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Oh Great Pumpkin Patch-Weruva

Well weez have a weal tweat fur yous today, in more ways than one. You all know how much we luv da Weruva noms wight? Well they contacted us and asked ifin we wuld like to tell you all ‘bout one of their newest purroducts da Pumpkin’ Patch Ups. Well of course we wuld. So weez wrote ‘em back and sed yes, we luv da punkin’ purroducts. So they told us to be on da look out fur a goodie box. WooHoo, they have sum gweat goodie boxes.

 dw-DSCN5171 (616x640)

dw-WeruvaDSCN5143 (800x600)

When da box awwived it was full of punkin’ yummies. All our favowits was wight there in da box along wiff a whole box of da Pumpkin’ Patch Ups. They wanted us to just tell ya’ ‘bout our ‘sperience wiff punkin’ in general. We will say dat it seems da innernet kinda blows everyfin’ outta purrpurrtion. Ifin sumfin’ be good da innernet makes it out like a miracle and ifin it’s bad…watch out. So weez wanna say furst, punkin’ isn’t a miracle worker. But it is a safe fiber alternative to feed to yous pets. And fiber can help wiff boff constipation and da runs. As you know me has been goin’ fwu sum food changin’ lately and no matter how quick or slow yous do dat, an upset tummy wiff sum loose stools is bound to happen. So mommy’s been givin’ me a little extwa punkin’ to help wiff dat. And it tastes sooooo good. They also help wiff da hairballs cuz they help mmove fings along ifin yous knmow what meez means.

 dw-punkDSCN5176 (640x480)

dw-WeruvaDSCN5151 (800x600)

Lookit dat plate of food. All dat yummy real chicken and punkin’ pieces.

Punkin’ is a gweat help fur sis Lexi too. As yous age fings kinda slow down. Yous body dusn’t function as normally as it once did and yous sumtimes need a little help keepin’ things movin’ in da wight direction. And wiff da CKD and needin’ da Pepcid, sissy’s not makin’ da acid she needs to bweak everyfin’ down, so punkin’ be pawsum to help keep hers regular too. 

 dw-LexipunkDSCN5174 (640x480)

And wiff da Weruva Pumpkin’ Patch Ups mommy dusn’t have to worry ‘bout cuttin’ up and cookin’ a real punkin’, or readin’ da ingwedients on da can of punkin’ to make sure it’s just punkin’. She can just open a packet and pour it in a plate. Or a spoon ifin yous spoiled like we awe. MOL  It can also be served as a topper over yous favowit noms. Whether yous wanna eat it wight outta da packet or wiff yous meal, da Weruva Pumpkin’ Patch Ups awe convenient and tasty.


dw--LexieatsDSCN5153 (800x727)

 dw-LexipunkDSCN5173 (615x640)

Now dat yous mouff be waterin’ me has a tweat fur you. Weruva has sed we can give away sum of this pawsum Pumpkin’ Patch Up to 2 of our pawsum furiends. Yous read dat wight, 2 peeps awe gunna get their very own case of Weruva Pumpkin’ Patch Up pouches. Now it’s only open to U.S. residents, but those of ya’ fwum other kuntwies can enter fur yous favowit shelter or rescue. Weez usin’ Rafflecopter again, so paw here to enter. Now yous gunna have to leave a comment here so go ahead and do dat afur yous visit da Rafflecopter. Tell us what yous favowit punkin’ food is.

 dw-DezipunkDSCN5175 (503x640)

Disclaimer: We were given a box of goodies in exchange fur our unbiased review. Weruva is not respawnsible fur da opinions expwessed here. As always, we were not swayed and only bwing yous purroducts we use or have twied and fink wuld be of innerest to you.

 dw-Dezi Birthday invite

And don’t furget meez birffday pawrty. Purrlease send yous fotos to by 10/30/15 to be included ind a psoty. Da theme is Gone Wiff da Wind.

Till da next time…………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi  

Paw Lickin’ Good

Well da weekend’s almost here again. And weez hopin’ sumtime this mumff to meet anudder of our awnties. Weez so ‘cited we can hawrdly wait. Weez’ll tell ya’ all ‘bout it whan it happens. Fur now weez got a yummy nummy tweat to tell ya’ ‘bout today.


