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An Oversized Blest Sunday

Hey, are ya’ there? Sis Dezi told me to welcome ya’ to a new Blest Sunday befur I did anythin’ else, so welcome. It’s fur sure a Blest Sunday. I’s blest to be alive and meowin’ at ya’ at all after da Furiday I’s had. Let me tell ya’. Those peeps tried to KILL me!!! Sure nuff, they wanted your cute little fluffy girl d-e-a-d, DEAD!!! But befur I’s gets to dat, I’s do wanna fank God and Hims pawsum angels again fur makin’ sure we had air conditionin’ in da car. It was some kinda hot and I don’t think I’s woulda made it without dat nice cool air.

 Raena chillin'

As ya’ may ‘member from some of our fotos, I’s been takin’ a few local strolls ‘round our ‘pawrtment complex since I’s gotten a little bigger. So this was mines furst time to really travel in style. Well mommy says travelin’ in style also has to be done safely, so dat meant harnessin’ up so I’s could be tethered in to da stroller. Well, I’s not gotten dat much bigger. Mommy found one of da smaller harnesses dat sissy got from dat rescue group one Christmas, and did her bestest to make it fit me. So, I’s went out sportin’ da new oversized look. Mommy insists I’s tell ya’ dat this was mines furst time ever bein’ in a harness much less with a leash attached. This is somethin’ mommy generally spends time trainin’. She says I’s a natural. So anyways, let’s get back to da killer peeps called VETs.

Raena looks at the camera from inside the stroller

Raena making headlines in the newspaper about her oversized fashion sense

As ya’ll may ‘member, these vaccinations haven’t been very nice to me so far. I’s been really sick after every visit, and last time was da worstest. Mommy was really scared I’s was gonna die. I’s gotta tell ya’, I was purretty scared too. Not only was I sick from da shots but I’s also had dat heat exhaustion from bein’ in da hot car. Well fank God I’s didn’t have dat to worry ‘bout this time, so I’s figgered a quick trip in to be mauled and poked and mommy and me would be off to get me some special treats and have peeps swoon over me. After all, I’s was in mines new oversized fashion wear. I’s did look rather cute ifin I’s do say so mines self. When we arrived, fank catness there was none of those big whiney, nosy doggy’s in da waitin’ room. Matter of fact, there was no one there at all. Guess dat shoulda been mines furst clue dat it was gonna be a bad day. They had nuffin’ but time to torture me.

 Raena posing at the vets

Furst up was da big scale, where I’s weighed in at just over 3 pounds. 3 pounds 1 ounce to be exact. I’s growin’ up. Anyways, we then headed to a room where mommy decided it was time fur an impurr-omptu foto shoot of me in minez oversized pink fashion dress. We were rudely innerupted by da lady in da white coat and her assistant. Seems Dr. C’s new VET is takin’ over more and more. Well da assistant purromptly grabbed me outta mommy’s hands and scruffed me. Looka’ here, just cuz I’s a Ragdoll with a docile nature doesn’t give ya’ da right to be mean. And it certainly doesn’t give ya’ da right to take me from mines mommy. She gotta hiss and a bitey fur her trouble. Hmmfft  Guess she’ll know better next time. While I’s scurried back to mommy, things seemed to be takin’ a turn fur da better when da doctor started cooin’ over me in mines purretty pink oversized dress.

 Raena looking around the vets exam room

Then mommy turned me ‘round so they could have a look at mines eye, cuz it isn’t really getting’ better and I’s been on dat medicine fur a while now. Da VET asked mommy a question, and she took her hands off me fur a second to look fur a foto in da camera and da tech grabbed me up again. Then I’s got stuck. Not once, but twice. And da second time had pink stuffs squirtin’ everywhere. Yep, they missed me again, and gave mines fur a shot. It’s no wonder they charge so much with all they waste on fur shots. Then she stuck me again!!! Dat one hurted. Mommy says it was da rabies one. But let me tell ya’, they was so mad ‘bout me hissin’ and bitin’, they decided to kill me right then and there. Yep, right in front of mommy.

