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Chatting Cats: What Fun Are Rules

Hey Raena, wha’cha’ doin’? 


 Dezi sits in wheelchair while Raena sits atop the stroller beside the printer


          I’s checkin’ out this funny machine. Didn’t you hear it start up all by itself? It’s been doin’ that a lot lately. It starts makin’ these funny noises and then it suddenly spits out paper at ya’. Why do ya’ reckon it does that sissy? 


Me’s not sure Raena, but it always does it after mommy says “The printer’s fixin’ to kick on girls.”  Me thinks she means that strange machine, cuz after it spits out paper, she usually goes in there and gets it. 


 Dezi sits in wheelchar while Raena checks out printer from atop the stroller


          I’s wonder what that paper says, sissy? You know, mommy gets all beside herself when I’s try to stop it. Y, The other day, that silly machine popped open and scared me. It caught mine’s tail and wouldn’t let go.


Dezi bathes paw while laying on Yeowww nip toy

As me recalls Raena, mommy had been tellin’ you to get down and leave it alone. Me may not unnerstand why mommy has the rules she does, but they usually purrtect us in some way. Ifin you had left it alone like mommy said to, me bets your tail wouldn’t have gotten caught. 


          But sissy, what fun would that be? Mommy has soooooo many rules. “Don’t get up there. Don’t touch that. Leave it alone, it’s mine.” Kittens!!!  It’s like she doesn’t want us to have any fun…Ever!!! 


 Dezi and Raena look outside from their perches near the door.


Purrleeeeeease Raena (Dezi meows with sarcasm). We’ve got lots of toys to play with. Truth is, we don’t have that many rules. Mommy says the Don’ts are there to purrtect us and keep us safe. (Suddenly, there’s a loud noise outside and Dezi looks out the door from atop the cat tree while Raena looks out the door from her small perch. Dezi meows loudly as she takes off running towards the bedroom) Run fur your life…the lawn crew’s here!!! 


 Raena eats breakfast

Fur some reason, da food always tastes better outta sissy’s plate.



          (Raena jumps down from her perch and looks around for a minute. As she saunters over to Dezi’s breakfast plate she meows) What’s all the x’citement fur sissy, they’re here every week? You’d think you’d be used to it by now. Oh well, more noms fur me. MOL  (Raena meows loudly towards the bedroom) Hey sissy, why don’t we ask mommy fur some treats. We still have a bag left. 


(Dezi lays at the bedroom door and meows) Yeah, sure Raena. Treats sound great. You go ahead and ask, and me will be waitin’.


 Raena scratches on the butterfly cat scratcher


          Why am I’s the only one that ever has to ask fur treats sissy?


Why would me go to all that trouble of givin’ mommy “the look” and dancin’ ‘round, when me can just hang out and wait. Ifin me waits long enuff, you’ll do all the work fur me. MOL 




 Dezi hunches on the floor watching over mommy


Uh, Oh, Uh, Did me say that out loud? Uh, me just means you do a much better job at askin’ fur treats…Yeah, that’s it. You know, who could say no to your bootyful face? 


          Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw Fanky fank you sissy. That’s so sweet of you. 


Whew (Dezi wipes her paw across her brow and meows) She bought it. That was a close one. Guess me better go with her this time. She might be askin’ fur and gettin’ treats that me’s not gettin’ sometimes. Hey Raena, are you goin’ with mommy tomorrow? 


 Dezi and Raena eat treats while on the liberty cat tree


         Well, I’s sure hope so. Least that’s the plan fur now. I’s hope all our furiends will keep mommy and us in their purrayers tomorrow. Mommy’s believin’ the ‘pointment’s gonna go well, and that everythin’ is gonna be okay. It’s been a long time comin’, but we can furinally see an end to it all.


 Dezi and Raena bathe atop the Liberty cat tree


Me knows mommy’s gonna feel a lot better when it’s all over. Maybe not at furst, cuz there’s gonna be more of that no nose blowin’ and Malt O Meal cereal fur a while. But that won’t last furever, and then she won’t have to worry ‘bout any more teethie infections. And, we’ll be havin’ that play date pawrty all weekend. Let’s go make sure all the toys you haven’t broken have good batteries. 