We was so ‘cited to get our weview box this mumff cuz inside was sum fureeze dwied tweats fwum nun udder than Weruva. Yous al know how much we like da fureeze dwied tweats and dat we wecently learned all ‘bout da yumminess of da Weruva noms; so we fawt fur sure these tweats was gunna be pawsum. They be called Paw Lickin’ Chicken. And yep, they leave off da “g” just like we do, so we felt a kindwed spiwit. (MOL) And they have a canned nom called Paw Lickin’ Chicken dat we luv, luv luv. So we kuldn’t wait to sink our teefies into them. OKay maybe me kuldn’t wait to sink meez teefies into ’em, and sis Lexi was hopin’ to gum ’em. They came in a tall cylindwical cawrd board tube dat contained 1.91 ounces of fureeze dwied chicken bites. It took mommy a few minutes to figger out how and which end to open, but she got it open no purrawllem. And me was standin’ by to twy whatever she bwought outta dat tube.


Me likes a teeny tiny bite so mommy had to bweak a few apawrt fur me. They easily bwoke wiffout fallin apawrt and makin’ chicken dust. Altho’ mommy sez they wuld be easy enuff to cwumble over noms fur a little topper ifin yous wanted too. Da only ingwedient in ‘em is…..Chicken, and not just any pawrt of da chicken, but boneless, skinless, white chicken bweast. Oh yummy, our favowit. Da whole tube be 200 kcal so each tweat be less than dat and a gweat source of purrotein. And sis Lexi needs da high quality purrotein wiffout all da junk. So mommy luvs these tweats and gives ‘em boff fumms up fur ingwedients. They also make a tube of fureeze dwied Blue Water Whitefish and they boff be on sale wight now fur $9.99 each. Mommy finks dat’s a little much fur da size, but she sez da tube keeps them fwum bweakin’ up so much so yous not buyin’ a tube of half chicken powder; and da tube be purretty much filled up to da top. So one fumm up fur packagin’ and cost. So what do da cats fink, wight? Dat’s what yous weally wanna know, isn’t it?



OMC We luvved ‘em and kuldn’t get enuff. They tasted weally yummy. Just as good as da canned nom by da same name. And they was easy enuff fur sissy to gum ’em so she didn’t swallow them whole. Me had severwal and aasked fur more. Sissy ate a few and she came beggin’ mommy fur more too. We even shared a few wiff Buddy and hims almost swallowed them whole, he liked ‘em so much. So eight paws up fwum our house and 4 paws up fwum Buddy. These tweats was a weal winner. And you know what else? These tweats can be given to da doggies in yous life too. After all it’s JUST Chicken bweasts. Fanks Chewy and Weruva.


Ifin yous lookin’ to twy these yummy tweats or any of da udder pawsum fings Chewy carries, paw here. You can set up an auto-delivery plan wiff Chewy so yous never run outta yous favowits or just get a one time shipment. You can change yous auto-delivery schedule and contents anytime up until da day afur it ships. And yous never stuck wiff anyfin’ yous kitty or doggy won’t eat or use, cuz Chewy has a money back guarantee on everyfin’. So yous can order wiff confidence. And they offer a flat rate shippin’ on all orders unner $49.00 and furee shippin’ on all orders $49.00 and up. And their Customer Service peeps awe available 24/7 and be da nicest peeps ever. They be da old fashioned kind dat still believes da customer is always wight. Mommy sez it’s hawrd to find such these days.


We weceived these tweats furee in exchange fur our honest opinion. As always weez only tell da twuff and we only bwing yu purroducts dat we have twied or use ourselves and fink wuld be of innewest to you our pawsum furiends.