 Raena sitting pretty

They pulled mines skin up so high you could see mines bones and then stuck me with a torturous gigantor needle. I’s let out a scream dat fur sure was heard ‘round da world. Okay, maybe not da world, but fur sure da whole buildin’ complex where da VET office is located. I’s squirmed and bit every finger and hand  and pawrently a purrivate pawrt or two dat came anywhere near me. Then I’s felt a way to break free and hurried to mines cryin’ and screamin’ but comfurtin’ mommy. She wrapped me in her arms and held me so tight dat I knew she was gonna purrtect me, and then I’s went limp from shock. Cuz of da shock I’s couldn’t see or hear anythin’, but I’s know mommy was givin’ them what fur. There’s no way she was gonna let them KILL her baby girly. Nope, mines mommy wouldn’t let anypawdy hurt me. But they wasn’t finished. They came at me with this big ole machine gun next, and mommy pulled me even tighter. I’s heard a beep, but they musta been outta bullets. Fank catness, cuz they woulda got mommy too. Well, I’s looked up at mommy’s tear stained face and she kissed me and told me everythin’ was gonna be alright and dat nopawdy would ever hurt me like dat again. Then she said we was gonna go get me a treat. Somethin’ special just fur me. I’s wasn’t even gonna have to share it.

Raena looking around at the vets

Don’t none of you touch me again, ya’ hear? Me’s mommy’ll get ya’ ifin ya’ do.



We went out to da waitin’ area to pay, and I was gonna warn any anipals there to run fur their lives, but alas, da place was still empty. They gave mommy a piece of paper and told her to register it when she got home, and she told them she knew all ‘bout it, cuz sis Dezi was registered there too. They said somethin’ like mikey chips. I’s don’t know, I was just ready to go. Then mommy started cryin’ again. Seems somethin’ ‘bout da $116.08 charges meant they had to be paid in full. So fur some reason they wouldn’t let her charge mines visit and she had to use some of da monthly bills money so we could leave. We were furinally able to get outta dat death trap, but I’s gotta tell ya’… I’s never wanna go back there again. When we got out to da car, mommy opened a bag of treats we won from our furiends at Three Chatty Cats in a little cats helpin’ big cats give away. I’s munched down, and we was off.

Raena sleeping off the dat at the vet

This was me sleepin’ after we got home. those shots just do me in.


I couldn’t wait to tell sis Dezi all ‘bout how they had mistreated and tried to kill me. Fankfully she’s a great big sissy and told me not to worry, mommy would never let dat happen and dat I’s was gonna be okay. She even kissed mines head and patted mines sore hiney. I was a little sickly and lethargic fur a couple days, but no fever and I’s did eat. I’s feelin’ all better now. But, mommy’s gotta put these eye drops in mines eyes now. 3 times a day. Yep 3 times a day she’s droppin’ somethin’ in mines eye. They seem to be feelin’ better, but I’s not like it one bit. Mommy says we’s gonna save da rest of our trip fur tomorrows Service Cat posty cuz it addresses some issues we wanna talk about and some of da questions we were asked after last weeks posty. 

 Dezi hanging in the Liberty cat tree

I sure wanna fank all of ya’ fur bein’ our furiends and purrayin’ fur me. We are truly blest to have such pawsum furiends. And I’s blest to have such a pawsum mommy and sisfur. Mommy says God looks out fur His children, and I’s believe it. Take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your lives. I know you’ll find ‘em. Oh and sissy also told me to tell ya’ dat even tho’ we didn’t take any selfies this week, we’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur da Sunday Selfies. Go by and check ‘em all out. And…

Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Dezi          

It’s RaenaBelle And I’s Taking Over

Hey? Is anypawdy there? I gotta be quick befur sis Dezi figgers out dat I’s on her bloggy. Mommy says it’s our bloggy, but Dezi keeps tellin’ me her name’s at da top, so she gives da orders. She says dat ‘bout a lot of things, but I don’t always lissen. Like, she thinks she should be da only one eatin’ outta her plate. But I think da food taste better in her plate, and don’t see why she doesn’t wanna share?. After all, we are sisfurs. And her pawdee box, it’s…well, I better get on with it, or she’ll come lookin’ fur me.