Till the next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Merrick Back Country #ChewyInfluencer

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Kittens!!! Have we had a week or what? Storms all the time and then that nasty ole lawn crew came and scared mine’s sissy.


 Dezi laying atop the Liberty cat tree with her mouth open


          Me wasn’t scared, Raena!!! Me was just tryin’ to be safe. You know one of our sweet furiends pointed out that our hearin’ is way better than human peeps ears, so all that racket just might bust our ear drums ifin we hang out too close to it.


Um  Sure sissy, whatever you say.

(Raena meows under her breath) I’s don’t think so, sissy, but that’s a good one.

Anyways, at least we got some treats after the lawn crew left. And we even had a sun puddle fur a minute this meownin’. We wasn’t sure we were gonna get any based on all those storm warnings last night. Ya’ reckon we might get some more of those tasty treats today, sissy? 


 Merrick Back Country Grain Free freeze dried chicken recipe treats


          Me bets ifin we give mommy “The Face” we’re sure to get some. Furst, we oughtta tell everypawdy ‘bout ‘em.



 Chewy Logo


Disclaimer: We received the Merrick Back Country treats in exchange for our honest opinion.Neither Chewy, nor Merrick are responsible fur the content of this post unless otherwise stated. And we always tell it like we see it. We only bring you products we use or have tried and believe would be of interest to you, our readers and friends.


 Raena with Merrick Freeze dried cat treats


You’re right sissy, we should. We were so excited to see treats on the review list this month from We weren’t aware that Merrick made freeze dried raw treats, so we just had to try ‘em. We got the Grain-Free Real Chicken recipe in a 1 ounce bag. They also come in Grain-Free Real Salmon fur $2.72 a bag. It is a small bag, but the bag is filled to the top. And comparin’ freeze dried treat purrices, they’re purretty reasonably purriced.


          Yeah Raena, they are. But they’re more like a topper than a true freeze dried treat like we’re used too. Most of the freeze dried treats we eat are 1 ingredient, like chicken breast or chicken liver. So let’s take a look at the ingredient list of the Merrick Back Country Grain-Free Freeze Dried Real Chicken Recipe.



  1. Chicken, Chicken Liver, Dried Peas, Dried Potatoes, Gelatin, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative).

Caloric Content

  1. 3,805 kcal/kg, 3 kcal/treat 


Yep sissy, and they’re shaped in little tubes that can be fairly easily broken or crushed and sprinkled over food. Let’s see what Chewy lists as the key benefits.

  • Protein-rich treat

  • Real whole pieces of raw, freeze-dried chicken

  • Freeze-dried pieces lock in all the nutritional benefits of chicken in its natural state, in an easily digestible format

  • More nutrients are absorbed, and fewer pass through

  • Morsels are also loaded with incredible, naturally fresh flavor cats love

  • Cautions

    Not for human consumption.

Raena eats treats on the Liberty cat tree


As you can see, there’s none of those questionable ingredients overtly mentioned in the ingredient list. We’re not sure what pawrt of the chicken is used, but they ain’t chicky breasts fur sure. So, let’s get to the taste testin’. After the lawn crew cleared out, things settled down a bit and mommy gave us a few of these Merrick Back Country chicken treats. At furst, I’s wasn’t sure what to do with them. They rolled nicely, and made fur great battin’ purractice. But then mommy broke a couple into smaller pieces and offured them to me in her hand. I’s took mine’s furst bite and then mine’s second and so on. They may not be pure white chicky breasts, but they are purretty tasty. I’s would have to give them 3 paws up. Sissy, what did you think?