Till da next time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Hear Ye, Here Ye

What a mumff it’s been alweady. And there’s still so much more to come. We gave away a pawsum Pagoda water fountain and today weez announcin’ da winner of da case of Weruva TruLuxe noms. so stay tuned cuz dat announcement will be a little furv-ver down. Cuz we gotta tell ya sumfin’ else furst. As ya’ know weez met da amazin’ Weruva team at BlogPaws where sis Lexi discovered hers favowit noms and da big fwiller was dat meez liked ‘em too. So weez kept in contact wiff ‘em when we got home and they let us have a give away. And…they sent us a pawsum goodie box just fur us. Well not just fur us, you know they sent mommy a few goodies too. Was dat not just da sweetest fing ever? We sure fawt so. As any good Suddener wuld say…Bless their hearts. So yous wuld fink dat all dat was where it ended and was wepurrsentative of a gweat mumff wight?



Oh Meow look'it what da peeps fwum Weruva sent mommy.
Oh Meow look’it what da peeps fwum Weruva sent mommy.

Well it ain’t!!! Cuz guess what weez got fwum this mumff to weview? Yep yous guessed it, A case of BFF (Best Feline Friend) noms made by nun udder than…Weruva. OMC Awe we sum blest and lucky kitty girls or what?!!! Well we fawt da day we announced da winner of our TruLuxe give away wuld be da purrfect day to weview da BFF. So here goes. We weceived a case of 8) 5.5 ounce variety pack of da BFF canned noms. They also come in pouches and da 3 ounce cans. Weruva says: These furmulas all have red meat Tuna as da base ingwedient. Purrotein packed, low fat and highly palatable. All da cans but one awe topped wiff one udder meat purrotein, like boneless, skinless white bweast chicken, etc. So ifin yous have a tuna luvver in yous house this just might be da noms fur you. Well fur yous kitty me means. Altho’ Weruva uses only human gwade ingwedients and is purrduced in a human food purrocessin’ facility. So how duz da BFF line fair in our house yous ask? As you know weez not eat much fish, so weez not had much tuna ever.


We found da “extwa toppings” to be a little lackin’. A few shweds of chicken or udder purrotein was all so weez not weally call dat a topping. But it was nice to have a little sumfin’ udder than plain tuna. We ate it but only after mommy added sum of da Weruva chicken fwum da Cats in da Kitchen line or sum pumpkin’ fwum their pumpkin pouches. We gave a can to our pal Buddy and hims luvved it and licked hims bowl clean. So sis Lexi and me give it 4 paws each cuz we did eat it, and we like da companies philosoffy, and use of gweat ingwedients. We also luv dat they list wight on their website all da analysis tables dat mommy needs to check fur feedin’ sis Lexi. And da BFF line is less costly than da udder lines of Weruva noms. Buddy gave it a 4 paws and a tail up. Hims luvved da tuna.


So what ‘bout mommy, is she gunna give it a fumm up? Mommy what do you say ‘bout da BFF noms?


Well honey, the phosphorous levels in the whole line are pretty good. And surprisingly the ash levels are fairly low for a tuna fish food. I love the companies philosophy and that they use human food processing facilities and standards. Another advantage is the price point. It allows for buying a high quality food at an affordable price. I would have liked to see more of the other proteins in the can, but overall I would give it a thumb up. As you said, y’all did eat it and it meets the guidelines I’ve set for feeding Lexi.


Well there ya’ go. Paws and fumms up fur anuvver gweat purroduct fwum Weruva, and a meowsy fank you fur our goody box. And big fanks to Chewy fur da opurrtunity to twy sum gweat noms. Check out Chewy fur all yous pets needs. They have a big variety of food, supplies and toys and gweat customer service. They be available wound da clock every day of da year, even Christmas. Flat rate shipping on all orders unnew $49.00 and furee ifin yous order is more. And yous never “stuck” wiff a purroduct yous pet dusn’t like. They have a gweat weturn pawlicy.


Now fur da big announcement. Yous know you wanna know who won our Wruva TruLixe give away wight? Dwum roll mommy, purrlease. Da winner is……..Katie Isabella. ConCats bootyful Katie. Purrlease email us wiff yous addwess and choice of Weruva TruLixe noms. Fank you to everypawdy dat entered and purrlease check back wiff us, cuz weez gunna be havin’ a few more give aways soon.


Till da next time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Disclaimer: We weceived a case of noms fur our unbiased review. Neever Chewy or Weruva awe wespawnsible fur da opinions expwessed here. And as always we will only bwing you purroducts we have twied ourselves or use on a wegular basis.

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