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What A Night

Oh me cats and kittens what a night we had. As you know, cuz me tells ya’ all da time; mommy be old and slow. Now meez not bashin’ mommy cuz she’ll tell ya da same fing. It’s just what happens; it’s pawrt of life. Anyways mommy set me up wiff twitter when we stawrted da bloggy but we was never very active cuz mommy dusn’t unnewstand all those hashtags and taggin’. Now ifin yous a member of BlogPaws you know they have these “chats” offen to innerduce us to bwands and stuffs. Well let me tell ya’, our furst chat…it was pitiful. It was over afur mommy even figgered out where to go. And she didn’t know she was posed to be clickin’ on da bar dat sed new tweets. And there was windows openin’ off to da side of da feed and then disappearin’ afur mommy kuld even figger out they was talkin’ to us. MOL Well after dat mommy almost gave up on twitter. She pawlogized to me and sissy fur bein’ so not a techy and able to keep up. We luv our mommy and she didn’t need to pawlogize to us. It’s okay. Weez sure there awe udders out there just like us.

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya' a stowry.

Pull up a chair and let me tell ya’ a stowry.

We didn’t attend anymore “chats” fur a while. Sumtimes it was cuz we was busy wiff udder fings, but mostly it was cuz mommy didn’t wanna get all flustered. Well after goin’ to BlogPaws we stawrted twyin’ to purrticipate in da twitter chats again. Afur yous ask, No, mommy didn’t get any more techy and still didn’t unnewstand those hashtags and stuffs; but mommy’s not a quitter and she will twy hers hawrdest to figger fings out. Did fings get any better yous ask? Not weally. Mommy still didn’t know what she was duin’, but we was there and twyin’. Dat’s what counted. Let me tell ya’ sumfin’ ‘bout this twitter. It moves fast and dusn’t slow down fur peeps twyin’ to learn. And there’s a maximum number of letters you can tweet. Well yous all know weez chatty kits so we find dat a bit stiflin’. MOL Dat bein’ sed, weez keep twyin’.

 dw-Lexibochair2DSCN5098 (800x715)

Now duwin’ these chats they have these give aways. You know so we can twy sum of da purroducts fwum da bwands dat be pawrt of da chat. Da furst time we twied to win da twivia question was asked and like a 4 year old we blurted out da answer. Actually we posted da answer to da feed. Well dat’s not how yous posed to do it. MOL By da time we figgered out how to send a message, da whole chat was over. MOL You weally shuld see mommy twyin’ to figger it all out and keep up. And of course luv on me, cuz me be sittin’ in hers lap twyin’ to play patty cake wiff her. And anudder fing, they always have these chats at dinner time. Don’t they know when weez have dinner? Hmmph Yous wuld fink they wuld schedule these fings wound our schedule. MOL Now dat meez given you a little backgwound, let me get back to last night.

It'z anudder twitter chat. Good luck youz two. MOL

It’z anudder twitter chat. Good luck youz two. MOL

Yep, there was a chat last night. Mommy had set up hers weminder and we got logged in wight on time. Fings was actually movin’ a little slow and mommy was quite happy wiff dat. And all of a sudden everypawdy else’s clock musta been slow, cuz afur we kuld blink, da race was on. Tweets flyin’ here and there and little pop up boxes appearin’ and disappearin’ faster than we kuld read ‘em and so many gawjus kitty fotos movin’ down da stweam afur we kuld even paw da like button much less make a comment. And then da give aways began. Me told mommy to hurry cuz me wanted to win. Sis Lexi was watchin’ fwum a safe distance on da back of da chair, me was layin’ in hers lap, and mommy’s fingers was on fire clickety clackin’ on da puter keys. And guess what? Me won!!! Me finally won a twitter chat give away. OMC Me kuldn’t believe it. So now yous askin’ yous selff, did mommy finally figger it all out? Did she visit da fountain of youff? Did she suddenly get all teched up? Nah, it was just dumb luck. MOL But it was fun. And then it was time fur dinner. So weez pawed off and mommy made sis Lexi and me our pawsum dinner plates. All dat ‘citement musta welly got sis Lexi’s engines revvin’ cuz she ate 3 of those 3 ounce cans of noms and a packet too.

dw-DezitweetDSCN4325 (1280x960)

Me has to win mommy.

Meez question to all of you is…awe you on a social media channel dat yous have twubble keepin’ up wiff? Do yous tweet? Do yous purrfur a more laid back manner of keepin’ in touch?

And me also wants to announce da winner of meez Groom Genie Give away. Fank you all fur enterin’. Weez have more give aways comin’ soon so stay tuned. And da winner is……………………Maggie Swanson fwum Sunday’s at the Shelter. ConCats awnty Maggie, weez know yous gunna luv it. And member, ifin yous didn’t win, yous can pick up one of these pawsum gwoomin’ tools wiff a $5.00 off coupon by clickin’ da link above.