 Dezi eating treats atop the Liberty cat tree


          Well Raena, me knew ‘zactly what to do with them. Me ate ‘em all up. You’re right, they’re fur sure not chicky breasts, but they are purretty tasty indeed. Me does purrfur the single ingredient freeze dried treat, but these ain’t bad fur havin’ peas and taters in ‘em. Me gives them 3 paws up too. And, cuz of the purrice, those lookin’ fur an affurdable freeze dried treat fur your furries, might wanna check these out.


 Raena eats treats on the Liberty cat tree


Fanky fanks sissy. Mommy says cuz they’re easy to break or crumble, and cuz we ate ‘em, she would give them a thumb up too. And as always, Chewy sent ‘em in a great box with packin’ paper too. Chewy has lots of great purroducts fur your furry, feathered and scaled furmily members. They offur speedy furee shippin’ on all orders $49.00 and over, and a flat rate fee fur all other orders. You can save even more by settin’ up an auto ship so you’ll never run out of your pet’s favorite noms, treats and supplies. Don’t worry, you can always skip, cancel or delay any shipment, as well as edit and add or remove any items you might only need once; like a new litter box, collar or somethin’. And, Chewy has the bestest Customer Service on the planet.


 Dezi eats treats atop the Liberty Cat Tree


          Hey Raena, don’t furget, we need to link up with the Pet Parade blog hop.


 Raena eats treats on the Liberty cat tree


Fanky fanks sissy. We also wanna remind everypawdy that we were recently innerviewed by our sweet furiend Valentine. He posted the furst half of the innerview last Caturday. Ifin ya’ missed it, you can read it here. And tomorrow, he’ll be postin’ the “Rest of the Story”. MOL  Don’t worry, we’ll remind ya’ tomorrow too. He asked some great questions that some of ya’ might not know ‘bout us. I’s gotta go now, and see ifin we can meow mommy outta some more of those treats. 


Till the next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!




Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee   

Gently Dried Beef Hearts #ChewyInfluencer

Hey, is anypawdy there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. We don’t normally post on Tuesdays, but we have another pawsum Chewy review we wanted to tell you about, so mommy said I’s could post it today. I’s thinkin’ that I’s getting’ purretty good at this bloggin’ thing, wha’d’ya’ think?


 Dezi lays on the arm of the chair


          Raena!!! Quit askin’ fur compliments!!! It isn’t pawlite.


 Chewy Logo

Whatever sissy. Not pawlite.? I’s’ll have to look that up on google later. Anyways, right now I’s wanna talk ‘bout the pawsum Chewy Blogger Influencer program. Ya’ll know that each month we get the oppurrtunity to try out and tell ya’ll ‘bout some really amazin’ and offen tasty purroducts. ‘Course you also know that we always tell ya’ the truth. We are so grateful that Chewy purreciates our honesty and doesn’t penalize us fur it. That’s a purretty good reason to shop with a place ifin ya’ ask me. And we’re glad you all have come to trust us, cuz we do tell da truth. Mommy says Chewy’s Customer Service is just as pawsum. She says she can shop with absolute confidence, which was really nice when me furst came to live here and she didn’t know what kind of foods I’s was gonna like. Not to worry, when she ordered with Chewy, even ifin she ordered the wrong thing, they would make it right. And you all know how much I’s luvs me a Chewy box. OMC  They are the bestest.


Raena plays in a chewy box


          Raena, you kinda wrote a disclaimer. And me luvs a great chewy box too. Are you gonna get to the treats any time soon?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received compensation for our honest review. All opinions are our own unless otherwise stated. We only bring products we use or have tried and feel will be of interest to you our readers and friends. 


Yes, sissy. I’s getting’ there. When I’s was a little girly, mommy bought me these yummy heart treats. No, not the ones shaped like a heart, but real freeze dried heart organ treats. I’s luvved ‘em and so did sissy, but mommy couldn’t ‘member anythin’ ‘bout ‘em. So this month when Chewy offured us the oppurrtunity to try out the Evanger’s Nothing but Natural Beef Hearts Gently Dried Dog and Cat Treats, 3.5 oz. bag, we jumped on it. Furst, let’s go see what Chewy and Evanger’s says ‘bout these heart treats.