 Raena laying by the Kong play tent

We made it thru da furst of da three inspections, and there wasn’t any purroblems. Da mean manager lady started botherin’ mommy da minute she opened da office yesfurday; callin’ mommy ‘bout da lease stuffs. Oh, and mommy innerviewed a really nice little girl to help her ‘round da house. We really liked her. So, pendin’ her criminal background check, and of course her showin’ up to work, we think we’s got a winner. Paws crossed it all works out. We’ll of course tell ya’ more ‘bout it in da future.

 Raena site on the arm of the chair by mommy

Anyways, da real reason I got on here today is cuz I need rescuin’. Yep, I do. I heard mommy and sis Dezi talkin’ ‘bout da mean ole VET place and how I was goin’ back there today. Dat just don’t seem right. Sissy only had to be stuck once, so why do I have to keep goin’ back? Seems like abuse to me. You know mommy is pawsum, I luvs her very much. And sis Dezi ain’t bad either. All in all, I luvs mines furever home, but this VET thing could be a deal breaker. I mean, what are kitten vaccines and core vaccines and just why do I need ‘em? Da last time we was there mommy purromissed this wasn’t somethin’ I would have to go through all da time. Seems to me dat it wasn’t dat long ago and I was goin’ thru it. And, I’ve been havin’ to take this nasty tastin’ yellow medicine and mines eyes and nose are still runny. So there. Just what is it dat these VETs know anyways? 

 Raena peeking out of the stroller

Raena's paw pushing the mesh on the stroller

RaenaBelle Maycee!!! What are you doin’ on me’s bloggy? It’s Furiday and time to join’ da Pet Parade. And we needed to let peeps know what’s been goin’ on and dat we’ll be by to visit them later.

 Dezi and RaenaBelle on the Liberty cat tree

I told them all ‘bout dat sissy. Well, I didn’t get to da Pet Parade thing, but I’s told ‘em ‘bout everythin’ else. 

Well, Okay, but next time you need to ask befur hijackin’ me’s bloggy. 

Mommy says it’s our bloggy, Dezi. 

 Dezi and Raena in a frame surrounded by roses

Of course she does Raena, she doesn’t want you to feel left out, BUT…it’s me’s name at da top. You’d do good to ‘member dat. Anyways, you and mommy gotta get ready to go, so we need to wrap it up. Any purrayers you can spare would be purreciated. Da a/c in da car still doesn’t work and da windows still don’t roll down. And it’s finally hot summer here. And altho mommy believes in getting’ da kitten series of vaccinations, she realizes there is still a certain amount of risks associated with them. Don’t furget to send in your fotos fur our Pawlympics Fly Fishin’ event.

 Blogville Pawlympics Fly Fishin' badge

Blogville Pawlympics badge for sidebar

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi lays on nip mat

Ya’ll have fun. Me’s gonns lay here and chill out. Me may even take a nap.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

A Mewsy Blest Sunday

Meowllo everypawdy and welcome to another Blest Sunday. Even tho’ we’ve been takin’ a few days off we didn’t wanna miss our Blest Sunday posty. Mommy says she’s gotten a lot accomplished and things should start to settle down fur us soon. Me will be so glad to get all this lease stuffs behind us, so we can go fur lots of leisurely strolls. You’ve purrobably noticed da new header and background fotos, and ifin ya’ follow our other social media sites, we’ve been updatin’ them as well. While we may not be ready to move sis Lexi to da side bar only, Raena is here to stay, and it’s only right dat she takes her place alongside me. 