Till da next time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday

Well here it is Blest Sunday again. This year has just gotten away fwum us and is almost ovew. While dat might not mean vewy much to yous, it’s vewy impurrtant fur us. It mawks a weal milestone in ow lives. See just a little ovew a year ago now we got ow vewy first catputer. Mommy knew nuffin’ ‘bout ‘em but most of ow bills and bankin’ had swiched ovew and wuz gunna stawt chawgin’ us a mumffly fee ifin weez didn’t jump on da ‘puter bandwagon. Well of course weez didn’t hav da munny fur no [uter, but mommy continued to look wound. Hers finally found a puter weez kuld buy and ordered it. It wusn’t long afur weez had it in ow house, and mommy began to twy to figger out what to do wiff it.

000dw Dezi walkin' on air

Da local community college has a bwanch here in ow town and they offer clases fur da seniors here fur furee. Well mommy purromptly signed up fur a Facebook class. Alwight even livin’ off da gwid and under a rock weez had heard of Facebook. Da first class mommy learned hers wuz gunna hav to cweate a Facebook account. WTC (what the cat) Mommy bein’ a purrivate purrsun and a single lady livin’ alone hers ‘cided wight away hers didn’t want hers foto and name all ovew da net, so hers cweated sed Facebook account under Lexi and meez name. And then hers went about liking a foo sites and so on. Da nex fing hers knew she wuz bein’ asked ifin weez, sis Lexi and me; had a page. It took ‘bout 3 weeks, afur hers figgered out what to do to cweate us a page, but soon nuff hers got it up and began to tell ow stowwy. And what followed wuz beyond ow wildest dweams or expectations.

 000dw Lexi lookin' sweetly

Peeps stawted followin’ ow stowwy and commentin’ and messagin’ us and weez made furiends. Now meez knows yous all know dat’s what Facebook calls da peeps dat follow yous, but weez mean “Weal Furiends.” Peeps dat weally cawed ‘bout us and dat luvved us as much as we luvved them. Weez kuldn’t wait evewyday to connect wiff ‘em, and shawe in their joys and sowwows and hav them do da same. Afur long those same furiends became pawt of ow framly. And weez don’t know what we wuld do wiffout ‘em. And then a foo mowe mumffs down da road and weez had a blog and even mowe furiends. And yous know what? Y’all hav become pawt of ow framly too. Weez awe so blest.

 0Dezi kitty kisses hearts

Weez hav come so faw in a year it’s kinda skeery. We can’t magine ow lives now wiff out yous all in it. And weez not want too. Yous know when we stawted out mommy didn’t know nuffin’ bout editing fotos much less usin’ foto apps or online photoshoppin’. And now weez pawticipate in a Caturday Art Blog Hop. When weez stawted mommy didn’t know nuffin’ ‘bout makin’ videos, and now weez hav ow own YouTube channel. When meez stawted bloggin’ mommy didn’t even know how to let me leave a comment fur meez oldest and dearest bloggin’ furiend Timmy Tomcat (hims blog wuz on a diffewent furmat). It wuz Timmy dat got us into bloggin’ in da first place and now weez kuldn’t even comment on hims posties.

 Hugs n Kisses, Lexi - 2HEoW-13Z - normal

Well dat’s all behind us now and weez can comment on any blog anywhere. And weez hav accounts wiff Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr (All under da name Deziz World), of course Facebook and ow newest and most undeveloped, Instagram. Can yous believ it? A year ago weez didn’t even know what these fings wuz. Meez a Cat Scout and sis Lexi and me awe boff members of da Tabby Cat Club. Weez also membews of a foo cat specific sites like da Cat Channel. And nun of this wulda evew happened ifin weez hadn’t got a catputer. Weez learn new fings evewyday, and just last night mommy learned how to use a fumm dwive. Can yous believ it? Afur yous go gettin’ all ‘cited ‘bout mommy gettin’ smawt, hers kuldn’t hav dun it wiff out help fwum Mr. Pete, Timmy’s daddy. Hims walked mommy fwu what to do and now hers a fumm dwive natuwal. (It’s okay Miss Tricia hav yous a good laff just don’t spit out da coffee). Fur those of yous wunnewin’ dat’s Miss Tricia of da Katnip Lounge. She’s way cool and gets a weal kick outta me sayin’ fumms. Most of yous know hers and da lounge but ifin any of yous not know ‘em yet, head on ovew, those cats got a gweat set up there in da desert.

Anyways, me sed all dat to show yous just how blest weez weally awe. Blest Sunday is ow favowit posty to make. We know it has vewy little to do wiff us bein’ service cats or ow work or play, but it’s a time to weflect on da good in ow lives. And all of these fings awe gweat, but da bestest and gweatest blessing is ALL of YOU!!! 

Anudder blessing weez need to mention is da fundwaiser dat Savannah and Miss Linda be sponsowin’ fur us. Fank yous so much an fank yous to evewypawdy dat has donated. Yous can check it out here.

Do yous member how it wuz when yous first stawted in social media? What wuz yous first account? Hav yous made furiends since stawtin’ out dat yous feel make yous life better? Yous awe all twuly blest too. 

