainin’ kitties to help her fur over 20 years so there’s not much she hasn’t seen or ‘sperienced. And she makes adjustments to all the equipment dat weez twain wiff and/or on.


Da stwing she uses to tie to da fone so we can learn to dial 911 and bwing it to her is secure and no kitties gunna get it off and swallow it. Even tho’ me be weally fascinated wiff da fone we don’t weally see it as a toy. And ifin weez not twainin’ da cordless handsets awen’t layin’ wound in da floor confusin’ us or temptin’ us to play wiff ‘em. Yes me was a feisty kitty girl and weally luvved to answer da fone, but me only ever twied to answer it when it actually rang. Ifin it wasn’t ringin’ me wasn’t touchin’ it.


Fank you awnty Ellen. Weez just luv yous made wiff luv toys.
Fank you awnty Ellen. Weez just luv yous made wiff luv toys.

As fur da wheelchair, da fotos yous see today awen’t what it looks like duwin’ twainin’. Because we live in a pawrtment and wuld have to pay fur any damage we cause and mommy dusn’t want us to be hurt eever, she makes sure da chair won’t be leavin’ mawrks on da wall or any holes in it. Mommy attaches big foam pieces to da metal foot rest and awrms so dat it’ll kinda bounce off whatever it hits. Mommy wasn’t a very good dwiver of da wheelchair in da beginnin’ eever and ran into a few doors and walls hers selff. Who is she twyin’ to kid? She still duz on occassion. MOL We did have one oopsie dat mommy hadn’t fawt ‘bout and purrally kuldn’t have purrpared fur, but fankfully nopawdy was hurt then eever.


As fur me and sissy, mommy keeps a purretty good hold on me or sissy when we be dwivin’. Mommy sez no matter how long yous been dwivin’ da wheelchair accidents can and do happen. Da joystick be very sensitive and da wheels can get “stuck” on da cawrpet and turn unexpectedly. So she’s always got a gentle but furm hold of us. When we come to an abwupt stop or sumfin’ we might lunge a bit, but nopawdy’s getting’ fwown outta da chair. And purrawlly most purrtant is dat our twainin’ takes place “inside da house”. We have a very small pawrtment so there’s not a lot of room and we don’t have faw to go afur weez at our destination. Altho’ da close purroximity of fings is why we can so suddenly run into furniture and walls and such. Our pawrtment is just a little over 500 square feet and mommy be a furniture walker so dat means we have lots of stuff to run into. MOL

Now sumpawdy asked ‘bout us “seein’” where weez dwivin’ to. Member our mouff be on da joystick; which by da way is a very soft vinyl/leather/plastic and therefur weez lookin’ downward stead of stwaight ahead. We can see da floor and fings on da floor and da bottoms of fings dat be fairly close, but like you ifin yous head was down; we can’t see swaight ahead. As fur helpin’ mommy in da shower…well all we get is a bit wet. And not all kitties hate da water. Mommy sez any kitty can be twained to fink it’s purrfectly normal to get wet. So there yous have it. These be just sum of da purrpurrations mommy takes when twainin’ us. We hope weez answered sum of yous questions ad helped you to unnewstand better what goes into our twainin’.


As we have sed afur, our stowries awe not meant to be a trainin’ manual as we can’t pawssibly list every minute of every day. And da twuff is dat mommy stawrts twainin’ us da minute we decide to make her our mommy. And altho’ we was kittens, mommy sez it’s never too late to twain yous kitty. Kitties do wanna purrlease their peeps so dat unwanted behavior yous kitty be duin’ can be altered ifin it weally be behaviorwal. But purrlease member to check wiff yous VET afur ‘cidin’ yous have a bad kitty. We don’t typically act out just cuz. We hope yous enjoyed a little look behind da scenes of our Service cat twainin’.


Now ifin yous member we also write an awticle fur da online kitty mewsletter called da Daily Mews. This mumff sis Lexi is tellin’ ‘bout hers fone twainin’. We know yous wanna read dat, so click here to check it out. Awnty Ellen fwum 15 and meowin’ also writes a piece there as do many udders. There’s a little sumfin’ fur everyone so check it out. And ifin yous never wanna miss out on a publication, just sign up. We purromise yous email won’t be sold and yous won’t be bugged by constant nonsense emails. Da daily mews posts 1 to 2 updates a mumff fur which you wuld weceive notice. Well dat’s it fur today. Come back tomorrow fur da continuin’ saga of meez flat scout alter ego, Izzy and Tristy aka Christy Paws. Da Lionesses awe on da prowl and yous won’t wanna miss out on their virtual adventures.


Till da next time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


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