 Dezi and Raena play

Anyways, this has been a pawsum week. Raena and me played our furst game of patty cake. Me patted too hard da furst time and Raena went flyin’ but she came right back and me learned to be more gentle with me’s pats. Of course we didn’t have any memory fur da camera’s so mommy didn’t get any fotos. But, fanks to uncle Mike, fellow cat scout Pete Hartley and furmily, awnty Susan Mullen, and an anonymous sender via amazon we have memory so both camera’s are charged and ready fur da next furst ‘tween Raena and me. And mommy keeps watchin’ fur another round of patty cake. She says it was adorable. Me doesn’t know what’s so excitin’ ‘bout us playin’, but mommy’s get x’cited over just about anythin’. Anyways, Fank ya’ll so much. Mommy does luv takin’ fotos of us and she really was sad dat she might miss some of Raena’s kittenhood.

Raena grabs at Dezi

 Mommy, make Raena quit pullin’ me’s tail.

Raena tried to catch Dezi

Speakin’ of Raena’s kittenhood, me told ya’ dat she had to go to da VET on Furiday fur her furst round of kitten vaccs and a recheck of her eye and nose; well all went well. Sort of. Dr. C went to give her da shot, and stead of pokin’ Raena, it spit out all over her furs. Yep, she’s so fluffy he missed her skin altogether and vaccinated her furs. Raena showed her disapproval by turnin’ and spittin’ at him. Me was purroud of her, but mommy told her dat wasn’t nice and dat she needed to behave ifin she wanted some of those yummy treats. Well a few minutes later da tech re-entered with a new syringe of medicines and Dr. C went in fur a second try. He got her dat time and she wasn’t da least bit happy ‘bout it. She’s on a L-Lysine supplement fur 10 days to hopefully clear up her eye and nose run. We would purreciate any purrayers you could spare as well. Anyways soon enuff they were all done and we were off.

(This was sis Lexi one week befur she left fur heaven. This past week Raena and me both have been playin’ with da same nip pouch, so we thought we’d show ya’ll a good nip toy never gets old.)


Mommy had picked up this bag of treats da last time we was at da VET fur me’s rabies shot and Raena luvved ‘em. So mommy had purromissed dat she would get another bag fur Raena after da VET visit. So off to Walmart we went to get treats. What are they you ask? Well they must be new cuz we hadn’t seen ‘em befur. But they’re called Delectables Juicy Treat. They come in several flavors and cost .50 cents a bag. There’s about 6 little chunks of moist meat purr package. Da meat and vitamin E supplement are da only ingredients, so mommy knows it’s good fur us. Me doesn’t care fur them much but Raena luvs them. So mommy gets me da freeze dried chicken breasts and Raena gets these.

Well we finally headed fur home. And fank catness too, cuz it was hot enuff to fry an egg on da sidewalk out there. When we got to our door we noticed a Chewy box waitin’ fur us. We hadn’t ordered anythin’ so we had no clue what it could be. After getting’ us inside and settled mommy opened da box to find it full of summer goodies fur her. Chewy had done sent mommy a thank you box. Me doesn’t know why mommy needs a fank you, after all us kitties do all da work and try all da foods and treats and toys and do all da posin’ fur fotos and…well, anyways, mommy sure did purreciate her Chewy box, and all kitten aside, me really purreciates Chewy fur thinkin’ ‘bout mommy too. She does a lot of work puttin’ together helpin’ with our review postys.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well after all dat excitement and overwhelmin’ heat, we all crahsed and slept like logs. Raena was back to her spastic and annoying self bright and early Caturday meownin’. So this past week was full of blessings. As always, we count all of you among da biggest of our blessings. Fank you all fur bein’ our furiends. We’re sendin’ big hugs and purrayers to and fur all of you. Don’t furget to take a moment today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life.  

Purrlease let us know what ya’ think ’bout our new background.

Is it too busy or just right?

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and RaenaBelle

Miserable Monday’s Pet Health Month

dw-Dezi Miserablemondayed (635x640)


Mommy why do we all hate Mondays so? 

What are you talking about baby?

Well, You know every Monday when you open da front door you always say, it’s another miserable Monday.