Till da nex time………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

Learnin’ Curve

Well furiends meez suwe hope yous all enjoyed Shoppin’ wound da wowld.  Meez suwe did.  Meez wus supwised how close lots of da purrices wus dis time.  And wiff dat outta da way, meez wants tu fank all of yous fuw bein’ so nice and meez pweshates evewpawdy dat wished meez mommy a happy Meowday.  Mommy got a foo mowe cawds aftew wees had made meez posty Tuesday so meez gunna put dem all tugeddew dis weekend and post dem on meez sidebaw so dat yous can see dem all.  


And meez wants tu fank meez good furiend and fellow Cat Scout Timmy.  Go by and say hello.  It wus cuz of Timmy and hims furmily dat meez started a blog in da fiwst place.  Deys wus gunna hav a blog fuw guest witews so wees kuld all stay in contact cuz da site wees wus on wus havvin’ a bunch of purrawlems.  Finkin’ dis wuld be fun and be sumfin’ fuw meez tu du like sis Lexi dus on facebook, meez told mommy meez wanted tu sign up.  And den…oops.  Da nex fing mommy knew meez had a blog and Deziz World wus bown. MOL   Yous hav welkumed meez wiff such luv and furiendship dat makes meez feel all wawm and fuzzy inside.  But of couwse as yous all know, meez still leawnin’.


 Well meez kep gettin’ told meez needed a twittew account and dat meez needed tu tweet meez postys.  So meez has a twittew account.  Mommy took a nice purretty foto of meez tu post and der yous go. Meez wus all set, wight??  Well like most of yous meez got an email da uddew day fwum da Blogpaws community ’bout a chat and giv away.  Finkin’ dis mite be a good oppurrtunity fuw meez tu leawn mowe ”bout twittew and blogpaws in genewal meez headed on ovew.  Well fiwst fing meez found out wus dat meez wus an houw behind.  Deys wus alweady goin’ stwong.  So meez twied tu wead a bit tu see what wus hapunin’ and what deys wus talkin’ ’bout and 4 seconds latew der wus a baw at da top dat sed 26 new tweets.  WHAT?????!!!!!  So meez pawed da baw and fings popped up evewhewe.  Meez finally sed hello, and suddenly mowe boxes stawted poppin’ up all ovew da place.  Meez kuldn’t wead dem all.  And da baw at da top sez 17 new tweets.  Meez got a new followew and meez wus twyin’ tu figgew out how tu follow hims and hims box disappeawed and a new box popped up.  Da new box followed meez and now ders 60 new tweets in da baw at da top.  Meez finally sed hello (meez finks) tu sumpawdys box (not suwe hoo)  and anuddew box popped up and sed don’t fuwget tu use hashtags and “?” (don’t membew) and blogpaws chat.  So meez twyin’ tu wespond and tell dem okay (like meez knew what meez wus okayin’), and when meez pawed #Blogpaws chat meeez kuldn’t paw da tweet button anymowe.  Meez finally leawned tu paw, paw, paw weally fast aftew usin’ dat pound sign so dat da message wuld go fwu.  Meez guesses dat at sum point meez wus hittin’ da tweet button.  


Well by now da baw acwoss da top had so many new tweets, and evewpawdy wus sayin’ bye and goodnite.  OMC da houw wus ovew and meez didn’t even know what had hapund.  Meez twied aftew it wus all ovew tu wead evewfin but it wus all jibbewish.  Pawtly due tu all da # and @ and dis name and dat name.  Der wus sum wunnewful people or kittys or doggys meez not suwe dat wus twyin’ tu wally suppowt fuw da newby (meez).  And uddews wespondin’ by tellin’ meez tu hang in der and tu just jump intu a convewsation.  Hmmph  Convewsation??   Meez didn’t say nuffin and nopawdy wus talkin’ tu meez so meez still dusn’t know what convewsation dey wus talkin’  ’bout.  Meez knows dat ‘putews and chats awe da way fings awe dun these days, but meez finks like mommy dus, a convewsation is sumfin dat people/kittys hav when deys speak tu each uddew.  A fluwwy of boxes and postys and #’s and @’s dusn’t make a convewsation, dus it??  All meez knows fuw suwe is dat meez dusn’t know anyfin’  ’bout twittew.  Meez mommy eyes awe tu old and meez paws awe tu fluffy tu keep up der. MOL  Ifin any of yous wus der da uddew nite and meez didn’t say hey, sowwy and “hey”.  And ifin any of yous followed meez and meez didn’t follow back, sowwy and let meez know so meez can wectify dat.  OMC  Whewe’s da leawnin’ cuwve fuw twittew??  MOL    

Meez finks dis is so cool. Meez looks like 'lectwicity. MOL
Meez finks dis is so cool. Meez looks like ‘lectwicity. MOL


Til da nex time……Hav a Pawsum day!!!


Copyright © 2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥              

♦ Dezi ♦

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