Key Benefits

  • Single ingredient beef hearts are nutrient dense treats that can be a treat, training award, food topper, or reconstituted in warm water for 3-5 minutes for a savory snack.

  • Grain-free, gluten-free product, endorsed by the cRc Kosher for Passover.

  • No additives or artificial ingredients

  • Highly palatable treats are perfect for finicky or picky pets

  • Suitable for both dogs & cats


 Raena sniffing the evanger's beef heart treats bag

We always luvs a purroduct that has an ingredient list we can read and doesn’t contain any of those controversial ingredients. These Evanger’s Beef Hearts fit that bill to a tee. Nothin’ in the bag but good ole beef hearts. Now let me tell ya’, there’s a big difference ‘tween Freeze dried and Gentle dried; and ‘tween organ meats and flesh meats. Anyways, mommy opened the bag of Evanger’s hearts and kittens, was she shocked!!! Inside the bag were these long strips that looked a lot like jerkey. Well, you all know sis Dezi and me like little bites, so as we waited rather impatiently, mommy took one of those strips and began to break it up. The beef heart strips were really hard and a little brittle, so they broke fairly easy. Mommy broke a couple of bite size pieces off to give to us and also gave us each a small strip. She thought it might be somethin’ we’d like to chew on ourselves. Ya’ know, kinda like a raw hide chew.

 Raena looking at the Evanger's beef heart strip


Well, she was wrong. When was the last time you saw a kitty gnawin’ on a raw hide? Mommy says she had a kitty that luvved things like that, but I’s can tell ya’ us girlys’ ain’t into that. Dezi and me both turned our noses up to that option really quickly. So mommy gave us the small bites she had broken off and took away the long strip. I’s sniffed ‘round ‘em fur a few seconds and took a piece in mines mouth and then spit it out. I’s looked at mommy and meowed ‘bout how these beef hearts was a bit on the hard and chewy side. So mommy took one of those strips and soaked it in some water to make it a bit softer. Yeah, I’s didn’t really like that either. What a bummer. Such a pawsum treat, bein’ good fur ya’ and only the one ingredient. But ifin I’s won’t eat it…I’s do have to give up 2 paws up, cuz it’s a quality treat and I’s can ‘magine doggies fur sure likin’ ‘em. Sissy? Do you wanna tell everypawdy what you thought?


 Dezi sniffs the Evanger's beef heart treat


          Sure Raena, fanks. Like Raena said, the Evanger’s Gently dried Beef Hearts are a good quality treat that can be fed to any of your meat eatin’ pets. They are large strips that are pretty easy to break into smaller pieces. They don’t have much of a smell, and we don’t think they reconstitute very well. ‘Course mommy only let the strip soak for just under 15 minutes (the bag recommended 2-3 minutes). Maybe a little more time would have purrduced a softer treat?. Anyways, me sniffed at the Evanger’s Beef Hearts a little and then turned mes nose up. Me didn’t even put a piece in mes mouth; so me can’t really say much ‘bout how they taste. Me agrees with Raena. These beef hearts would make a great treat fur doggies, and we’re sure there are kitties out there that would like them. We’re just a little spoiled and like a little softer treat. Cuz of the ingredients and the good fur ya’ factor, me will give these treats 1 paw up. 

 Raena bites the Evanger's beef heart strip

Fanky fank ya’ sissy. Evanger’s also offurs these treats in beef liver, beef tripe, wild salmon, beef lungs and beef tongues. All formulas are on sale right now. Ifin you’d like to try any of these good fur ya’ treats, you can get them fur $6.43 to $9.23. The sizes vary from 2 oz – 4.6 oz bags. Chewy offurs speedy free shippin’ on all orders over $49.00 and speedy flat rate shippin’ on all other orders. Chewy also has a great auto ship program that allows you to save an extra 10% and receive your pets favorites on the schedule you choose. But don’t worry, you can skip, cancel or delay at any time.