Oh Dezi, that’s just a figure of speech. But Monday does represent the beginning of the work week for a lot of people. After having a couple of days to lounge around or sleep in; they’ve got to get up early and get back to work. For us it used to mean that we were going to have to deal with the manager harassing us after having a few days of peace while the office was closed. But since our apartment was flooded and remodeled she hasn’t really done too much of that. The only time we really have to deal with her now is the monthly inspections, lease renewal, and when something breaks.

Is dat why you’ve been followin’ sis Lexi round wiff a piddle pad; cuz we have a ‘spection comin’ up? (mommy laughs) 

Well sort of sweety. But I also don’t want to have to clean up a mess if I can avoid it. But thanks to the prayers of everybody she’s feeling much better today.

Me hopes she keeps feelin’ better too mommy. This is National Pet Health month and me likes it a lot better when sissy be healthy.

Me too honey. I prefer it when you both are healthy. That’s why even tho’ y’all don’t like it we have to see the VET at least once a year. Whether people believe in vaccinating every year or not, we need to make sure that you and all the other anipals are otherwise healthy. Catching illnesses and diseases early means we have more treatment options and sometimes even cures.

Like when me got sick wiff da pee purroblems? 

Yes Dezi, like when you got sick. A few changes to your diet and environment and now you’re all better. And even tho’ we can’t cure sis Lexi’s kidney disease, we can treat her and make her more comfortable. And when secondary issues occur we can treat and most of the time cure those. You know I want you girls to be around for a very long time.

And we wanna be round fur a very long time too mommy. So as much as kitties hate goin’ to da VET it’s really purrtant to have dat annual check up. Da VET shuld check our weight and general appearance to make sure we’s not over or unner weight and dat our furs be lookin’ good. They shuld check our heart and respiratory rates wiff dat funny microfone dat they put in their ears. An adult kitties heart rate shuld be ‘tween 145 and 200 beats per minute and we shuld be breathin’ 20 to 40 times a minute. Baby kittens will be a little higher, but those nummers are da norm. Da VET shuld also talk to our humans ‘bout parasite control. You know fleas, worms, ear mites and da like. Fur those of us in da South, flea treatment is usually a year round thing. And yep, even inside only kitties need to be treated. Those nasty fleas can hitch a ride on you humans and once you get an infestation, they be hard to get rid of. Not impawssible, but hard.


Me luvs to go fur strolls, but not to da VET

Me luvs to go fur strolls, but not to da VET

Da VET shuld also ask ‘bout behavior issues. This is really purrtant fur kitties since we offen hide our illnesses and our behavior can offen give away dat sumfin’ be wrong. And then of course da VET shuld always look in our mouths to check our teefies and breath. You know they don’t make falsies fur us anipals so da teefs we have in our mouths now have to last us a lifetime. And our breath can also signal illnesses. Course it can also tell da VET you eat too much fish. MOL  And of course fur da older kitties, a blood panel and other tests may be needed. You wanna be as healthy as pawssible in your twilight years. We be livin’ longer these days. And cuz of dat it’s really purrtant to take care of da body you have. And da VET is one tool in da bag dat be a necessity. Quality food and a happy environment are also very purrtant to keep da anipals in your life healthy.

I'z wiff Dezi. Strollz are grayt, but not da onez dat end at da VETz

I’z wiff Dezi. Strollz are grayt, but not da onez dat end at da VETz

Dat’s enuff talk of da VET fur today. Mommy has to get ready fur da ‘spection we have comin’ up so we’s a little behind at da moment, but we plan on getting’ caught up wiff our visits this week. In da meantime, we hope you all have a pawsum miserable Monday. Me’s gunna join sissy fur a little mid day nap while mommy runs da carpet monster.


Do you do anything special to keep your anipals healthy?


Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Blest Sunday Vet Update

Meowllo everypawdy. As you can see by da title, we know you wanna know how sis Lexi’s VET pointment went. As a lot of you know she started showin’ signs dat sumfin’ was wrong December of 2014. Mommy took her to da VET in early January of 2015, and she was diagnosed wiff Chronic Kidney Failure. At da time da VET told mommy sis Lexi needed to eat da RX diet and sold her a hunnerd dollar bottle of Azodyl and claimed he was purracticin’ holistic medicine cuz of da Azodyl. Azodyl isn’t a medicine, but rather a supplement. And then he sed “We’ll just make her comfortable for what little time she has left.” Mommy asked what he meant, and he replied, “ I’ve had a few patients that died within weeks and few lived for a few months. By the time we diagnose this 75% of the kidney function is gone and they just don’t live very long.” Well as many of ya’ know mommy hates those RX diets in general, so she refused da noms and came home to do research. She also wasn’t acceptin’ dat sissy was gunna die any time soon.

Lexi sitting pretty and posing for the camera

Mommy went ‘bout learnin’ everythin’ she kuld ‘bout this disease and it’s treatments. She felt validated when she discovered da research dat those RX diets are based on was itself based on what worked fur dogs and refurmulated fur cats and only purrfurmed by Hill’s. All da other RX diet furmulators base their diets off da “old” Hill’s research. Well as most peeps know cats and dogs are not da same, and just cuz sumfin’ works fur doggies dusn’t mean it will work fur kitties. Mommy found lots of studies dat purrmoted high quality protein and low phosphorous diets fur CKD cats. So mommy implemented what she found in research along wiff tons of purrayers. Our VET was and is not happy wiff mommy’s choices of treatment, but he’s learned it’s bestest to just not argue wiff her cuz she’s gunna do what she thinks is bestest fur us no matter what anypawdy sez. 


Unfurtunately CKD kitties are prone to UTI’s because their urine is so dilute from all da water they dwink. And da normal course of antibiotics given fur 2 weeks dusn’t work, they really need to take da medicine fur 3 – 4 weeks to truly get well. So now dat we be all caught up, sissy got a UTI round Christmas time. We kuldn’t reach our VET but we were able to get Lexi started on sum antibiotics none da less. We finally touched base wiff da VET who sed he needed to see her at da beginnin’ of da year. So mommy and Lexi headed fur da VET on Furiday. When he finally came in da room, sissy sed he looked shocked. So me thought she shuld tell ya’ ‘bout her own visit. Take it away sissy. 

Lexi takes a nap in the stroller at the Vets

Lexi:  Fankz Dezi. Yep he shur nuff looked shocked when he saw me. He asked mommy all da questions ‘bout how I waz duin’ and ifin I waz better. Then he started squishin’ me all over. He told mommy dat my kidneyz, liver and bladder waz awl da right size fur a healthy kitty. Nuffin’ waz swollen or shrunken. My furz waz kovered in white flakez cuz I habz a dandruff and dry skin purroblem and we don’t habz a humidifier anymore. It broke a kupple yearz ago and mommy juzt hazn’t had da green payperz to buy another one. She had hoped our fountains wood add sum humidity to da air, but alas, not so much. Anywayz az sissy told ya’ mommy beez treatin’ me her way stead of heedin’ da VETz recommendashunz. I lozt a lot of weight when thiz awl star-did, but I’z been holdin’ my own fur da lazt year. I’z not lozt any more weight, and da VET kuldn’t believe it. He didn’t spekt me to still be alive, much less lookin’ and feelin’ good.

Lexi lating in the stroller at the Vets office

When he asked mommy when she had stopped my antibiotikz, she sed she hadn’t. She told him dat everything she readz tellz her dat I shuld get them fur at leazt 3 weekz and maybe even 4. So he sed, “Well that’s fine. I think she probably had a bladder infection and I treat those for 3 weeks instead of 2.” You know he’z one of those dat can’t ever admit dat he duzn’t know everything and dat mommyz research iz valuable. Anywayz, he then star-did manhandlin’ my head and I skooted back towardz mommy. He grabbed my paw to pull me back towardz him and I’z gave him da hisssssssss of disapproval and he let go. MOL  He sed I shur had a lot of spunk fur my kundishun. And then he told mommy, “Well keep doing what you’re doing, she’s looking good. I don’t know how, but she’s looking good.” Mommy, Dezi and I attribute my duin’ so good to God and all da purrayerz and mommyz research and treatmentz. I shur waz a happy kitty when we finally left dat smelly place  and all da white coatz behind.


