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Blest Sunday: Noms, Tocks and Plandids

MeOW  Raena, get away from the door and let’s write our Blest Sunday posty. We’re so blest we just can’t contain it. 


 Raena sits on perch and looks out door



          We are at that sissy. Let me just finish mine’s brekky and I’s’ll help ya’ with our posty.


 Dezi sits atop the liberty cat tree and licks her lips




(Swallowing the last bite of food on Raena’s plate after having finished her own)  Uhhhh  Me thought you were already finished Raena. You walked away and left a couple bites.


          You stole mine’s noms, sissy? I’s meowin’ to mommy. you’re s’posed to eat your own.


Me did Raena, and me was still hungry. You were on the purrch at the door, so me figgered you were thru.


          That’s okay sissy. I’s’ll just ask mommy fur seconds. Now that mine’s eyes and nose are better, I’s eatin’ a lot. Mommy says I’s already put on 2 pounds in just a week. Mommy’s so happy ‘bout that. 


Dezi and Raena atop the liberty cat tree with Yeowww toy



That she is Raena. Ya’ know, mommy doesn’t want us to be fat or nuffin, but she does like kitties with a little meat on their bones. She worries when a kitty’s too skinny. Anyways, ‘nuff meowin’ ‘bout that. Did you ever find the lady in the box? She seems to be afraid of storms. Last night when all those thunder boomers were happenin’ she was makin’ all kinds of noises. She was beepin’ and yammerin’ on ‘bout not unnerstandin’ us and connectin’ our fone and turnin’ on one click orderin’. Like, what does all that mean anyways?. 


 Raena lays on back of chair




          I’s surpurrised you even heard her. After all, you were in the bedroom UTB (under the bed). Mommy kept hollerin’ fur her to stop. Least I’s think she was hollerin’ at her. Surely she wasn’t hollerin’ at me?. After all, I’s was just purracticin’ mine’s zoomies and havin’ fun. 


 Rain, lightning cloud emoji




Me wasn’t UTB too long Raena. Soon as me made sure we were safe from intruders and innerlopers, me came right back out. Them storms just had to start at dinner time. it had been gray and yucky lookin’ all day. But nooooooooo, they just had to wait till mommy put out dinner befur rumblin’ on. 


          That’s right sissy, you didn’t stay UTB too long. Mommy was so purroud of you. ALtho’, I’s purretty sure you stole some of mine’s dinner last night too. You’ve been stealin’ a lot of mine’s noms lately. We should start callin’ you Porky.


Dezi lays on the arm of the chair next to the Scratching post



RaenaBelle!!! That’s not nice at all!!!  You take it back!!! After all, Who gains 2 pounds in a week? It’s you we should start callin’ Porky. Anyways, whether the lady in the box was talkin’ out of turn or not, we really do fank whoever sent her to us. 


          We sure do sissy. Seems your curiosity over took your fear. We’re so blest to have such amazin’ furiends who care ‘bout us. Mommy told me that we got a surpurrise fur you fur your birthday. 


Really Raena? What is it?  


          Well ifin I’s told ya’ it wouldn’t be a surpurrise silly. Guess you’ll just have to wait. Meowin’ of surpurrises, we have another give away comin’ up this week. We so enjoy when we can give back to our furiends. 


 Dezi's laying tocks

Mommy doesn’t take a lot of tock fotos, so this is the

bestest we could find. Me’s so floofy it doesn’t really matter tho’. MOL




We sure do Raena. And, we’re gonna be writin’ our Holiday Safety posty tomorrow. Ya’ know, this halloween is comin’ up fast. Befur ya’ know it, it’ll be Christmas. 


          Oh sissy, I’s luvs Christmas. I’s can’t hardly wait. I’s wish every kitty in the world could have a luvvin’ furever home fur Christmas. 


Me too, Raena. We are so blest to have a luvvin’ mommy and furever home and all our pawsumly amazin’ furiends. Each day we have together is a blessing. We like to remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives. The Cat Blogosphere lost another of it’s gawjus blessings this week when Sascha from Brian’s Home went to heaven. We’ve lost so many furiends. Fankfully we have each other to help us thru the tough times and times of such deep sorrow. We purray daily fur all our furiends, and we’re sendin’ up extras fur those of you reelin’ from loss or in need of healin’.