Chewy blog hop badge

Guess I’s oughtta wrap it up now. Check out the Chewy blog hop here to read ‘bout other pawsum purroducts reviewed this month. We hope you’re havin’ a great week.


Till the next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

An Overflowing Blest Sunday

Woo Hoo!!!  It’s Blest Sunday!!! Oh, meowllo everypawdy. Me hopes you’re all feelin’ as blest as we are. Ya’ know it might be stormin’ outside, but it’s been a pawrty inside all week long.

 Dezi rolls on the Yeowww nip nana while Raena prepares for an attack


       Ya’ know sissy, not everypawdy had a birthday this week.


Raena sniffing the Whole Life Chicken treats sent for Dezi's birthday

 Sissy, come see what you got fur your birthday.

You’re gonna share right?


 Dezi sniffs the Whole Life chicken breast treats aunty Jeanne sent for her birthday

 Me’s favorite treats. Fank you awnty Jeanne.



Me knows Raena. And altho’ me’s so grateful fur all our furiends, da cards, da new nip nanners and da pawsum bag of freeze dried chicky breasts from awnty Jeanne, me’s mostest grateful dat me has a furever home with a mommy who luvs me more than anythin’ in da universe. Me’s even grateful fur you li’l sis. And while me’s thinkin’ ‘bout it me needs to tell you all dat our comments on most WordPress hosted blogs are bein’ marked spam. So ifin we’ve “liked” your posty, or ya’ think we shoulda left ya’ a comment, purrlease check your spam folder, cuz we just might be there.



       I’s happy to hear dat you luvs me sissy, cuz I’s luvs you very much. Are you gonna tell everypawdy ‘bout mommys blessings?



Dezi and Raena with the Yeowww nip nana

Yeah, this happened so fast it wasn’t da foto she had planned to take. She really regrets not gettin’ Raena’s face in this shot too.


Yes Raena, me was gettin’ to dat. Anyways, da awnty Anonymous dat sent money fur meez birthday pizza, dat me still hasn’t had by da way. And it’s not cuz mommy didn’t try. Sure ‘nuff, just as planned, mommy got on da catputer da day of meez birthday to order our pizza and get her some breadsticks, when she noticed da store address they was tryin’ to send our order to was 35 miles away (we don’t have delivery, only pick up and dine in). Mommy tried to change da store a few times and then she just decided to call in our order. Da fone rang and rang and rang, but nopawdy ever answered. Mommy purromissed she’d try again da next day. Same thing happened da next day and da day after. Well mommy put in a call to da Pizza headquarters and turns out, our Pizza Hut closed on meez birthday. Dat’s right, they closed down on da day of meez birthday fur remodelin’, and won’t be open fur a few weeks. So meez birthday pizza’s gonna be a Gotchaday pizza instead. But dat’s okay, me can eat pizza anytime.


       Uh Sissy? You still didn’t tell ‘bout mommys’ blessin’. Ya’ know, how awnty Anonymous sent some green papers and told mommy to go to da grocery store and pick up a few items fur her to eat? And how awnty Donna sent green papers to buy tags fur da car?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well Raena, me was getting’ to it, but since you just did, we really wanna say Fank you. Ya’ know mommy luvs us so much and goes without a lot so we are taken care of. Me knows she worries a lot ‘bout how things are so ‘spensive and dat da monies don’t always stretch far enuff. And when November rolls ‘round and we suddenly have bills dat only happen once a year, it really stresses her out. But cuz it’s meez birthday and gotchaday month, she puts on a happy and doesn’t let it show. So we really do purreciate all da help. Now awnty Anonymous trusts mommy to do what they discussed with da money she sent, but we thought we’d post a couple fotos of what mommy bought fur her to eat anyways. Mommy even tried to get a pizza mix fur meez birthday since da Hut was closed. Mommy liked it fine, but me thought da pepperonis was a bit small. Da same Anonymous awnty sent us some noms too. We be so blest we just can’t contain it. Altho’ we’ve got material blessings to count this week, they’re fur sure not da only blessings we’re counting.