We went to Wally World to get Dezi and me sum treatz. Dat place waz buzzin’. I’z not member da lazt time I saw dat many peepz in one place. Mommy waz tryin’ to drag da buggy and da stroller down da ailez and a man kame up behind us and sed, “Lookz like you’ve got your hands full.” Mommy smiled and sed, “Just about.” He walked past us and then turned to look my way and himz jaw dropped. He sed, “That’s a cat!!! I thought you had a baby in there.” To which hiz wife responded, “that’s her baby.” Mommy smiled, I meowed and we all went on ‘bout our shoppin’. It stormed da whole way home, but I was glad to be back home with da lektrik fireplace and awl my stuff and Dezi. It waz kold out there. When we got inside I star-did runnin’ round and aktin’ like a kitten again. I so lubz to go placez wiff mommy. I juzt wish we didn’t habz to go to da place of evil.  

Dezi among shades of purple stormy skies and purple rose

Me was glad y’all came home too sissy. And me is sooooooo glad you got a good report from da VET. We are so blest dat you’re still wiff us and feelin’ good. And we are so blest to have so many pawsum furiends who help us and purray fur us. We do have a little bad news today, but everything will be okay. Mommy has carpal tunnel and every once in a while it really acts up. Tryin’ to maneuver da stroller and da cart made mommy twist hers wrist and so it’s hurtin’ really bad and she can barely use it. We will visit as soon as she can purr-opurrly type again. It took 2 days of peckin’ keys to write this posty, so she needs to rest it. We are feelin’ very blest today and everyday to be part of such a pawsum community. Fank you all fur bein’ our furiends. Meez gunna go join mommy and sissy and snuggle sum. It’s cold and rainy outside but weez all cozy and comfy in here. Hope you’ll join us next time when we take da Pet Blogger Challenge.  


Do you always agree with your VETs recommendations? Tell us one blessing you are gwateful fur this week.


Till da next time…………………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi      

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Adventures of a Suburban Kitty

The life, adventures, and musings of a cat in Colorado.

Savvy Pet Care

There's no place like home!

Tails from the Street

Saving the world one cat at a time!

Bad Cat Chris

The Baddest Cat You'll Ever Love

Plucking Of My Heartstrings

Blogging on a variety of things that pluck at the hearts' emotions & more

The Bankastraat Cats

Life with our humans


The happenings in our multi cat house hold

Meow Lifestyle

Home + Cats: Health, Happiness and Style

Cat Lady Confidential

Cat culture and lifestyle blog

Cole & Marmalade

Welcome Cat People!

Orange Marmalade Press

I love all kinds of art and hope you do, too!

The Adventures of Noodle

The Life of a Rescued Stray


Musings of a Manx

Create With Joy

Infuse Creativity In All You Do


cats pictures, cat drawings, and more cat related stuff

The Gypsy Mau

A faceless feline with immortal tales to tell as she continues to be a vagabond…

Welcome to the Deck!

4 happy cats blog about life!


life in the not-so-fast lane

Feral Cat Love

Feral cats are beautiful!

Musings of a Senior Kitty

random thoughts from my 15 year old cat

The Kitten Kaboodle

Life as a sometime kitten foster mom

Deziz World

The Life of Service Cats


Learn about me as I learn about you

Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles

Cat behavior, feline-humor bond, cat responsibility.

Hot Rod Cowgirl

Riding Through Life One Horse At A Time...Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling Up Anyway!

Mitsubachicats Featherston Homestead

Cats, family, life and faith as I experience them, not necessarily in that order

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