Raena checks out scratching post

Mine’s tocks and a look at that Scratcher




          That we are sissy, that we are. Let’s join the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies and post our plandid fotos as CK called ‘em. We should purrobably post some tock fotos too. Ya’ know, in memory of Derby. We’re late to the pawrty, but we’re struttin’ our stuffs anyways. And, don’t furget our give away fur that pawsum Scratchin’ Post. Click here and then click the Enter foto at the end.  


Till the next time………………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle  

Blest Sunday

It’s time fur anuvver Blest Sunday. Our favowit posty of the week. Weez a little behind today cuz Worpress didn’t publish like it was posed to. But dat’s okay, it just reminds us dat technology is not wiffout it’s faults.

Weez blest to have a mommy who luvs us
Weez blest to have a mommy who luvs us, and weez’ll be duin’ a lot of this today.

It’s been an innerestin’ week wound here fur sure. As you know mommy took off a lot of da early pawrt of da week to get weady fur da inspection and learn more ‘bout Sterile Cystitis. Weez’ll be tellin’ ya what she learned later this week. Yous’ll wanna tune in fur dat cuz our furst report based on musings fwum da VET wasn’t completely accurate. Dat dusn’t surpwise us, cuz as you know weez not have da bestest VETs in da world here. They awe unfurtunately in it fur da money. Weez know there’s gotta be a good one wound here sumwhere tho’ so our search is still on.

However based on da VETs musings da war over meez noms began. Mommy won da furst battle and meez no longer eatin’ Blue Buffalo at all. No wet, no kibble, no BB in meez plate. Me weally likes catnip tea and so mommy’s been makin’ it fur me to incwease meez fluid intake. Da result has been sum larger clumps in da pawdee box which seems to make mommy happy. Who wulda known she wuld be happy ‘bout seein’ bigger pee clumps. After all sis Lexi has boulder size clumps and dat dusn’t make mommy happy. MOL  Course it’s cuz of da CKD dat hers clumps be so big. Anyways, da war wages on but mommy has sum fings comin’ dat she hopes will be hers secwet weapon and put an end to da war once and fur all. We shall see. We shall see. MOL  Me is fur sure feelin’ better, mommy can see it now.

It's Tocktober at da TCC and all wound da blogospere.
It’s Tocktober at da TCC and all wound da blogospere. Mommy dusn’t take many fotos of our backside, so this is all weez got fur now.

And in udder news, sis Lexi be duin’ weally good wight now too. She’s eatin’ purretty good and in weally good spirits. She’s been purrlayin’  and weez been havin’ fun purrlayin’ chase up and down da kitty steps. And she’s been havin’ fun dwinkin’ fwum da pawdee box room faucet. Every meownin’ she hangs out on da vanity waitin’ fur mommy to finish bwushin’ hers teeff and washin hers face so she can play in da sink wiff da water. Since mommy always furgets to take a camera to bed wiff us we don’t have fotos, but mommy’s workin’ on it. She’s put up a few sticky notes to remind her to put a camera in da pawdee box room afur weez go to bed one night.

I'z showin' off minez tockz too.

I’z showin’ off minez tockz too.

So, dat’s an update on how weez be duin’ and how our week went. We awe so blest to be feelin’ good and havin’ fun. We have sum gweat fings comin’ up fur yous all. Yous not wanna miss tomorrow, weez havin’ a pawsum give away just in time fur da season of fallin’ leaves and punkins. And fur those of ya’ out there what likes to watch movies, mommy found an app in da app store fur furee what allowed her to watch all da latest and even da oldie movies. It’s called Free Film-Free Movies. She even lissened to watched Jurassic World yesfurday. She sed hopefully she’ll have enuff time to actually watch it all da way fwu today. MOL  Weez didn’t get paid nuffin’ fur tellin’ ya’ ’bout dat, matter of fact, they don’t even know us fwum Adam. MOL  We just fawt yous might like to know.


As always we awe so blest to have you all In our lives. We purreciate all yous support and continued purrayers. Know dat yous all be in our purrayers each and every day. We luv yous all so very much. Don’t furget meez birffday celebwation on November 2nd. Ifin yous wuld like to be included in da posty, purrlease send yous fotos to meez email at: by 10/30/15. And ifin yous need help getting’ dwessed up send a clear foto of yous face and weez’ll get ya’ ready. Meez sweet mancat Andy is helpin’ me so nopawdy has to miss meez pawrty. Da theme be Gone Wiff da Wind.

 dw-Dezi Birthday invite

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

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