We feel so blest everyday to have each of you in our lives. We know we’re blest to have a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in. A luvvin’ mommy and food in our bellies. Each week we remind you to take a minute to give thanks for the blessings in your lives. We know things aren’t purrfect and dat sometimes it can be hard to see da blessings fur da pains and curses of everyday life. But mommy says, as long as there’s breath in your body, you are blest and things can change fur da better.

 Raena plays with the Yeowww nip nana

       Mommy says we’re her biggest and bestest blessings, doesn’t she sissy?

 Dezi plays with her new birthday nip nana

Yes Raena, she does. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and can sometimes be found where you least expect them. So really, just take a minute today and everyday to give fanks fur da blessings in your life. And fank you all fur bein’ blessings in ours.

 Raena plays with the Yeowww nip nana

       And don’t furget to check out all da Sunday Selfies over at da Kitties Blue we’ve got treat eatin’ selfies. Oh and ‘member to check fur our comments on your WordPress hosted blog posts in your spam folder. ‘Pawrently we’ve been spam since Furiday. MOL I’s gotta go ask sissy what spam is and have some more of those birthday treats; see ya’ll later.


Dezi eats her freeze dried chicken breast treats for her birthday

 Raena eating freeze dried chicken treats

Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle 

Raw Boost Mixers #ChewyInfluencer

Meowllo and welcome. It’s time fur another Chewy review. As pawrt of da Chewy Influencer furmily we get to try out some great purroducts each month to tell you all ‘bout. As most of ya’ know, we’re mostly raw fed kitties by way of Freeze Dried noms.

 Raena lays on Liberty cat tree

       Dat’s cuz some kitty isn’t ready to munch down on bites and bits of tasty fresh pink meat.

Chewy Logo


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received compensation in exchange for our honest review of the Natures Variety Raw Boost Mixers. All opinions unless otherwise stated are our own and are as always, the truth as we see it. We only bring you products we use or have tried and believe would be of interest to you our readers and friends.

 Natures Variety Raw Boost Mixers Cat Food Toppers

You’re right Raena, me’s just not ready. But da way you like to graze, neither are you. Hmmpht  Anyways, we received a 6 oz. bag of Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Mixers Chicken Cat Food Toppers. Da ingredients are purretty simple:

Chicken (Including Ground Chicken Bone), Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Pumpkinseeds, Carrots, Apples, Butternut Squash, Ground Flaxseed, Montmorillonite Clay, Dried Kelp, Broccoli, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salmon Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, Blueberries, Dried Chicory Root.

As you can see, these Mixers don’t contain any of those questionable ingredients our humans like to avoid. There are lots of fruits and veggies, but hey, dat’s not uncommon these days and meats are da bulk of da bites. Now some of ya’ may look at dat list and say “Clay?” “Why would I feed my kitty clay?” We know this cuz once upon a time mommy did dat very same thing. Check it out. This clay is actually very good fur kitty and helps move toxins outta kitties body.

So let’s see what da Chewy website has to say are da Key benefits of Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Mixers. 

Key Benefits

  • Great topper for kibble

  • High quality, raw nutrition in a convenient and easy-to-serve form

  • Pure protein for lean muscles and strong bones

  • Natural ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption

  • Nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat

  • Freeze dried and all-natural for an irresistible taste

  • Grain-free and gluten-free

  • No artificial colors or preservatives

Nautre’s Variety Raw Boost Mixers are available in chicken and rabbit. They also have what are called Mini’s and actual Food in several varieties as well as doggy furmulas. They range in purrice from $7.19 to $11.99. Da bites themselves are little cylinders and mostly uniform in size. They are a little crunchier than other freeze dried foods and would in our opinion make a good choice to aid in switching kitty from kibble to something healthier. These Mixers can be served wet or dry, as a treat or meal topper.

