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Meowllo evewypawdy it’s Furiday!!! Like yous didn’t alweady know dat wight? Just in case, me fawt me wuld clue you in. Da weekend’s finally here. An OMC awe we ever glad. Well yesfurday wuz mommys mumffly doctows pointment and so yous know we wuz busy. We usually enjoy da day even tho’ it means we get weally behind on visitin’ and weadin’ yous bloggys. Altho’ meez mommy wishes she kuld figger out a way to do boff. Anyways, it stawted out like most evewyday wiff us givin’ mommy a massage. Altho’ weez kulda gone fur anudder 30 minutes of sleep. Sissy and me wusn’t weal fwilled when mommy sed we had to get up. But sumtimes da bladder wules. You know what me means?. So massagin’ we went and then off to da pawdee box woom and then up da hall fur bwekky. Mind you it wuz colder than a well diggers a_ _ and so Lexi and me hung out in fwunt of da lectwic fireplace while mommy fixed bwekky.  

 0dw Dezi lays fireplace2

Then we heard it…a gasp fwum da kitchen. Mommy had opened her coffee can and even fwu da sleepy eyes kuld see da bottom. OMC Weez wunnewed ifin she wuz gunna stawt climbin’ da walls. Ifin she duz weez’ll let ya’ know. But fur now she made a cup of coffee and served us ow noms. And then it wuz time fur us to get weady to go to da doctow. Let me tell ya’ it hadn’t warmed up a bit by da time we left. Mommy wuz all wrapped up like a eskimo and she put a blanky in da stwoller fur me. And yes, me used it. Hey, sumtimes meez fur’s not enuff. Mommy and doc musta talked ‘bout evewyfin’ unnew da sun includin’ hims Mawdi Gwas tie. Which weminded me weez got sumfin’ comin’ up at Cat Scouts ‘bout da Mawdi Gwas me just dusn’t member when. Me needs to wemind mommy to check dat out fur me.

 dw Lexi gets warm3

Anyways, we finally headed out and made a quick stop at da local fawmacy to get mommy’s OTC’s (over da counter meds) and then we headed out of town to da fawmacy to pick up mommys purrscwiptions. As always they wuz very nice and got us all fixed up fast. But when we checked out they told mommy she had 3 purrscwiptions. Mommy didn’t know what they kuld be. She bwought one dat can’t be called in or faxed over, but now dat doctows do dat faxin’ and emailin’ of scwipts, mommy never weally knows what to ‘spect when she goes to da fawmacy. After all they had discussed sevewal fings. So maybe he sent over sumfin’ fur hers pneumonia or dwy skin, or any nummew of fings. She picked up a bag of dollaw peanuts and we wuz off. We had a foo more stops and then…home mommy, let’s go home.  

Meez weady mommy.
Meez weady mommy.

Once we got home and mommy got evewyfin’ settled. You know, take of da coat and pashmina and shoes and purrpare to stay awhile, she sat down to look at hers purrscwiptions. And then we got a supwise. OMC Dat 3rd scwipt wusn’t fur mommy’s dwy skin, or pneumonia or nuffin’ like dat. It wuz anudder nawcotic. Mommy’s name wuz on da bottle, but there’s no way doc wulda sent dat over fur mommy. Da last fing hims wants hers duin’ is takin’ 2 diffewent pain pills. But just to be on da safe side mommy called da doctows office and asked what hims sent over to da fawmacy fur her and sure nuff this wusn’t on da list. So she called da fawmacy and they didn’t even wealize they had given her sumpawdy else’s purrscwiption. Now unnewstand it wuz one of those scwipts dat peeps sell on da stweets. But of course ifin it had to go home wiff anypawdy, mommy wuz da purrsun to make da mistake wiff. Cuz hers be weally honest and told them it wusn’t hers. They decided to come and pick it up since we had alweady left town and came home. Well at least we got all dat took care of and hoo ever wuz gunna be needin’ dat medicine can get it now.  Busy day over we sat down to west a foo afur time to make ow dinner and weport on Lexi to all ow Facebook furiends. A bit of dinner, a foo emails and meez blog posty written, we called it a day. Hopefully weez’ll get caught up sumday. Fur now all me can say is weez’ll see ya’ soon. Cuz weez Home now and in fur da weekend. YAY!!!

 0dw Dezi belly shot2

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

What a Weekend!!!

Well what a weekend meez had. Caturday wus vewy purretty. A bit windy but da wedder wus just wite.  When we’s woke up on Sunday, we’s had fweeze wawnins. MOL  Apwil in Okalahoma. MOL  We’s hav these bugs here in da sowf dat we’s call june bugs. Don’t know why cuz is Apwil and deys evew where. When dey hit da door or da window you’s know it. Deys are big and fat and solid. And of course meez likes tu slap at da door at dem.  One got in da house once and mommy huweed it back out.  Mommy dusn’t like us eatin’ any bug. She’s acts like deys all poison.  Well wite wownd dinner time meez hole world stawdid wumblin’ and da sky tuwned black. And den…… OMC da wains fell and fell and fell.  And it HAILED!!! OMC Der wus little wownd ice pellets fallin’ all ovew da place. It seemed like fuwevew and meez wan and hid. Mommy fixed meez dinnew but meez wus nowhere tu be found.  Alas meez herd meez mommy singin’, “Dezi, my Dezi, Come eat your dinner right now. Dezi, my Dezi, I’m gonna find you somehow.  Dezi, my Dezi my angel my dear. Dezi my Dezi please come here.” Well meez can nevew wesist meez mommy and when hers sings tu meez…….So out meez came and hers scooped meez up and kissed and hugged and luved on meez til me wus slobbewin’ evew where.  Well she’s put meez down and me went tu eat. After a foo bites meez wanted sum more luv, and mommy is always happy tu oblige. 🙂

A little latew meez wus layin’ in da hallway all stwetched out and meez heawd sumfin. It wus so faint dat mommy didn’t hear anyfin’. Ooooh der it wus, a june bug had gotten in da house. MOL Meez wus stawlkin’ it and pawin’ it and it wus twyin’ hawd tu get away. Dey fly tu you know. And dat’s when mommy saw it. MOL Hers scweamed and sed, “Oh Dezi, angel, fank you for purrtectin’ me.” And den hers got a shoe and….splat, june bug gone. MOL  Meez wus twyin’ tu get at hims undew  mommy’s shoe while hers went tu get a napkin tu fwo’ him out wif.  Meez just got da shoe up when mommy appeawed wif da napkin and meez lost meez pwize kill. MOL Meez may not be a big time mouser but meez da pawtectow of meez house!! 🙂 MOL

So, til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum Day!!!

Good Meownin' tu you all. Hav a Pawsum day!!

Good Meownin’ tu you all. Hav a Pawsum day!!

Hello and Meow

Meweek and Meow

And here's sum goodnite kisses fur you.

And here’s sum goodnite kisses fur you.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses 😀



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