 Dezi eats treats

When they arrived we didn’t have any treats, so mommy decided to give us a few fur treat time. Of course me made mommy break them in half. Me’s a dainty little Southern Belle and likes really small bites. Once mommy got them broken me enjoyed da mid day snack. Me didn’t eat them all, as me purrfurs a more natural 1 ingredient treat from da frontal area of da chicken, but in me’s food later dat day, they went “all gone”. So me must give them 4 paws up. Good natural ingredients and tasty little bites are great fur kitty. Me knows you’re all wonderin’ what sis Raena thought, so let’s ask her? 

 Raena eats treats

       Is it furinally mines turn sissy? I’s liked ‘em just fine. I sure did. And mommy didn’t even have to break ‘em in half fur me. Altho’ I’s liked ‘em dat way too. I’s sure do like treats. And dinner. And Brekky. I’s just really like to eat. Yep, 4 paws up fur da Natures Variety Raw Boost Mixer Chicken Cat Food Toppers from me. Can we have some now sissy?

 Raena eats treats

Fanks Raena, we know you like to eat. Mommy says you eat like a growin’ teenage boy. As fur gettin’ some now, we just had brekky. Now go take a nap and let me finish our review. Everypawdy’s waitin’ to find out what mommy thinks. Me asked her and she said she likes da natural good fur us ingredients, and da lack of questionable ingredients. She also likes dat we like it, and gives ‘em 2 thumbs up. Now we know you all wanna get your own, so head on over and check it out. And hey, da holidays are comin’ fast, so while you’re there, browse around. Chewy has updated their website and added lots of new purroducts. They’ve got great purrices, speedy free shippin’ on all orders over $49.00, pawsum customer service, and you can set up an auto ship and save even more. Don’t worry, you can skip, cancel or delay dat auto ship at any time. And there’s a low flat rate speedy shippin’ option fur all orders less than $49.00.

 Chewy blog hop badge

Well there ya’ go. We hope to go fur a stroll later today, and mommy’s case manager is ‘posed to be here, so we’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. We did get an email askin’ ‘bout Shad’s back story. We said her and mommy had been thru a lot together and this email wanted to know more ‘bout dat. Mommys theory is dat ifin one purrson be askin’, there’s purrobably more wonderin’ da same thing. So ifin you would like to hear Shad’s backstory purrlease let us know in da comments. Otherwise mommy will just answer this in dat email. Gotta go get a quick bath.

 Dezi chilling in the stroller

Do you (your cat) like freeze dried food?

Do you (your cat) like raw food?

Would you like to hear Shad’s backstory? 

Till da next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!!

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle    

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Savvy Pet Care

There's no place like home!

Tails from the Street

Saving the world one cat at a time!

Bad Cat Chris

The Baddest Cat You'll Ever Love

Plucking Of My Heartstrings

Blogging on a variety of things that pluck at the hearts' emotions & more

The Bankastraat Cats

Life with our humans


The happenings in our multi cat house hold

Meow Lifestyle

Home + Cats: Health, Happiness and Style

Cat Lady Confidential

Cat culture and lifestyle blog

Cole & Marmalade

Welcome Cat People!

Orange Marmalade Press

I love all kinds of art and hope you do, too!

The Adventures of Noodle

The Life of a Rescued Stray


Musings of a Manx

Create With Joy

Infuse Creativity In All You Do


cats pictures, cat drawings, and more cat related stuff

The Gypsy Mau

A faceless feline with immortal tales to tell as she continues to be a vagabond…

Welcome to the Deck!

4 happy cats blog about life!


life in the not-so-fast lane

Feral Cat Love

Feral cats are beautiful!

Musings of a Senior Kitty

random thoughts from my 15 year old cat

The Kitten Kaboodle

Life as a sometime kitten foster mom

Deziz World

The Life of Service Cats


Learn about me as I learn about you

Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles

Cat behavior, feline-humor bond, cat responsibility.

Hot Rod Cowgirl

Riding Through Life One Horse At A Time...Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling Up Anyway!

Mitsubachicats Featherston Homestead

Cats, family, life and faith as I experience them, not necessarily in that order

Romance 'N Rags Ragdolls

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” ― Charles Dickens

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